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30 Beautiful Catering Websites You’ll Want To Copy

When it comes to catering websites, they’re often the first impression potential clients get. Before anyone tastes a dish or chooses a venue, they’re checking out websites. Research from Stanford shows that 75% of people judge a company’s credibility by its website design.

In catering, where how food looks is almost as important as how it tastes, this stat is even more crucial. Each site tells a story about the brand and simplifies the process of planning events and customizing services. A website’s look and feel can make or break a deal.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 30 top-notch catering websites—places that are not only beautifully designed but also give clients a great experience. They offer tons of ideas on design, usability, and how to showcase your offerings.

1. Talk of the Town Catering and Special Events

The first catering website on this list uses a sleek and luxurious website with a refined color palette of black, white, and cream. The elegance is immediately apparent as you scroll past the header, where delicate imagery captures the essence of their catering services.

Their use of creative fonts adds a distinctive touch, complementing their brand identity seamlessly. Notably, the recurring logo design reinforces their branding across the site, demonstrating a keen focus on effective Internet marketing strategies.

For caterers seeking inspiration, Talk of the Town’s website serves as an exemplary model of sophistication and functionality.

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2. Salthouse Catering Website

Salthouse showcases a professional website design that impresses with its image slider feature prominently displayed on the homepage. Unique “sketches” integrated throughout the site add a personalized touch to their custom web presence.

The strategic use of bright orange accents, spanning from the header to CTA buttons, is designed to capture attention and evoke excitement, aligning perfectly with the vibrancy of their event services. Salthouse Catering enables clients to visualize their catering offerings creatively by incorporating artistic illustrations of dishes and beverages.

This website engages visitors effectively and inspires with its dynamic design choices.

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3. Kimberley Ashlee Catering Website

Next, we have Kimberley Ashlee Catering with its sleek and professional design featuring a color scheme of black, white, and brown. Using bullet points enhances information organization, ensuring clarity and ease of navigation for potential clients.

A template free of distractions underscores their commitment to providing a unique user experience. The incorporation of small icons throughout the site reflects their attention to detail and focus on website usability.

For caterers exploring design ideas, Kimberley Ashlee Catering’s website offers valuable insights into creating an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly online presence.

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4. Steven’s Catering Menu Website

Steven’s Catering’s website uses a black-and-white color scheme that directs attention to the captivating imagery showcased throughout the website. The homepage features accessible buttons that enhance usability, allowing visitors to navigate effortlessly.

Large, striking images effectively break up content, showcasing their catering offerings with visual impact. The thoughtful domain name matching the company’s identity reinforces brand coherence.

Steven’s Catering website is a testament to simplicity and functionality, making it an excellent addition to any caterer’s inspiration list.

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5. Chef by Request Catering

Chef By Request’s website design is ideal for caterers seeking inspiration for a custom site, highlighted by its impressive display of awards. A well-organized navigation bar categorizes services effectively, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

The strategic domain name aligns perfectly with their brand, reflecting their commitment to effective website marketing. With its comprehensive approach and quality-driven content, Chef By Request’s website exemplifies excellence in the catering industry.

Тhis website offers valuable insights and best practices for caterers aiming to elevate their online presence.

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6. From Scratch Catering Website

From Scratch Catering offers a prime example of a well-designed website for caterers. Their homepage catches your eye right away with an elegant logo that sets a professional tone. What stands out is their use of a lime green accent color, which adds a fresh and vibrant touch to the overall design.

This custom catering site also integrates videos strategically, showcasing their services and emphasizing their expertise in Internet marketing.

If you’re planning your next catering website, From Scratch Catering is a solid template to draw inspiration from.

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7. Relish Catering Website

Here we have a bright and colorful yet uncluttered website with a clean and organized layout. The white, seafoam green and dark grayish-green color scheme gives it a modern and sophisticated look without overwhelming the visitor.

As you navigate past the intuitive menu, their refined logo design and well-lit imagery immediately capture your attention. The site is designed with conversions in mind, especially evident in how they present their press page.

The website balances visual appeal with user-friendly navigation, making it a standout example worth exploring.

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8. Soprano’s Catering Website

Soprano’s Catering stands out for its thoughtful web design approach. The website employs a mix of fonts—thick, thin, caps, lowercase, and decorative—that add visual interest and convey attention to detail.

Throughout the site, small graphics complement the content, enhancing its overall attractiveness. The background texture, while simple, adds depth and enhances the site’s visual appeal.

Soprano’s Catering is a great choice for caterers looking to create a website that not only looks good but also effectively promotes their offerings through smart design choices.

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9. Sterling Catering Website

Sterling Catering’s website exemplifies professionalism and luxury. Their homepage impresses with high-quality imagery and carefully selected fonts that create a sophisticated visual experience.

The dedicated photo gallery page showcases their culinary creations effectively, highlighting their attention to detail and presentation. The menu is designed for easy readability and navigation, making it user-friendly.

Caterers looking for inspiration for a website that combines elegance with functionality will find Sterling Catering’s design a valuable reference.

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10. Tall Guy and a Grill Catering

Tall Guy and a Grill Catering presents a visually striking website with a color palette of white, red, orange, and black. Their site stands out among caterers for its exceptional visuals that effectively showcase their food and services.

The use of unique and professional text choices enhances the custom design, reinforcing their brand identity. Accessibility is emphasized with a domain name that aligns perfectly with the company name, ensuring easy recognition and recall.

Tall Guy and a Grill Catering’s website is an excellent example to consider if you want a website that combines aesthetics with accessibility.

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11. Chic Chef Catering Website

Chic Chef Catering sets a high standard with its custom web design tailored for caterers. The website stands out for its striking imagery that immediately captures attention and enhances the overall appeal.

A notable feature is the section showcasing their numerous awards, which underscores their professional credibility in the industry.

The site’s simplistic template is a standout marketing strategy, ensuring easy navigation and highlighting key information effectively.

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12. Kaspars Catering and Events

Kaspars Catering and Events excels with its impeccable photo quality that truly entices visitors. The website’s streamlined navigation makes it effortless to explore, ensuring that users can quickly find all relevant information.

Whether you’re searching for menus, event planning details, or venue options, everything is intuitively accessible. This user-friendly approach enhances the overall user experience, making Kaspars Catering and Events a top choice for those seeking seamless navigation and mouthwatering visuals.

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13. Ridgewells Catering Website

Ridgewells Catering impresses with its clean and modern website design. The site’s minimalistic approach with concise text and a straightforward sitemap ensures that visitors can easily locate desired information without distractions.

Whether it’s for corporate events, weddings, or personal celebrations, the navigation is intuitive and efficient.

The standout feature of Ridgewells Catering’s website is its outstanding photography, which not only showcases their culinary expertise but also visually engages visitors, leaving a lasting impression of their talent and professionalism.

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14. Joels Catering and Events

Joels Menu has established itself as a culinary powerhouse in New Orleans with nearly three decades of expertise. Their website exudes luxury through its sophisticated color palette, captivating photos, and distinctive font choices.

Each element, from the layout to the venue pages, is meticulously designed to convey elegance and style, reflecting their commitment to providing memorable dining experiences.

For those seeking a catering service that delivers both culinary excellence and aesthetic appeal, Joels Menu stands out as a premier choice in the industry.

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15. Soul Catering Website

Based in Kyiv, Soul Catering elevates catering to restaurant-level quality with a contemporary website that reflects their dedication to excellence.

The site is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly, featuring beautiful visuals, a well-organized navigation menu, engaging thumbnails, and clear call-to-action buttons. Soul Catering effectively showcases their services and company ethos, making it easy for potential clients to explore their offerings and make informed decisions.

Whether for corporate functions or personal events, Soul Catering’s website provides a great browsing experience.

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16. Global Gourmet Catering

Global Gourmet presents a website that oozes elegance and sophistication. The site captivates visitors with its exquisite and professional photography, utilizing a limited yet effective color palette and modern typography.

The design is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly, offering a seamless navigation experience. It strikes a balance between showcasing detailed shots and broader event layouts, providing a comprehensive view of their catering expertise. The menus are elegantly styled, reflecting the company’s commitment to presentation and quality.

Global Gourmet’s website sets a high standard in the catering industry with its aesthetic appeal and ease of use, making it an ideal model for others in the field.

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17. Chapa Botique Sidney Caterer

Located in Sydney, Chapa brings a fresh and modern approach to catering with its vibrant website. The design is minimalistic yet attractive, featuring a clean white background that allows their colorful food photography to pop. It’s a visual feast that instantly draws visitors in, showcasing their diverse menu options suited for various events.

The typography is cool and complements the lively imagery, creating a cohesive visual experience.

Chapa’s website is not only visually appealing but also functional, making it easy for potential clients to explore their offerings and imagine the culinary delights they can provide.

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18. Houston Catering Concepts Website

Houston Catering Concepts distinguishes itself with a unique and user-friendly website design. The use of plates to display and download menus is a creative touch that stands out, adding a playful yet practical element to their online presence.

While it may not aim for a delicacy like some of its competitors, the website exudes freshness and originality in its approach. The inclusion of a team photo on the About Us page adds a personal touch, giving visitors a glimpse into the people behind the scenes.

Houston Catering Concepts’ website effectively highlights their food offerings with a distinctive style that sets them apart, making them a noteworthy contender in the catering industry.

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19. Queen of Hearts Catering

Queen of Hearts Catering impresses with its clever branding and consistent visual identity. The use of card symbols throughout the site is not only inventive but also memorable, reinforcing their brand in a subtle yet effective manner.

The color scheme is soothing and consistent, contributing to a pleasant browsing experience. Their ‘About Us’ page is a standout feature, providing comprehensive insights into their company ethos and team dynamics through engaging narratives and informative photos.

Queen of Hearts Catering’s website is both visually appealing and informative, ensuring that potential clients can easily connect with their story and services. It’s a prime example of how effective branding and storytelling can enhance a catering company’s online presence.

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20. Tommy Ruff Fish Bar Website

Tommy Ruff’s catering website stands out for its impeccable organization and thoughtful design elements. The consistent color palette and subtle animations add a touch of elegance without overwhelming the user experience.

Graphics and photographs are strategically placed to reinforce their branding, creating a cohesive visual identity across the site. The sticky navigation feature enhances user convenience, particularly for those interested in seamless online ordering.

Tommy Ruff’s website is not just about aesthetics but also functionality, prioritizing clear menu organization and user-friendly navigation.

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21. The Wild Thyme Company

The Wild Thyme Company sets a welcoming tone right from the start with a thoughtful pop-up that invites visitors to pre-order food for upcoming holidays. This attention-grabbing feature not only showcases beautiful imagery but also includes a clear call-to-action (CTA) that encourages engagement.

Once past the pop-up, visitors are treated to a visually enticing collage of food pictures, including strawberry delights on toasted bread.

The website smartly integrates client reviews, adding credibility and affirming their reputation as a must-have catering choice for any occasion.

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22. Catering Project Catering

Catering Project’s website stands out with its user-friendly navigation and clear organization. The top menu bar with drop-down options such as “Occasions” and “Events” simplifies the browsing experience, ensuring visitors can easily find the information they need about booking catering services.

A prominently displayed header mentioning next-day delivery caters to clients on tight schedules, highlighting the company’s commitment to customer convenience.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a dedicated blog section at the bottom of the landing page offers valuable content on seasonal party planning and hosting tips.

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23. Little Wolf Catering

Little Wolf’s website embodies simplicity and effectiveness, showcasing their delectable range of offerings from finger foods to elaborate grazing tables. Their approachable and playful design uses vibrant colors and strong contrasts to captivate visitors’ attention and maintain engagement.

Upon arrival, visitors are prompted to choose between exploring catering options for events or ordering delivered food, streamlining the user journey and enhancing conversion potential.

Little Wolf’s minimalist yet visually appealing website design reflects their commitment to connecting with clients effortlessly, making the process of finding and selecting catering services both intuitive and enjoyable.

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24. Creative Edge Parties Catering

Creative Edge Parties breaks the mold with a visually dynamic website that leverages graphic designs and animations to capture and hold users’ interest. The site features interactive elements like a changing egg graphic accompanied by clever taglines, such as “Not just another chicken dinner,” which effectively reinforces their brand identity.

Navigation takes a unique twist with a horizontal scrolling layout, ensuring a memorable user experience that aligns with their innovative approach to catering.

Moreover, the inclusion of a “Play” section with interactive quizzes adds an element of fun and engagement, further distinguishing Creative Edge Parties as a catering company that goes beyond expectations to deliver a memorable event experience.

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25. Cafe Natalie Fine Catering Houston TX

Cafe Natalie Catering’s website stands out with its minimalist yet impactful design. The use of predominantly white backgrounds enhances readability, allowing the bold black text and red accent colors to pop, particularly in their call-to-action buttons. Colorfully styled dish images further attract attention against the clean backdrop, effectively showcasing their culinary offerings.

Additionally, the inclusion of an easy-to-use contact form simplifies the inquiry process for potential clients, reflecting Cafe Natalie’s commitment to accessibility and customer service.

This straightforward yet visually appealing approach makes Cafe Natalie Catering’s website a compelling example for those seeking a seamless blend of style and functionality in the catering industry.

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26. Fork and Spoon Productions

Fork & Spoon Productions sets a high standard with its sophisticated website design. Featuring a carousel of stunning images from past events, they effectively showcase their capability to enhance any occasion. The top menu bar stands out, offering easy navigation to explore their services further. They strategically place a call to action, prompting potential clients to delve deeper into what they have to offer.

As visitors scroll down, they encounter a detailed list of events they cater to, providing clarity and ensuring they cater to diverse needs.

This user-friendly approach combined with compelling visuals makes Fork & Spoon Productions’ website a standout in the catering industry.

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27. Kiawe Roots Website

Kiawe Roots, a Hawaiian restaurant in Lawai, brings the spirit of Hawaii to life through its vibrant website. The design reflects the restaurant’s unique dishes and cheerful ambiance, with bright colors that capture the essence of Hawaiian culture.

Visitors can easily find essential information like opening hours and make reservations directly through the site. The layout is straightforward, emphasizing the delightful dining experience Kiawe Roots offers.

Overall, the website not only showcases their menu but also invites visitors to immerse themselves in the island’s flavors and hospitality, making it a perfect introduction to what Kiawe Roots has to offer.

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28. The Little Sicilian Riceballs

The Little Sicilian excels in presenting authentic Italian cuisine through a visually appealing website. With a refreshing color palette of green and red and a clean design that maximizes white space, their website exudes elegance and simplicity.

The aesthetic choices complement the mouth-watering imagery of their riceballs, enticing visitors to explore their offerings further.

The use of white space ensures a neat and slick appearance, enhancing the overall user experience. The Little Sicilian’s website not only showcases their food but also reflects their commitment to quality and authenticity, making it a delightful virtual visit for food enthusiasts.

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29. The Waffle Bus Catering

The Waffle Bus’s website is a testament to modern design with a trendy and youthful vibe. Highlighted by striking typography and playful effects, the brand name pops off the screen, capturing attention immediately. The vibrant color palette adds to the energetic appeal, creating a visually engaging experience.

Their website design reflects their fun and creative approach to food, making it a perfect match for their brand personality.

Visitors are drawn in by the modern aesthetic and are encouraged to explore further, setting the stage for a memorable culinary adventure with The Waffle Bus.

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30. Di Bruno Bros Culinary Pioneers

And last but not least, Di Bruno Bros brings their legacy online with a visually striking website. Utilizing a horizontal layer design interspersed with enticing images of their products, the website immediately captures the essence of their culinary offerings.

Ample white space around the images directs focus and enhances visual appeal. Beyond showcasing their products, the website features an online store, recipe hub, blog, and FAQ section, catering comprehensively to visitor needs.

Their strategic use of pop-up email capture offers a compelling incentive for first-time visitors, engaging them with exclusive discounts and setting the stage for ongoing customer interaction.

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10 Tips for Designing Successful Catering Websites

As we can see, building a successful catering website involves more than just displaying dishes. It should be easy for clients to navigate, explore your offerings, and ultimately decide to choose your services. This is why we compiled 10 tips to guide you in designing a catering website that not only attracts visitors but also converts them into customers.

1. Choose a Good Domain Name ✔️

When you’re setting up your catering business online, the first step is picking a domain name that fits your brand well. A good domain name is easy to remember, relevant to your catering services, and ideally includes keywords that potential clients might use in their searches for catering services.

Practical Example: Let’s say your catering business focuses on corporate events. Choosing a domain name like “” immediately tells potential clients what you specialize in when they search for catering services tailored to their corporate needs.

2. Refresh Your Catering Brand and Website Design ✔️

Your website is your digital storefront and should reflect the professionalism and quality of your catering services. Refreshing your website design involves updating elements like your logo, color scheme, and overall layout to create a cohesive brand identity.

A professional and visually appealing website should be easy to navigate with clear information about your services and a design that matches your catering style and target audience.

Practical Example: Suppose your catering business emphasizes eco-friendly practices. Refreshing your website with a green color palette, sustainable design elements, and prominently featuring eco-friendly catering options can attract clients who prioritize sustainability.

3. Set Up Online Ordering ✔️

To simplify the process for clients and increase conversions, your catering website should support efficient online ordering. Choose a platform designed for food businesses that offer features like customizable menus, dietary options, and various payment methods.

Ensure the ordering process is intuitive and user-friendly, guiding clients smoothly from menu selection to checkout.

Practical Example: Implement a system on your website where clients can select menu items, specify delivery preferences, and make payments online.

For instance, integrating a tool that allows clients to customize their orders with specific dietary requirements or adjust quantities easily can enhance user experience.

4. Decide on Key Website Features ✔️

Before developing your catering website, outline its essential functionalities based on your business goals. Determine if you want clients to browse menus, request quotes, or book services directly through your site.

Understanding these key features helps in choosing the right templates and plugins during development to optimize user experience and achieve your business objectives.

Practical Example: If your catering business specializes in weddings, prioritize features that allow couples to view menu options, request personalized quotes, and schedule tastings online.

Including a gallery of past wedding events and client, testimonials can further showcase your expertise and reassure potential clients of your ability to deliver exceptional catering services for their special day.

5. Promote Your Catering Website ✔️

Integrate your website into your overall marketing strategy to increase its visibility and attract potential clients. To do so, you can include your domain name on all marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, and social media profiles.

Also, make sure you use your physical presence at events by promoting your website on packaging or signage.

Practical Example: Suppose you’re attending a local food festival showcasing your catering services. Ensure all promotional materials prominently feature your website’s domain name, encouraging attendees to visit and explore your offerings further.

Offer a special discount or exclusive menu preview for orders placed through your website during the event to incentivize immediate engagement.

6. Display Your Menu Clearly ✔️

Make your catering menu easily accessible and comprehensive on your website. You can do so by including detailed descriptions, pricing, and options for dietary preferences to assist clients in making informed decisions.

Use high-quality images to showcase your culinary offerings and create an appetizing visual experience. And last, organize menu items logically and categorize them based on event types or dietary restrictions for easy navigation.

Practical Example: Incorporate a digital menu on your website where clients can browse through different catering packages or customizable options. Include vivid images of signature dishes and detailed descriptions highlighting unique ingredients or preparation techniques.

For example, if your catering business specializes in themed events like Mediterranean cuisine, feature mouth-watering photos of popular dishes such as falafel wraps or grilled lamb kebabs.

7. Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts ✔️

You can use tools on your website to track and recover abandoned shopping carts, which represent potential lost sales. This way you can give options for clients to save their carts or receive reminders about incomplete orders via email or notifications.

Provide clear contact information and customer support to assist clients in completing their orders or addressing any concerns.

Practical Example: Suppose a client adds catering items to their shopping cart but leaves your website without completing the order.

Use automated email reminders to encourage them to return and finalize their purchase. Include a direct link to their abandoned cart and offer personalized assistance if they encounter any issues during checkout.

8. Pick Your Catering Service Style ✔️

Define and showcase your catering service styles, such as buffet, tray pass, or plate, on your website to highlight your versatility and expertise.

Customizing your service descriptions and visuals to resonate with different event types and client preferences with real-life examples or case studies will help you illustrate how each service style can be customized to meet specific event needs effectively.

Practical Example: Include a dedicated section on your website detailing the unique features and benefits of each catering service style you offer. For instance, if your catering business specializes in corporate events, highlight the efficiency and versatility of buffet-style catering for large groups or cocktail receptions.

Use photos or testimonials from past events to demonstrate successful implementations of tray pass service for upscale gatherings.

9. Customize Your Event Themes ✔️

Customize your website’s design and content to align with the themes and atmospheres of events you cater to. To do so, you can incorporate visuals, color schemes, and messaging that resonate with your target audience and event settings.

Basically, you create a cohesive theme that enhances the overall user experience and reinforces your brand’s expertise in event catering.

Practical Example: Suppose your catering business frequently caters to weddings and other formal events. Design your website with elegant visuals, such as soft color palettes and sophisticated fonts, to appeal to engaged couples and event planners seeking a luxurious dining experience.

Incorporate galleries of past weddings showcasing your catering services in prestigious venues to inspire potential clients and showcase your attention to detail.

10. Use Social Media and Promotions ✔️

And last, but very importantly, make sure to integrate social media platforms into your marketing strategy to expand your online presence and engage with potential clients. Share updates, photos, and client testimonials on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to showcase your catering services effectively.

You can use targeted advertising and promotions to reach a wider audience and drive traffic to your website.

Practical Example: Create a social media calendar outlining regular posts featuring behind-the-scenes glimpses of catering events, chef spotlights, or client testimonials.

Engage with followers by responding to comments and inquiries promptly to build rapport and trust. Consider running Facebook ads promoting special offers or discounts for online orders placed through your website to encourage conversions.


Alrighty, folks, that’s a wrap!

After examining 30 different catering websites, we’ve identified several key elements that consistently lead to success in this competitive field. Here’s what we’ve discovered:

  1. Clear Communication is Crucial: It’s essential to clearly showcase what your catering service specializes in—whether it’s weddings, corporate events, or private parties. This clarity helps potential clients quickly understand if you meet their needs.
  2. Impressive Visuals Make a Difference: Using high-quality, professional photos is vital. These images not only grab attention but also demonstrate your culinary skills effectively.
  3. Mobile-Friendly Design is a Must: Since most people browse the internet on their phones, your website must be easy to navigate on mobile devices. A responsive design ensures that visitors have a seamless experience regardless of the device they use.
  4. Optimize for Search Engines: Enhancing your website’s visibility on search engines like Google is critical for attracting more clients. This involves using relevant keywords, improving page loading speed, and ensuring a positive user experience.

Focusing on these aspects—like making sure your message is clear, using attractive visuals, ensuring your site works well on phones, and optimizing it for search engines—can really boost your catering business online. These steps help you connect better with potential clients and draw more people to your services.

Hey, before you go, don’t forget to check out our other awesome articles on UI/UX design! We’ve got loads of tips and inspiration to help you create stunning designs that will blow your mind.

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