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Sure, we can tell you amazing things we will do for you, writing paragraph after paragraph talking about the incredible experience we have. We could… but we'd rather show you. Words can't compare to work that speaks for itself. Let us wow you first and if you are happy we'll continue working together.

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What We Specialize In

A mix of development services like HTML/CSS coding, WordPress, WooCommerce and Shopify eCommerce solutions, single-page application on Vue or React, email templates, animated HTML5 banners, Craft CMS, custom PHP development on Laravel. All tailored for agencies' needs.

Here’s is a list of the services we specialize in:
  • Design to HTML
    (PSD, AI, XD, Sketch, Figma, InVision Studio)
  • Responsive HTML/CSS Coding
  • Custom Animations Creation
  • React JS Development
  • Vue JS Development
  • Single-Page Applications
  • Components for SPA on React / Vue JS
  • Native Applications Development
  • Custom Back-End Solutions on Laravel
  • Tailored CMS Sites with Craft CMS
  • WordPress Custom Themes
  • WordPress Plugins Development
  • WordPress eCommerce (WooCommerce)
  • WooCommerce Modules Integration
  • Content Migration on WordPress Sites
  • Tweaks to Existing WordPress Sites
  • Design to Shopify eCommerce
  • Content Migration on Shopify Stores
  • Tweaks to Existing Shopify Sites
  • Shopify Modules / Plugins Integration
  • Design to HTML Email
  • Responsive Email Templates
  • Design Services For Newsletters
  • Email Signatures Coding
  • MailChimp, Campaign Monitor Integrations
    (and more than 20 other services)
  • Static HTML Banners
  • Responsive HTML Banners
  • Animated HTML Banners
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No Obligation Test

Still not sure? We get it. Just give us the chance to wow you first and then decide. If you are happy, we'll continue working together. If not… we'll part ways with no strings attached.

A no obligation test may consist of the development of your homepage or any other page. Anything we can fit into 8 working hours is fair game.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement

We are here to code, not to talk.

We completely understand how vitally important privacy is to you, so we work under a strict NDA by default.

The Production Process

We make sure your interests are protected.

  1. You send all project related assets. This includes design files, specifications and anything else we may need to complete your projects. If necessary, we'll sign an NDA prior to this step.

  2. We prepare a detailed quote that includes pricing, terms and a timeline and wait for your approval.

  3. Take advantage of our no obligation test just to make sure you'll be getting what you pay for.

  4. Should I stay or should I go?
  5. If you're not happy, we'll part ways and still be friends. No questions asked.

  6. If you want to continue working with us, let us know and continue to the next step.

  7. Before we begin work on the remainder of your project, you pay a 50% deposit of the approved quote. This starts the clock on the projected timeline.

  8. The actual work begins, and we keep you in the loop every step of the way.

  9. Project delivery and payment.
    You receive everything you need to hand off to your client and we receive the remaining payment.

  10. Happy with the final results?
    Let’s repeat the whole process again. What do you think?

How We Handle

Communication is key to us.

In order to keep our communication and working process smooth and centralized, we've created our own client area platform: The Kitchen.

Outside The Kitchen, we routinely conduct meetings and calls with our clients via Skype, phone, Slack, or whatever works best for you.

Web Development Pricing

Prices for web development are complex to form, you know that, and vary depending on the volume of the work and its complexity. We’ve separated 3 main groups, so you can get a sense of how we do that.

  • Small Projects

    UP TO $1,000

    • HTML/CSS - up to 6 responsive web pages
    • A set of 4-5 responsive email templates
    • HTML/CSS changes on existing site
    • Responsive behavior on desktop live site
    • Set of static HTML banners
    • Straightforward JavaScript animations
    • Static components for a small SPA
    • WordPress site with 1-2 unique templates
    • Changes on existing WordPress site
    • Content migration on WordPress site
    • Shopify apps Installation
    • Adding features on existing Shopify store (subscribe, recurring payments)
    • Tweaks to Existing Shopify Sites
  • Medium Projects

    $1,000 - $3,000

    • Static HTML/CSS site of about 15 unique templates
    • Complex animations and other JavaScript functionality
    • Full set of HTML emails (around 20 emails) + integration in a third-party service like MailChimp
    • Interactive / Storytelling Sites Coding
    • Small single-page application
    • Animated/Responsive HTML banners
    • Standard eCommerce on WordPress WooCommerce
    • Restyling of an existing Shopify site + a few new features
    • A Shopify store with 5-8 standard pages from scratch
    • Standard website with Craft CMS
  • Large Projects

    $3,000 +

    • Complex single-page applications + with API integrations
    • Custom React or Vue JS development
    • Native Application on React Native
    • Complex WordPress website + a lot of custom functionality (AJAX loading, custom templates, multilingual versions, and more)
    • A large WordPress WooCommerce website + speed optimization
    • Building a complex WordPress plugin
    • Building a custom Shopify theme from scratch with all templates + many features (custom templates, filtering, AJAX loading and cart, custom checkout styling, multilingual support).
    • Custom Back-End Solution on Laravel
    • Tailored CMS Site with Craft CMS


Some of the projects we've already finished.

Kasra Design needed some help with the development for their awesome website and the result was amazing

  • HTML/CSS Conversion
  • Custom Animations
  • WordPress CMS Development
  • Tailored Theme Creation
  • WordPress Custom Functionality

Greenpeace Africa

West African waters are a treasure we need to protect. We worked on an animated landing page for Greenpeace Africa

  • HTML/CSS Conversion
  • Responsive Development
  • Facebook Gallery
  • Custom Animations
  • Interactive Map
  • Apps integration

ZillaMunch creates apparel and posters inspired by food. We've created a new Shopify theme that suited the features needed for the online store.

  • Responsive development
  • New theme creation
  • Templates integration
  • Complete Shopify store setup
  • Custom features
  • Apps integration

About Us

With over 10 years of experience, we've learned to approach every single project with care, flexibility and attention to detail. We are small enough to be cohesive and agile, yet big enough to handle coding challenges of all shapes and sizes.

Located in Bulgaria, Europe, we have taken advantage of the opportunities made possible by rapid globalization, creating several international partnerships. We're proud to be working with clients from the USA, Europe and other locations around the globe.

Highly motivated to make a difference through our work, we put a priority on doing our best work while genuinely having fun. We foster a culture of pursuit of excellence and strive for simplicity and functionality.


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