20 Great Search Bar Examples for Better UX

Search is one of the most important tools in a data-heavy website, especially in online stores. Search bar design matters not only in terms of achieving good visual elements – it’s also crucial to how a website UI performs. Cool search bars have been the goal for every designer around the globe, and for a reason. This is why in this blog post, we will see some search bar examples that look fresh, modern, and grab the eye.

1. Uniqlo: Elegant Smart Search

Uniqlo’s search bar is elegant and smart. Users can find all of the information they need right on the homepage, so they can start browsing immediately. The bar is innovative in the sense that it incorporates both a search tool and a navigation portal – making it easy for users to locate what they want without any distractions. There is a very helpful autosuggest option that helps users a lot. After all, the brand revolves around simplicity and the search box design only compliments the Japanese.

  • Strengths: Minimalistic design, advanced functionality, suggested categories and products.
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2. Samsung: Full Page Suggested Searches

Samsung’s product portfolio is vast, so it’s not surprising that their website is equally large. However, that does not mean that navigating the website should be a slog for shoppers. Their use of suggested searches and automated search terms are extremely helpful in making the website simple to use.

  • Strengths: Full Page Search, Minimalistic design, advanced functionality, suggested categories and products.
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3. Turkish Airlines: Advanced Smart Search Bar

The search box on Turkish Airlines’ website is a smart example of how to engage customers. The airline knows that customers go directly to the website to book flights and not fill out forms, so they made it easy for them by automatically detecting their location and displaying upcoming destinations based on that information.

  • Strengths: Advanced functionality, suggested cities and flights, tasteful design.
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4. SAP: Contrasting and Impossible to Miss

The SAP search bar is unique and intuitive, with a magnifying glass icon that helps narrow down results and a large text box that makes it easy to type in keywords and find what you need. While the simple UI won’t win any awards for design, it’s an interesting take on a search box that might appeal to some users.

  • Strengths: Minimalistic design, great contrast, micro animation.
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5. Prada: Advanced Fashionable Search

Everything becomes different when it comes to fashion brands. It’s safe to assume that their search form design should look just as classy as their latest collection. And it does. The search bar is intuitive and you could even use an image to apply a search – that isn’t very common but nothing is impossible in the fashion world.

  • Strengths: Advanced functionality, suggested categories, and products with preview images.
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6. Adidas: Suggested Products

The German sports manufacturer has a great choice when it comes to the search box. It has a larger and darker color scheme in order to stand out from the background, and this makes it more visible. It also has a placeholder text within the search box – which signifies that if you are not sure you have found what you are looking for, there are suggestions under the search box for you to use. You can also look for different terms or suggestions for popular searches.

  • Strengths: Minimalistic design, advanced functionality, suggested categories and products with preview images.
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7. Alibaba: Suggested Tags

Alibaba has done its best to modernize the online shopping experience. First, it allows users to search for products and sellers through a cute search bar. On top of that, there is an extremely robust auto-suggestion feature that suggests appropriate solutions to most of your queries. It has recently added a new feature to its arsenal: image search.

  • Strengths: Advanced functionality by products and suppliers, suggested search tags.
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8. Verizon: Slick Full-Page Search

Verizon is a well-known network in the US, and to many Americans, it is more than just a name. The search bar here is represented with a magnifying glass. Clicking on it, however, will reveal an even sleeker version that not only looks good but also performs well.

  • Strengths: Minimalistic design, full-page search, suggested categories and products.
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9. Lay’s: Sometimes Beautiful Design is Enough

Lay’s is one of the world’s most popular chip brands and has a beautifully designed website. It’s easy to use, and it comes with an appealing and interactive search bar that makes finding favorite flavors a snap.

  • Strengths: Great design, good contrast
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10. IMDB: Quick and Easy to Find Everything

IMDB is the perfect place for any movie fanatic to get news and information about what’s happening in Hollywood. The search bar generates most of the traffic and attracts fans to IMDB. The company puts its full energy into making an amazing search box that gets users what they need quickly and easily.

  • Strengths: Advanced functionality, suggested categories and results by categories
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11. Speedo: Emphasis with Dark Overlay

Speedo has a well-designed and user-friendly user interface (UI). The speedo logo is positioned in the upper left corner of the header in blue. The search box is at the same level as the logo and it has a white drop shadow. The magnifying glass icon is used on the search bar as a confirmation button.

  • Strengths: Contrast, dark overlay
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12. Mercedes-Benz: What are You Looking For?

The German car manufacturers have always invested heavily in their image. Providing top-notch cars is part of their mission. Their website search bar is the company in a nutshell – fine style, luxury, and precision. It has everything needed to be successful.

  • Strengths: Alternative search message, separate search section, suggested tags and results
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13. Grifo: Stretching Search Box

This Japanese website manages to grab attention with unique designs and an even better search bar. It is positioned on the top right corner and has placeholder text. What makes this search box unique is that it stretches once you click on it.

  • Strengths: Stretching search box animation
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14. Classic Cars: Advanced Search by Model

We can’t go without a car website. The search boxes are different, as there are multiple options to be chosen. As we see from the interface, we have the option for an advanced search which broadens the horizon even further.

  • Strengths: Advanced functionality, generated car models drop-down, separate search section
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15. QVC: What Can We Help You Discover?

QVC has an amazing placeholder text – instead of “Search”, there is an actual engaging question. The positioning of the search box is in the middle, and the magnifying glass is surrounded by a grey button. On top of that, there are some autosuggest options with images which are quite rare.

  • Strengths: Alternative search message, contrast, hover animation
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16. Fandom: Search by Fandom

Fandom is a one-stop platform for all things concerning fans. And to better accommodate the needs of its users, Fandom has two ways to search! You can search by using the magnifying glass in the top left-hand corner or by using the search bar in the header area.

  • Strengths: Minimalistic design, separate search section
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17. Colossal: Consider Some Hover Effects

One of the biggest art portals in the world has a very interesting search box. While it is positioned on the right corner, on the same level as the other options, it turns blue when you hover over it. And when you click – it gets grey. Very artistic approach! We definitely like it.

  • Strengths: Minimalistic design, hover animation, easy navigation
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18. Billboard: Visually Appealing with Microanimation

Billboard is one of the popular websites for music charts. Where it shines, though, is that the magnifying glass turns into a thick search box that is brought forward to user attention, instead of Login and Subscribe. While this cannot be described as visually appealing, it’s a unique approach that will avoid confusion.

  • Strengths: Minimalistic design, animation
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19. Arduino: Beautiful Rounded Design

Arduino is an amazing Italian website offering hardware and software solutions. Their design is stunning and the search bar offers an amazing rounded form with one or two nuances darker green to focus on the search button subtly.

  • Strengths: Minimalistic design, easy navigation
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20. Boohoo: Suggested Categories

The Japanese clothing website is quite stunning. The design reminds us of the colors of the Japanese flag. The search bar includes a placeholder text but what makes it unique is that by tapping on it, you can see categories. To be honest, we haven’t seen many search bar designs.

  • Strengths: Alternative search message, suggested categories and products
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There are plenty of search bar examples that show how a well-made UI could greatly improve user experience and heavily influence conversion rates. And while aesthetics play a huge role, it’s always the best idea to think about user experience first, and then prioritize anything else.

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