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35 Attention-Grabbing Mouseover Effects & Animation

We’ve collected some brilliant examples of website mouseover effects and animation for your inspiration.

The time of static websites is long gone. Everyone is looking to create dynamic, interactive websites, to create an element of movement and gamification to grab the user’s attention. A top priority of brands is to create a unique user experience on their website, realizing this is the main connection with their customers. We’ve collected some brilliant examples of website mouseover effects and animation for your inspiration. We also added some useful links for sample (and simple) effects to use in your own designs. Let’s dive in.

1. InSymbiosis

Great sense of flow, movement and space achieved with the design of this webpage. Nice turbulent motion and 3D effect when you mouseover. We will leave the pleasure of exploring what is to be pointed at.

2. Text in stairs

3. Haus

If you enjoy games and strange, colorful, funky creatures, the landing page of Haus can keep you entertained for quite a while. In short, different animated creatures cross the screen and when pointed at, they get scared and you…. Destroy them. In a cute way.

4. Canva

The landing page is blurred with vague background imagery. Moving your mouse over, disappears clarifies the image… for a while. Tempting you to sign up, so that you can see more of the content of the page. It’s clever tactics to play with someone’s curiosity and to show them just a little of what you offer. Great work.

5. Mainworks

Beautiful timeline with accent dots to reveal the case studies of the company. The mouseover effects here are used to expand and show more information about the projects. The animation creates a feeling of continuity, persistence, development and stability in time in very subtle way. This goes to show how powerful an animation, user experience can be in creating brand perception.

6. Pixels by Tomer Lerner

Nicely floating around geometric elements, which speed up their movement as you move your mouse over more energetically. Quality, simplicity and originality are keywords here, and we shouldn’t expect less from a designer-slash-front-end-developer-slash-animator.

7. Cedric Pereira

Small, elegant portfolio site of a French interactive designer. Beautiful organic shape, which changes its borders, brilliantly representative of the mouseover effects family. Check it out!

8. Bullmonk

It’s almost addicting to play with this mouseover effect. Simple concept of small particles scattering on your screen. The idea behind the effect is linked to the text there “Lead with Change”. The particle effect demonstrates he winds and the mouse over indicates navigation of the winds to “Lead with Change’’.

9. OUI R Creative Studio

Elegant website with very subtle effects, corresponding to the style of the rest of the design.

10. Full Bundle

What happens when you mix up equal (or not so equal) portions of creativity with logic? With the mouseover effect on this website you get an interesting visual interpretation of this question. Also, wait for the animation to slow down.

11. FS Untitled

Great way to explore different fonts with mouseover. Check it out.

12. Sakura International Inc.

Japan company’s website with cool mouseover effects on the background – “connecting dots”. There are some nice color animations too. Simple, but creates interest.

13. Fan Studio

Game and app development company who have certainly showed us their skills and what they do best. Engaging design, big, colorful image of a character, on an extreme bike ride. When you move your mouse around, you get a 3D feeling of the scene and sense of gamification.

14. Studio Rotate

Minimalist design, the mouseover effect creates a shadow around delicate circles and the shadows rotate. Nice reference!

15. TheMcBrideCompany

One more effect with a voyeur feel to it. It just urges you to explore and see more.

16. Clever Franke

In this case, if you keep still, you will see a text appear. We guess it is the opposite of mouseover effects – antimouseover ? No matter, you’ll be curious to read the beautifully emerging text, so your patience will pay off.

17. Message Design Center

Who doesn’t love polygonal design? The mouseover effects over the text reveal such a beautiful, wiggly, stylish and colorful design.

18. Just Coded

Very simple but beautiful design with dots, moving around and creating 3D space/mesh.

19. Kinetic Apps

Nice mouseover effect, like you are flying into clouds. The site is a nominee of Awwwards, which immediately speaks quality.

20. Agency 40

Smooth and elegant transitions of the images in their galleries. Nothing distracts nor takes the attention away from the content. Very pleasing result. You’ll have to scroll down a bit, though, to see these effects.

21. M11

Spontaneously appearing and disappearing stylized people. Nice style and execution of web design for a biennial of contemporary art.

22. Studio Monocromo

Beautiful floating handrawn elements, interesting typography and geometric, simple animations – the guys are winners of CSSDesignAwards and certainly know how to make a strong impression on the audience. Check their website out!

23. Waaark

Visiting this website, you find out that a mouseover on the borders of the elements can be exciting and interesting. Excellent example of paying attention to detail. These talented guys also did a CodePen about this particular feature, have a look.

24. Minnim

Very cool animation – merging of shapes, change of gradients, simple, but very effective and eye-catching.

It might need some mastery of the mouse over effects and animation to create such concepts as the examples above. Often, more complicated animations and effects are used by creative studios, trying to showcase their artistic abilities and originality.

We added some examples of effects and transitions, which are not very pretentious, but might work well for smaller projects and more formal websites. Another advantage is, that it should not take much time to be implemented.

25. Subtle

26. Caption Hover Effects

27. Circle Hover Effects

28. Border Animation Effect

29. Different elegant effects

30. Periodic table animation

31. Responsive cat



Still not enough mouseover effects and animations?

We think we can finish off with some beautiful mouseover effects and animation we find on Code My UI. It is great place for inspiration, finding out what’s trendy. You can also have a look at the code for the particular effect, so you can use it in your own website. How cool is that?

32. Image hover card

33. Column image gallery with expand


34. Delete button with animation

35. Multi product comparison

We hope that this article was entertaining and useful for you to some grade, let us know what you think about it in the comment section below. It would be also great to see some example of your favorite websites with mouseover effects and animations. Sharing is caring!



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