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51 Awesome Agency Website Designs to Make You Pay Attention

If you are looking for creative, attention-grabbing and memorable website designs - this article is just about that - 51 agency website designs that have these 3 ingredients.

‘First impression counts’ and ‘Nobody likes boring webpages’ – 2 solid reasons to do your best and create a punching website design. Let’s admit it – if it’s boring, your eye would move slowly and steadily towards… the close button. In a competitive business environment you surely don’t want this to happen!

How do you grab these visitors’ attention? We looked for inspiration through 51 agency website designs and collected the most eye-catchy and interactive ones. No question that marketing firms, advertising agencies, full-service design studios, even freelancers, set a high bar for the web experiences they create. They want to impress and be remembered, so why not learn from the best?

Let’s dive in!

1. Anagram

Let’s start with the letter ‘A’, for Anagram. They have a very cool handwritten logo, funny, entertaining texts and facts about their team. Very pleasant design look at.

2. Belle Epoque

We continue with ‘B’ for Belle Epoque. Keywords for this design – simplicity, sliding text animations and unfolding photos. Color palette is very unified and discreet, but on hover, you see full color photos of their projects.

3. Bite Size Entertainment

Cookie-shaped logo with cool animation effect on mouseover. The subtle shadows on the visuals, line and text animations are very stylish.

4. Caava Design

Beautiful photo collage with colorful geometric shapes – that is what the landing page is – a beauty. The good readability of the pages is achieved with horizontal color sections and a contrast between text and visuals.

5. Digital Nation

If you like scattering triangles and simple design, underlined by elegant side navigation, this is a great example to marvel at.

6. Drexler

Video, sounds, interesting layout decisions and animations are some of the things the website impresses with.

7. Flourish

Branding agency elegantly emphasizing on the services they offer. Great job in showcasing how they approach branding. The Instagram feed at the bottom of the page is a nice finishing touch of the whole experience.

8. Friends

Elegant choice of hidden side navigation. Nice balance between the text blocks and visual sections, intertwined with cool scrolling and fading effects.

9. Function and Form

Cool animation of the logo when scrolling or hovering. The website stands out with clean and fresh design – bright color pallete, big photos and simple, short texts. Crucial for today’s designs is to ONLY show what is really important. Avoid overwhelming your audience with information.

10. HeadOffice

Currently redesigned and not fully functioning, but you can still get inspired by the neon colors, strong contrast and simple pixel icons.

11. Humaan

Beautiful website. On scroll, the first letter of their project’s name appear. On another scroll, the letter rotates, changes and reveals another project. Cool animation to their logo as well.

12. Impero

Big bold typography and creative videos for the different sections are the trademark of Impero’s design. Black, yellow and white color scheme, strong contrast between text and background. Very stylish looking.

13. JustCoded

Beautiful 3D mesh of dots, with a wave effect applied to it. When you move your cursor, the mesh rotates and pans in space. Simple, black and white design, getting you straight to the point of the services. No pun intended.

14. MikMakStudio

Very creative way of describing their services by using an animation- of preparing a meal (out of a light bulb and brains). Got your interest? Check the website out, scroll to explore.

15. OrangeYouGlad

OrangeYouGlad says ‘hello’ to their visitors in various ways, with cool cartoony illustrations. When loading, their little orange logo shifts its shape into different simple outline icons. Very fresh design, you will definitely appreciate the awesome visuals.

16. PixelPink

We love this design! Point over the heading on their home page – there’s a cool, hidden effect.

17. YoungBlood

Very stylish website, allowing natural exploration of the company’s projects. Crossed over text, pointing arrows to suggest action and nice slide effect animation are candy to the eye.

18. Huge

Small website with simple but elegant design solutions. Scrolling down the home page, you can see the first letter “H” (from the brand’s name) changing colors and textures. Very cool!

19. Ustwo

Love the gradients, big bold typography and the little cute animations of Ustwo. They beautifully present their wide range of creative services with unified look. Worth checking out!

20. HZDG

These guys put a lot of thought in the background video at the home page. It shows the working/creative environment, brainstorming, discussions and project planning that goes behind the scenes. Being authentic is one of the ways to win your audience’s hearts.

21. Pitertsev

Very cool presentation of a portfolio. Easy to navigate and explore, very user friendly, with clean design and awesome typo – check it out!

22. Mosne

Very simple and fresh design. The portfolio projects of this coding studio are hidden under pulsing colorful dots.

23. Toasted Digital

Simple navigation, lots of white space, cool illustrations and infographics. More often than not – less is more.

24. Cappen

Loading the home page, you will see different words shifting and describing personality traits (respectively saying something about company’s culture). When you click and hold on a particular word, you’ll see a funny illustrative background picture of an employee. Tons of fun to explore!

25. BenTheBodyguard

One of the best examples of gamification we find on the web. You have narration, comic book characters, storytelling. The different menus are drawn as big, flashy neon advertisements. They even have a trailer with the main action character. All of this made for business, offering protection of your information. Now, this is how you make a serious services, attractive and appealing!

26. Notch Studio

Creative design, animation and development studio. What you immediately notice are the nice floating hand drawn illustrations. On scroll, different elements are flying into the screen, adding up to the airy feel of the design.

27. Made in Haus

Very cool animated characters strolling across your screen. On mouse over they either explode or get happier. Very entertaining and funny! Great choice of gamification element to entertain the user. It resembles an old computer game. Nostalgia… One more way of making your audience pay attention – speak with emotion!

28. Twenty Nine NYC

Little bit confusing at first, but certainly ‘different’ and provoking interest. The home page is consisting of a long block of text, on top of which there are “opened tabs”. By clicking here and there, you either close these “windows” or open accidentally a new tab to explore the project you clicked on. Keyword screaming here: unconventional!


Nice layout, animations and transitions. If you are looking for inspiration of how to organize a busy web – these guys did a great job, check it out.

30. April Zero

Futuristic, bold design with nice infographics – tracking sleep, exercise, places visited and even productivity. Nearly every healthy-living enthusiast would appreciate the intuitive navigation and the creative display of information.

31. Letters Inc

Nice isometric effects and subtle animations. We are fans of this black and white, minimalistic design, with lines and shapes nicely leading the eye through the space.

32. Ondo

Strong contrasting colors, flashing sphere, which rotates on scroll. When pointing over an image, a text will replace it. Nice way to save space, hide information and create nice user experience.

33. Personal Brand Institute

If you wait long enough (which is not that long), you’ll see a sphere, slowly emerging from geometric shapes, dots and lines. Mouse over different sections and they will be highlighted. Different blocks of information will appear only if you click on plus signs. Smart move to keep the design neat and tidy.

34. Visionare

Beautiful material, textured design with lovely color schemes and colors. Nice transitions between different sections and colors. If you love characters and illustrations, you will be impressed by this design.

35. Kevin Lagier

On scroll (or slide) new pictures appear, resembling opening and closing a curtain. Elegant typo, big photos are also sparking your interest to dig deeper into the website.

36. OffPixel

“Draw on screen” is the simple instruction you get from the minimalistic front page of OffPixel. We will let you explore the nice animations and not spoil it for you.

37. Creative People

Creative studio with Digital Design&Creative Award for 2017. Simple, quirky design, with a cool unicorn illustration. Hover on the logo and then click on it to enjoy some more beautiful design decisions, deserving a price!

38. Matchstic

Studio of branding experts with intriguing close up homescreen video with bright, bold paint strokes. Getting the impression that the company will make the same bold statement for your brand as well. It’s certainly a memorable website.

39. Makeable

Design company with elegant, big photos, changing on scroll. It reminds a stylish, beautiful magazine. Nice flow and animations of the menu.

40. Toy Fight

One of the designs we are simply in love with – the two founders are represented by their action figures on the website. The figures are arranged in interesting action scenes, combined with bold colors, lots of space, simple, bold typography and floating/scroll animations. One of our favorite agency website designs.

41. Outpost

Minimalistic design with simple, yet eye-catchy effect on scroll. Great sense of space, achieved with big photo. Their slogan is cleverly echoed in the design of  the advertising agency – “taking brands further”.

42. Idea Branch

Full service digital agency. Textured, handmade logo floating on screen and colorful particles, exploding when you move the cursor on screen. If you stop or slow down, they diminish. Beautiful, interactive design.

43. Full Force Wolf Horse

Website for interactive audio specialists. It doesn’t get anymore creative and showing what they do best, than the sound effects, triggered when hovering on different elements.

44. Fresh Kids

Very fresh and cheerful material design with a small floating animation effects – excellent design choices for website called freshKids. Scrolling down, you can notice how different elements “appear” into the scene and instantly grab your attention. Leading the eye, exactly where it has to look.

45. Massive Media

Creative marketing agency with comic inspired website design. Nice horizontal scrolling effect, clean and bright design and visuals. The little animation on page load is a nice touch. Make sure to check out their PR campaign Cupid, launched soon after Massive Media started the agency, and have developed over the years since. You will enjoy it too!

46. Sweet Magnolia

Hand drawn illustrations are very trendy now and they always bring unique feel to any website design. Floating and rotating little illustrations, slowly revealing the whole visual on the home page are just some of the highlights of the design.

47. Anita

A small company making boutique icecream. The designer has done a great job with the design – beautiful, hand drawn illustrations, lots of white space and 3D feel – when you mouseover the elegant landscape on the homepage. Some of the extra details in the design are the delicate border animations and beautiful, large photos of the products.

48. Panache

Optical illusions, subtle animations on scroll and simple, bold design – yes, we like it! Worth having a look.

49. Panic Studio

A hot trend – adding animation to a company’s logo – making it more organic and attention-grabbing element. Excellent example of PanicStudio doing it right. The animations on their buttons are also cool and unique – another proof, that details (can) make design great!

50. FrankenSim

Cool animations, unconventional, interesting design decisions for a “web-toy”. Created by Animade  – their website is also beautiful and worth checking out. The small showreel of their animation at the background of the homepage give an immediate idea of what is the company about.

51. 1000 Chrome Experiments

Many colorful bubbles on screen to play with. Smart and simple move to keep you entertained… and spending time on the website.

Other great agency website designs you came across recently?

What do you think about our selection of agency website designs? Anything to add? Leave us a comment, we’d be happy to have a chat about it! In the meantime, we’ll keep hunting for jewels of creativity and design on the web and share it with you.

In the meantime, if you need even more website design inspiration, we recommend you the selection of top-notch Shopify store designs.


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