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Thank You Page Examples To Help You Boost Your Visitor’s Experience

15 excellent “Thank You” page examples in five different categories based on the purpose; and what they do to engage users.

After securing a new sale, a new subscriber, or a sign-up, your next step is to further engage your users with a compelling Thank You page. In fact, the benefits of a Thank You page go way beyond confirming actions as it can be a great conversion tool and compel your users to take the next step. This is why today, we’re going to look at 15 excellent Thank You page examples in five different categories based on the purpose.

At the end of this post, we also answered the 3 most common questions about Thank You pages.


Action Confirmation Thank You Page Examples

Action confirmation refers to completing an intended action on a website such as filling out a form or sending an inquiry. The Thank You page in this case has the primary objective to confirm to the customer that they’ve completed the action successfully and let them know what happens next. This includes what the company behind the website will do with the user’s information acquired by the form.

Action confirmation Thank You pages should always include the following elements:

  • Thank You message
  • Confirmation for receiving the user’s request/data
  • Provides clear instructions (For example, telling users they’ll receive an email with details shortly)

MailBakery: Personalized and Explanatory

Whether a user wants a quick quote or sends an inquiry for your project to MailBakery, the cute Baker mascot will greet them with a personalized Thank You message and will confirm the inquiry has been sent successfully. In addition, the page lets users know the exact steps that will start the project: they will receive an email with login details to MailBakery’s client area and a project ticket to start a conversation with an expert.

  • Addresses the user by name.
  • Cool brand mascot.
  • Confirm the action has been completed successfully.
  • Provides clear instructions.

James Clear: Here’s What to Expect

Enrolling in James Clear‘s 30 Days to Better Habits course lands users on a confirmation page with a thank you message and an overview of what they’re about to get.

  • Confirmation for successfully enrolling in the course.
  • A Thank you message
  • What to expect: an overview of when and what users will be receiving in their email.
  • Social media links

Make the Merch: Successfully Entering a Contest

The next example comes from entering the Make the Merch contest by Adobe and Billie Eilish. Artists who submit their artwork will get a confirmation that their beloved singer will be viewing it.

  • Confirmation for successfully entering the contest.
  • A Thank You message.
  • Ensuring Billie will be reviewing the artwork.
  • Wishes Good Luck.


Account Creation Thank You Page Examples

You’ve managed to do the hard part by compelling your users to register. You can capitalize on your success by moving them a step ahead in the journey.

Account creation thank you pages usually include the following elements:

  • A Thank You message.
  • Action confirmation.
  • Instructions on how to proceed.
  • What are the next steps?

My CopyBlogger: Making Users Feel Confident

CopyBlogger redirects users to this thank you page when they register for the free membership area. It provides subscribers with a clear explanation of the benefits they get from being members such as access to the marketing resources they can use to improve their skills.

  • Confirmation for successful registration.
  • A Thank You message.
  • Explaining the value and benefits of the free membership area, making users feel confident with their choice of action.
  • A clear CTA button.

Backlinko: Laying Out the Next Steps

Backlinko offers a simple and clean thank you page with instructions on what to do next and how to activate the newly made account. It gives a screenshot that explains exactly how to do it and adds a friendly tone to the overall urgency of the message.

  • Necessary account activation instructions with a screenshot and explanation of why this is important.
  • Clean and readable.
  • Friendly and approachable tone.

Mark Dawson: A Thank You Page With Social Proof

Aside from the necessary Thank You message and action confirmation, Mark Dawson’s Self-Publishing Formula page also comes as a strong social proof example. The section at the bottom of the page includes where the website has been featured and we can see big brand names that we all recognize.

  • A Thank You message and an action confirmation.
  • Repeating the benefits of the subscription.
  • Social handles.
  • The affiliation with big recognizable brands and publishers builds trust.


Purchase Confirmation Page Examples

There are a couple of ways to make a post-purchase confirmation page. You can increase its effectiveness by adding related products the customer may be interested in, in case your eCommerce store has a variety of products.

Other methods to make your Thank You page effective include giving your users gifts, discount coupons, etc.

Purchase Confirmation thank you pages usually include the following elements:

  • A Thank You message.
  • Action confirmation.
  • A summary of the user’s shipping address, purchase details, delivery date, etc.
  • Related products. 

H&M: The Essentials

In some cases when users place an order it takes time for the store to process it and give an estimated delivery date and other order details. In this case, the Thank You page makes sure to let the user know they will receive an order confirmation with all the necessary details as soon as possible.

  • A Thank You message.
  • Ensures the store has received the order.
  • Lets the user know it will take some time for the order to be processed.
  • Gives instructions.
  • Confirms user’s payment method, email, shipping address, and other necessary data.

Pixel Surplus: Saving Users Some Clicks

When it comes to digital products, stores can save users some extra clicks by immediately giving them a link to their purchased downloadable item. Pixel Surplus does exactly that. Websites that sell design resources, eBooks, templates, music, or even video games usually send the unique download link to the user’s email address, on the account they’ve registered on the website, and on the Thank You page.

  • A Thank You message.
  • Ensures the purchase has been completed successfully.
  • Gives instructions where the item will be sent.
  • Gives the user an opportunity to download the item right away.

Wine Store Thank You Page Concept with a 20% off Coupon Code

This beautiful UI concept by Saimur Rahman Robin shows a Thank You page with a luxurious design and a 20% off coupon code for users.

  • A Thank You Message
  • Confirms order and lets users know the details have been sent to their inbox.
  • Builds a relationship by gifting the user with a coupon code for the next purchase.
  • Social handles
  • Beautiful luxury design


Downloadable Items Thank You Page

Although we already covered purchase confirmation pages for downloadable items, in many cases there are marketing campaigns that offer free resources without asking for personal details other than just the email. The same thing goes here: offer a download link to the originally-requested item right on your Thank You Page so you can save users an extra click.

HubSpot: Offering Related Resources

HubSpot offers a free Content Marketing WorkBook and goes a step further to convince users to subscribe to their platform by giving away a valuable related course and software.

  • Download confirmation
  • Instructions on how to access the item.
  • A link to the requested item.
  • Related free resources.

GraphicMama: A Quick Popup and Nothing Unnecessary

Sometimes the best marketing trick is to not use any marketing tricks at all. What we love about GraphicMama‘s approach is the full focus on the action. The website gives the user a popup with their purchased item, featuring action confirmation, preview image, product name, and a big download button. That’s all the user wants and needs.

  • Clear and focused.
  • Action confirmation.
  • Preview image.
  • Big Download button.
  • No distractions and no other offers.


Donation Thank You Page Examples

The main purpose of the Thank You page is to give the user a confirmation that their action has been completed successfully. When it comes to donations, however, it’s as equally as important to make the donor feel appreciated and inspired to make a change.

Donation Thank You pages should always include the following elements:

  • An authentic Thank You message
  • Payment confirmation
  • The impact of the user’s donation (This includes how the money will be used)

Camp Sol of the Deaf: Thank You for Making a Difference

Camp Sol of the Deaf is about creating welcoming, educational, and recreational experiences for all children in a diverse environment. Users’ donations help send a low-income child to the camp to experience different fun activities and develop various skills.

This specific Thank You page is a personal letter to Bank of America, thanking them for their continued support and contribution to the cause. Unlike personal thank you pages that appear when a user completes their donation, this one is an appreciation page put on the website for everyone to see.

  • It addresses the organization specifically.
  • Goes further in showing appreciation by going live on the website.
  • Features an image that communicates the impact of the donation.

Oxfam International: Signed by the CEO

Another way to show the donor appreciation with a personal touch is through a thank you message signed by the CEO of the organization, as we see on Oxfam International‘s Thank You page. This is a powerful way to let the donor know how meaningful and impactful their actions are.

  • Payment confirmation.
  • The message revolves around the impact of the donation.
  • Strong personal touch from the CEO, including a signature.

WorldHelp: What to Do Next

WorldHelp does a great job inspiring donors by giving them the next steps. Donors have an option to double their impact, subscribe and share the cause to inspire others.

  • Addresses the donor by name.
  • Explains the impact of the donation and how the money will be used.
  • Shows donors the next steps by revealing another cause they can share to inspire others.
  • Features LiveChat for further communication.


FAQ About Thank You Pages

👉 What is a Thank You page?

A Thank You page refers to the page your users land on right after completing a certain action: filling a form, subscribing to a service, purchasing an item, etc. It’s the last step of the conversion process that acts as a confirmation. Its primary purpose is to let users know they’ve completed the action successfully and to give them instructions on what to do next.

👉 How do you write a Thank You page?

The basic anatomy of a Thank You page includes:

  • Thank You message: A genuine personal informal thank you message.
  • Confirmation message: A confirmation that the user’s action was successful.
  • CTA:  A clear CTA that will compel your users to take the next step in your sales process. You can ask them to share on social media, whitelist your email, purchase a related product, fill out a survey, etc.
  • Instructions:  Specific and precise instructions on exactly what to do next.


👉 What is the benefit of a Thank You page?

One of the biggest benefits of having a Thank You page is the opportunity to build a great relationship with your users by giving them a pleasant surprise and adding more value to their actions.

Moral benefits: The best way to make users feel confident and happy with their choice of action is to immediately confirm its value. For example, if they choose to subscribe to your course, list the benefits and how their choice will improve their lives. Or if they just donated money for your cause, let them know how their money will be used and how their action does make a change.

Additional value: The Thank You page also gives you the opportunity to give a related valuable product for free. Your users will feel appreciated and even more confident with using your services. Everybody loves pleasant surprises.

Building trust: You can also use the Thank You page to let users know their data is in safe hands. Explain how and for what purposes you will use the data. Social proof is another way to provide users with more confidence about using your services.

Inspiring further action: After you communicate the essential information your users need to read, you can also inspire them to proceed and do something else, such as share on social media, download something else, read an interesting article, create an account, etc. Compelling users to make the next step will provide you will more leads.


To Sum Up

The only wrong way to go about a Thank You page is to not set up one for your users.

Without such a page, users won’t know if their action was successful and what to do next. On the other hand, you also miss the chance to engage your users, add value to the completed action, promote more content or services, or inspire further action. We hope these 15 examples inspired you for your next brainstorming session and gave you a few valuable ideas on how to engage your audience.

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