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28 Cafe Websites to Kickstart Your Morning Inspiration

In this article, we’ll look at 28 excellent cafe websites and break them down. We’ll also include practical tips to consider when you start designing a cafe website yourself.

Today, cafes and coffee shops have become more than just places to grab a quick drink. They’ve evolved into important social hubs, especially with many people working remotely these days. As a result, having a great website has become crucial for these businesses to attract customers.

When it comes to designing a cafe website, simplicity and ease of use are key. Visitors should be able to navigate the site effortlessly, finding what they need without any hassle. Using warm and inviting colors can help create a cozy vibe that matches the atmosphere of your cafe. And don’t forget about the content – it should be engaging and highlight what makes your cafe special.

High-quality photos are also important for showcasing your cafe and its offerings. They can make visitors hungry for your food and thirsty for your coffee before they even step foot in the door. But above all, your website should be focused on helping visitors accomplish their goals, whether that’s finding your location, checking out the menu, or placing an order online.

For inspiration, take a look at 28 amazing cafe websites in the wild. They strike the perfect balance between functionality and design, so we broke them down to see what makes them special. In the end, we also included 7 tips for designing your own cafe website.

1. Columbus Coffe Shop Fox in the Snow

We’ll start with this first example with a lovely gimmick: fox in the snow. The website offers a delightful visual journey, courtesy of its high-resolution images. These snapshots provide a charming peek into the bakery’s ambiance and its tempting treats. The cafe offers four locations across Ohio and promises the same delectable French bread and pastries in a rustic setting. Navigating through this website is a breeze, thanks to its simple layout.

Key Highlights:
  • High-resolution images capture the bakery’s charm
  • A simple, straightforward layout enhances the user experience
  • Easy navigation ensures seamless exploration
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2. Starbucks Official Website

Can’t ignore the classic, so let’s enjoy Starbucks’ website as a strategic blend of essential information and enticing offers. The navigation menu directs attention to key elements like the menu, rewards, and gift cards, prompting visitors to consider loyalty points. Recent updates and new products take center stage, each accompanied by savory descriptions and convenient order buttons, all of which encourage sales.

Key Highlights:
  • Focused navigation menu prioritizes essential elements
  • Highlights recent updates and new products for engagement
  • Descriptions and order buttons facilitate easy shopping
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3. Little Goat Chicago Cafe

This one is really cute! Little Goat Diner’s website defies convention with its adorable lively design and interactive features. The colorful background and quirky animations make a memorable impression, setting it apart in the food and beverage web design standard. Visitors can explore the restaurant through interactive drawings and a user-friendly menu, ensuring an engaging experience without losing sight of practicality.

Key Highlights:
  • Unique design with bold animations grabs the attention
  • Interactive features enhance user engagement
  • The easy-to-navigate menu balances creativity with functionality
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4. Perennial Cafe Website

Perennial Cafe in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, shows simplicity in website design. There are botanical illustrations and modern fonts on the homepage, which sets the stage for a contemporary, handcrafted ambiance. The user-friendly menu, and the captivating photographs, paint a clear picture of what the cafe offers for impromptu gatherings and weekend brunches.

Key Highlights:
  • Simple design creates a welcoming digital atmosphere
  • A user-friendly menu enhances accessibility
  • Captivating photographs highlight the cafe’s charm
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5. Lilac Patisserie Cafe Website

Lilac Patisserie’s website in Santa Barbara, California, emphasizes its gluten-free offerings from the get-go. The simple yet romantic design hints at the sweet experience awaiting visitors. Beyond its angle, the website gives a sense of community with a mailing list, appealing to its target audience. It has just the right amount of frills to strike a balance between simplicity and engagement.

Key Highlights:
  • A clear focus on gluten-free offerings establishes an identity
  • Romantic design evokes a sense of warmth and comfort
  • Mailing list promotes customer engagement and loyalty
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6. Cafecito Coffe House Website

Cafecito’s website mixes beauty and functionality pretty easily. The site has excellent food photography, soothing colors, and clear navigation, which makes it visually appealing and user-friendly. The website also manages to effectively convey the cafe’s diverse offerings by showcasing Italian-style coffee drinks or Argentinian tea.

Key Highlights:
  • Visually appealing design enhances user experience
  • Clear navigation facilitates seamless exploration
  • Well-structured pages showcase the cafe’s offerings effectively
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7. NOC Coffee Co Website

At NOC COFFEE CO, coffee and design converge to create a distinctive website experience. The practical layout, with menu navigation neatly positioned in the middle, ensures easy access to content. The aesthetically pleasing images and videos complement the fantastic copywriting and engage visitors.

Key Highlights:
  • A practical layout enhances user accessibility
  • Aesthetically pleasing visuals captivate visitors
  • Engaging copywriting enhances the overall website experience
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8. Maman NYC Cafe

Maman’s website has a clean and modern design that stands out with its distinct color scheme and typography. What sets it apart is the personal touch evident in its images, establishing a connection with viewers. The unique design, coupled with effective typography, creates an inviting digital space that resonates with visitors.

Key Highlights:
  • A unique design sets the website apart
  • Personalized images establish a connection with viewers
  • Effective typography enhances readability and aesthetics
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9. ZINC Cafe Narket Bar

Zinc Cafe and Market’s website shows efficiency in content organization. It uses block sections to make navigation simple, which allows users to find what they need quickly. Offering various options like viewing the blog, shopping, and online ordering, the website caters to diverse visitor needs. There is also the “Places We Love” section that gives back to the community as it promotes nearby businesses, enhancing goodwill and local ties.

Key Highlights:
  • Efficient content organization simplifies navigation
  • Diverse options cater to varying visitor needs
  • The “Places We Love” section promotes community engagement
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10. Lula Cafe Website

Lula Cafe, known for its inventive cuisine and popular brunches, presents a website that mirrors its creative ethos. Large photo thumbnails guide visitors to key sections like reservations and menus. With text-based menus and beautiful food images, it strikes a balance between SEO tactics and visual appeal, enticing visitors to explore further.

Key Highlights:
  • Intuitive design facilitates easy navigation
  • Text-based menus optimize SEO while showcasing offerings
  • Beautiful food images enhance visual appeal and engagement
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11. Cafe No Se Website

Cafe No Se’s website uses stunning photos to convey the ambiance and offerings of this Austin-based establishment. The simplified menu layout enhances user experience, allowing easy navigation and exploration. Additionally, active social media links invite visitors to engage further, giving a sense of community and connection.

Key Highlights:
  • Captivating visuals create an enticing ambiance
  • A simplified menu layout enhances the user experience
  • Active social media presence fosters community engagement
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12. Hygge Coffee Sugarcube

Hygge Coffee Sugarcube embodies coziness and warmth, reflecting its commitment to creating an inviting atmosphere. While the website showcases customer reviews, its reliance on PDF menus may present a minor inconvenience for users, requiring an extra step to access menu information. Despite this drawback, the website effectively communicates the cafe’s popularity and offerings, inviting visitors to indulge in its comforting ambiance and freshly made sandwiches.

Key Highlights:
  • Emphasis on coziness and warmth reflects the cafe’s atmosphere
  • Customer reviews highlight the cafe’s popularity
  • Reliance on PDF menus may inconvenience users
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13. The Sweet Spot Cafe Website

Next, we have the Sweet Spot, comprising The Bakehouse, The Café, and The Bakery. The cafe offers a delightful blend of specialty coffees and friendly service across its three identities. While the website provides a glimpse into each entity, its layout and design could benefit from further enhancement to streamline user navigation and highlight key offerings.

Key Highlights:
  • Diverse offerings across three identities cater to varied preferences
  • Layout and design could be optimized for improved user experience
  • Commitment to quality and community fosters popularity
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14. Mr. West Cafe Bar Website

Mr. West Cafe Bar has an ultramodern identity, both in its physical space and online presence. Bold font and stunning photographs capture the attention of even the most discerning food enthusiasts, while the gallery section offers a visual tour of the cafe’s chic interior.

Key Highlights:
  • The ultramodern design reflects the cafe’s chic identity
  • The gallery section provides a visual tour of the cafe’s interior
  • An easily accessible menu enhances the user experience
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15. Ginger and White Cafe

This website captivates visitors with fantastic food photography and engaging illustrations, reflecting the cafe’s commitment to quality and creativity. The homepage commands attention with its personalized artwork and user-friendly navigation, inviting prolonged exploration. Comprehensive details of the cafe’s offerings ensure that visitors find everything they need, from specialty coffees to delectable pastries, making it a favorite destination for coffee enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

Key Highlights:
  • Captivating visuals and engaging illustrations enhance the user experience
  • User-friendly navigation encourages prolonged exploration
  • Comprehensive details of offerings cater to diverse preferences
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16. District Cafe and Bakery Website

District Cafe and Bakery is nestled in the heart of downtown to give visitors a cozy spot for morning coffee or a quick bite. Its website mirrors this inviting atmosphere with beautiful, professionally shot pictures that showcase its delectable pastries and baked goods. The site provides all essential information clearly and concisely, ensuring visitors can easily find what they need. Additionally, the inclusion of a web-formatted menu, rather than PDFs, enhances user convenience, eliminating the need for extra clicks and downloads.

Key Highlights:
  • The inviting atmosphere is reflected in the website’s design and visuals
  • Clear and concise presentation of essential information
  • Web-formatted menu enhances user convenience
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17. Cloud City Cafe Website

Here we have an example of the impact of effective branding. Cloud City logo adds instant personality and character to the website While the overall design is attractive, the logo’s simple yet bold presence sets the cafe apart, creating a sense of uniqueness and identity. The integrated menu on the homepage offers visitors a sneak peek at the cafe’s offerings, providing a glimpse into its drinks, food, and prices.

Key Highlights:
  • Effective branding adds personality and character to the website
  • The integrated menu provides a preview of the cafe’s offerings
  • Strategic layout balances essential information with additional details
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18. Rachel’s Coffee House Website

Rachel’s Coffee House welcomes visitors with a cozy and inviting design, creating a warm and homely atmosphere. The website’s color palette of beige, brown, and white contributes to this ambiance, while the hero image showcases tempting treats that entice visitors. Rachel’s story and mission are eloquently presented, highlighting key points to engage visitors. In addition, the menu section, accompanied by enticing food and drink photos, offers a delightful browsing experience.

Key Highlights:
  • Cozy and welcoming design
  • Engaging presentation of Rachel’s story and mission
  • Tempting food and drink photos enhance the browsing experience
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19. Kaffe Landskap Website

Kaffe Landskap’s website has a sleek, modern, and visually stunning design. The full-width video greeting immerses visitors in the ambiance of the cafe, offering a glimpse into an ordinary day at Kaffe Landskap. The website features online ordering, a comprehensive menu, a captivating gallery, and location details, enhancing user convenience. Overall, Kaffe Landskap’s website delivers a delightful browsing experience that leaves visitors eager to indulge in a cup of coffee and relax.

Key Highlights:
  • Sleek and visually stunning design
  • Full-width video greeting sets the tone
  • Comprehensive features enhance user convenience
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20. City Place Cafe

This next website stands out with its slightly longer homepage, offering visitors a rich browsing experience. Instead of focusing solely on the menu, the website invites visitors to scroll through stunning photographs and a concise “about” section. The inclusion of a full menu eliminates guesswork, while a large embedded map caters to visitors in Washington DC. By repurposing content from the cafe, the website ensures consistency between the online and in-house experience, saving time in the design process.

Key Highlights:
  • Rich browsing experience with stunning photographs
  • The full menu eliminates guesswork
  • Consistency between online and in-house experience
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21. Culture Espresso Website

Culture Espresso’s website perfectly captures the vibe of a coffee shop with its natural photographs and inviting design. High-quality images of coffee, alongside people making and enjoying it, create an immediate positive impression. The beige background enhances the overall ambiance, while additional background colors add visual appeal.

Key Highlights:
  • Natural photographs create an inviting ambiance
  • Clear and concise menu information
  • Pleasant design enhances the browsing experience
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22. Cafe Patachou Minimalist Website

Here we have a friendly and congenial vibe, reflecting the cafe’s reputation as a “student union for adults.” The website showcases premium scratch cooking through colorful food photography. It also has a robust merchandise store that adds value, offering apparel, mugs, coffee, and the restaurant’s signature cinnamon-sugar blend.

Key Highlights:
  • Friendly and congenial vibe reflected in the design
  • Colorful food photography highlights premium scratch cooking
  • Robust merchandise store adds value to the website
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23. Founders Coffee Website

The next website radiates freshness with its sunny photography and mint-green textures. This design perfectly mirrors the cafe’s focus on local ingredients and handcrafted beverages. Beyond branding, the website cleverly emphasizes the “Order Now” button, ensuring easy access for guests. Additionally, the inclusion of playful merchandise adds an extra layer of engagement for visitors.

Key Highlights:
  • Fresh and vibrant design
  • Emphasis on online ordering for convenience
  • The playful merchandise section adds engagement
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24. The Elk Coffee Shop

The Elk is located in the heart of New York City and presents a cozy cafe experience offering a range of coffee drinks, sandwiches, and pastries. Its website, while simple, effectively communicates essential information such as menu offerings and location details. By featuring online ordering options for pickup and delivery, The Elk provides added convenience for its patrons, while exuding a local coffee shop vibe that stands out from standardized big chains.

Key Highlights:
  • Simple yet informative website design
  • Convenient online ordering for pickup and delivery
  • Captures the essence of a local coffee shop experience
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25. Colectivo Coffee Website

Colectivo Coffee has multiple cafes across Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago, each offering a unique coffee experience. Their website gives full info about all locations and how to purchase their exclusive roasts. The additional features like an app for curbside and in-cafe pickup ensure a seamless experience for its customers, online and in-person.

Key Highlights:
  • Comprehensive information about multiple cafe locations
  • Online platform for purchasing exclusive coffee roasts
  • Convenient app for curbside and in-cafe pickup
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26. Just Love Coffee Cafe

Just Love Coffee Cafe’s website captures attention with a stunning video of its storefront, enticing potential customers with a glimpse of its inviting atmosphere with it’s complemented by engaging background images and stylish fonts. The site also offers features like online ordering.

Key Highlights:
  • An eye-catching video showcasing the cafe’s storefront
  • Engaging background images and stylish fonts
  • Convenient online ordering for added convenience
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27. J5 Coffee Website

J5 Coffee Shop and Espresso Bar is popular for its wide selection of high-quality coffees, all crafted with fresh coffee beans. The website offers easy ordering for customers on the go, with the option to order ahead and grab a cup on the run.

Key Highlights:
  • Wide selection of high-quality coffees
  • Easy online ordering for on-the-go customers
  • Streamlined purchasing process with Squarespace Commerce
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28. Bluestone Lane Cafe Website

Lastly, Bluestone Lane’s website stands out for its simple yet effective design, offering customers a hassle-free experience when purchasing their favorite coffee. It has clear menu information and convenient online ordering options for pickup and delivery as well as captivating product photos.

Key Highlights:
  • Simple and intuitive website design
  • Convenient online ordering for pickup and delivery
  • Captivating product photos for added visual appeal
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7 Tips for Designing Awesome Cafe Websites

Here are seven essential tips to help you design a standout cafe website.

1. Plan Your Cafe’s Website ✔️

Start by defining your primary goals such as attracting new customers, showcasing the menu, or getting online orders. On of the main considerations here is to see how the website integrates with the overall marketing plan, so you can choose a reliable hosting platform that suits the cafe’s needs and budget. Other steps in the planning phase include reflecting the cafe’s vibe and brand in the design, setting a launch date, and determining who will maintain the site.

Visitors’ use of the site should be considered in the design. Making it easy for them to find the menu, location, and contact information enhances user experience. If the cafe has a cozy, rustic feel, using warm colors and earthy tones on the site reflects that atmosphere. Regularly updating content, like highlighting seasonal menu items or special promotions, keeps the site fresh and engaging.

2. Focus on UX Research and Functionality ✔️

Designing the site with the user in mind involves making it intuitive and easy to navigate. UX research will help you understand how a typical visitor interacts with the site. Important features like the menu and contact information should be easy to find through clear labels and organized sections.

A well-designed site places essential features in prominent spots. For example, having a link to the online ordering system on every page makes it convenient for customers to place orders.

3. Use an Appropriate Color Scheme and Typography ✔️

Matching the website’s colors and fonts to the cafe’s atmosphere creates a seamless brand experience. Consider choosing colors that reflect the feel of the cafe, such as warm, earthy tones for a cozy, rustic cafe. As for typography, go for fonts that are easy to read on both desktops and mobile devices. For example, sans-serif fonts are typically the best choice, and the text size should be large enough to read on a smartphone. Avoiding overly decorative fonts for body text ensures clarity and readability, aligning the website’s design with the physical space.

4. Use High-Quality Images ✔️

High-quality images significantly enhance the website’s appeal, giving visitors a glimpse of what to expect at the cafe. In the best-case scenario, use a high-definition camera to take photos of the cafe, its ambiance, and its offerings. Then, strategically place these photos to capture visitors’ attention. Original images resonate better with users than stock photos, making the website unique.

For example, showcasing a beautifully plated dish or a barista crafting a latte gives visitors a taste of the cafe. High-quality images of food, drinks, and the interior attract potential customers. Use those images on key pages like the homepage, menu, and gallery strategically.

5. Integrate Social Media ✔️

Linking the website to social media accounts enhances the cafe’s online presence and drives traffic both ways. To do so, social media icons should be easy to find on the website, typically in the header or footer. In addition, make sure to regularly update social media with links back to the site, for example, you can post a new menu item on Instagram with a link to the website that allows customers to learn more or place an order.

Including social media feeds or share buttons on the website is another thing you can do to keep visitors connected. You can also highlight user-generated content, such as customers enjoying the cafe, to start building community and trust.

6. Find Creative Ways to Stand Out ✔️

Creating a unique and memorable visual identity helps a cafe stand out in a crowded market. You can make a significant impact if you use distinctive colors, typography, and graphics that reflect the brand and are consistent across marketing materials. Another thing that can set your cafe apart is to include high-quality, informative content that addresses customers’ needs and pain points.

For example, add a blog with tips on brewing the perfect cup of coffee or the story behind the cafe’s unique blends. This will attract visitors and establish the cafe as an expert. You can even go a step further with unique features like a virtual tour or interactive elements on the website.

7. Optimize for SEO ✔️

This one is a must as SEO boosts the website’s visibility and attracts more traffic. To start with, your website itself should be well-structured with internal links. Make sure to use relevant keywords naturally in the content to improve search engine rankings. Metadata, including title tags and meta descriptions, should accurately reflect each page’s content.

For example, linking a blog post about the benefits of organic coffee to the menu page with organic options can improve your SEO. Adhering to best practices, such as regularly updating content with relevant keywords and high-quality information, maintains and improves search engine ranking over time.


Alrighty, folks, that’s a wrap!

To sum up, building a great cafe website boils down to providing a smooth experience for your visitors. Keep it simple, easy to navigate, and filled with captivating content to draw them in. Make sure your site looks inviting with stunning photos that showcase what makes your cafe special. With these elements in place, your cafe website can become a powerful tool for attracting and retaining customers, ultimately boosting your business.

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