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18 Live Contentful Website Examples for Your Inspiration

Hand-Picked Live Examples of Contentful-Powered Websites that Show the Flexibility of Headless Technology

In this blog article, we’ll take a look at 18 live Contentful website examples that adopt headless technology.

It’s no surprise some of the largest companies in the world are adopting headless technology in order to improve their content marketing. Amongst the most popular CMS platforms, Contentful is a name that comes up more and more as a single CMS solution that can distribute your content to multiple platforms in one click.

Being an API-first headless solution, Contentful allows you to separate the back end and the front end, it extends what you can do with your content and makes it very easy to deliver content to radically different channels.

The following live examples of recent websites show the results of integrating Contentful with third-party apps for a fully custom user experience.

1. Exec Finance App

Enterprise-level digital businesses often operate dozens of applications for various phases of the user journey. Let’s take finance companies, for example. They need custom apps for personal banking that users can access through desktop and mobile. Headless CMS can easily help such companies display accounts, cross-selling and up-sell offers content to users within the personal banking experience. For example, Exec is an application that connects directly HR and payroll software.

2. T1 League Basketball

Here we have the official site of T1 LEAGUE. It features videos, live streaming, rankings, news, and statistics for all teams across all divisions in Taiwan. Like all Contentful website examples in this article,  this web application serves as the most obvious example of making great use of APIs to fetch users the most current data.

3. The Best or The Worst Words

This passion project by Walking Men is all about words. What starts as a Slack interaction evolves into this fun little website that generates the best (or the worst) word of the day based on suggestions by the clients.

4. Prends l’air Anti DV Campaign

The “Prends l’air” is an interactive web application game experience. The initiative is designed to help users start thinking about the concept of violence in the marital and family context.

5. Borderless World Through Technology

Borderless is an information source and community for people who choose to travel and work remotely outside of their home country. The project has the ambition to become the ultimate guide to the borderless world.

6. Followchain Blog about Everything Social Media

Followchain is an online blog that focuses on everything related to social media, gaming, and finances.

7. Heart Genetics Lifestyle

Heartgenetics is a digital health company that guides humans toward a healthier lifestyle by understanding their genes.

8. Le Guess Who?

Le Guess Who? is a Celebration of Sound in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The website is dedicated to the forward-thinking festival and its 15th Anniversary.

9. Matt + Arquette Craftsmanship

This web application shares imaginative ideas, material works of art, and unexpected surprises dedicated to furniture design and craftsmanship.

10. Food Preferable Futures

This initiative capitalizes on the concept that the food system is broken. Food Preferable futures take you on a journey where you can build what food should be by reimagining the food system through digital services and business models.

11. Audible Gifting Quiz

The next contentful website experience comes from audible and gives users a holiday quiz to the perfect listen for friends and family.

12. Never Settle Digital Marketing Agency

Since the headless approach makes it easy to distribute content to multiple channels, it’s no surprise the Contentful website examples will feature digital agencies as well. Here we have the business website and portfolio of a Denver-based digital marketing agency.

  • Live Website: Never Settle
  • Designed/Developed by:  Never Settle (USA)

13. Julich Brain Atlas Research Group

A Contentful website created for an interdisciplinary science research group that is all about opening new horizons in understanding the human brain.

14. Haxan

Here’s an eCommerce example for a Shopify Contentful website about natural cleaning products.

15. Justus Bremer Portfolio

Here we have the portfolio website of a New Media Designer featuring works from the fields of Interaction Design, UX, Spatial Design, and more.

16. Miro and the Ways we Work

Miro introduces the “Ways We Work” survey to help users understand how to build a more human approach to work.

17. Really Tasty Food

This Contentful-powered Norwegian blog gives users branded cooking inspiration and recipes. It aims to help users cook delicious meals with more joy.

18. Sa Su Phi Fashion eCommerce Store

SA SU PHI is a literation of the French phrase “ça suffit”, which means “It’s enough”. The branding is all about less but better, clean but more expressive, and simple but more courageous.

Other companies, that use Contentful include the following live websites, according to Trends Builth With:

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To Sum Up

Headless CMS is the right choice when additional flexibility is needed such as integrating content from one platform to another. For example, if your mobile app needs to be developed with the same content as your web app. Contentful works with all types of content and their presentation layers so you can integrate it with your existing software architecture and distribute your content in an unlimited number of ways.

These 18 Contentful website examples showcase the versatility of cases when you can use a headless CMS solution such as and integrate it with third-party apps such as Shopify and Webflow.

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