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27 Excellent Storybrand Website Examples For Inspiration

In this article, we will explore 27 Storybrand website examples to inspire you and help you understand the elements of implementing the frameworks.

The Storybrand Framework, created by Donald Miller, is a powerful marketing tool that helps businesses clarify their messaging to connect with their customers effectively. Central to this framework is the idea that every brand should tell a story where the customer is the hero. Here’s a simplified breakdown of its seven parts:

  1. Character: This is your customer. Understanding who they are and what they want is the starting point.
  2. Pain Point: The problem that your customer is facing. This can be external, internal, or philosophical.
  3. Solution: Your business is the solution.
  4. The Plan: A simple step-by-step guide or a clear explanation of how your product or service can solve their problem.
  5. Call to Action: Encourages your customers to take the next step. This could be making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or any action that engages them with your business.
  6. Avoiding Failure: Highlights the risks of not taking action. This helps motivate customers by showing them what’s at stake.
  7. Ending in Success: Shows your customers how your product or service will lead them to success.

This pattern is common because many Storybrand Certified Guides, skilled in copywriting, focus on written messaging as the key to success. As we explore 27 handpicked Storybrand website examples, we’ll break down the intention behind each one, so let’s get started.

1. Loop Textiles To Protect Natural Resources
  • Pain point: Textiles produce waste and release harmful substances in the bio-system.

We’ll start with LOOP Textiles which offers unique corporate wear based on the circular economy in Switzerland. They focus on sharing, reusing, repairing, and recycling materials to extend their life.

LOOP Textiles’ website has a great mix of storytelling and visuals. The design is clear, clean, and easy to read. The colors, parallax effects, and striking logo create an appealing look. The site effectively shares the brand’s sustainability mission while being enjoyable to navigate.

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2. Work-Life Productivity Services

  • Pain point: Corporate meetings when poorly done are ineffective and make it harder to reach your goals.

The website for “You Waste a Lot of Time at Work” is great at telling a story. It uses vibrant colors and loads quickly, making it engaging right away. Infographics and clear color choices easily guide you through useful content. This site is perfect for those who like a lively design with practical tips for improving productivity.

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3. Maciej Maćkowiak Addiction Therapy Services
  • Pain point: Inability to overcome personal struggle with addiction.

Maciej Maćkowiak’s website shares his journey as an addiction therapy specialist. After overcoming personal struggles and finding peace by the Baltic Sea, Maciej created a safe space for his patients, both in-person and online.

The site features horizontal scrolling, parallax effects, and powerful visuals that reflect his healing approach. It offers a calming and welcoming experience, mirroring the tranquility he found in nature.

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4. Chizzy Singula Team Criticism and Perspective

  • Pain point: The inability to properly receive criticism.

Chizzy’s Tips is a website designed to make you smile. It uses humor, trendy 3D illustrations, and bright colors to create a positive vibe. The site includes fun interactive elements like humorous messages that appear when you hover over cards. This engaging and cheerful design ensures every visitor leaves with a smile.

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5. Hudson and Co. Marketing Coach Services

  • Pain point: It’s almost impossible to start a successful business from scratch in the current market.

Hudson and Co’s website helps businesses build their brands using the Storybrand marketing framework. The site has a call scheduling button and a dedicated services section, making it easy for clients to connect.

The clean and professional design uses compelling visuals to enhance its message. It effectively combines strong copy with attractive visuals to attract and keep clients.

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6. Seesharp Group Marketing Storybrand Website

  • Pain point: Having a great product, but being unable to promote it.

SeeSharp Group uses Storybrand strategies to build a strong marketing foundation. Their website is well-organized with sections for free resources, services, company bio, and contact details. The design is clean and user-friendly, featuring clear calls to action for booking consultations.

This makes it easy for visitors to navigate and engage with their services.

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7. Le Paradou Family Memory Wine Storybrand
  • Pain point: Finding a wine that will help relive memories.

Le Paradou is a wine brand that shares the founders’ story and their unique connection to wine. The website uses the Storybrand framework to create an emotional bond with visitors by focusing on the characters’ stories.

The full-screen design and simple navigation help keep attention on the story. Horizontal scrolling adds a unique touch and highlights the timeline of events.

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8. Dunshire Productions Storybrand Website

  • Pain point: The inability of one’s marketing efforts to create connections with clients.

Dunshire Productions is a team in the entertainment and advertising industry. They believe storytelling connects people. Their website explains services clearly and sets expectations right away. With a friendly tone and fun language, it makes visitors feel welcome.

Engaging videos and bright colors enhance the storytelling, making the site relatable and approachable. Content is tailored to connect with their ideal customer, creating a deeper relationship.

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9. Vanbrugh Physio Physiotherapy

  • Pain point: The need for a healthier life for people with long-lasting injuries.

This website provides details about therapists, treatments, appointments, patient testimonials, and educational resources. Movement-focused images show how treatments help users.

A clear call to action encourages visitors to learn more and schedule an appointment. The phrase “LIVING LIFE TO THE FULL” highlights their goal of improving well-being. The design guides users to understand services and take action for better health.

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10. Robert Jinks Photography Storybrand Website

  • Pain point: The need for authentic wedding experience photography.

Rob Jinks Photography helps people capture special memories beautifully. The website emphasizes the importance of preserving these moments and the regret of missing out.

Using the Storybrand framework, it identifies the problem, offers a solution, and includes a strong call to action. Visitors are encouraged to contact Robert Jinks to discuss their photography needs, ensuring their memories are captured perfectly.

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11. Karing for Postpartum Storybrand Website

  • Pain point: Postpartum depression.

The Karing for Postpartum website helps new mothers who feel overwhelmed. It addresses common issues like lack of sleep, hormonal changes, and body image concerns. The site offers a supportive community with helpful articles, videos, and podcasts.

A clear call to action encourages women to join the community and access the support and resources they need to confidently navigate the postpartum period.

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12. Value Growth Consulting Group Services

  • Pain point: The need to increase your business value.

Value Growth Consulting Group helps businesses grow and increase their value with proven strategies. Their website explains their services clearly, focusing on strategic planning, financial management, and operational efficiency.

Case studies and testimonials show their success and understanding of business challenges. The site offers a free consultation to help struggling businesses develop a successful growth strategy.

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13. The Friday Habit Storybrand Website

  • Pain point: The need to become proactive in your business.

The Friday Habit podcast offers weekly business tips with the clear message: “Boost your business weekly.” The site is visually appealing with a clean design that’s easy to navigate. The simple checklist in the subhead makes information easy to digest.

The site provides valuable content through podcasts and a free guide, and testimonials show how the podcast has positively impacted listeners’ businesses.

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14. Zen Founder Business Coaching Website

  • Pain point: Struggling with burnout and isolation.

ZenFounder supports the mental health of entrepreneurs. The website combines psychological insights with an entrepreneurial focus, offering tools and support for managing the challenges of running a business.

Visitors can sign up for a newsletter for exclusive content and early access to events and workshops. The site includes podcasts, books, and articles, and invites people to retreats. Success stories and statistics show the positive impact of Dr. Walling’s work.

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15. Tie Boss Multi-Use Tool

  • Pain point: Struggling with knots.

Tie Boss effectively highlights its customers’ everyday problems, like struggling with knots. The website shows how their product solves these issues using the Storybrand framework.

By clearly illustrating how the product fits into daily life, Tie Boss turns potential customers into loyal users. The site’s storytelling approach makes it easy for customers to see the product’s benefits in their own lives.

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16. Parkland Direct Custom Envelopes
  • Pain point: Getting mail open rates higher.

Parkland Direct uses the Storybrand framework to make envelopes exciting. They help businesses increase mail open rates by designing unique envelopes. The website showcases vibrant envelope designs and highlights their in-house production capabilities.

They also offer a free creative mailer subscription to show off the latest designs. This approach shows how Parkland Direct can adapt to each customer’s needs, making a niche service appealing and practical.

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17. Caproni Coaching Storybrand Website

  • Pain point: Struggling with postpartum depression as a partner.

Addison Caproni’s website shares his journey from competitive sailing to coaching. Starting at age 7, Addison learned independence and decision-making through sailing. Now, he offers online coaching to help others. His website uses engaging storytelling to connect with visitors emotionally.

Clear calls to action guide users to sign up for newsletters or make a purchase. Testimonials and consistent branding build trust and reinforce the brand’s identity.

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18. Beta Kids Immune Gummy Supplements Website

  • Pain point: Your children are often ill due to bad immunity.

Beta Kids offers natural supplements to boost children’s immune systems, helping families reduce sick days. Their website combines engaging visuals with clear storytelling. The layout is divided to convey information clearly, using graphics to enhance the appeal.

By following Storybrand principles, Beta Kids effectively communicates its mission to promote healthier children and happier families.

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19. Greenlight Traffic Engineering Solutions

  • Pain point: The need to outsource real estate development tasks

Greenlight Traffic Engineering provides more than just traffic reports. They offer proactive solutions and personalized support. They understand that success depends on more than just data. Their website reflects this unique approach, showing their commitment to partnering with clients.

Greenlight’s refreshed brand identity communicates their dedication to helping projects succeed, making them a trusted partner in traffic studies and designs.

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20. Dirt Legal Storybrand Website

  • Pain point: The hard process of registering a vehicle, especially an off-road one.

The next website makes it easy to register and title various vehicles, including off-road vehicles. The site features a clear, step-by-step plan to guide clients through the process. It highlights their high success rate, providing strong social proof.

Dirt Legal addresses skepticism by showcasing their monthly success stories, positioning themselves as experts in navigating DMV bureaucracy. This Storybrand-aligned website offers a straightforward solution to a common problem.

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21. Whole Harvest Healthy Dieting Storybrand Website

  • Pain point: The need to reverse heart diseases.

Whole Harvest’s website is all about promoting their heart-healthy meals using the Storybrand framework. The main headline boldly states their promise: “Reversing Heart Disease with Delicious Plant-Based Meals.” Underneath, they explain how convenient it is to enjoy their “ready-to-eat,” “chef-prepared meals” delivered right to your door. They use a video collage showing happy customers enjoying healthy lives to drive their message home.

Throughout the site, they back up their claims with research from leading studies. They also use a comparison chart to highlight what makes their meals unique and beneficial, making it easy for customers to see why they should choose Whole Harvest.

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22. Cristin Parker Family and Individual Potential

  • Pain point: The need to improve family relationships.

Cristin Parker’s website helps families improve their relationships through coaching. One standout feature is their powerful testimonials. For example, one client shared how Cristin helped her reconnect with her grown daughters during a trip, which became a pivotal moment for their family. These testimonials tell complete stories: the problem, the solution, and the positive outcome.

Many businesses have vague testimonials, but Cristin’s are specific and impactful. This approach helps potential clients relate and understand the real benefits of her coaching services.

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23. The Happy Sleeper Storybrand Website

  • Pain point: Getting your kids to sleep.

The Happy Sleeper offers courses to help parents get their kids to sleep. With countless resources available online for new parents, establishing expertise is key. Their website uses the Storybrand framework to explain their background and achievements in a way that’s easy to relate to. Once parents feel confident in their expertise, they can explore courses and sign up for newsletters.

The site focuses on science-backed sleep methods, with success stories and testimonials from parents who’ve seen results in as little as a week. This builds trust and encourages parents to take action.

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24. Moellering Culture Development

  • Pain point: The problems of bad hire.

Moellering’s website nails the hero statement with clear, direct language. Starting with a dynamic verb and speaking directly to the reader immediately grabs attention. The site demonstrates a deep understanding of their audience’s goals and challenges.

This precise customer focus makes their hero statements compelling and engaging, making the website effective at communicating their message.

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25. Koha Pet Health and Diet Supplements

  • Pain point: Your pet is a picky eater, has food allergies, or has digestive issues.

Koha Pet’s website addresses a common issue: some pets don’t thrive on dry food alone. They offer healthy wet food as a solution. The site’s design is crucial, with vibrant images of their food featured prominently. Client testimonials, along with pictures of happy pets, add a personal touch and build trust. Videos of customer experiences further establish Koha Pet as a trustworthy choice for pet owners.

This combination of visual appeal and social proof effectively communicates the benefits of their products.

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26. Fusion Design Interior Design Services

  • Pain point: The hardships when creating a living space that you love.

Fusion Design specializes in creating stylish and contemporary interior spaces that enhance well-being. Their website features captivating photos of their design projects, inviting visitors to explore their portfolio.

What really stands out on their site is their “3-Step Design Process.” This structured approach outlines exactly how they collaborate with clients: Their initial step involves a “Get to Know You Meeting,” where they delve into the client’s vision and requirements. Following this, they develop a comprehensive “Design Blueprint” tailored to the client’s preferences. Finally, they oversee “Project Execution,” ensuring seamless implementation from start to finish.

For businesses offering complex services, presenting a clear and structured plan like this can significantly boost customer confidence and conversion rates.

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27. Learn to Make a Product

  • Pain point: The hardships of bringing your product idea to the market.

And our last example uses the Storybrand approach to guide users through the process of bringing a product idea to market, from conception to sales. The website effectively communicates the challenges inherent in product development and positions Liz Long, the company’s founder, as an expert guide. It emphasizes the tangible outcomes users can achieve by following their guidance.

Straightforwardly, the site offers a variety of resources and courses. It simplifies the often complex process of product creation, making it accessible even to beginners. Success stories and testimonials lend credibility, illustrating how others have successfully navigated the journey.

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Alrighty, folks, that’s a wrap!

Using the Storybrand framework helps you connect with potential customers by showing that you understand their problems and their hopes for a solution. This framework focuses on a few key ideas:

  • Define what your customer wants: Understand what your customers are looking for and what motivates them.
  • Identify customer problems: Recognize the issues your customers face and how your product or service can help.
  • Be the guide they seek: Position your brand as the guide that helps customers overcome their challenges.
  • Develop a clear plan: Create a simple plan that shows customers how they can achieve their goals.
  • Call to action: Encourage users to take the next step with a clear call-to-action button.

This approach helps customers see how they can succeed with your help. Storybrand is all about telling a good story. If you can tell a compelling story about your product, you can sell it too.

Ready to build a website using the Storybrand framework? Use the strategies and inspiration from the Storybrand website examples above to create an engaging online presence for your business.

Each example simplifies complex ideas, making the customer journey relatable and inviting.

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