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WordPress Website Examples: Big Brands Using the CMS in 2021

And here are 24 examples of big brands that use WordPress to prove it.

Ever since its release in 2003, WordPress has become the world’s most used CMS powering over 39.6% of the internet in 2021. With 661 WordPress and 281 WooCommerce websites coming out every single day (with htmlBurger responsible for at least 7000) the platform is only getting better and better. And although the choices are plenty – Joomla, Drupal, Craft CMS, Shopify, and other popular platforms, WordPress still manages to stay on the top of its game.

In fact, most of the biggest brands worldwide still prefer their websites powered by WordPress. And the reason is they know WordPress gives all the freedom and scalability level not many platforms (if any at all) can’t give. No matter what you need – a simple blog, landing page, small presentational website, eCommerce store, data-heavy website, you name it, WordPress can handle it. In the hands of a WordPress expert team, this platform can go above and beyond everyone’s expectations and run faster than Usain Bolt (yes, it’s on WordPress).

This is why today, we’re going to look at 24 significant WordPress website examples that prove nobody is going to knock off this CMS from the top league any time soon. We chose to put three examples into 8 different categories to pinpoint the many uses of WordPress. So let’s hop to it.

WordPress Website Examples: Overview

🏛️ Countries and Governments

Starting from the top, government organizations also need to have official websites. This is why, in this category, we chose three WordPress website examples of such indicative organizations that have chosen WordPress for the job.

The White House

Welcome to Sweden


📱 Technology

Here we include three different WordPress website examples on the topic. The first one is TNW (The Next Web):  website and annual series of conferences focused on new technology and start-up companies in Europe. Second, is the open-source 3D creation suite Blender’s website, and Xbox Game Studios.

The New Web


Xbox Game Studios

📺 Entertainment

From streaming services to sports teams’ websites, WordPress is used to power different dynamic types of platforms.

Dallas Mavericks

The Walt Disney Company

CBS TV Network

📚 Media and Culture

In terms of different types of media, we choose BBC America digital cable platform, the New Yorker Magazine, and the NY Times Company official website.

BBC America

The New Yorker

The NY Times Company

💄 Fashion & Lifestyle

The next three WordPress-powered websites are dedicated to fashion and lifestyle. We chose Vogue with its rich site that features the latest fashion news, events, and culture reviews. PROTEST is an example of an eCommerce website that uses WordPress WooCommerce, while Etsy is a platform for independent creators, small businesses, and shops that sell unique hand-made items.




🕊️ Organizations

Many important organizations choose WordPress as well. We chose Invisible Children who are working with central African communities to stop LRA violence; CURE International Christian non-profit organization and the National Archives Foundation.

Invisible Children

CURE International

National Archives Foundation

✍️ Blogs

This is where WordPress performs at its best. It’s the most preferred platform to build a well-organized data-heavy blog, and we couldn’t fail to include the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog. Of course, the list in this category is endless. I bet most of you either currently have or had a personal blog, using WordPress CMS or

Wall Street Journal

About Facebook


🎥 Celebrities

Amongst big brands, many popular celebrities also choose WordPress for their official websites, and here we have Beyonce, The Rolling Stones, and Russell Brand.  And if you start checking your favorite celebrities’ websites, you may see that there are many more that use WordPress (Alanis Morissette, Snoop Dogg, Gabriel Iglesias, Sylvester Stallone, Katy Perry)


The Rolling Stones

Russel Brand


In conclusion, big brands betting on WordPress shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Being a serious business website solution with enormous community and support, the open-source platform has a lot of benefits from its high customization, to SEO advantage, multimedia support, integrations, adaptability, numerous eCommerce solutions, and security.

Many of you may be thinking that WordPress can’t be optimized according to the new best practices, it’s too complicated, can’t run data-heavy websites, etc. But that’s not the case and these examples are proving it. WordPress is a really powerful platform and when a website is done properly and by a WordPress expert team, the difference can be quite significant.

These 24 examples of big brands using WordPress websites are just a small portion of what we discovered. In every category, you can easily add 100+ more very well know companies that use WordPress.

We hope you enjoyed our picks for indicative big brands’ WordPress Website examples.

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