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60 Superb App Design Inspiration Examples

In today’s article, we hand-picked for you over 60 incredible app design inspiration examples in 10 different categories. These concepts bring focus to the most important element of app design: great user experience.

Last year made an absolute record in terms of app usage for both iOS and Android users. In fact, according to Sensor Tower, users turned to their mobile devices for education, employment, and entertainment. In addition, they also spent nearly $111 billion globally on in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium apps. With the proven importance of mobile experience in mind, organizations, and businesses across the world started investing significant resources in improving their mobile experience.

As usual, you can view the categories in the overview below and fast-travel to a section of your interest. Or you can enjoy the entire collection to gather mega inspiration.

60 Superb App Designs: Overview

Photography by Rami Al-Zayat

Health Mobile App Design Examples

In the first category, we gathered examples of health-related iOS and Android apps. These designs offer UI/UX ideas for fitness apps, meditation apps, online doctor appointment apps, and more.

Fitness Mobile App by Dariia Khomenko.

Online medical app by Alan love.

Meditation App Design by Chama Creations.

Bicycle Lovers by Ayah Badran and Ola Jalal.

Connect Meditation App by Adeel Raza.

Cuare UXUI Mobile App by Yaser A. Abu Mustafa.

Medmi Mobile app for meditation by Margarita Gimaldinova.

Fitness Gym App Web by Morteza Deshmir.

Mobile Game App Design Examples

Mobile games might be more popular than you think. In fact, there are about 2.2 billion mobile gamers in the world. This makes up about 28% of the world population. With such high usage, it’s no surprise many game developing studios have switched to a mobile experience. Here are some mobile game concepts.

UI/UX Cartoony game concept by Danil Krivtsun.

Drest Fashion Game UI/UX by Alexandra Morris.

Mobile game UI Gravity maze by Nadezhda Artedub.

Eraser Blast UX/UI by Nikolay Kolev.

2D Mobile Game Illustration by Lori Ri.

Wonka Ball App by Elmira Hummat.

eCommerce Mobile App Design Inspiration

With the pandemic, more consumers buy everything online. It is estimated that the $4 trillion online sales number from 2020, will reach $5 trillion by 2022, and $6 trillion by 2024. In this section, you will see great eCommerce app designs.

Fashion Store Mobile App by Vladislav Nikonov.

UI Challenge – eStore by Silver Samun.

Handmade Store App Redesign by Aisylu Nozikova.

Perfume app UI (ORRO) by Visvesh Sethu.

eCommerce Mobile App Design by Rentech Digital.

Finance Mobile App Design Examples

In this next section, we included mobile app concepts for iOS and android that handle personal finances: wallet apps, online banking and cart app.

Wallet app by Raiyaan Md.

Finance Mobile App by Pourya Zamani.

Bank mobile app design by Natalia Tarasova and Bella Kanukoeva.

Banking Platform by JavaScript Ninjas.

Mobile Banking App by Hasan Mahmud.

Cart App by Anna Rybak.

Time Management and Automation Apps

From weather app, to how long it takes to brew your coffee, this section has hand-picked design examples for time management and planning apps, valuable for making our busy lives easier.

Mobile Application – Weather Forecast by Rentech Digital.

Manage App – UI by Egor Pashkovsky.

Coffee app idea by Agata Bohdziewicz.

Automation App by Raiyaan Md.

Weddy – Wedding Planner UX Case Study by Ha Nguyen.

Restaurants and Food Delivery Apps

Last year it came clear how essential for restaurants, groceries and for consumers exactly, is the concept of food and groceries delivery. Let’s enjoy some great designs for restaurant and food delivery apps.

Bun Grocery by Israa Adel.

Fruits – farmers’ food delivery app by Alexandra Radivonik.

Tokyo — Mobile app, UX/UI Design by Daniil Rynk.

Food Delivery App by Oleksandr Kryvoshei.

ParamoCoffee app by Marina Kopeikina.

App food Fork by Oleksiy Dziubak.

Food Delivery App Design by Olha Kohut.

Coffeeshop App Design by Dael Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Bite app UI Design by Nicolas Bruno.

Education Mobile App Design Examples

Here we have a collection of app design inspiration for online education and language learning. Online learning portals have become essential not only for students but for everyone else who wishes to upgrade their knowledge and work on self-development. Let’s see some examples.

Online learning course app by Hasan Mahmud.

Education App by Arif Saifi.

UI Design Education App by Rashi Raziq.

Language Learning App by Alina Bezhe.

Quizza App (UI Design) by Rashi Raziq.

Travel and Taxi App Design Examples

Next, to go for this collection, 10 UI/UX design concepts for travel apps, carsharing, taxi services, and nature-exploring.

Nature travel app by Alan love.

Travel App by Krishna Gohil.

Momento – Mototaxi App by Polina Rogoza.

Travel App design by Georgi Selmidis.

“Tour to the mountains” mobile app by Mikhail Bocharov.

Travel planning app by Alan love.

Boston taxi by Roman Lel.

Travel App UI by Alan love.

Carsharing Mobile app UX/UI by Fedor Gostev.

Travelling App Design by Chama Creations.

Media and Streaming UI App Design Examples

As with everything else, media has also moved to the online space with numerous online streaming services for movies, tv-shows, music, and audio-book platforms. In this section, let’s see a few lovely examples of streaming UI app design concepts.

Music Player APP Design | UI/UX by Leah Lee.

iOS Book App by Tanya Butsko.

Movie Mobile App – UI/UX design by Tania Nest.

E.reader (reading app) by Mehvish Iqbal.

Your Vibes: UX/UI For Music Streaming Service by Denis Synagraphemer.

Subscription management service by Julia Slaschilina.

Bookmark app for listening to audiobooks by Roman Lel.

Music app design by Tung NT.

PlaySound music streaming platform by Roman Lel.

Social Platform Apps Design Examples

And last, but probably the most popular apps of all, social platforms. In this section, we’ve gathered design inspiration examples for social apps.

Filmatch Dating App by Aygun Hassan.

Instant chat app by Alan love.

Design concept of Dating App by Kirill Nevzorov.

Social Media app design by Nahid Imtihaz.

In Conclusion

UI design is essential in the creation of mobile apps as the user focuses on the interaction with their device more than the beautiful visuals. I hope you enjoyed this collection of 60 superb app design inspiration examples and got inspired to make your mobile designs even better.

In the meantime, why not check for more related insights on web development and web design?

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