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20 Real-Life Inspirational Examples of Single Page Website Design

There are several factors you need to consider when you start building your website and one of them is the usability of its design. A user-centered design that is easy to understand, intuitive, and effective can be achieved both on a single page and on multiple pages. For today’s article, we’ll take a look at the former navigation system and its advantages, then we’ll go straight for the good stuff: real-life single page website examples to inspire your next design.

20 Best and Latest Single Page Website Examples: Overview
1. The Perturbator by Antinomy Studio
2. Vivid+Co by ToyFight
3. The Tragic Story of Titanic by Elena Lukash
4. Roud Studio Showcase by Roud Studio
5. Remjnd: Our Year 2021 by REMJND
6. Museum of Transport in Warsaw by OneYouNeed
7. WUD Milan by Avande Studio Milan
8. Weinbau Strenger by Benjamin Hanus
9. Avantt Typeface by Creative Nights
10. Salanaru Skincare by DB Web-ga
11. Nostalgia for the Future by WDF
12. Pantone Color of the Year by Ruformat
13. Ocean Dev by Andrew Bro
14. Winamp by La Niche
15. Hugo Nicaise Portfolio 2021
16. Nuka: Eternal Stationery by O0 Design
17. Bugatti Smartwatch Official by Spatzek Studio
18. Mama Joyce Peppa Sauce by Vaan
19. Lucibelle Paris by Lēonard Agency
20. Mozom by Demian Sadkovich



What is a Single Page Website?

A single page website has only one HTML page that contains everything. This means there are no additional pages. Everything is packed on one page, including details such as About Us, Contacts, and other additional information. These websites provide the right amount of information to help users make a decision and act on it. All without additional or unnecessary content to distract them from the most important content.

Single page websites with more content that spreads throughout the page usually offer scroll-to-section navigation options. When clicking on an option, the page jumps to the chosen content section.


👍 Advantages of having a single page website


  • It makes the experience fluid with a distinguished beginning, middle, and end of the user journey.
  • The straightforward navigation style of the single page website increases conversion as it keeps the users focused.
  • Much more convenient and natural for mobile design.
  • Easier to maintain a single page and keep it updated and optimized.
  • Single page websites have a lower bounce rate due to the linear experience without distractions.
  • Limited information builds curiosity. Users will be tempted to contact you and ask for more details.
  • Ideal for purpose-driven websites (Landing Pages and campaigns) that have a single goal.
  • Allows users to quickly find what they’re looking for.
👎 Disadvantages of having a single page website


  • One-pagers might get neglected by Google due to the little content and lack of link-building in comparison to multiple pages websites. Usually, single-page websites have less chance of getting a higher SEO ranking as you need it to rank for different keywords.
  • Not ideal if you require your website to include a lot of diverse and complex content.
  • When you limit how much content you present to your users, you also limit your communication with them. It’s harder to communicate your message clearly with less content. You will need a content marketing expert.
  • Difficult to share a specific section of a website with one single URL.
  • Offers limited scalability. The more content you add to your page, the longer it will take to scroll and this might frustrate the user.
  • It’s harder to design.


1. The Perturbator

This example by Antinomy Studio is dedicated to The Perturbator’s album, “Lustful Sacraments”. The website offers a single-page experience with high-quality images of the album’s artwork, a teaser video, tour dates, and merch. It has one goal, to promote the album and does it perfectly with well-organized information, brutalist design style, and smooth seamless parallaxes.

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2. Vivid + Co Single Page Website

Vivid Co is a full-service agency and strategic advisor. Their promotional website packs the agency expertise, work, careers, and contacts in a single page, however still keeps navigation options to help the visitors scroll to a particular section of interest. The page has a clean and consistent design with short and systemized content making it very easy for the user to focus and read.

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3. The Tragic Story of Titanic

This long-read about Titanic’s history is packed in a single page that offers a lot of interactive elements to help you dive into the story. Despite the long scroll, the page works well as an educational presentation and feels like an immersive journey from the beginning till the end.

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4. Roud Studio Showcase

Single-page websites work perfectly for portfolios and here we have a case in point. Round Studio is a digital agency that manages to showcase its skills in a well-made interactive experience. The website doesn’t frustrate with a lot of scrolling, while still succeeding in packing a lot of relevant information such as experience, portfolio0 gallery, team section, and contacts without the need for separate pages.

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5. REMJND Weihnachten 2021

Some Christmas words from the REMJND agency. The website is a lovely interactive and well-animated letter to Santa Claus meant to convey gratitude for everything that the agency has accomplished in the year 2021. It’s a nice read for everyone who works with the agency and might inspire you to do something similar for your team members and clients by the end of this year.

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6. Museum of Transport in Warsaw

The first European virtual museum of public transport for the 100th anniversary of bus transport in Warsaw. Did you know that immediately after the establishment of the Bus Traffic Department in 1920, during the defense of Warsaw, buses were used to transport the army? There’s a lot to learn on the topic from this one-page interactive museum. It’s designed as a chronologic timeline infographic that you reveal on scroll. Each new section shows the highlights for a specific decade, short, simple, visual, and perfectly organized.

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7. WUD Milan Single Page Website

Ideal for the topic of this article, here we have a single-page website dedicated to World Usability Day. This is a global event focused on usability, user experience, and design topics and each year there’s a different topic. This is the website for the event from 2021 that works incredibly as a one-pager with all necessary event info and trendy design.

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8. Weinbau Strenger

Weinbau Strenger by Benjamin Hanus is a highly detailed single page for a German winery that packs the philosophy of the brand and great product presentation in a short but highly visual experience.

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9. Avantt Typeface Single Page Website

The next single page website presents the custom Avantt typeface created by Displaay Type Foundry in all its forms, shapes, and relations to modernist distinctive character wrapped in unusual horizontal layout. This page is a presentation of the incredible designs you can make with the typeface.

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10. Salanaru Skincare

A classic landing page for a skincare product with a fixed vertical header and navigation with only the right part of the design remaining scrollable. Not exactly a typical solution, but it works well due to the short content.

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11. Nostalgia for the Future

The next example is a fashion editorial’s presentation for 2022 innovations by Preciosa.

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12. Pantone Color of the Year 2021 Single Page Website

A single page website dedicated to Pantone colors of the year 2021 with examples, values and matching color schemes in a brutalist style interactive experience.

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13. Ocean Dev

Another outstanding design agency portfolio has chosen the single page approach. The design is pretty short and simple and easy to follow, yet very visual.

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14. Winamp Single Page Website

Everyone’s favorite player from the early 2000s makes a comeback and capitalizes on it with a colorful modern single page website. The sections appear as full-page cards.

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15. Hugo Nicaise Portfolio 2021

This is the portfolio single page website of a freelance creative developer based in Paris, Hugo Nicaise. Tasteful, short, and with a clear message.

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16. Nuka: Eternal Stationery

Single page websites are ideal for promoting a single product. In this case, here we have a highly visual interactive presentation of eternal stationery.

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17. Bugatti Smartwatch Collection

This is the official website for the new Bugatti smartwatch collection. Typical for the brand, the one-pager has a lot of UI animations, big images and smooth transitions.

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18. Mama Joyce Peppa Sauce

Mama Joyce Peppa Sauce is probably our favorite example. The website looks like an interactive retro poster with big fonts and giant headlines. It’s animated amazingly and it’s tastefully cluttered to match the retro vibe.

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19. Lucibelle Paris

A high-tech beauty LED mask from Lucibelle Paris with a high-tech futuristic single page website.

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20. Mozom

One-pager in a newspaper concept. It belongs to a creative studio based in Israel.

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In Conclusion

More designers follow the single page website trend because it’s simple, clean, and gives the opportunity to create something highly interactive and unique. The long-scrolling design makes it easy to get wild while telling your story. You also have full control over the order in which your content is seen and it’s much easier to maintain. These 20 examples show 20 different ways to make a striking presentation in just one single page and we hope they inspired you to design your own, even more awesome, single page website.

In the meantime, why not check for more related insights on web development and web design?

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