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50 About Pages of Digital Agencies With WOW Factor (Pt.1)

Collection of the most unique and engaging about pages of digital/creative/web agencies. In Part 1 of our selection, you will be presented with the first 50 of the best to find.

A single glance of any landing page, should tell you what quality of service a brand has to offer and what the company stands for. Suddenly, we get curious about the teams behind the beautifully designed websites and we end up browsing through their About pages. About pages are an important factor in taking a decision whether to work with a particular business or not. Why? Getting to know the people behind the brand can help us tell: “Yes, it’s a match” or “No. We won’t blend well together.”It is a little bit like dating.

Presenting you with 50 of the best About pages of digital/web agencies, we’ll try to inspire! Let’s start, we promise to dazzle you with creativity and excellence!


“We believe” is a statement you will often see in Fantasy’s about pages. Stressing on values, with big, simple typography and short texts are key elements to the design here. Desaturated videos run at the background and give a hint about the company’s life. Minimalistic black and white + red color pallete is perfect choice for achieving professional, yet elegant look.


You will love the funny photo collages with little animation effects. Nice rhythm between photos and text, easy to read and follow.


Colorful animated bubbles are bringing the good mood on this about page and curious facts about the team appear on hover. Oh, there are suprise photos too.


We love the bold colors and the liquid effect animations on the page. The guys here did a great job in organizing large amounts of information in beautiful, clearly-defined sections. The carefully thought out hierarchy in the typography is a nice touch.


Big photos of your working space and team in combination with simple, outline infographics are always an excellent choice. It attracts the eye and makes a strong impression!


Breensmith are agency of the year for 2016 and the website supports that recognition with bold visuals, animations and parallax effect to the text. The information on the About page is to the point. We like how some of the text has a white rectangular background and resembles collage work – or- reading a newspaper.

Cobble Hill

This agency from South Carolina has an airy feel to their about page. Handmade illlustrations with animation, light photos and plenty of white space allow the design to breathe. The office shots and the links to the Instagram profiles of the team make the brand more approachable. The design is an epitome of the saying ‘Picture is worth a thousand words’ – the visuals tell a story and the text is pruned to the absolute minimum.


A huge company with many offices around the world. They took their unicorn logo and recreated it with typical elements for the cities of their international offices. Very creative and fun, have a look!


Beautiful team and office shots at the top, followed by simple and elegant card design to hold important information. Nothing surprsing in the layout, logical sections, but it works and helps you find information fast.


They use their logo as a reference for a simple infographic with values. Clicking on any of the keywords takes you to another page, where you can read more. Very clean, fresh symmetrical design of an About page.

CGI Interactive

We love the colorful handdrawn animation to the heading. The heading is also the motto of the business. Check their page out and find out what drives these creatives for over 27 years.

Less + More

The About page of Less+More makes a strong statement – 3 short sentences, with actionable words. We love the simplicity and honesty of this design.

Eastern Standard

Very stylish and professional look – a background video of working process, infographic of workflow and thin, easy to read font. Everything in this About page design speaks structure, organization and style.

O3 World

The About page is divided into two sections – one with a video, and one with step by step exploration of their culture, values and clients. Nice rhythm between light and dark backgrounds. The social media buttons are not interrupting, but invitе to explore more.

Brownstein Group

The entire design resembles magazine spread, telling the personal stories of the leadership. The About page is interesting and memorable. We love the boxy color overlay with text when hovering on image.


We love the explanation of what Brolik means. The office shots are organized in asymmetrical grid and show the nice atmosphere at the company.

Bates Creative

Very simple design with bright orange typography and inviting coffee cups at the beginning of the page. Yes, we said simple, but not boring! If you look closely at the photos of the team, you’ll notice something interesting happening. We leave it to your curiosity!


The first thing you see on this About page are the values of Engage, nicely organized with the help of elegant card design layout. Then, have some fun by looking at the GIFs behind the team’s photos. We think they are a nice alternative to the somewhat/sometimes boring texts describing the peope at the photos. We had a laugh or two with some of the GIFS, check them out!


One more beautiful example of color overlay on photos. The effects looks like a puzzle and creates a nice motion. The design of the About page is also benefitting from a parallax effect, worth checking out the page.

Live Typing

Including your logo in infographics of your services and values is a creative and smart move. Thumbs up for the original and modern icons of this website!


One of the most interesting color schemes we found. We like the geometric illustrations, silhouettes and textures in the design.


We love the animated leading arrow in this design, the fresh green color and the punching headlines. Excellent job! If you want to explore more – they have call to action buttons for that. This way, the About page holds only the most important info and grabs your attention.


Colorful particles floating around the space create a unique feel to the design. There are office shots in the background but they are very subtle and almost hidden with fresh colorful shapes, text and the particles. You can search the team by category of interest and explore who is workaholic or traveller for example. Fun photos of the team show personality.

Neon Rain

The unique element of this About page are the cartoon geometric avatars of the team, each holding a cup with different drink. On hover you can see the ‘real’ person behind the avatar.


You click on the About page and you see a photo of a large open office space. But wait… Suddenly an employee appears jumping around in a chicken costume, or strolling the walkway with a high-fashion dress. We have smiles on our faces and waiting impatiently for the next funny (accidental) office situation. The guys offer innovative branding services and they sure know their craft!


The guys from Appleton included the apple as creative element in the team photos. We love the one with the dog.


One of the best intro videos – showing the team having fun, working outdoors, organizing projects and showing little sneaks from their coding and design skills. On top of that, bright colors, textures, animations and cool cartoon are making the design lively, upbeat, energetic and certainly projects the same image for the brand. This is what About page is all about. So to speak…

Purple Rock Scissors

Another striking intro video taking us at the office of the agency. The About page includes some extra keywords for their values and funny photos of the team. There is nice balance between sections with video, photos and text. The white space helps the eye relax and explore the page with pleasure.

Greenwood Campbell

Black and white design, with elegant typography and subtle animations. What we like here, is the hierarchy between the different font sizes and sections, plus the extra white space.

HEX Digital

Short texts about the company, leading the eye in zig-zag path, divided with very original animated icons. You will love them! The accent color in the design is memorable and creates nice contrast.


Clean, simple design with nice intro video – all ingredients of an impressive About page. But what made us laugh here is the funny call to action button at the bottom at the page. If someone calls for our action, that’s one of the ways to provoke it! Good job!


Keep it sweet and simple is the concept of this About page. The little emoji in their presentation makes everything more casual and relaxed. Unpretentious design solutions with accent on bright and positive visuals – the trademark of LETO’s About page.

Agency TK

Do you wonder how a day in a creative agency goes? Well, the intro video of Agency TK will take you on a journey from opening the doors of the office til the moment they close. You want to meet the team who makes all these wonderful staff as well? Well, they look like movie stars. Literally. See for yourselves.


You will love the humor in the text, the grafitti-like font and funnel effect applied to the big photo.

10 Feet Tall

One of the most effective strategies to show people your values is to start your presentation with the simple ‘We ARE…’ It’s excatly what the guys did here, plus adding some hilarious and emotional short videos.


We love the side navigation, allowing you to browse fast through the different facts for the company. Beautiful icons, fonts and scrolling effect on images – great job!


Sometimes, the best way to present your business is with a few, carefully selected big photos of your team, one punching line of what you do and a few words about your team. A nice detail is the highlighted with fresh color section for contacting the company. It’s unwritten rule that if it is hard for your potential clients to find your contacts – you risk losing them. In a heartbeat. Bravo to Bravo for giving an example of how things are done!


The Aussie guys (and the dog) here will win you over with their funny ‘how we started’ story. They claim to have a striking fashion sense, check for yourselves! One way of building relationships with clients is to set a light tone of communication with them from the very start. Excellent and effective About page!


Very polished look with nice, subtle animations. Deserves a look.


Langoor means ‘crazy’ in Hindi. As the guys here say, ‘you need to be crazy to be able to change the world’. Crazy and fun are the cartoon illustrations of their team. Nice combination of simple layout and typography with unique, handdrawn graphics.


The behind the scenes photos here are great, the thin lines and geometric shapes speak elegance. We like the asymmetrical elements in otherwise, centred structure and layout.


Marketing company with affinity to writing, philosophy, fine handdrawn illustration and ink signatures. Lines, arrows help you navigate through the light photos of the team, the job openings and the section with Instagram feed.


Visiting Doghouse’s About page you learn that bad habits never die (and other interesting facts). Have a look!


A little bit different layout decision for what we showed you so far. Strong, contrasting colors and cool collage of the team’s faces. The guys at Achtung are obviously proud of the numerous awards they’ve got – so why not consider to include some of yours at the About page?

Code D’Azur

Great sense of space achieved through design! We love the origami like animted illustration and the scrolling effect on the text.

De Monsters

Natural photos of the team having a good time grab your attention. They love monsters and you can see a cute floating one at the bottom of the About page.


Festina replaces the overused icons with beautiful concept illustrations, speaking originality, uniqueness and style. They continued this vibe in the team photos as well – the faces are hidden behind stamped bricks with their brand name.

The Mobile Company

We like the numbers about the company mixed up with the pictures of the employees. Nice balance between the weight of the fonts. The other detail we like about the design is using their accent color to highlight the most important parts of information. As some would say, a design done by the book.

The Secret Lab

Each one of the team members is presented with a short description and given a chemical element name and assigned certain qualities. We like the association gamification going on here. We add some fresh colors and abstract animation at the top and we have a successful experiment for About page design.


GraphicMama is design studio telling their journey with illustrations of their Mama mascot. It is important to share your successes, history and values with your audience, and the guys at GraphicMama put a stress on that. These creatives also have a fun header team photo with handdrawn elements, revealing bits of their quirky and artsy personalities.

More About pages…?

We are done with the first part of our selection of wowing About pages, stay tuned for the upcoming second part. In the meantime, if you are hungry for more inspiration, we recommend the following resources, dive in!

You can also have a look at our article about web/creative agencies with stunning designs.


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