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The 21 Best Conference Websites To Inspire Your Next Design

The conference websites are the go-to places for visitors, sponsors, and speakers, who would like to attend this type of event. It should clearly present all the information one might ask for and answer all questions before they even arise in a user’s mind. Therefore, when organizing a conference or creating a website for one, the importance of a user-friendly and responsive conference website with eye-catching design must not be underestimated.

Below is our cherry-picked selection of the 21 top-notch conference website examples to inspire you:

1. Inbound – Marketing Conference Website

The website for the Inbound 2024 edition of the conference offers an interactive experience engaging the user from the moment they visit it, as hovering over the faded background reveals a circle in which clear parts of the images shown beneath pop out. Catching visuals and informative text successfully attract the visitor’s attention reassuring him of the reasons to join the conference. The pages are well-structured, responsive, and equipped with all the details that could be useful to the attendees. They even offer a downloadable “Convince your boss letter”, making it easy for those who wish to attend, acting this way towards increasing the number of attendees.

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2. Awwwards Conference – Design and Development Conf Website

Designed to engage, the website for the Awwwards Conference greets us with a red-hued view of a neighborhood in Amsterdam. The design gives us the option to choose between high and low resolution and is complemented by the ambient sounds of the city. The homepage is highly interactive giving us a chance to rotate the view as we move the mouse and scroll down. This conference website offers everything a visitor might need – a quick option to get tickets is easily found in the top right corner and all the information needed considering the details of the event is listed throughout the homepage.

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3. NOOsphere– Marketing Conference Website

The homepage of NOOsphere Marketing Conference states that it is the perfect place to meet the real big fish of AdTech. And so the designers took the metaphor that the big companies are big fish to another creative level showing us a cool underwater animation. The menu structure is easily navigated through both the top and the bottom of the site and sheds light on all the details one might need about the event. The light-colored background gives the CTA buttons, the animation, and the beautiful watercolor images throughout the pages the chance to pop out.

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4. Design Thinkers 2024 – Graphic Design Conference Website

The bright colors of the Design Thinkers conference website and the rotating concentric ripple instantly grab our attention as our eyes meet them. The animation also acts as an action button showing us the option to register for the event as we hover over the image. Having in mind the slogan of the event – Into The Rabbit Hole, the homepage succeeds in giving the feeling of a dreamlike, even hallucinogenic setting, thus confirming the creative character of the event. At the top of the site are listed quick and easy menu options that provide all the details concerning the conference.

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5. Dublin Tech– Tech Summit Website

On the website for the Dublin Tech Summit, the information is presented so broadly that one can hardly have a question that is not already answered there. The homepage opens with a subtle video in the background and offers us details about the event and the speakers, while also including testimonials, highlights of the event, and more. Clear CTA buttons are placed strategically throughout the entire page and one of them moves along as we scroll the page. Everything is well structured combining aesthetics and functionality.

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6. World Summit AI – AI Event Website

The nice design of this AI summit website successfully works towards increasing the number of attendees. The smart use of contrast between the branding color palette and the background video makes the CTA buttons pop out, thus ensuring no one will miss them. A top menu, social media links and chat options are also immediately found on the homepage without even scrolling it. The website is pretty easy to navigate and offers all the details about the event, the speakers, the program, previous edition’s highlights, and testimonials from famous sources.

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7. Creative Cruise – Artist Event Website

The homepage of this networking event website meets us with eye-catching design illustrating a bird’s-eye view of an Amsterdam canal based on the golden ratio of Fibonacci’s spiral. Scrolling the page rotates the cityscape along with an interesting CTA button giving us an option to choose a pick-up point for the event. The simple yet effective menu at the bottom of the page provides options to learn more and reserve our place for the event, thus cementing this site’s place among some of the best-illustrated website examples.

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8. C3 2023 – Marketing Conference Website

The C3 Marketing Conference Website may look somewhat simple at first glance but is actually really well made. The dot drawing a path while moving recreates the idea that this edition of the conference will be traveling to a few places. But it also makes its path in the shape of a funnel, referring this way to the marketing funnel and the topic of the conference. The website is equipped with all the elements necessary for a good and functional design and gives comprehensive information about the event. In this example the color scheme of the event is again nicely implemented and kept through all the pages.

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9. Ai4 2024 – AI Conference Website

The futuristic character of this event is easily felt as the website of Ai4 loads. An animation made from drawnlike illustrations gives off a modern and somewhat exclusive vibe. What makes a really good impression is the way the branding colors are gently implemented in the otherwise dark-colored graphics. The homepage gives an instant option to register for the event and also offers basic information about the type of it, the place and time it will be held and a few statistics describing the scale of it. Every detail about the conference is listed carefully and can also be found within the menu tabs at the top of the page. CTA buttons are placed smartly throughout the pages.

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10. Rise of AI– AI Event Website

The Rise of AI conference website opens with a subtle video compilation showing us glimpses of previous editions of the event. On top of it the CTA button is clearly visible and an easily navigated menu gives us the option to find out more about the event. For those who don’t like diving into menus all the information needed is also listed on the homepage.

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11. Web Summit – Big Fintech Event Website

The first thing we see on the homepage of Web Summit’s sleek website is a really flattering quote about the event from a renowned magazine. Right after it a description of the tech conference and two CTA buttons ensuring an easy way to register are added. The homepage also offers more than enough information about the event and the speakers, and also videos with highlights from previous events and other useful details. Whatever one can’t find there is easily accessed within the drop-down options of the top menu. It is fair to mention that the brand’s color scheme is nicely implemented through all the pages of the website.

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12. UX Fest – User Experience Conf Website

The interactive website for this UX conference manages to give an instant playful feeling with the help of all the animated graphic elements which move as we scroll the page. The website is easily navigated and includes a responsive top menu, a clear call-to-action button, and enough information describing the event and all the details regarding it. The design of the site looks simple which in turn attracts our attention to the interactive side of it – the graphic elements popping out of the tickets button as we hover over it, for example.

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13. CES Tech Event – The Biggest Tech Show Website

The colorful image on the homepage of the CES Tech Conference gives an attention-grabbing first impression. The white font of the menu options and the blue background used for the registration button ensure that they stay visible despite the explosion of colors within the illustration. Social media links and CTA-s are easily found and the option to register for the upcoming 2025 event works towards increasing the number of future attendees. The website offers detailed information about the event and videos wrapping up talks and highlights of past ones in case you have missed them.

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14. UX+ – UX Conference Website

The UX+ conference website greets us with an elegantly flowing image on a dark background. The font is mainly white-colored making room for only one exception – the name of the event which is presented in the hues of the moving image. The top menu is divided in two – on the left and right side and includes an action button to buy tickets with a clearly stated price – a way to make things easier for the visitor and to stimulate sales. The interactive side of the pages is scroll-triggered which makes it more fun as we read the comprehensively offered information about the event.

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15. Red Hat Summit – IT Event Website

The homepage of the Red Hat Summit website with its vibrant colors and flowing geometrical shapes instantly gives a sense of simplicity as it opens. And it truly is simple to find everything you need there – the information is well-structured throughout the page, evenly placed CTA buttons make it easy to take an action and a drop-down static top menu makes it easy to navigate through the other pages of the website. An interesting addition is the option to take an interactive quiz which based on your interests and competency builds an agenda with the summit sessions that are the right fit for you.

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16. The Martech– Marketing & Tech Summit Website

The faded background photo of the Martech Summit website’s homepage serves a double purpose – graphically it gives the text on top of it the needed contrast to pop out, and psychologically it lures potential attendees with the beauty of Singapore. All the necessary menus and elements for a functional design are presented at the top of the page in a static menu. Right below the picture, metrics stating details about the event give the visitor an overview of what to expect. All other information that might come handy is listed thoroughly, including particulars about the speakers, the topics, the venue, the sponsors, infographics, etc.

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17. CloneComp – Webflow Hackathon Website

The futuristic homepage of the CloneComp event modern website clearly states what this event is about. A simple gradient background in soft colors gives us the opportunity to experience the interactive side of the design as the projected shadow of the caption and other visual elements move along with the mouse cursor. The homepage lists detailed information and includes a lot of CTA options ensuring easy use and engagement. The other tabs of the menu provide answers to all other questions that may arise and offer an interesting option to explore a 3D interactive map of the globe showing the location of different participants.

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18. WaysConf – Tech Conference Website

With a modern, sleek, dark design the WaysConf website serves its purpose well – it creates a feeling of trust and reliability as the conference is named the largest in Central Europe. A few CTA options are presented immediately along with a reminder that tickets are about to be sold out, thus creating a sense of urgency. The organizers give more than enough information distributed on the homepage and in the menus positioned at the top. The consistent use of the dark theme with popping white text over it gives a business feel, instilling reliance in the visitor’s mind.

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19. Circles – Design Conf Website

The vibrant landing page of this Creative Design Conference website grabs the attention of the user immediately. In the center of the bright red background is embedded a faded image of the outline of Texas, over which is placed a photo of a cactus, the state’s recognizable symbol, thus leaving no doubt as to the location of the event. With animated elements and bold contrasting colors, the homepage gives clear details about this exciting experience, being supplemented as well by an intuitive menu and registration links.

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20. Front – UX & Product Management Event Website

The website for the Front conference is fresh and light-colored, instantly creating an atmosphere of easiness. The pages are accentuated by geometrical shapes, some of which form arrow-like frames where highlights of past events are presented. Information about what to expect and every detail of the event can be quickly found in the easy-to-navigate tabs. Repeatedly shown registration button makes sure that the person interested won’t miss the chance to attend the conference. All elements needed for a good conference website are implemented smoothly within its design.

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21. Collision – Big Tech Conference Website

Bold, contrasting, confident – these are the definitions that come to mind as you visit the website for Collision – one of the world’s biggest tech conferences. Defined at the same time as “The Olympics of tech” and “Coachella for geeks”, this tech conference manages to represent both of the statements in its website design. The vibrant colors and the carefully selected quotes, statistics, and testimonials successfully create a fear of missing out. All the questions a user might want to ask are answered in the super responsive drop-down top menu.

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Final words

When creating conference websites our main mission is to attract potential visitors and increase the number of attendees of the event. And the most reliable way to do that is to make it easy for them to make their purchase and save their place. That’s why we have to ensure that our website offers an intuitive layout and user-friendly experience. It also has to grab their attention with well-thought-out eye-catching visuals or simple, but effective design. A seamless registration process is a must-have along with distinctly presented comprehensive information about all the details concerning the conference.

So, now that you know what to look after and have this special selection near at hand, let’s start creating your next masterpiece!

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