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Best 15 UI Color Palette & Scheme Generators for the Perfect Interface Design

Choosing the perfect color palette for ui design that helps you create interface aligned to the UI/UX design trends in 2023 is hard. Colors for UI/UX design need to add to the user experience and make it better, comprehensive, and accessible. So we’ve listed our favorite UI color scheme online generators and tools that will make your life easier.

For more convenience, we separated the tools into two categories: UI color scheme generator tools and pre-made UI color palettes. All suggestions are free, available online, and quick to use.

15 UI Color Scheme Tools


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UI Color Scheme Generator Tools

With this first set of tools, you can generate custom palettes based on a primary color of your choice in order to match a particular brand. The tools offer pallets based on the color combination principles and include a number of shades and tints for any UI/UX designer’s convenience.

1. Material UI Color Palette Tool


The first free online tool for generating UI color palettes by Material Design offers a mobile interface sample that tests your chosen colors.  You can choose primary and secondary colors and test how good they look in an actual design. In addition, in the Accessibility tab, you can also check which text colors are legible with minimum opacity for both large and normal text.

Visit Material Design Colors




2. Coolors UI Color Scheme Generator


This is a popular tool that you can use directly from the website, add to your Chrome, or download for iOS. You can either explore trending palettes or generate new ones by pressing the spacebar on the generator page.

Amongst the coolest features of this free tool is the ability to generate palettes from uploaded photos, create collages, and test how the palettes look for different types of color blindness. Coolors is a must for any UI/UX designer’s toolshed.

Visit Coolors


3. Eva Design System


This deep learning color system for UI color schemes allows you to choose your brand color and generates palettes based on it. It gives you semantic colors for success, info, warning, and danger. In addition, you can also lock colors you like to prevent them from regenerating during updates in the primary color. Export options include JPG, JSON, Nebular theme, and UI Kitten theme.

Visit Eva Colors


4. Adobe Color UI Palettes Tool


For those of you with Adobe accounts, this color wheel tool is amazing for generating UI colors. In the color wheel, you can choose to create analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, and palettes based on any other color theory principle. You can do so by dragging the indicators over the wheel.

The tool also features extracting colors from images and saving them as color palettes; extracting gradients, and testing accessibility.

Visit Adobe Color


5. Color Designer Palette Generator Tool


This a pretty easy to use tool with pre-made color palettes, color search, and generating a number of tints and shades of your choosing; color harmonies and even matching images.

Visit Color Designer


6. Color Space BETA UI Color Scheme Tool


Just enter a color. That’s it. Once you choose your primary color and hit “generate”, the tool creates a huge collection of palettes and gradients to work with. All colors come with hex codes.

Visit Color Space


7. Material Design Palette UI Generator


A quick tool with a library of colors. You can select your primary and accent colors and it will generate the rest, also offering an app screen preview for your colors.

Visit Material Palette


8. Data Color Picker UI Color Scheme Tool


The data picker is ideal to create a series of colors that are visually equidistant for data viz. The tool includes the option to choose light or dark mode; the number of colors. You can copy the hex codes or export your palettes as SVG.

Visit Data Color Picker


9. Muzli Colors by InVision


Insert color code or name or select an initial color to start generating. It will give you analogic, mono, triad, complementary, tetradic, and a random palette based on your primary color. Once you choose a palette, you can download it as SVG.

Visit Muzli Colors


Pre-Made UI Color Palettes Resources

With this second set of tools, you can browse through pre-made color palettes. Most of them offer search options and categories to make your work easier.

1. Happy Hues UI Palletes


This cool palette tool offers a sidebar with pre-made palettes on the left and a demo screen on the right. Once you choose a palette, the screen changes accordingly and gives you the hex codes for each element. Great for inspiration and testing.

Visit Happy Hues


2. Khroma Palettes


Let’s start with the fact that the generator has a great search. You can filter your results by type ( all, dark, light, neon, pastel, etc.), hue (warm, cool, red, orange), or simply search for a name (coffee). While typing, a small label in the input will indicate if there are any results.

To make things even more fun, you can also set a bias for the generator. The default bias is 50:50, meaning the percentage the generator leans towards producing colors you like is one for each in a pair. Lower bias produces a wider range of colors.

With this in mind, when you click on the info icon of each UO color scheme, it will give you the hex code, RGB, and bias percentage.

Visit Khroma


3. ColorInspo Palettes


As the name suggests, this website is meant to give you inspiration by generating suggestions amongst thousands of color palettes. Each color has a hex code that you can copy by simply clicking on that color.

Visit Colorinspo


4. Web Gradients Collection


A flat UI color palette is essential, but gradients aren’t going anywhere either. If you need a cool UI gradient color palette for your app quickly, you can browse through 180 linear gradients that you can use as content backdrops in any part of your website. You can copy the CSS3 cross-browser code and use it in a moment.

Visit WebGradients


5. Color Hunt UI Palettes for Designers


This library for color palettes makes it easier to search for the exact colors you need by specific themes: pastel, neon, gold, vintage, retro, dark, warm, cold, summer, fall, food, and more. each UI color scheme offers to download as an image, copy hex codes and RGB, and gives you the exact names of the colors. As a bonus, it also gives you related palettes you might like.

Visit Color Hunt


6. Open Color for UI


This isn’t a palette generator tool, but rather an open-source color scheme optimized for UI like font, background, and more. It gives you 9 shades and tints of each color and breaks it into its ingredients. A cool little project from UI designers for UI designers.

Visit Open Color


In the meantime, you might be interested in checking out what psychology has to say about colors and their meaning.


 Color Scheme Tools Video Overview

We’ve prepared a special video demonstrating the pros and cons of the color scheme tools and generators so you can easily choose the best one for your needs.


In Conclusion

These 15 UI color scheme generators can help you find or inspire you to create the perfect palettes for your projects. It’s never unnecessary to have such convenient tools at your disposal to make your life easier.

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