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30+ Preppy Fonts to Add Glam to Your Designs

A curated collection of free and premium preppy fonts

Preppy fonts combine style and sophistication. They have clean lines, bold serifs, and playful curves that create a distinct look. In design, preppy fonts add refinement, elevate branding, ads, and more. Websites aiming for elegance and modern style benefit from these fonts, while print materials like invitations and posters also gain a timeless charm.

This is why, for this article, we hand-picked 30+ preppy fonts. There are free and premium options with different licenses. Whether for personal or commercial use, these fonts add a touch of glamour to your creations.


Premium Preppy Fonts Collection

Let’s start with some premium preppy fonts that encapsulate the perfect blend of sophistication and flair, ideal for those seeking to add a touch of class to their projects. With a diverse range of license options, these fonts guarantee to infuse your designs with a luxurious and elegant appeal.

Oh So Girly

For a chic and girly font, the Oh So Girly duo is your perfect choice. This pairing includes a font with polka dot accents and another with a solid design, catering to projects that demand a touch of sophistication.

Test out the Oh So Girly font for free on iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows before making a decision, or opt for the full version.


Palmer Lake

Introducing an exciting new duo that’s perfect for quotes, logos, and adding a personal handwritten touch to any project. Unlike other fonts that often require adjusting sizes, the Palmer Lake duo maintains consistent stroke thickness for both fonts. This means you can set them to the same size without any hassle.

Furthermore, the uppercase letters of the Print font align seamlessly with the lowercase letters of the Script font, as demonstrated in the samples.

Both fonts include alternate versions for every letter. When typing in uppercase or lowercase, the letters undergo subtle changes. For instance, the Script font connects letters when typed in all caps, while keeping them disconnected in all lowercase.


Rah Rah Rah a Preppy Font

Meet Rah Rah Rah, a sans-serif font that’s all about fun and engagement. With a touch of whimsy, this typeface even comes with playful doodles that are bound to put a smile on your face, elevating your projects to catch everyone’s attention.


Righteous Pro

Taking cues from the capital letterforms found in the art deco posters of Hungarian artist Robert Berény for Modiano, Righteous Pro embodies a grid-based and geometric design. Its readability spans various point sizes, making it ideal for both display and print purposes.

Differing from its initial inspiration, Righteous offers a complete lowercase set along with SmallCaps, plus an extended figures set, significantly enhancing its versatility and user-friendliness.


Vanilla Latte Script

Say hello to Vanilla Latte, a charming and connected script font that’s all about fun and boldness. This font is a fantastic choice for crafting quotes, greeting cards, stickers, lively logos, and branding, making it a delightful option for small business owners.

Experiment with layering the font to achieve a 3D effect or enhance the text by outlining it. And don’t forget to have a blast exploring various trendy color combinations to add that extra pop of style!


Idealist Serif

Idealist Serif is an elegant OpenType rich serif font where letters intertwine and dance in harmonious unity, creating distinctive and sophisticated typography designs.

This font offers an extensive array of interwoven OpenType ligatures and alternates, ensuring a wide variety of choices for your final design. To make the most of these OpenType features, you’ll need software that supports them, such as Word, TextEdit, Photoshop, Sketch, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iBooks Author, QuarkXPress, Indesign, and Illustrator.

Furthermore, a diverse collection of practical glyphs is provided, which you can preview in the included image.


Chin Up Buttercup! Font Duo & Extras

Get ready for some positivity with “Chin up! Buttercup!” – a perfectly playful font duo accompanied by a handy set of complementary illustrations.

Whether used together or separately, the Creative and Casual styles of Chin up Buttercup Fonts and Illustrated Doodles empower you to effortlessly create a multitude of stunning typographic designs, just in time for your Christmas labels, cards, and branding projects! This combo is a match made in heaven for DIY endeavors, greeting cards, labels, quotes, posters, wall art, branding, packaging, websites, photos, photography overlays, signs, window art, scrapbooking, tags, and so much more.


Jasmine Bloom

Jasmine Bloom is a semi-all-caps font with an adorable and charming aesthetic. This font boasts two styles: the regular style and the decorated style, adorned with delicate jasmine flower decorations that gracefully extend from the base of each letter. Experiment by combining uppercase and lowercase letters to achieve delightful pairings and variations.


Vanilla Daisy Script

Next, here’s Vanilla Daisy Script – a script font boasting an extensive array of alternate characters, offering you numerous choices for customization. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic elegance of hand lettering, this font strikes a balance between feminine and masculine elements, resulting in an endlessly versatile style for your creative projects. It’s a perfect fit for logos, posters, invitations, weddings, artistic designs, website headers, t-shirts, accessories, souvenirs, and more.

With over 700+ glyphs available, including 6 alternate characters in lowercase and 3 in uppercase, you’ll have a wide range of options to bring your designs to life.


Better Be Lovely Font

Better Be Lovely is a charming font featuring an alternate version for combining letter variations. With its sweet and romantic essence, this font is an excellent choice for birth announcements, Valentine’s cards, wedding invitations, and a myriad of other projects.


Flirty Font

The Flirty Font 2-pack consists of two adorable, hand-drawn fonts: Flirty Notes and Fun & Flirty. These fonts support the English language only. Please note that the photos and illustrations used in mockups are not included in the download. The package includes the Fun & Flirty Font in OTF format and the Flirty Notes Font in OTF format.


Labeck Font

Introducing Labeck! This font exudes a playful vibe and offers three variations: open, filled, and gradient. These styles can be used independently or combined for a distinct and enjoyable appearance. For an added touch, the open version can be layered atop the others to create a multi-colored effect.


Free Preppy Fonts

In this section, discover a versatile collection of over 20 preppy fonts you can easily download. These fonts add a classy and stylish touch to your projects. Check out the collection to find just the right font for your next project.

Starborn Font

Darrell Flood designed the Starborn Font, a premium Cartoon font. It’s of high quality and can be downloaded for free. You can use it personally. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters, along with a selection of special characters.


Love Story

Everyone deserves a nice love story, and that’s why we want you to meet the sweet “Love Story” font. While it won’t bring love, it will give your designs a cool old-school vibe and make them more popular.

This font works great everywhere, especially in videos. Just add “Love Story” to your videos and see how they automatically get better.


Warm Wishes Font

Warm Wishes is a typeface favored by designers. Whether you’re crafting a chic logo or an exquisite brochure, this font will undoubtedly elevate your designs above the ordinary.

With a variety of weights and styles, available in both OTF and TTF formats, integrating Warm Wishes into your design projects is seamless.


Baby Doll

Babydoll, a romantic and charming handwritten font, brings characters and alternates that appear to gracefully sway along the baseline. This font is sure to infuse a touch of opulence into your designs and projects, making them truly captivating.


Shorelines Typeface

Shorelines isn’t your typical cursive font – it switches from delicate girl’s handwriting to bold waves like a pro surfer! Whether you’re a photographer wanting signature text or a blogger, Shorelines Script fulfills all your cursive dreams. Its uneven heights and spacing lend a natural, handwritten touch to your work.

Hint: Mix uppercase and lowercase for unique words. Plus, find swishes and extras in certain punctuation marks of the brush and script fonts.



Let’s proceed with Muthiara, a font that radiates girlish charm and beauty. It’s an ideal choice for lettering projects, such as cutting silhouettes, T-shirt designs, mugs, advertisements, book covers, posters, business cards, and social media content. This font includes numbers and punctuation, boasts multilingual support, and is PUA encoded. With over 30 ligatures carefully crafted, using this font is effortless and gives your text a natural appearance.


Alex Brush

Alex Brush presents an elegant and fluid brush script. Its unique feature lies in its short ascenders and descenders, which enhance its legibility compared to other script fonts.

This font boasts Latin Character sets, encompassing Western, Central, and Vietnamese language support, making it versatile for various linguistic needs.


Stay and Shine

Stay and Shine stands as a bold, tall display font. Its blend of sharpness and approachability gives it remarkable flexibility, making it suitable for various types of design.


Lobster Two

Lobster Two represents an enhanced and refined family edition of The Lobster Font. This version introduces a lighter weight and includes two fresh upright variants.

  • Font Type: Display Font
  • Format: OTF / TTF
  • Download: Google Fonts



Adelia, crafted by Carroline Herrera, is a contemporary font boasting several distinctive elements, making it a versatile choice for various commercial settings. With a minimum of 84 glyphs, this font offers a broad range of possibilities for your creative ventures.


KG Chasing Cars Font

Kimberly Geswein’s KG Chasing Cars font is charmingly simple, making it an excellent choice for any project. Its cheerful letter style can breathe vibrancy into your designs, boosting their appeal. Additionally, it’s a great fit for kids’ designs, such as t-shirts, bags, and books, adding an extra playful touch.


Keep on Truckin’ FW Font

The Keep on Truckin’ FW Display Font pays tribute to the bold style of Italian movie titles in the 60s and 70s. It’s versatile for print, web, and sublimation designs. Likewise, Good Days is ideal for sublimation designs, shirts, stickers, logos, signs, and social media content.


Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie stands as a bold sans serif font, meticulously crafted to earn its place as a beloved choice. Its relaxed appeal grants it an approachable and readable nature, resulting in remarkable versatility. Regardless of the setting, whether against busy backgrounds or as a standalone headline, this font is guaranteed to make a remarkable impression.


Internet Friends

The Internet Friends font offers a clean sans-serif style that embodies refined simplicity. As a result, its remarkable attributes have gained increasing popularity each day. Sporting a brush typeface, this font falls in line with the professional slender font category, creating an elegant and effortless appearance.

Featuring a collection of 451 glyphs, including uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and accentuation marks, this font boasts a variety of styles. It gives rise to a diverse range of fonts.



Crafted by designer Jayde Garrow, Blacklisted stands as a top-notch Decorative font. It’s accessible for free download and personal use. The complimentary version includes both uppercase and lowercase letters, along with a selection of special characters.


Hey Comic

Hey Comic font offers a bold display typeface with a joyful theme for your creative ventures. This font supports multiple languages and is fitting for logos, branding, greeting cards, posters, and various designs you’re working on.


Dear Sunshine

Dear Sunshine font brings a mix of sweetness and playfulness, with a touch of elegance. This flexible script font suits a range of uses, from greeting cards to kids’ projects, ensuring a charming vibe in your next design.



Inspired by the cool vibes of 1960s jazz and lounge records, Stereofidelic takes you on a trip back in time. Its vintage roots bring a nostalgic feel, yet this font exudes serious funk. Playful arrows add a touch of whimsy that can uplift any design.

But what makes Stereofidelic unique is its use of OpenType technology. With shuffled letters for a random look, this font dances with rhythm and style. It’s like a jazz musician improvising around a melody, staying on beat while going up and down.

To infuse some swing into your next design project, give Stereofidelic a shot. It’s the go-to typeface for those aiming to craft something truly original and memorable.


Better Together Script

Better Together is a four-font handwriting family that’s all about harmony and individuality. This family includes:

  • Script: A charismatic script with double-lettered ligatures and alternative characters, giving your text an authentic touch.
  • Condensed: A friendly and fun font that adds a quirky, handcrafted feel to your projects.
  • Spaced: A specially spaced small font that injects a handwritten vibe and a modern aesthetic into your designs.

These fonts are designed not only to look great together in various combinations but also to stand out on their own, offering you versatile options for your creative projects.


Brightly Crush Font

Introducing Brightly Crush – a playful typeface perfect for capturing a childlike style. Tailored for purposes like Kindergarten, Birthday, Cartoon, and more, this font template brings a modern, elegant, and creative touch. With its bubbly and preppy appearance, Brightly Crushed evokes nostalgic vibes instantly.

Featuring remarkable readability, it’s also an excellent choice for logos, headings, signs, and videos. Moreover, it’s free for personal use, allowing you to give it a try before deciding.



Blomster is a cute and cursive handwritten font that adds a lovely touch to many designs.

You can test the free version for personal use on iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows. Or, you can get the full version with a commercial license.


Cheri Font

Cheri Font, a playful and whimsical script font, emerged from the creative mind of French typeface designer Gert Wiescher in 1995. Its handwritten style is distinctive, featuring charming curves and exaggerated descenders that grant it a one-of-a-kind character. Cheri font was born out of the handwriting of a young girl named Cherie, who held a special place in the designer’s heart as a family friend.

With its versatility, Cheri font has found its way into diverse design realms—be it advertising, packaging, greeting cards, or book covers. Its popularity particularly thrives in designs targeted at young girls or for products and services that radiate a playful and lighthearted aura. Notably, this font has left its mark in the entertainment world, gracing the screens of movies and TV shows like Legally Blonde, The Princess Diaries, and Sex and the City.


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Let’s Wrap It Up!

When it comes to typography, preppy fonts offer a delightful blend of sophistication and playfulness. Whether you’re seeking a free option or exploring premium choices, these fonts add a touch of timeless elegance to your projects. With a wide range of styles available, you’re sure to find the perfect preppy font to infuse a touch of class into your designs.

In the meantime, let’s explore more insights and resources on web design and web development by checking out our other articles!

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