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8 of the Best Digital Marketing Podcasts in 2020

We divided the best digital marketing podcasts that will help you improve your business into two categories. In the first category, we focus on podcasts especially valuable for growing agencies. In the second, marketers could take advantage of the podcast series that center around new marketing tips, SEO strategies, and other essentials.

Best Digital Marketing Podcasts for Agencies

Best Digital Marketing Podcasts for Marketers

Thеse podcasts might circle around the same topics and issues but what makes each one of them unique and valuable is the different approach. In this article, we feature our most favorite digital marketing and agency owners podcasts. My colleagues and I couldn’t agree on the number one podcast. That is why we included all of them and pinpointed what makes every podcast diversified. Each podcast’s host has a unique advantage over the others and we explained what that is.

Check out These 8 Digital Marketing Podcasts in 2020:

1. Build a Better Agency Podcast

The podcast that helps you improve

As the name itself suggests, the podcast is focused on helping digital agencies develop and improve. Every agency no matter how big and successful can always upgrade and the Build a Better Agency Podcast is all about that. The host Drew McLellan regularly does interviews with agency-centric experts in the area. They share their experience with the listeners and slide important secrets every agency owner would be happy to know about.

What’s valuable about the podcast is each episode concludes the specific topic with a step-by-step plan which anyone could immediately implement. The podcast releases episodes every Wednesday.

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2. The Creative Agency Podcast

Valuable insights for design agencies

Another podcast we feel obligated to instantly recommend is The Creative Agency Podcast. The episodes elaborate on agency growth and agency life. The host Chris Bolton looks through important know-how with innovators and entrepreneurs with successfully growing creative agencies. This is especially valuable for design agencies and any kind of business in the creative sphere from art and photography to marketing, web, and videos.

Additionally, the podcast also focuses on finding the constantly escaping balance between work and personal life. It strives to help and motivate the listeners to find success in the middle without sacrificing each. The episodes tell the stories of agency owners and insiders and how they have found success. They share what mistakes they could have avoided and what are the three important steps any listener could instantly apply.

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3. The Agency Trailblazer Podcast

The podcast that will help you give your agency a personality

The podcast has a brief concept behind its episodes: to explore all possibilities that can improve your agency life. The long-hours workday should not be the norm for anyone. That is why the Agency Trailblazer aims to help its viewers grow their businesses and achieve all the set goals in time so they could quickly return to their loved ones. Some episodes even focus on how could a business owner take a vacation when the business is pressuring them or strapping them for cash. Other episodes discuss the importance of agency values and messages.  Similarly, he also take time to explain how could a business owner give their agency a personality. Some explain how to motivate the team to get everyone on the same page.

In short, everything is about action and helping small agencies grow. The hosts run 30-35 minutes episodes weakly and interview agency owners and consultants, as well as top executives.

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4. Marketing Over Coffee

Weekly show for old-school and new marketing tips and tricks 

Marketing Over Coffee podcast is recorded and published every Thursday morning just in time for your favorite life-inspiring cup of coffee. It is hosted by John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn who will share with you both old-school and new marketing tips and tricks. What we love about this podcast most is its casual style, most of what you will hear in those 20-minutes per show are valuable insights you could get in a conversation outside your workplace. This is one of its advantages over other digital marketing podcasts.

The hosts cover topics focusing on staying up to date with social media, optimizing your search engine and everything email marketing, copywriting and multivariate testing.

John J. Wall is a speaker, writer, and practitioner in the sphere of marketing, sales, and technologies. In addition, Issues of Forbes, DM News, The Boston Globe, and Inc. Magazine have referred to his work. He has also held positions at the venture-funded and private business working with clients like Salesforce and Microsoft. 

John J. Wall’s co-host Christopher S. Penn is a public speaker who focuses on digital marketing, marketing technology, and AI. He is also a co-founder of the data analytics company Trust Insights whose mission is to help their clients make more money with data.

If you’re in to have a coffee with the experts, you can check out Marketing Over Coffee’s most popular episodes or tune in with the latest. 

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5. The Social Media Marketing Podcast

Michael Stelzner interviews experts on secrets of the social media  

The Social Media Marketing Podcast is a weekly podcast that offers valuable marketing insights as well as interviews with great experts in the field. It’s under an hour, just 45-minutes long episodes that would kick off your day with some new strategies and tactics. You can easily get inspired with new ideas for your own business while uncovering the secrets of how the most successful employ social media. 

Michael Stelzner who hosts the show is the founder of Social Media Examiner and the author of Launch: How to quickly propel your business beyond the competition. He is also the man behind the mega-conference Social Media Marketing World that gives the stage to the world’s top marketing experts.  The event’s sole mission to inspire everyone with business-building ideas. This is one of our most favorite digital marketing podcasts that we actually agree on listening together.

If you need some inspiration for new marketing ideas and strategies for your work, tune in with Michael Stelzner. 

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6. Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

The latest tendencies of organic SEO, content strategy and more

Duct Tape Marketing is incredibly popular due to its convenience for people with beginner to medium knowledge on the subject. The podcast isn’t dwelling much on the technical details making the material pleasant to digest for everyone who needs fresh marketing tips for their businesses. The authors and experts who are regular guests of the show are all eager to share their stories and secrets with you. 

The podcast has been live for over a decade and has always been on point with the latest tendencies of organic SEO, word-of-mouth marketing, content strategy and more. Its host is John Jantsch, the best selling author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine, and the Referral Engine. He’s known as the world’s most practical small business marketing speaker and expert. 

We’ll simply let John Jantsch speak for himself.

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7. The Mad Marketing Podcast

You ask the questions, Marcus Sheridan unravels it to its core 

The Mad Marketing Podcast indeed has a different approach than the rest of the digital marketing podcasts. There are little to no interviews with experts or guest presenters. Instead, the host Marcus Sheridan focuses his episodes mostly on answering his listener’s questions. Being a huge name in the field, the highly sought-after international speaker takes on any question and unravels it to its very core in great detail. The most valuable about this podcast is, it gives an opportunity to get a better understanding of the most indispensable issues and topics straight from the fountain of knowledge. You’ll get important answers for questions you already have or might never have thought of asking.

The host Marcus Sheridan is the author of No.1 Marketing Book of 2017 They Ask You Answer, featured in the New York Times, Forbes and The Globe. He’s an entrepreneur and business owner who had saved his company and takes the opportunity to share his experience in order to help everyone else.

If you want to enjoy the exciting and engaging style of Marcus Sheridan, tune in for The Mad Marketing Podcast.

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8. Marketing Speak

The essentials of marketing

Marketing Speak takes on essential marketing related issues and a vast range of topics that will enrich your knowledge of digital marketing and SEO as a whole. Some episodes make an interesting turn. Like the one discussing if traditional marketing is dead and instead has evolved into something new and unexpected. The guest Robert Rose sets the curious premise in the said episode. He actually makes a very good case for something that sounds this heretical. Got your attention? 

Stephan Spencer hosts the show. He is a highly sought-after SEO consultant and the inventor of GravityStream ( the automated pay-for-performance natural search tech platform). He is also a frequent conference speaker for the Direct Marketing Association and others on the topics of SEO and marketing in general.

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Why are podcasts so popular?

This format allows you to easily absorb any information in the form of an interview, discussion in a casual setting. Unlike sitting in front of a 500-pages book after work and trying to focus, the digital marketing podcasts are convenient for coffee breaks, while stuck in traffic or even while walking the dog early in the morning.

Digital marketing podcasts are usually hosted by sought-after speakers and experts in the area who invite successful business owners, marketers and other specialists who share tips from their personal experience.

So there you have it. These were our team’s favorite 8 podcasts for their great value, insights, know-how and, of course, entertainment.

Do you follow any of these marketing podcasts? Did we miss your favorite ones? Please let us know in the comments below.

In the meantime, you could also check our blog for more insights.

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