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Benefits of Becoming a Shopify Plus Partner

Let’s review the benefits an agency can get of being а Shopify Plus Partner.

Okay, your agency has been helping clients build their businesses on top of Shopify. However, with the growth of Shopify as an eCommerce ecosystem, it’s become harder for agencies to get noticed amongst the thousands of other agencies. So how can you stay on top and stay noticed? Short answer: become a Shopify Plus Partner.

What is the Shopify Plus Partners Program?

The Shopify Plus Partner program is a directory of hand-picked services verified by Shopify itself. These selected partners gain the trust of Shopify Plus merchants. In addition, they also have access to an exclusive database of resources that help them grow and provide better service to their clients.

The types of organizations that meet the advanced requirements of Shopify Plus merchants are:

  • Design and development agencies
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • System interrogators
  • Enterprise consultants

What are the benefits of the Shopify Plus Partners Program?

Amongst the prestige and exposure an agency has as a Shopify Plus Partner, there are several other benefits such as:

  • Public recognition. The status of Shopify Plus Partner means the highest level of expertise and professionalism.
  • Access to exclusive training, educational material, and resources.
  • An opportunity to earn increased commissions for Partner Program activities.
  • Inclusion in Shopify Plus Sales opportunities.
  • Inclusion in Shopify Plus marketing activities.
  • Support from a community of the leading agencies in the industry.

How to qualify for the Shopify Plus Partners Program?

So you’ve decided to expand your agency’s reach and become a part of the program. Here are the requirements your agency needs to meet before submitting your application for approval.

  • Proven experience working with high-growth enterprises.
  • Technical expertise and commerce knowledge to build world-class solutions on the platform.
  • Ability to provide end-to-end services and support multiple complex solutions.
  • An existing portfolio of enterprise merchants with a proven track record for success.
  • Your agency is identified in the market as a leader in commerce.

Should your existing clients consider Shopify Plus?

That’s another thing. If you become a Shopify Plus Partner you’ll meet businesses with Shopify Plus accounts. But what about clients you already work with and wish to keep working with? Should they consider the upgrade? We need to point out that the benefits of using Plus start to make sense for businesses usually after they reach $1-2 million annual revenue. The plus version aims at big businesses that need a more powerful service and extra support.

With this in mind, we’ll now look at the main benefits of Plus.

Shopify Plus Script Editor

This gives the ultimate ability to customize basically everything. The editor grants control over discounts, taxes, and shipping methods. Also, it gives users customizable payment methods, customer fields, and complex stacked discounts. With the editor, users can create custom scripts for line items and payments. This means control over the checkout process, such as experience based on purchase selections and geographical location.


Shopify Plus Multiple Stores

With this feature, users can create and manage unlimited online stores in different currencies and languages. Users can do that through the dashboard, where they can manage stores, analytics, staff accounts, user permissions, and automation globally.


Shopify Plus Wholesale Channel

Users can easily scale their businesses to wholesale from wholesale-specific pricing and discounts to advance order review controls. The channel offers password-protected storefronts exclusively for wholesale buyers and products and the ability to automate the entire process from sign-up to check-out.


Shopify Plus Reporting/Analytics

Users also benefit from advanced analytics with live viewing and product analytics. In short, they receive unlimited custom reports on inventory, user behavior, marketing, sales, profit, customers, and the precise data they want.


Other benefits:

  • Lower transaction fees
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Superior customer support

Is it time for your agency to aim higher?

At htmlBurger, we help many agencies along their way to becoming Shopify Plus Partners with our web development skills. If you already decided to grow your agency and become a Shopify Plus Partner, open discussion with our Shopify experts. We’d love to help you with a consultation, directions, and maybe work together. Furthermore, for any questions about Shopify, feel free to book a call with Zack for a free consultation. He will be happy to chat with you and help in selecting a solution that is perfect for your needs.


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