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20 Modern Dark Theme Websites You’ll Want to Copy

Looking for some cool dark theme websites to inspire your own site? In this post, you’ll find a list of 20 awesome examples from real websites. These sites cover a range of niches, from agencies to personal portfolios, business websites, and more. The one thing they all share? They all have great dark color schemes.

Dark themes are becoming very popular in web design. More design companies are choosing these sleek, modern looks. Different colors send different messages. Red means passion and danger, blue suggests warmth and trust, and green stands for nature and health.

Black, though, is flexible. It can show prestige, strength, elegance, or appeal, depending on how it’s used. Dark-themed websites can also help reduce eye strain, dry eyes, and fatigue. On mobile devices, dark mode can even save battery life by up to 30%.

Let’s dive into these top dark theme websites and see how their designers used this powerful color to create stunning results.

1. Darkroom Digital Agency Dark Themed Website

Promoting a digital agency, Darkroom’s portfolio site is a visual treat with a dark, colorful design. A 3D animated background with floating elements and dynamic scrolling animations creates an engaging experience. The clean, minimal layout uses lots of white space and large typography, making navigation easy and appealing. Motion typography adds a modern touch.

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2. InfinityFX Clothing Brand Website

As a Dutch clothing brand, InfinityFX presents a premium shopping experience with its sleek dark design. Users can switch between light and dark modes, enjoying the clean look with big typography and motion effects. Lazy scrolling and eCommerce functionality make browsing smooth and efficient. Plenty of white space keeps the design neat and inviting.

If you feel inspired by this website and wish to design something that works so well, here are some things to consider when building an eCommerce website.

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3. Igor Okunskiy Design Portfolio Website

Igor Okunskiy’s web design portfolio site has a cool Pacman preloader and animated space background. The dark, futuristic design features oversized typography and motion effects, highlighting his impressive work. High-quality images dominate the site, complementing a big contact button for easy reach.

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4. Forward Digital Software Website

Forward Digital Software’s website impresses with a clean black design and dynamic grid. The broken grid gallery and mixed layouts, including split-screen scroll sections, offer a unique browsing experience. Thoughtful typography, small fonts, and generous white space ensure readability, while hover effects add a touch of interactivity.

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5. Killer Tennis VR Game Website

JetStyle’s Killer Tennis VR game website catches the eye with retro synth wave aesthetics. A dark gradient background, CGI animations, and neon colors create an immersive feel. Mixed grids and scrolling animations enhance the visual appeal, previewing the non-violent, multiuser VR game effectively.

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6. Faktory Restaurant Website

Faktory’s website invites social connections with its interactive, modern design. The dark red color scheme, background videos, and large images draw visitors in. Dynamic scrolling animations, motion typography, and micro-interactions make browsing engaging and user-friendly.

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7. Tanztheater Wuppertal Terrain Artist Website

Tanztheater Wuppertal’s site offers a detailed look at the renowned dance ensemble. Its dark and colorful design, combined with scrolling animations and mixed layouts, provides a rich user experience. The clean, minimalistic approach with large typography and motion effects is both captivating and informative.

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8. Sblobodian Dental Implant Solution

Next, Slobodian Dental’s website blends aesthetics with usability, featuring custom animations and a user-friendly interface. The dark theme with black and golden hues, huge typography, and ample white space creates a modern, clean design. A large footer with contact information ensures easy access for visitors.

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9. Carl Gordon Design Development Branding Portfolio

This portfolio showcases Carl Gordon’s creativity with an interactive, futuristic dark theme. CGI elements, motion typography, and animated gradients make for a visually stunning experience. Ambient audio enhances the atmosphere, showcasing his design and development skills.

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10. Regeneration Black Cinema Website

This website explores black participation in American cinema. The classic black-and-white theme, accented with bright yellow text, adds energy and creativity. Color changes on hover make sections stand out, engaging visitors while maintaining a cohesive look.

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11. Get Sport Community Agency Website

GetSport’s website uses a dark cyan-blue background with white text, accented by bright green. This color scheme offers good contrast and visual interest, connecting to the sports-focused brand. The green highlights suggest health and vitality, making the site appealing and relevant to athletes and trainers.

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12. Paxafe Risk Management for Visibility Control Towers

Paxafe’s site uses a dark background with light gray text and pastel green and blue accents. This combination creates a soft yet energetic design. The dark cyan background is less harsh than black, while pastel colors add vibrancy, enhancing overall aesthetics and readability.

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13. Critical State Real Danger WWF Website

The next website site uses a dark burgundy background with bright red text to highlight its “red alert” message. This design balances readability with a strong visual impact. Green backgrounds in images complement the red, creating a harmonious yet urgent feel that aligns with the site’s mission.

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14. Avocado App and API Security Software

Avocado Systems’ website combines a dark, mechanical design with vibrant colors like blue, purple, yellow, and orange. This organized layout reflects the brand’s focus on application security. Mechanical animations throughout add a playful yet professional touch.

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15. Will Ventures Sports Startups Agency

This minimalist design uses bold white text on a black background, guiding visitors through the brand’s services. Touches of yellow on CTAs provide contrast, making the site visually engaging and easy to navigate. The straightforward approach is both effective and appealing.

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16. Ventriloc Data Solutions Website

Ventriloc’s site stands out with a dark, almost brown-red background and orange text. This unique color combination ensures readability and visual appeal. The consistent use of shades of orange and red creates a cohesive, distinctive design that highlights the agency’s data solutions.

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17. Alukaze Aluminium Systems Website

Here we have a website that uses a classic black-and-white theme with bright yellow accents to add interest. Yellow elements energize the design and guide visitors intuitively. The elegant silk texture in the background enhances the site’s sophisticated look, aligning with the high-quality aluminum products offered.

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18. Angelina Swann The Goddess Collection

Angelina Swann’s website, with a dark background, showcases high-fashion photography and luxurious geles. The white and gold texts complement the black background beautifully. Interactive galleries and video clips enhance the lavish experience, while the Accessibility Assistant tool ensures inclusivity.

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19. Saint Laurent Revolution Museum

The Saint Laurent Revolution Museum website features a striking black, red, and white color scheme. This single-page site uses scrolling animations and complex transitions to tell the story of a fashion icon. Oversized typography and a broken grid layout add to the engaging narrative.

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20. Duckbill Cookies And Coffee Shop

And last, let’s see something tasty. Duckbill is a popular Brazilian coffee and cookie franchise. The site uses a classic black, red, and white color scheme. Interactive food elements, parallax effects, and scrolling animations create a mouth-watering experience. Lazy scrolling and rich transitions enhance the user experience, making it both fun and engaging.

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Alrighty, folks, that’s a wrap!

That wraps up our collection of 20 stunning dark theme websites.

If a particular website caught your eye, consider adapting that theme for your own site. Or, mix and match different dark themes to create your unique style.

Start designing today, and soon your site could be featured on lists like this one.

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