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45 of The Best Shopify Stores With Spot-On Design

Selection of some of the best Shopify store designs + comments on design/functionality. 40+ Shopify store examples for your inspiration.

The very idea of setting up an online store from scratch can make you throw in the towel, Shopify has become one of the most popular ecommerce solutions, solving most common issues of retailers. Organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders at the drop of a hat by creating a Shopify store, and watch your business hit the sales!

Let’s have a look at 45 of the best Shopify stores around today each managing to create beautiful yet functional ecommerce experiences. Be inspired.

Memorable, contemporary logos, high-quality product photography, clearly defined navigational elements, call to action buttons and the overall user friendly layouts – are the keys of the success of these stores.

Enjoy the tour!

1. Todd Snyder

This fashion store stands out with clear call to action buttons and full-screen, high-quality photos, showing in sections different fashion styles they offer. Well contrasted typography and images draw your eye to exactly where you should look. Easy to navigate intuitive yet cool and stylish.

2. Fiftythree

Beautiful presentation of the product with subtle animations. Simple, calm color scheme and easy smooth scrolling navigation. Simple icons, serving as infographics add interest and a touch of class.

3. Tattly

Store for temporary tattoos with simple design, allowing you to focus on the rich content and selective categories. A nice element of their design is “Things We Love” picks, with quick buttons for shopping. Following the in-store trends to try and save the customers as much time as possible.

4. Mama&Little

The target customers of this store are young women with small children (As in the name -yeah!). This theme effectively runs through the entire shopify store design – pastel color scheme, lots of white space, clear product photos instagram feed with happy mothers plus attractive naming convention for their product categories. The arrow navigation makes it easy to look through the products without the hassle of opening new pages, going back and forth.

5. Blukicks

Fresh, bright ecommerce site for shoes, with effective, simple logo. Again, great structure – the user is lead from the “Shop Now” new collection photo slide to returns policy, about us (building the customer’s trust) and finishes off with testimonials, reviews and instagram feed. You are easily convinced to be part of this brand and community. Heavy focus on the brand and not on categories – which are cleverly “hidden” in their side burger navigation.

6. Bremont

Accessories for the modern adventurer (who needs cufflinks and a leather journal) Knowing your audience will certainly positively influence your design decisions. Bremont knows the drill – from the straight-forward navigation, simple on-hover animations of product photos to their choice of logo, slogan and color scheme. It’s no surprise they picked red accent color to emphasize the energy, style and nature of the adventurer. The image is the winner here.

7. Norwegian Rain

We love the minimalistic, nordic feel to this Shopify store design. Big, eye-catching photos of their products in action and subtle, stylish animations added to their menus. You can even choose your currency. With a real store that is this cool consistency between online presence and on street presence accentuates brand awareness.

8. Dowse

Friendly, fresh design with easy navigation and nice flow. Click on any of the products gives you related selection – encouraging customers to stay longer on the site and explore the great variety of products.

9. Black Milk

Excellent product photos, thorough information on all products, make wish lists, consistent style and option for filtering results. What more would a woman want from a ecommerce site?

10. Master&Dynamic

Geeky design – all the tech info and specifications, reviews, support and minimalist photos are the right ingredients for the success of this New York City-based premium audio brand. They believe in mastery. We believe they mastered the design of their Shopify store as well – see for yourselves!

11. Caravan

If the previous brand believes in mastery of technology and audio, so Caravan believes in good coffee and accessories. They have divided their menu into two sections – shop and explore, allowing easy orientation when browsing. The landing page is also divided into sections with call to action buttons and engaging photos.

12. Rebel8

Fashion Shopify store, selling to men and women. New collections and products prioritized, the rest remain deeper in their navigation and galleries. This structure is getting more and more popular, with customers wanting to buy the coolest, newest products available. Brands understand this is one of the reasons for entering the site in the first place – to explore, maybe on their way to work, using their mobile.

13. Leif

The use of product filters, light colors and clear pictures on white backgrounds is the way Leif handle the complexity of their service.You can also save to Pinterest with quick button.

14. Belief

Something slightly different here– No focus on shopping and prices, but the shops, team, people wearing their clothes and accessories. Unified filters, colors and typography. Done with the help of whole page galleries, giving you an instant feel of what the brand stands for and what it has to offer. Long story short – excellent Shopify store design, aiming to build brand love.

15. Katherine Hooker

If you don’t want to go bananas about your website but you want to give it a cleaner, sophisticated and stylish look, this website is a great source of inspiration. The target audience are business ladies, with busy schedules and stable incomes. Elegance of store design shows through their specific categories, features and naming such as “Lookbook”, “Gift Cards” and “Shopping Bag”.

16. Water Aid


A Charity which likes to attract community -minded people, and reward their good deeds with a fresh, cheerful design. The guys here have managed to make very specific products more appealing and fun. Fun illustrations, big letters, cartoon look and price transparency are the main elements of the design. If you are interested in such fresh, fun designs, you might find GraphicMama’s cartoons a great choice for your site.

Last but not least, they haven’t forgotten to include customer reviews on their site and how the money donated is spent. An important detail for any business/organization such as Water Aid. Trust through transparency!

17. HGWalter

Extensive filtering system, promotions and plenty of appetizing photos are key elements to the design of this butchery Shopify store. The choice of logo, typography, colors and accents suggests premium quality products. Great representative of culinary themed ecommerce site.

18. Little Deer

Feminine Shopify store for interior accessories. Some of the highlights of the website are photos of the products – details or using them in diverse ways; the fine typography, handwritten logo and the well-thought out categories. It was pleasure to browse through the site at speed.

19. Tessemae’s

Talking about appetizing photos, as in the butchery above, we can’t fail to mention Tessemae – helping you to improve your diet with healthy meal selections and improve your hectic lifestyle. The design reflects their business model and aims – they use colorful, bright photos, colored labels and call to action buttons. The logo is modern, the main typography – simple and bold, but doesn’t distract from the delicious meals they offer.

20. Miso Tasty

Miso Tasty is a  Japanese brand making snacks and meals, inspired from traditional Japanese cuisine. No wonder the main color in the design is read and the design is friendly, yet simple and straightforward. The navigation is put in a red container on the left and no matter where you are on the website – it is always there, at hand. Smart solution – we like it!

21. SIR

Minimalist design with excellent presentation of fashion products. There is not much to distract from the items and product information. With 3 scrolls on the landing page, you explore the most important categories of SIR Shopify Store. When you select a product and add it to your cart, you are offered the chance to continue shopping or go to your order – very nice functionality, which is more and more common on ecommerce sites.


Ryder has some very nice solutions for their Shopify store. First, they show all their products – once on a plain white background, and once on a model. Then, they try to engage their audience with lookbooks, press and stories. Last but not least, there is quick Pin It button to each on of the photos – which helps spread the word of their brand through social media. The website’s galleries resemble Instagram’s feed itself, which makes the fashion customers even more comfortable and accustomed to the interface.

23. Ksubi

Ksubi is an edgy fashion Shopify store and you can immediately see this in their landing page’s videos and handwritten, crooked logo. Their design solutions are simple, uncompleted and as a nice touch they show the products with your home country’s currency.

24. Happiness Abscissa

How do you sell scents online? With beautiful product photos, describing the feelings and mood the scent provides you with, adding beautiful hand drawn illustrations. Not to forget using a fresh color scheme and a lot of white space to allow the design “to breathe”.


Selling underwear and ladies’ products taken one step further. Of course, you get the usual navigation, info and beautiful product photos, but on the top of that, the designers added gifs of real woman wearing the lingerie in interesting settings and situations. Furthermore, they balance nicely between detailed photos and short, engaging texts about the fabric plus care instructions.

26. Kylie Cosmetics

Shopify store selling cosmetics. Simple and effective design with mouse over animation on photos – showing the attractive product packaging and the product “in action”.

27. ToyShades

Eyewear ecommerce site with strong call to action landing page. The main focus of the design is the well organized and thorough information about the products. The brand aims to help customers who like making informed decisions. They also have a strong return policy, which builds trust among customers. All this is encapsulated in a high-contrast, simple and accomplished design.

28. GoldieBlox

What does a toy shop need to stand out from the crowd and be memorably attractive? Storytelling, personality, character and cartoons. The Shopify store theme is simple, but they do wonders with the customization options – adding colors, illustrations, the story behind the brand and coupon offers. The review section is a powerful tool to win new customers through positive feedback.

29. Bohemian Guitars

We love the quick view options here, the extensive product information and mouse over animations on photos. Check it out – neat design!

30. Death Wish Coffee

Shopify store of a coffee brand which you will love… to death. One of the best examples of size relationships between the different elements – avoiding clutter it looks professional, stylish and high-quality. The product pages include social media sharing buttons, options for subscriptions and reviews.

31. Bottle Cutting Inc.

Graphic, rough and boxy Shopify store, built by do-it-yourself enthusiasts, who sell bottle cutting tools. Yes, you read correctly. The site is flooded with information of how you can cut bottles and create original new objects. It’s different from most of the polished designs in this collection, so why not check it out?

32. Blueboho

Another feminine, light and well-categorized ecommerce site for jewelry. The choice of font matches the delicate jewelry products very well.

33. Pop Chart Lab

Interesting ecommerce site, with clear layout structure. A nice touch – color change on hover of their logo.

34. Ninnho

Luxury collection of designer towels – that’s what Ninnho Shopify store is about. Because their collections are high-end, they are organized by themes and inspired by certain colors and materials. One can shop by theme, or add other filters to the search. The overall design of the site helps the showroom feel – it is inviting, clean, organized.

35. Linx Supply

One of their prints states: “Less is more”. So is the statement of their Shopify store design. One can easily focus on the products and any extra information is left out. Simple and short descriptions and navigation. Good concept and execution.

36. Fred Jourdain

Shopify store of an artist. Check it out – you will enjoy some beautiful art, composition, balance in design and very “french” logo.

37. Earth and Steam

We simply love this store – call to action button, which does not look like one, smart and original logo, smooth animations and beautiful storytelling revealed on scroll. Sometimes, details as small as a coffee bean can make your design more lively and interesting.

38. ZanZan

Ecommerce site for women’s eyewear. Colors, detailed product photos and variety of collections are the pinpoints in this design.

39. Stikwood

Really inspiring, dynamic website. In their inspiration category, you will see various applications of the products, plus videos, photos, samples, prices, sizes and a calculator so you can estimate your needs. Very light, intuitive site, with great customer support system, which almost makes you feel as if you have an expert sitting next to you and helping you with your project. Worth checking the website out!

40. Cereal

This shopify store answers the question of how to impress users with online elegant presence of a magazine. They offer free content to their audience, to get a taste of their product, but you can also subscribe for their issues and buy the full product. You can have a look at the table of contents of the magazine, some photos and shipping info – all nice details.

41. Phonebibi

The design breathes.  Necessary, since they have a lot of products to show and offer. They use some flashy colors, call to action buttons and timers to create a sense of urgency in the customer. The design is very effective, considering their marketing/business goals.

42. All Birds

Shopify store selling… woolen shoes. We love everything about the concept and the visual representation of it – hand drawn illustrations, multiple product photos, color choices, easy checkout. We strongly recommend having a look at this design – it is impressive.

43. Colour Pop

Very girly, colorful and peachy design. The bottom navigation of the most important categories shows an understanding of the audience and their needs. What is winning in this design is the section “Get the Look” with tutorials, photos and a product list of how to achieve a certain make-up look.

44. Serpent Urban Clothing

Because of the youthful spirit of the brand, there are many fun videos on their landing Shopify store page. It could be a little overwhelming with bright colors, plenty of products and discount banners, but we think the design still manages to reflect the bubbliness and energy of the urban “kids”.

45. Gadgetsflow

Our last pick is a Shopify store selling a wide range of gadgets. What we like about the design is the nice structure and grid layout, the simple product previews and the extensive product information – which is often an important factor for purchase.


Shopify store designs – anything to add?

We hope that we’ve delivered the goods with this selection of Shopify store designs and that we’ve managed to show you some tricks of the trade.

Stay tuned for more inspiration galleries and articles, devoted to the latest trends and developments in web design. If you feel like it, drop us a line with comments and suggestions and maybe a Shopify store we can add to the list?


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