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30+ Stunning Boho Fonts That Add a Touch of Bohemian Chic

A curated collection of free and premium boho fonts

Boho fonts are a type of font style that brings a relaxed and artistic vibe to your designs. Unlike formal fonts, they have a carefree and expressive look that adds a touch of creativity.

When it comes to design, boho fonts can enhance your projects in various ways. They inject a free-spirited feel into your work, making it suitable for websites, social media, and more. Blogs, event invitations, and artistic endeavors benefit from the laid-back charm these fonts offer.

Ready to give your designs a boho twist? We’ve curated a collection of over 30 hand-picked boho fonts. From elegant scripts to playful sans-serifs, these fonts offer a range of styles to choose from. Plus, they come with different license options, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your creative needs.


Neo Tetra Free Display Font

The Bauhaus movement stands as a pivotal force in design history, wielding significant influence. Its emphasis on structure and precision posits that geometric shapes and clean lines yield order, clarity, and efficiency.

Drawing inspiration from Bauhaus’s remarkable geometric abstractions, Neo Tetra embarks on a typographic exploration. This study reinterprets 26 letters, 10 numbers, and 12 symbols through the lens of primitive shapes, breathing new life into familiar forms.


Miskan Boho Font

Miskan is a display typeface that exudes a retro vibe. It’s a mix of groovy, funky, and quirky elements, capturing a distinct style. With included ligatures and titling alternatives, this font offers versatility. It also supports multiple languages that use the Latin-based alphabet.


Berkshire Swash Boho Google Font

Berkshire Swash presents an enchanting typestyle, striking a balance between boldness and a touch of femininity. Crafted by Astigmatic (AOETI).

  • Font Type: Cursive Font
  • Format: TTF
  • Download: Google Fonts

Romantic Couple Boho Google Font

The Romantic Couple font is exceptionally versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of creative applications.


Argithea Modern Serif Font

Argithea is a contemporary and stylish font that draws inspiration from bold modern serifs and vintage curves.


Rachel Brown Bohemian Display Font

Rachel Brown is a chic and modern serif font, ideal for branding, logos, social media, prints, stickers, shirts, and even SVG files, this font is a versatile gem. The font stands out for its adaptability across various design styles. Whether you’re creating free-spirited boho designs or elegant editorial looks, this font seamlessly fits both.

Embrace the fun with a plethora of stylistic alternates. These alternate letters are directly integrated into the font file, readily accessible in software like Photoshop and Illustrator.

Rachel Brown boasts an array of OpenType features. For standard use, employ Standard Ligatures. Dive into Discretionary Ligatures, Swash, Stylistic, or Titling Alternates for personalized headlines or logos.


Wild Mango Modern Serif

Wild Mango is versatile for branding, logos, social media, prints, stickers, shirts, and even SVG files, Wild Mango is a multifaceted gem.

Its uniqueness shines through its adaptability across a range of design styles. It effortlessly complements free-spirited boho designs as well as elegant editorial looks.

Magic Makers Serif

Magic Makers is a contemporary serif font, characterized by simplicity with a touch of uniqueness, this font elevates your designs to stand out effortlessly.

It suits a variety of projects, including branding, logos, magazines, craft projects, SVG designs, stickers, Procreate works, and more!


Boho Rainbow Modern Stylish

Next, here’s Boho Rainbow Fonts – featuring uppercase letters, numerals, and an extensive array of punctuation marks. This serif font embodies a modern and stylish flair, tailored for diverse projects like posters, web design, branding, illustrations, badges, and more.


Bellyman Typeface

Bellyman Typeface is a modern font display that presents a distinct and captivating impression through its curvy, wave-like shapes. Embracing a 2022-style serif, the Bellyman font offers a charming swash alternative and an extensive collection of ligatures.

Serif fonts like Bellyman are effortlessly adaptable to a wide array of designs, especially those with an elegant and smooth aesthetic. Its user-friendliness extends to both design and non-design programs, supported by Unicode (PUA) for easy access to various changes and glyphs.

Featuring 623 glyphs and a wealth of unique alternative choices, the Bellyman typeface offers a plethora of intriguing possibilities. In the poster preview, all letters are showcased in the Mongkeg typeface.


The California Modern Serif

Meet The California, a hand-drawn font duo that exudes a modern appeal.

This version is a solid rendition of the original heavily textured font – The California Serif Duo.

Groovy Fruity Retro Style Serif

Groovy Fruity is a playful retro serif font brought to you by Sans and Sons. This Modern Retro font boasts a hand-drawn style, making it an excellent fit for branding, logos, invitations, mastheads, and beyond.


The Bayland Retro Font

Here we have another retro bold script font. The Bayland carries a nostalgic 60s vibe. This typeface offers an extruded version, simplifying the creation of your desired retro effect font.

Tailored to excel in applications like logos and various formal forms – including invitations, labels, magazines, books, greeting and wedding cards, packaging, fashion, makeup, stationery, novels, and advertising materials – The Bayland is a perfect match for an array of design purposes.


Oracul Bohemian Display Font

This contemporary display font is infused with Bohemian influences. This font features a psychedelic retro style adorned with stars, embodying a distinctive vibe. Oracul is equipped with stylistic alternates and ligatures, enhancing its versatility.

Designed to excel in designs centered around astrology, mysticism, spirituality, witchcraft, magic, esotericism, fortune-telling, and tarot, Oracul is the ideal choice to add a touch of intrigue to your creative projects.


Celestial Boho Style

Celestial comes as a contemporary pair of display uppercase fonts, each with its own distinct personality.

This bundle comprises both a decorative and clean version of the font, alongside additional illustrations provided in both image and font format.

Inspired by boho aesthetics, enigma, and astrology, Celestial offers an ideal choice for logos, branding, holiday invitations, stationery, blog design, and product packaging.

  • Font Type: Display Font
  • Format:  Celestial decorative, Celestial clean, Celestial symbols (TTF, OTF, WOFF, PNG, EPS)
  • Download: Download at Creative Market

Boho Font Script

Boho showcases a hand-drawn style, evoking a relaxed and casual essence that suits creative projects and branding endeavors. This typeface spans across four diverse weights, making it versatile for advertising, print media, and web fonts. The brush script style with a vintage touch makes it apt for logos, branding, and textiles.

Mendoza’s intention was to create a versatile and user-friendly typeface, catering to various applications such as signage, menus, display type, and web fonts.


Shalomita Bohemian Font

Shalomita presents a contemporary ligature serif font boasting an elegant demeanor. This font effortlessly elevates your design ventures, whether it’s for logos, branding, invitations, social media advertisements, or websites. Simply type and incorporate this font to witness a remarkable transformation – it’s like magic!

The fun is multiplied with Shalomita’s built-in ligatures. These intuitive features automatically reshape certain characters when typed together, creating a truly enchanting effect. Additionally, the font includes alternate characters to seamlessly blend elements and enhance your designs.


Konde Typeface

Konde font brings a retro-inspired style with a distinct and captivating form. It’s a versatile choice suitable for header text fonts, book covers, and designs with a touch of retro elegance. Beyond that, Konde font performs remarkably as body text as well. With 3 families ranging from Thin to Black, it offers a spectrum of options to suit various design needs.

Sans Serif typefaces, like “Konde typeface,” seamlessly integrate into a range of designs, especially those embracing retro and classic aesthetics. Its user-friendliness extends to design and non-design platforms, facilitated by Unicode (PUA) support for smooth access to changes and glyphs.

The Konde typeface encompasses 549 glyphs, boasting a multitude of unique and captivating alternative choices. Moreover, it features a sleek sans-serif font family, perfect for header and description text, spanning from Thin to Black. In the poster preview, all letters are showcased in the captivating Konde typeface.


Modien Stylish Handwritten Font

Modien is a stylish handwritten font that captures the essence of authentic handwriting with its elegant script style.

It is all about that genuine handwriting feel and ideal fit for fashion, e-commerce brands, trendy blogs, wedding boutiques, and businesses that aim for an upscale and chic vibe.

Bhiure Bohemian Display Font

Bhiure offers a minimalist and linear font style that’s both original and versatile. Its distinct appearance suits a range of creative projects, from weaving and batik to motifs, letterheads, titles, and stationery. Drawing inspiration from hippie culture and a boho theme, Bhiure is an excellent match for hipster and bohemian designs, with a touch of Nordic influence adding to its charm.


Bohemian Script

Bohemian Script is a delightful hand-painted calligraphy font that exudes a natural and organic vibe.

This font is an ideal choice for a wide range of upcoming projects. Whether you’re working on modern invitation designs, branding, stationery, blog layouts, contemporary advertising, card invitations, art quotes, home decor, book or cover titles, special events like weddings and birthdays, or any calligraphy-based needs, Bohemian Script is here to elevate your creative endeavors.


Runalto Luxury Serif Font

Runalto introduces a display serif font that emanates an air of luxury, elegance, modernity, uniqueness, and class. Crafted with a distinct focus on luxury-themed projects, this font seamlessly integrates into a variety of contexts such as magazines, social media, branding, logos, and more, where a luxurious touch is sought after. Runalto’s charm lies in its comprehensive features, encompassing both uppercase and lowercase letters, multilingual characters, numerals, and punctuation.


August Bohemian Script

Introducing the August Bold&LENGKING SLANT Font duo, a delightful blend of modern script, signature, and display fonts. This duo seamlessly merges the classic calligraphy style with a contemporary twist. It marries the essence of copperplate and modern typefaces, resulting in a dynamic font with a playful baseline and a touch of modern elegance.

The font offers alternates and ligatures, enhancing its versatility and creative possibilities.

Bohemian Caligraphy Font

Bohemian Script brings a breath of fresh air with its modern calligraphy style. This typeface captivates with its engaging and stunning aesthetics. Bohemian is a versatile choice, compatible with applications like Microsoft Word, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

Packed with additional glyphs, it adds an extra layer of intrigue to the font, making it even more captivating.


Blanch Sage Hippie Spring Vibes Font

Unveiling the “Blanch Sage” font, a fusion of modern retro aesthetics with an appealing blend of fun and elegance. This font is tailored to cater to a diverse array of creative needs, ranging from branding and logos to invitations and master headings. With its versatile nature, “Blanch Sage” effortlessly adapts to different projects, allowing for seamless incorporation of its distinctive style.

One of its standout qualities lies in its multilanguage support, ensuring effective communication across various linguistic contexts. The font also offers alternates that inject a touch of variation, further enhancing its visual appeal. Moreover, it comes PUA encoded, simplifying its utilization across different software platforms. Additionally, ligatures are integrated to refine its aesthetics and create a harmonious visual flow.


Nomad Bohemian Sans Serif Font

“NOMAD” stands as a contemporary sans serif font infused with bohemian inspirations. Crafted with classic proportions, the font is adorned with celestial and boho elements, evoking a sense of mystique and spirituality.

Comprising lowercase sans serif characters and elaborate uppercase ornaments, “NOMAD” exudes a harmonious blend of modernity and esoteric charm. Its design lends itself well to themes such as astrology, mysticism, witchcraft, and magic, making it a fitting choice for projects that seek to capture these enchanting concepts.


Milonga Google Font

Milonga draws its inspiration from the captivating world of “tangueros” art. This font pays homage to the rich and vibrant culture of the “rioplatense” region, brimming with stories of love, hate, family, friends, and foes, all narrated through the melodies of countless Tangos and Milongas, folk music genres from Argentina. The essence of this font flows gracefully, mirroring the rhythmic dance of the culture it celebrates.

The font is crafted from the intricate graphic elements found in the classic painting style known as “fileteado porteño.” These elements, characterized by their petal-like shapes, rounded forms, and pointed details, come together to create a harmonious and engaging typeface.

With its distinct attributes, “Milonga” is particularly suited for headlines, where its unique features shine brightly, capturing the attention of readers and imbuing a touch of artistic flair to the content.

Glass Antiqua Google Font

This font is a revival of the iconic 1913 typeface “Glass Antiqua” by “Genzsch & Heyse,” as discovered in the pages of the renowned Taschen book “Type: A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles, 1901-1938.”

This revival offers a versatile range of applications. It is capable of infusing text with a retro ambiance and a gentle, approachable appearance. The “Glass Antiqua” revival invites you to journey back in time while embracing a sense of warmth and informality, making it suitable for a variety of design purposes.

The design is a captivating blend of Jugenstile fleur, seamlessly merging elements of Slab Serif and Antiqua styles, further enriched by nuances of cursive calligraphy.

This synthesis results in a magnificent and distinctive typeface that exudes a sense of elegance and charm.


Tangerine Retro Font

Tangerine Retro Font boasts a distinctive blend of lowercase and uppercase characters, along with numbers, punctuation marks, and a collection of multilingual letters to cater to a diverse range of design needs. With its unique charm and timeless appeal, this font is your gateway to creating captivating visuals that pay homage to the aesthetics of a bygone era.


Throme Trippy Display Font

Throme captures the essence of the hippie movement with its psychedelic design. This font is a versatile choice for a multitude of projects, including books, magazines, logos, branding materials, photography enhancements, quotes, blog headers, posters, and advertisements. Its distinct style adds a unique and captivating touch to your designs, allowing you to infuse your creations with the colorful and free-spirited energy of the hippie culture.


Bonzeir Font Display

Bonzeir is a modern boho retro font that effortlessly combines a touch of elegance with a playful vibe.

This versatile font is your go-to choice for a wide range of projects, including branding, logos, invitations, and mastheads.

With its modern yet vintage charm, this serif font adds a classic and retro touch to your creations.

West and Olives

The West & Olives’ font family is a collection of fonts that offers a spectrum of styles from Light to Bold. Perfect for your branding ventures that demand a diverse range of aesthetics.

What sets this font family apart is its distinct array of uppercase and alternate characters, enabling you to infuse your designs with even greater creativity and variety.


Buffalo Free Bohemian Font

Moving to Buffalo, a playful and distinctive monoline script font designed by Hustle Supply Co. This premium font, available for free, boasts a vintage-inspired charm that’s tailor-made for branding and promotional endeavors. Let your projects exude a loopy and quirky flair with the delightful character of Buffalo.


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Let’s Wrap It Up!

Boho fonts bring an effortless and artistic vibe to your designs, enhancing their visual appeal with a touch of free-spirited charm. These fonts inject personality and uniqueness, making your creations stand out in a crowd. From elegant scripts to casual hand-lettered styles, each of the 30+ fonts in this collection offers a distinct flavor, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your project’s aesthetic.

We hope you’ve discovered fonts that resonate with your creative vision and inspire you to craft something extraordinary. Happy designing!

In the meantime, let’s explore more insights and resources on web design and web development by checking out our other articles!

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