50 Pricing Table Examples with the Perfect Balance Between Commerce and Creativity

Your business would inevitably need a pricing table that shows your products, plans, and services.  As this is the selling point of your website or app, its design needs to look good, practical, and attract potential clients. Usually, pricing tables consist of prices of plans followed by a list of included features. If the information is clear and specific, customers would know what they get and how much it will cost and will easily make a decision. With this in mind, today we’re going to look at some inspirational pricing table examples made by creative graphic designers from all over the web.


Before we start with the collection, let’s review quickly the best practices for designing an effective converting pricing table.

Things well-designed pricing tables have in common
  • Order by importance: Place the most important features of each plan first as your users will rarely read past a couple of lines.
  • Relevant information: Although the more features your services have, the more desirable they are, it might not be the case for first-time users who need to make a decision. A detailed and scrollable list of features might get them overwhelmed and indecisive. This is why feature only the relevant information that will interest your users.
  • Synthesize information: In order to make it easier for the users to understand and not overwhelm them with too much info, you could show the differences between your plans using phrases such as “same as above, plus”.
  •  Highlight the best seller: Put a focus on your most popular services. These are usually the mid-price choices that most users choose. You can highlight them with different colors, add a badge or use depth by making the field bigger.
  • List what is not included: You could list the features not included in each plan to highlight your best plan.

1. Vessel – Pricing and Plans Overview

Pricing table design by RD UX/UI for RonDesignLab with a background photo and cleverly blurred table background. The three plans include the most basic and relevant info making it easy for the user to make a decision.

2. Flowbase Pricing Selection Design 01

Pricing Section 03 by Erşad Başbağ for Flowbase. This example shows 4 different plans and highlights the most popular with a colored background.

3. SaaS Pricing Pages Selection Design 02

SaaS Pricing by Oğuz Yağız Kara for Flowbase. It has a clean design and uses a colorful gradient only to highlight the best option.

4. Flowbase Pricing Selection Design 03

Pricing Section 03 by Erşad Başbağ for Flowbase features the plans horizontally as a list.

5. Choose a Plan Pricing Page

Pricing Page — Choose Plan by Sandro Tavartkiladze for Steelmonk. This time the highlight comes from the CTA button.

6. Compare Plans Page Responsive Design

Pricing plans page responsive Design by Alex Lupse. Since here the plans feature a lot of details for the different features, the designer has grouped them into drop-downs and has put the most important features first with a different background color.

7. Olidio Pricing Plans UI Design

Pricing Page Exploration by Sandro Tavartkiladze for New Monday. Simple and effective with color play.

8. Apollos Pricing Table Design Example

Pricing Page — WIP by Eugen Eşanu with a separate option to see detailed price comparison.

9. SaaS Landing Page and Pricing Page Template

Solo: SaaS Landing Page Kit – Dark Mode by Tran Mau Tri Tam for UI8.

10. Light Mode Pricing Table Design

Pricing – Light and Dark mode by Adrian Reznicek. You can see the dark version on the project page.

11. Webflow Pricing Page

Pricing Page Developed in Webflow by Emy Lascan with four plans.

12. Colorful Pricing Section

Colorful Pricing Tables by Howard Pinsky.

13. Clean Pricing Table with Illustrations

Pricing Table by Oxygenna with beautiful illustrations of gems for each plan.

14. Rework on Accesseelite Pricing Table Design

Accesselite Pricing page by Art Amrit for Brightscout. Very simple and straightforward.

15. Talendo Recruiting App Table Design Inspiration

Recruiter App – Pricing plans by Jan Hoffmann for Fintory. Another example of horizontal arrangement.

16. UpGuard Prices Page

Pricing — UpGuard by Jordan Hughes. Classic and clean.

17. Two Plans Pricing Tables

Day 1108 Pricing Card UI Design by Ildiko Gaspar. A good way to highlight the Pro plan with a contrasting CTA button.

18. Best Productive Price List Design

Pricing Page for Best Productive by Danijela Drcelic. The best part is the Forever Free plan that promises there’ll be no surprises for your debit card later on. It communicates trust.

19. Minimalistic Pricing Table Design Section

Account Upgrade Section for ArBitrage Crypto Trading Platform by Extej Design Agency.

20. UIcub Pricing Table Designs

Colorful Pricing Table by Uicub. We have 6 different plans arranged in a nice grid with the main features and cool isometric illustrations for each.

21. UX Table Design Concept

Conceptual Pricing Comparison Table Exploration by Sajib Rahman.

22. Pricing Comparison Tables with Illustrations

Pricing Table by Nugraha Jati Utama for Paperpillar with lovely portrait illustrations.

23.  Gradient Pricing Comparison Table

Subscription plans by Anandu with especially creative Pro plan highlight via abstract shapes.

24. River Messenger Web Design Pricing Chart Concept

Plans & Pricing by Negin Valadkhani. Clean, short, and sweet with simple stroke illustrations.

25. Pricing Tables Examples with Illustrations

Pricing Screen by Azin. Very symmetrical design where the plans differ by heading color and illustration.

26. Four Plans Website Design Pricing Table

Pricing cards by Alisa Wonder.

27. Mobile App Table Design Inspiration

Pricing Table by Md Awlad Hossain that highlight the standard plan.

28. Pricing UI

Pricing UI by Vinod Kumar Palli.

28. Simplistic Pricing Chart Design

Pricing by Uday Kumar.

29. Cardio Pricing Page Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic Pricing Table by Sam Warrender.

30. Pricing Grid Template Concept

A rather retro pricing table design by Raqib 99.

31. 90s Pricing Section Concept

Retro-futuristic 90s pricing Table design by Shahadat Hossain.

32. Plan Section with Creative Pricing Package Names

Pricing table UI design by Ildiko Gaspar. Beware the Big Boy!

33.  UI Challenge Dark Mode Pricing Page Design

Daily UI Price by Marco Biedermann. The things a good designer can do with 3 colors and visual hierarchy.

34. Classic Pricing Table

Package Info by Nikesh Singh.

35. Shopify Pricing Table Comparison Concept

Comparison table chart for client by Farzana Aktary Pina.

36. Pricing Page Layout Example

WordPress Pricing Table by Saimur Rahman Robin. It’s simple, short, and has cute flat-style icons.

37. Pricing Section with Badges

Pricing Table WordPress by Saimur Rahman Robin with spa illustrations.

38. Standard Pricing Table: Included and Not Included

Pricing Table Design by Marin Popov.

39. Highlighted Popular Choice

Pricing table by Najmul Omey with a ribbon indicating the popular choice.

40. Isolated Pricing Tier

Ricochet Network Pricing Table by Eric Baxter.

41. Mid Term Update

Pricing Options by Ro Thakur.

42. Pricing Table with Beautiful Gradients

Pricing Table by Tahmid Hasan with transparent background with shadow for the Pro plan.

43. Development Services Pricing Page Design

Pricing Table by Freelancer Rased.

44. Classy Minimalistic Dark Mode Pricing Page

Pricing Table by Sayed Hasan.

45. Price Comparison for Plans with Simple Illustrations

Plans Comparison by Vipul Gupta.

46. Visually Highlighted Pricing Plan

Pricing Page by Evgeniya Denisova with highlighted Pro plan and flat illustrations.

47. Pricing UI Design Chosen Plan

Pricing UI Design by UI Somraat and Bulbul Somraat. The screenshot shows the page looks when you select a plan before clicking Continue.

48. Included/ Not Included Plan Comparison

Price Table by Arman Ali. This is a good example of how featuring what’s NOT included will make users interested in higher-tier plans.

49. Highlight via Color Contrast Pricing Table

Pricing Table Concept by Mohidul Islam.

50. Creative Plan Comparison

Pricing Page Design by Elizabeth Baldoz for advanced TMJP Agents.

In Conclusion

The pricing tables aim to communicate the value of your services and show your potential customers the subscription plan that would work best according to their needs. I hope today’s pricing table examples inspired you to create even more amazing designs for your service pricing page projects.

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