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15 Examples of Websites for Apps That Will Inspire Your Design

Get an idea of what works and what doesn’t, and incorporate the elements that will work for you

Are you looking to create a website that effectively showcases your app and appeals to your target audience? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore visually stunning and effective examples of live and running websites for apps. Having a website for your app is crucial for growing your business, increasing customer engagement, and reaching a larger audience.

In short, a website for your app will:

  • Provide a central hub for users to learn more about your app, its features, and how it can benefit them.
  • Act as a platform to showcase your app’s customer reviews, testimonials, and ratings.
  • Increase your app’s visibility in search engine results, which can lead to more downloads and brand awareness.
  • Help you to gather customer information and data, enabling you to improve your app and its features.
  • Serve as a platform to communicate important updates, news, and promotions.

Designing a website for your next app can be a daunting task, but looking at examples proven to be successful can be a great source of inspiration. By examining the design and layout of these websites, you can get an idea of what works and what doesn’t, and incorporate the elements that will work for you. From simple and minimalist designs to more complex and interactive layouts, let’s look at the different approaches you can take when designing a website for your app.

15 Examples of Websites for Apps

Now let’s get jump straight into 15 amazing live websites, each effectively showing off an app and taking different design approaches to appeal to users.

Memo App: Fun Language-Learning App Design

Memo is a language-learning app with a twist. Instead of teaching you to speak a new language with boring texts, comprehension check exercises, and grammar lessons, it makes the process fun with memes and jokes. Just like the app, the promoting website shows off some modern aesthetics with exploding emoticons, animated elements, and phone screen previews of the app’s functionality. The website does a great job showcasing the app through modern funny memes and a strong call to action: Learn a real-world language.

  • The app website makes an accurate presentation of the Memo app with actual phone screen demos of the learning process.
  • Strong CTA message, inviting users to learn a real-life language.
  • Modern minimalistic design with interactive elements and fun animations.
  • Includes an interactive download app button and a QR code for downloading the app.

Chowdeck: Restaurant Management App

Chowdeck Technologies is a Lagos-based logistics company in Nigeria that provides consumer services and delivery. The app helps customers, riders, and vendors connect and get food delivered within minutes from a wide variety of restaurants from African to Continental cuisines. Its website sports a clean design with custom illustrations of ingredients, a realistic app demo, and a list of restaurants.

  • The Chowdeck app website has three sections just like in the app: for customers, riders, and vendors, each showcasing the app’s functionality.
  • It has a clean, comprehensive design with beautiful custom illustrations.
  • Includes realistic in-app demo interactive elements.
  • The huge Download App button is available at all times.
  • Features a testimonial section.

Swag: Employment App

The Swag app serves to become the first employment super-app that helps users work easily, exceed in their careers, and manage their time better. This is a fairly large website with multiple pages for each aspect and function of the app. Usually, apps depend on landing pages or single-page websites, however, in cases with core complex functionality and heavy data, diving your content into multiple pages is the best decision.

  • The Swag app’s website keeps a clean design, perfect information architecture, and easy navigation.
  • It explains the complexity of the app in a comprehensive easy-to-scan and read way.
  • A sticky app download button is available at all times.
  • Sticky navigation with essential links.
  • Interactive design with information cards for each function.
  • Includes social handles.

Then: Time-Tracking App with Infographics

Here we have a single-page website in a dark mode that promotes the ‘Then’ time tracker app for iOS. What we love about the website is that it’s very short and simple, minimalistic, and uses only 6 card sections to give a visual representation of the app’s 6 functions.

  • Simple website for a simple but powerful app.
  • It features a download button and a QR code for easy download.
  • Showcases in-app interactions with videos.
  • Light on content and very comprehensive.

Plasma Wallet: Self-Custody Crypto Wallet App

Plasma Wallet App is a self-custodial wallet that helps users manage all crypto assets in one place and explore DeFi and NFT. Its futuristic website explores the app, its features, and its security with beautiful animated visuals in dark mode.

  • A single-page website with a futuristic design in dark mode.
  • Simple structure light on content, easy for users to scan and read.
  • Features a sticky download button linking directly to the App store, as well as a QR code below the presentation.
  • Realistic in-app visuals and a tutorial.

Alinea: Investments App Design

Alinea is a community-driven money app that offers its users financial education, news, as well as stock & crypto investing tips. Featured in Forbes, Fortune, NYT, and Business insider, the app deserves a website that showcases its success. Here we have a relatively simple website structure with four pages: Homepage, Community, Press, and Research where future users can experience what the app has to offer by reading resources and even booking a place at the weekly Investment 101 workshop.

A content-heavy website with a simple structure that manages to help users experience the service before downloading the app.

  • Beautiful design with pastel colors, high-quality visuals, and interactive elements.
  • Social proof sections and press releases.
  • The website also showcases the community behind the app and offers Discord and Slack channels users can join.
  • Download the app button for iOS and Join the Wait List option for Android users.

Bit Timer: Workout Tracker App

Bit Timer is a minimal interval training exercise timer application for people to organize and follow their workout routine with ease. Its single-page website shows a crystal clear in-app demo for mobile devices and smartwatches.

  • Simple minimalistic one-page web design in a black and white color scheme.
  • High-quality in-app demo animated images.
  • Social proof and real client testimonials.
  • Sticky navigation with a download button accessible at all times.

Flam: Immersive Social VR App

The Flam metaverse is an upcoming VR social network that users can experience with Oculus Rift. Its impressive website sports a flawless scroll animation that immerses you into the metaverse and helps you experience the software’s capabilities firsthand. In this case, the website doesn’t specifically promote just the app, rather than the universe itself. Either way, the Flam app is an important piece of the product and offers a demo for anyone who wants to try out the beta.

  • Complex website with impressive animation on scroll.
  • Immersive visuals that showcase the app’s concept.
  • Includes social proof and a community Discord server handle.
  • A download button for testing the beta app.

Anyone: 5-Minute Calls Networking App

Anyone takes a radical take on networking with 5-minute phone calls for users with interesting people like themselves. The network aims to help users create lasting connections with the body language of the voice, which the Calling Anyone app calls Vocalics. Anyone’s website has a clean design with a light color background, overlayered parallax elements, and animations on scroll.

  • Interactive minimalistic design with animations on scroll.
  • In-app screenshots that show the app’s interface.
  • A one-page website with only the essentials.
  • Includes a QR code for download.

Haptic: Minimalistic Action-Based Journal App

Haptic‘s website has a modern macro minimalistic design, typical for Apple products to make iOS users feel at home. It presents the app with big animated screenshots, inspirational quotes, and a beautiful video trailer.

  • A modern one-page website with a macro design.
  • Sports the style of Apple product websites, which makes it attractive to iPhone users.
  • The website has smooth animations on scroll, huge high-quality app screenshots, and motivational quotes.
  • A sticky download button for iPhone users.

Weera: Family Network App

Weera is a Family Network service that brings relatives together. The app itself gives users access to all its benefits such as chatting, building a 3D family map, sharing memories, photos, and even family recipes.

  • Interactive one-screen scrolling website.
  • Depth is created by overlaying parallax elements.
  • Short section (screens) for each feature of the app.
  • Strong brand presence: custom brand graphics, illustrations, and a specific color scheme.
  • Button links to Apple Store and Google Play are sticky, and accessible at all times.
  • Real users testimonial section.
  • FAQ section.

Current Vehicles: Rent-a-Car App Website

Next, we have Current Vehicles: a popular app for iOS and Android users who can rent any type of electric vehicle in a convenient location. It allows users to choose between models, and check their location and battery range before booking. Additionally, the key is fixed into the vehicle and will only turn on once users click start trip on the app. The same goes for ending the trip. This app has a lightweight modern website with smooth animations, perfectly structured content, tutorials, and vehicle pricing.

  • The website features everything you need to know before deciding to install the app.
  • This includes tutorials, types of vehicles and their prices, and locations.
  • Download buttons for both iOS and Android users are located in each section.
  • You can easily see the social proof, read real client testimonials, and even check for contact details with phone numbers and open hours.

List Across: Multi-Channel Selling App

List Across brings the concert of person-to-person shopping where users can post items for sale on multiple platforms are over. This flashy and playful website promotes the app and all its incredible features with beautifully animated elements, well-organized info, and multiple pages with more details.

  • The website includes synthesized info about the capabilities of the app and the huge benefits users will get from using it.
  • It uses 3D elements and parallax effects which makes the website dynamic and engaging.
  • Realistic in-0app screenshots and infographics.
  • Since this is a desktop application, there isn’t a download button or installation needed. Users can sign up easily as the navigation is sticky making the sign-up option accessible at all times.

Real Ticket: Smart Ticketing App

Real Ticket is an event app that gives event organizers the power of smart ticketing. Its single-page website explains the problems before even organizers such as transfer risks, snubbing artists, fee gouging, and ticket duplicates. All pain points for the target audience with clear solutions in the shape of one app.

  • The website has a flawless sales copy that manages to list all realistic problems with organizing events, all the risks, and, finally, all the solutions.
  • It explains the technology behind the app and how it can make organizing events safer and more efficient.
  • Macro minimalistic design with animated elements seamlessly included in the layout not to distract browsing users.
  • Offers an app demo for organizers and fans to test the technology.

Fabulous: Self-Motivation App

Fabolous is a popular app for building habits, suitable for personal use and for teams. The website takes an interesting approach by starting with an interactive quiz that asks users what pain points they wish the app to solve.

  • Fabulous’ website offers an interactive quiz to pinpoint how the app can help users and in what way to use it.
  • The homepage features a short presentation with the main functions in a few minimalistic sections.
  • An FAQ section.


How to Design a Website for Your App?

To sum up, your app website should be designed to be simple and easy to navigate, while also effectively conveying the benefits and features of your app to potential users. It should establish a strong brand identity and include clear calls to action to encourage users to download your app or sign up for a trial or demo. By considering these factors, you can create an effective website that helps to promote your app and drive user engagement.

As a key takeaway from these effective 15 effective examples of websites for apps, we can list the following important design elements and content that you should consider when designing a website for your app:

Simple and clear layout

Ensure that the website has a simple and clear layout that makes it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need. The following app website example uses a single-column layout which leaves a lot of white space on both sides of the content and helps users focus on it.

Strong branding

Use consistent branding elements such as colors, fonts, and images to establish a strong brand identity for your app. In the following example, Current vehicle uses vivid branding colors and even custom branding 3D models of vehicles.

Compelling headline

Use clear and compelling headlines that convey the benefits and features of your app to capture users’ attention and encourage them to explore further. The fun language-learning app, for example, promises users to learn a new language through memes, and videos, and, most importantly, to have fun doing it.


Use high-quality visuals, such as screenshots, images, and videos, to showcase your app’s features and functionality. For example, the following website that promotes a metaverse VR app, showcases its concept with custom high-quality VR graphics.

Call to action

Include clear calls to action that encourage users to download your app or sign up for a trial or demo. Similar to compelling headlines, your CTA is what compels users to download your app. In the following example, a family networking app calls you to keep the past, live in the present and create the future of your family.

User testimonials

Include user testimonials or reviews to build credibility and trust with potential users. The following example comes from Current vehicles and features real client testimonials with ratings and names that users can check out.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Provide answers to common questions about your app to help users understand how it works and address any concerns they may have. Bit Timer does this on its homepage, govong answers to all the questions potential users could ask about the app.

Contact information

Make it easy for users to contact you with any questions or feedback by providing contact information such as an email address or contact form. The following example even has a Live Chat for users to feel comfortable reaching for urgent matters.

Mobile-friendly design

Ensure that your website is designed to be mobile-friendly so that users can access it on their smartphones or tablets. The investment app website does this perfectly with a mobile-first design specifically made for users, browsing from their phones.

Links to app stores

Include links to the app stores where users can download your app. Make sure you use the classic and recognizable buttons with the App Store and Google Play logos just like Chilling is doing on its website.


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