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  • Freebies, Web Development
    PixelParallel – Free Pixel Perfect Tool (Chrome Extension) for Web Developers

    We are very, very excited to share with you PixelParallel - the free pixel perfect tool that lets you easily compare an HTML page with its design and do it with pixel perfect accuracy.

  • Design, UI, UX, Insights
    Psychology of Color – Improve Your Web Design Pt.1

    Learn how the use of neutral and warm colors on your website can affect the behaviour of your audience. Get ideas for suitable color combinations for your market.

  • Design, UI, UX, Insights
    Psychology of Colors – Improve Your Web Design Pt.2

    In our first article dedicated to psychology of colors, we learned thing or two for neutral and warm colors. In part 2 we look at the cool tones and how they affect our web design and the impression it creates on our audience.

  • Design, UI, UX, Inspiration
    25 Web Design Inspiration Sources You Probably Didn’t Know About

    We've collected the best sources of web design inspiration - from big agencies, well-known design platforms to fresh new talent designers.

  • Design, UI, UX, Inspiration
    35 Attention-Grabbing Mouseover Effects & Animation

    We’ve collected some brilliant examples of website mouseover effects and animation for your inspiration. We also added to this collection some useful links for sample (and simple) effects to use in your own designs. Let’s dive in.

  • Design, UI, UX, Inspiration
    45 of The Best Shopify Stores With Spot-On Design

    Selection of some of the best Shopify store designs + comments on design/functionality. 40+ Shopify store examples for your inspiration.

  • Design, UI, UX, Inspiration
    30+Top-Notch Website Redesign Examples

    Have you ever thought of website redesign? Here is why we think you should consider it.

  • Design, UI, UX, Insights, Web Development
    Web Design Conferences 2017 – The Ultimate Guide

    The ultimate guide to web design and development conferences, devided by location and dates. Get a full overview of web innovation events and meet ups around the globe.

  • Design, UI, UX, Inspiration
    12 Highly Creative Website Redesign Concepts For Famous Brands

    Find out how talented designers reinvented their favorite brands' websites

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