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About htmlBurger

Behind htmlBurger stands an experienced team of web designers and developers focused on providing coding services, especially for agencies and web design freelancers. As reinforcements for other web design agencies, we have coded websites for hundreds of companies across the whole world, from small, local businesses to large global brands.

Basically we convert designs (PSD, PNG, AI, etc.) into a hand coded and pixel perfect XHTML/CSS but we also do a lot more. We implement designs for 3rd party applications, we code custom PHP/JavaScript and we deliver mobile/email friendly markup. Explore our pricing section for further details.

What Makes Us Different

We are working to make htmlBurger the best possible HTML coding service and always offer:

  • Top Notch Code
  • Payment on Total Satisfaction
  • Free of Charge Additions
  • Revisions Even Months Later
  • Great Prices for Big Projects
  • Non-disclosure Agreement

You don't hire a firm, you hire people. People who actually care.

Having a strong team is the foundation of the great service we strive for. We are happy to have an ultra-talented and experienced team of developers and programmers that put htmlBurger above the rest.

Our Clients Love Us

  • Sally Seaver Shabaka htmlBurger is a find. They do quality xhtml/css work. They complete the work in the time they promise. They do edits even after they've been paid. The company provides a smooth work process from start to finish across multiple projects. They have a superb commitment to customer service. We, their clients, get all this for seriously little cost. Thank you Alex and Team for the great value you provide!
  • Jonathan Taub htmlBurger is first rate. I always use them for my slicing needs. They provide fast, quality work at a fair price. And just as important they are very reliable and have great communication. Don't waste your time shopping around, use these guys.

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