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10 Efficient Mega Menu Examples for Reference in 2020

Mega Menus have been around since the early 2000s and they don’t need much introduction. In fact, drop-down menus with multi-level expansion aren’t a trend but a necessity for the type of websites with more content. In this article, we will review 10 of our favorite mega menu examples for such websites and discuss the benefits of the navigation.

What is a Mega Menu?

This type of navigation is a horizontal or vertical drop-down accordion menu that expands on hovering or clicking. Its purpose is to eliminate scrolling navigation and give the users quick access to all the information on the website no matter how deep the pages are located. Mega Menus keep the entire structure of the information visible and quickly accessible. They usually have expandable multiple levels and are extremely useful for large websites with a great amount of content.

When to use a Mega Menu?

The Mega Menu will certainly benefit the user experience and make the navigation smooth, well- structured and intuitive for particular types of websites.

The most common use is for eCommerce online stores with a vast amount of products. Usually, the products require sorting in categories and subcategories to give quick access to the particular types of products located deeper in the store. The absence of such menus will inevitably make it harder for users to navigate and browse through the store. This might sooner or later make them quit.

The same applies for huge blogs, magazines or news websites with a wide range of topics to browse from. Mega Menus are also a must-have for hotel websites that feature rooms, accommodations, and other business essentials.

On the contrary, Mega Menus aren’t recommended for small brochure-like websites with less content, personal websites with fewer pages or singular function or singular topic websites. It’s fairly unnecessary and might confuse the users which is the exact opposite effect of what this navigation is about.

10 Well-Designed Mega Menu Examples

We chose 10 examples for efficient mega menus based on different functionalities or for design and order value. In all, mega menus aren’t exactly bursting with diversity due to following one basic function, however, that doesn’t mean one can’t get creative and customize their navigation with animations, transitions, pleasant color schemes, and other tweaks.

Riad11 – Hidden Navigation with a smooth transition

Our first choice for Mega Menu example is the hotel website Riad11 that has hidden navigation. When you click on the menu icon, it smoothly transitions into a full-page mega menu with beautifully designed stylized icons for the rooms.

In contrast to what we recommended earlier, this is an example of mega menu navigation that actually works for websites with fewer pages. The menu doesn’t feature that much information or multiple level categories. Even so, it still manages to use this feature right without complicating the user experience.

Build – Beautifully designed subcategories

Build is the perfect example of an eCommerce website with a vast amount of products that need to be sorted into categories. The mega menu is a two-level navigation dropdown where every main category has few subcategories. The latter look simple yet beautifully designed with images making it easier for users to browse from. In addition, every subcategory also features more options for products and contact links to talk to experts.

Estee Lauder – Perfectly systemized and easy to navigate

Another mega menu example is shown on Estee Lauder’s eCommerce cosmetics online store. Few of its main directories drop-down second level navigation with subcategories for products, collections and best offers. It’s perfectly systemized and simple to navigate through.

Envelopes – Everything falls in order

We specifically chose Envelopes as one of the mega menu examples. This is for its necessity to feature multiple options in one place without scrolling. One of the main categories Paper and Cardstock, for example, sorts its products by different criteria like size, color, collection and more. Needless to say, a mega menu is essential for a store with so much deep content that might be hard to find otherwise.

Android Police – Sorting an immense amount of content with class

Android Police is a very popular website that constantly posts news and reviews about everything Android related. The website has cleverly sorted out its immense amount of content into categories and subcategories via a dropdown mega menu. Whether you prefer to browse the latest news about Android OS, a specific brand Android devices, applications or simply find reviews for Android tablets to decide on your next purchase, the navigation takes you by the hand.

Wayfair – Well- designed rich multilevel navigation

Wayfair is a popular website that sells furniture and allows you to browse by different departments. Its multilevel navigation is quite rich and intuitively organizes content by categories.

Evernote – Simpler megamenu with a lovely color scheme

We specifically chose this one for its beautiful color scheme and combination of text and icons for the different categories.

Fao Schwarz –  A clean well organized mega menu with a well-done animation

Fao Schwarz is a popular store for toys, arts and crafts. It features its content in a clean well organized mega menu with a smooth transition. We chose that one mainly for the well-done animation of the submenu. This proves that you can always get creative when designing your navigation.

Callaway Golf – An example for vertical mega menu navigation

Callaway Golf positions its hidden navigation vertically and instead of hovering, it expands the second level on click. It’s clean and simple and an example that less is more.

HuffPost – How Pro news sources use mega menu

HuffPost is a popular liberal news media with endless archives of content. It’s a good mega menu example that shows well-organized archives into different categories. Such include news, politics, entertainment, life, communities and special projects.

In Conclusion

We could say for certain that mega menus are a necessity for websites with an immense amount of content. They improve navigation and simplify the user experience when browsing through the menu as it allows the entire structure of the information to stay visible and quickly accessible.

We hope you enjoyed these mega menu examples we chose for you. You might also enjoy our 20 choices of beautiful parallax websites that could elevate the experience of your website to higher levels of engagement.

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