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30 Top-Notch UX Design Portfolios from Around the Web

Inspirational Examples

Creating an impressive UX portfolio is a hard task as it should introduce and represent the designer and their creative work. Although a gallery of preview pictures of finished projects is a nice start, the best UX portfolios carefully craft a story of how designers work, what their approaches are, and how they deal with challenges. And most importantly, do they practice what they preach?

Whether you’re a growing UX designer ready to break into the industry, or you’re curious to see how exceptional UX designers manage to set themselves apart from the rest, welcome aboard. Today’s topic is all about top-notch UX portfolio websites from all around the web.

Without further ado, let’s get to the 30 excellent UX design portfolio examples that put all the theory into practice and seize the opportunity to create an enjoyable user experience. They all offer memorable introductions, great UI design and demonstrate their work through case studies.

1. UpLab UX Design Portfolio

We’ll start right off with a Russian agency with a deep understanding of all stages of development from marketing and UX design to coding. They start with a big bold title “Digital Products for Market Leaders” and instantly follow with the three key principles of their work. This is a great example of an introduction where you instantly know whose website you’re looking at. When you scroll further, the first thing you see is a very attractive collection of projects finalized by the agencies. The hover animations of the preview cards show off the development skills.

Once you click on a project, the website leads you to a case study with strong visuals and a behind-the-scenes story of what the project is about, and how the agency approached it.

Strengths: Bold introduction. Instant effective portfolio preview section with clean animations. Easy navigation. Case studies with feedback from the end client of each project. Social Proof.

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2. Ozmo UX Portfolio

I mentioned earlier that a gallery of preview pictures of finished projects is just a start and it takes more than this to have an effective portfolio. This wasn’t a lie. Roman Lel, Ozmo Design, presents via a great-looking gallery of preview pictures over a nice cards grid layout and clean design. Nothing flashy, but a UX design portfolio that arrives straight to the point. We have a short contrasting title that tells us what Roman does and an invitation to scroll down and pick a cool project to look at.

Each project page keeps the consistency of the homepage design and starts with the title of the project. It follows with prototypes, the style guide, animated mockups, first choice pages, and more. The case studies don’t offer text and explanations and manage to tell the whole story by visuals alone.

Strengths: Simplicity. Minimalistic design. No text-based content. Minimal and intuitive navigation. Completely visual case studies.

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3. Humbleteam UX Design Portfolio

Next, we have Humbleteam with an eye-catching introduction with animated elements. It’s a great opening, showing off the animation skills of the team. Once we scroll down, we are met with a collection of curated case studies that represent Humbleteam’s work. The works are arranged into animated cards, following the design consistent throughout the entire portfolio, and the first thing that catches our eye is Finding Space with NASA. The case study itself is for creating a user-friendly web app to optimize storage areas and resources on the ISS, making equipment easily accessible for experiments. The whole process is very well structured, with visuals and brief descriptions.

Strengths: Fun introduction. Attractive modern design with signature colors. Simple structure. The right amount of selected projects. Logically organized case studies with visuals.

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4. Fulcrum UC Portfolio

With a catching tagline like “Mention us when you become a unicorn”, this is an agency that claims to make explosives and dismiss mediocracy. In this case, the portfolio website gives a lot of attention to the copy, choosing the right words and giving good service descriptions with concrete facts. The latter for UX/UI design include deliverables and timeline.

The homepage offers a gallery of project thumbnails to choose from and a featured case study for the viewer to explore. Case studies open a new page dedicated to each study with a summary, problems, project goals, work process in steps, features, and tech stack.

Strengths: Crafty introduction with great copy. Simple structure. Detailed and logically organized case studies with visual examples. Social Proof.

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5. Purrweb UI Design Portfolio

Another awesome UI/UX design agency website that I like. Purrweb features a very clear description of the design services they offer with an additional quick map of the project process from concept to realization. The portfolio features a thumbnail of cases with brief information and a mockup with the option to review each project in detail with info about the client, the team working on each project, and awesome visuals with animation.

Strengths: Great visuals. Animations.  Detailed case studies. Social Proof.

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6. Tofu Design Portfolio

Tofu is a studio of two designers who showcase their talent through an outstanding portfolio. They use a minimalistic design with lots of white space and geometric sans fonts which is easy and pleasant for the eye. The page starts with a short title that describes the designer’s drive, and follows by a beautiful grid of selected project previews. Each project page offers beautiful visuals, client feedback, a brief product description, and explaining the key concept of the design.

Strengths: Great visuals. Modern minimalistic design. Very well-structured and on point. Selected case studies. Social Proof.

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7. Justin Golt UX Designer Portfolio Website

Justin Golt is a diverse design professional with 9+ years of experience. In his portfolio, he strikes with a hero showcasing what he’s all about: partnering with a variety of clients, from small startups to global organizations. He creates exciting and meaningful experiences across all platforms. Scroll down and you’ll see a visually striking gallery of project cards that zoom in on hover.

Justin’s approach for case study pages is to feature two sections. He starts with a bold title with the client brand’s tagline, followed by a paragraph introducing the client and the project. The second section is all about visuals with no text.

Strengths: Great visuals. Strong introduction. Selected case studies. Social Proof.

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8. D.FY UX Portfolio Example

This digital agency provides marketing and production services, focusing on strategy, UX/UI, and content. Its name D.FY comes from its tagline Defy the Current which communicates that creativity and flexibility is the main priority. The homepage is their portfolio and starts with full-screen sections of each project with stunning visuals. Each project offers a very detailed case study page with the focus, work process, and a huge gallery of concept visuals, mockups, and screenshots.

Strengths: Great visuals. Strong introduction. Selected case studies. Social Proof.

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9. Hardy Branding UX Portfolio Example

Hardy Branding is a design studio based in Russia, working worldwide to design iconic brands and digital experiences with a focus on elegant style and luxury appearance. It has awards for best graphic design, best UX/UI design, and Adobe XD award by Behance as well as client reviews as social proof.

The studio stores all its projects on Behance, but keeps the curated case studies in the portfolio.

Strengths: Glean classy design. Strong introduction. Selected case studies. Social Proof. Awards

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10. Spaceberry UI Portfolio

Spaceberry is an award-winning UI UX design studio in the business of creating interactive design interfaces for brands and start-ups seeking development. Their portfolio website is equally fun and professional and instantly grabs the attention. It instantly conveys the vibe of the cool nerds to are great at what they do and are very friendly and approachable. The opening line is “We Make Design”. Fair enough. But it’s not what drives the attention. It’s the small hand-written note “We hope this is true” that points to “we create stunning UI/UX designs”. This is a consistent cool gimmick through the website with fun little notes and gifs. Interestingly enough, I felt very engaged and impressed already, and I hadn’t even seen the portfolio itself. Take notes. Literally. ( =

In terms of the case studies, Spaceberry has over 100 since 2016; more than 10 awards; and clients from over 20 countries. Despite the casual and playful tone of the studio, the design is very professional and efficient, featuring all case studies with tabs that offer the option to choose between viewing all worked, mobile apps, websites, or digital branding.

Whatever you choose, you will scroll through all cases in small preview sections that feature preview images, very brief descriptions, tags, and software tools needed for the project.  You can view each case in detail on Behance, where you’ll be redirected. In cases the project is live, you also have the option to view the finished product in the wild.

Strengths: Fun yet professional design. Witty copy. Option to sort case studies. Social Proof. Awards

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11. Matteo Dellachiesa UX Engineer Portfolio

Matteo Della Chiesa is a freelance UI/ UX designer from New York and a partner at Purenine Studios. His website portfolio is very minimalistic and offers 6 curated projects in a box layout with preview images. Each project leads to a detailed in terms of information, concepts, and mockup images page. The navigation is also pretty clean, offering the portfolio, About Me, and Get in Touch.

I especially like how the About Matteo page is constructed. It features only a short relevant information about the designer, his education, and career and instantly follows with selected clients, social proof, and work experience. Basically, Matteo offers a detailed CV with a timeline explaining his career path and the industries he’s been working in.

Strengths: Minimalistic design. Selected case studies Social Proof. Impressive CV.

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12. Adrian Red UC Portfolio Example

This is one of the most beautiful modern portfolios I came across and had to share. Freelance digital art director and designer Adrian Red definitely lets his portfolio speak on their behalf. It’s a very clean website with impressive design and code (if you’re on a PC and minimize the window and start changing the resolution, you’ll see the clean responsive transitions of the cards rearranging). The homepage is the portfolio itself, featuring selected projects with impressive and satisfying preview images. By the end of the page, there’s an updated message that informs you if the designer is currently available for projects. This is a good touch and something most portfolios lack.

The About me page is shorter, featuring the designer’s skills and clients he’s been working for, contact details, and quick social icons. In the latter, there are also quick links to Behance and Dribble in case you want to explore more of Adrian’s work.

Strengths: Very modern and visual. Selected case studies with great presentation. Available/ Not Available for Projects Info

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13. Nikitin Team UX Designer Website

Here’s the portfolio website of a small agency of talented UI/UX designers and illustrators. The homepage has a clean design with smooth transitions on scroll, allowing you to view some of the projects Nikitin is most proud of. In each quick project presentation, there is a quick overview and the end client’s feedback. After you’re done scrolling, the last screen with an introduction “NIKITIN has the rare ability to translate complex ideas into simple and elegant designs” with options to choose between Technologies, Read Our Story, and Contact Us.

The portfolio page features 8 case studies from the agency’s latest successfully finalized projects, arranged as cards with a preview text on hover. Each case study is a detailed story of the project that explains the challenge of the task and the features of each app. The contact page is also pretty neat with badges that serve as options to choose the type of project you will be making your inquiry for.

Strengths: Clean design with smooth animations. Instant introduction. Selected case studies with great presentation. Custom Contact Us page with project options.

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14. Kommi Graphics UI Design Portfolio

Now we go to the territory of big bold fonts that are meant to get attention. Everything about this portfolio website was made to catch the eye and prove a point. First, we have a bold introduction about the agency, followed by selected project preview cards with stunning hover effects that are very satisfying to mess around with.

Each case study page is bold and confident and features the type of services the agency did, awards for the project, overview, and the entire work process with mockups. To keep the design consistent, the website has full-screen drop-down navigation that sorts the options by importance via text hierarchy. Of course, “branding”, “websites”, and “packaging”, are the options with the largest fonts. Creative and memorable design decision. Last, but not least, it’s fair to say the entire portfolio website communicates huge confidence.

Strengths: Bold design with large fonts. Instant bold introduction. Selected case studies. Detailed case studies pages. Creative navigation. Social proof. Very memorable.

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15. Big Horror Athens Interactive Designer Portfolio

When you craft your UX designer portfolio, you wish for two things. First, showcase the extent of your skills so you could impress your potential clients. Second, to stand out from the rest with ever so hard to achieve uniqueness. This website portfolio managed to achieve both and give the viewer a surreal experience. Big Horror Athens is a studio that is all about originality and new ways to implement ideas. I didn’t even read the introduction, as I got this impression just by landing on their homepage. Aside from the bold design with amazing transitions and parallaxes, you can literally bend the images on hover.

This surreal “bending reality” effect is very vocal about the possibilities in web design and what the studio can achieve. It’s memorable, engaging, and, frankly, impressive. Just like in the previous example, here we also have full-screen navigation with big bold titles.

Strengths: Surreal and memorable design. Instant bold introduction. Selected case studies. Detailed case studies pages. Creative navigation. Social proof. Very memorable.

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16. Webshocker UX Portfolio

Hey, we are Webshocker and we love to play. What an opening line, already starting off with an engaging introduction. There is no navigation as everything fits on the homepage in sections with the option to view more about the subject of your interest. It starts with recently selected projects by the agency that exists in the wild and you can visit each website the agency has worked on. The next section showcases animations in the form of playable videos, most of which are impressive 3D animations. Next, the website offers an icon design section with eye-catching 3D icons. And last, contact information.

This is a different approach from other portfolios, proving that there’s no blueprint for how you wish to build your online portfolio.

Strengths: Catchy introduction. Selected case studies. Real-life website examples.

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17. Cuberto Design Portfolio Website

Remember that mind-bending surrealism in Big Horror Athens’ website? Imagine taking some of the effects and implement them on a clean minimalistic design. This is how you get Cuberto’s portfolio. It’s also a great example that you can implement an effect, a technique, or something else you’ve seen and liked on another person or agency’s portfolio. As long as you give it your own twist, you will stand out. Here we have similar hover effects, image-bending, and parallaxes, but with a much cleaner and breathable experience.

Strengths: Catchy introduction. Memorable design. Selected case studies. Detailed case studies pages. Social Proof.

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18. Orizon UX Designer Portfolio

Orizon is a leading design agency based in Canada and this is how it introduces itself on its homepage, right next to a kick-ass illustration with a parallax effect. Here we see a very modern and competent design with a young and fresh twist. The portfolio itself is a selected collection of the agency’s successful projects keeping parallaxes consistent throughout the experience, but what makes it gimmicky is the copy. “Not to brag, but a lot of hot startups and market leaders reach out & touch base to commission our work” is a memorable line that lets you know you’ll be working with young, fun, and creative people who are flexible and find joy in their work.

Since they claim to work with some awesome clients, they prove it by featuring the logos of some impressive brands such as Apple, Google, tinder, UBER, and more. Such impressive social proof allows them to make bold statements like “shaping trends in digital design”, which they back up further with testimonials by clients working for the mentioned brands.

Strengths: The ideal balance between professional and casual. Bold introduction. Selected case studies. Great copy. Impressive Social Proof.

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19. Unfold Design Agency Portfolio

Here’s a portfolio that is pretty straightforward and focuses on the portfolio itself rather than a flashy presentation. “We design a lot of things, here are some of our favorites.” This is a cool introduction that marks a gallery of selected projects. The second half of the portfolio “It’s better together. A few of our friends” titles an impressive list of big brands like Squarespace, PayPal, Facebook, Adobe, InVision, and more.

With that level of a matter-of-fact casual attitude, the website instantly won my interest and I wished to learn more about the designers behind such social proof. Aside from the well-structured About Us page with a roadmap to success, services, and a gallery of the fam, we also learn that the designers are not robots, corporate, in SF, dinosaurs, freelancers, cookie cutters, or your mama. : )

Strengths: Straightforward and casual. Selected case studies. Great copy. Gimmicky. Impressive Social Proof.

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20. Elegant Seagulls UX Design Portfolio

Elegant Seagulls is an award-winning digital creative agency focused on creative and that is exactly what we see on the homepage. Well-designed and coded with satisfying responsive design and creative parallax effect of the turning heads of the team once you scroll down. Everything about this gimmick sparks curiosity, from the chosen name of the agency to the design. I was left with no other choice but to go through the portfolio and see their selected projects. First, I was met with seagull feathers elegantly falling while sending me to the case study of my choice. Second, each case study is brief without unnecessary details but greatly presented.

Strengths: Curious name. Originality and creativity. Selected case studies. Gimmicky. Social Proof.

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21. Fire Art Studio UX Design Website

This is the website of a full-cycle product development and design agency that we can easily use as an example for a good portfolio. The case studies are featured on a stand-alone page with a card grid layout with big high-quality preview images and are just the right number of diverse selected projects. Now, the individual detailed case study pages look like amazing modern landing pages and are very pleasant to scroll through and read.

Strengths: Modern and clean. Selected case studies. In-depth well-designed standalone case study pages Social Proof.

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22. Yummygum Design Studio Portfolio

Yummygum is a digital agency from Amsterdam that presents itself as a service that will turn ideas into something memorable. What’s different about their portfolio, is that after the beautiful collection of selected case studies, the page features a sneak-peak of exciting new projects the agency is currently working on. A fresh twist for any portfolio that sparks curiosity.

Strengths: Good introduction. Selected case studies. Sneak-peak to current projects. Social Proof.

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23. Creativemints UX Portfolio

Creative Mints is the name behind a creative designer from Prague who does eye candy solutions for web and mobile apps. Their website is basically a gallery, separated into 4 different categories of design that you’re presented with on the homepage. If you choose “Web and UI”, for example, you see a selected gallery of project previews. However, there aren’t in-depth case studies.

Strengths: Selected case studies. Separated gallery for each service.

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24. Devignedge UX Design Portfolio

This UX design portfolio website is the first example in which we see a preloader. The website is visually pleasing with clean and smooth transitions, big high-quality images, and offers a good number of brief case studies. On the downside, the website is a little heavy as there are too many elements to load.

Strengths: Selected case studies. Beautiful modern design. Website Preloader.

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25. Awsmd Design Portfolio

Next, we have an agency what offers UX, product design, and advanced analytics for e-commerce and SaaS. It has a brief and straight-to-the-point homepage that features a title, testimonials, and a slider with 5 case studies to choose from.

Strengths: Minimalistic design. Selected case studies. In-depth case studies. Smooth animations. Social Proof.

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26. Conspire Agency Portfolio Website

Conspire is an agency of design-obsessed eCommerce specialists. You can view their selected work on their homepage, with a link to the finalized websites that are already live. In order to view the case studies, however, you need to do that from the navigation. Each case study has its own page with an overview, flow, and style guide.

Strengths: Selected case studies. Social Proof.

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27. Ronas UX Design Porfolio

Ronas give a few ideas of how to structure a portfolio. This is the second example that we see the option to sort case studies results by categories but does it by type of business. You can review apps specifically made for health, productivity, booking, training, or view projects that are logos, illustrations, or stickers. The case studies redirect to the project on Behance.

Strengths: Selected case studies. Sort study cases by topic or type.

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28. Riotters UX Design Website

Riotters is another great example that a gallery of thumbnails alone could work if designed well. This is a very straightforward portfolio-exclusive UX design portfolio website that features a good number of project previews, about us and a contact page.

Strengths: Clean and easy to navigate.

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29. Michael Crawford UX Designer Portfolio

We start with a literal introduction (greeting) from the designer. “Hey there! I’m Michael. I design and develop things”. This is the only thing you can see on the homepage and you have the option to see a list of Michael’s work or go to the About Me page. The portfolio features the ideal number of seven case studies for you to explore where the designer gives an overview, his role, the team, and a gallery dedicated to the project. Very well-structured and presented.

What I find most interesting about this UX design portfolio website is the originality of the About Me page. Above the designer’s short work history, there is an auto-generated anecdote that tells you a random fact about Michael. You can choose to click “tell me another anecdote” and learn another random fact. It’s a brilliant small feature that engages and lets the viewer get to know the person behind the designs.

Strengths: Clear introduction. Selected case studies. In-depth case studies pages. Original auto-generated anecdote feature.

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30. Leroy Paul UX Designer Portfolio Website

And for the last example, I wanted to show you something pretty awesome. Paul Leroy is a designer specialized in UI/UX design and has turned his portfolio into a very interactive visual experience. There is no determined structure, as the UX design portfolio website features just All Works and About Me. On the homepage, you can trigger transition on scroll between the different featured case studies, or you can go to All Works and try to capture one of them by hovering over different rolling keywords that call a related image to appear behind them. It’s very interactive and original.

Strengths: Stunning visuals. Interactive. Original. Selected case-studies.

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In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed these 30 of the best UX design portfolios and the different techniques they use to grab the attention of potential clients. There isn’t a blueprint for how you need to craft a winning UX design portfolio, however, there are a few things we can take from the examples we just saw. So let’s list them here as a conclusion.

  • Introduction: Make sure your viewers know exactly who you are what you’re made of. No matter what approach you take, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself right away in a bold catchy title.
  • Design: No matter if you go for clean, minimalistic, professional, or absolutely over-the-top design, make it yours. It’s good to have a defined gimmick that suits you and presents who you are as a designer.
  • Experience: Even if you go for the flashiest, most surreal design, make sure your portfolio is easy to navigate. It should be very clear what is the next step your viewers should take.
  • Selected Case Studies: You might have a gallery of all your works stored on Behance, Dribbble, ArtStation, or somewhere else. However, the most professional and attractive for clients approach, is to feature only the best of them.
  • Case Study Page: Since your case studies are curated and consist only of your best work, make sure to structure each case well and give in-depth information about the process. Your future clients would love to see how you think and work.
  • About Me: Go wild and show everybody the real you. Feature a cool fact, show them your accomplishments, give them something memorable.
That’s it.

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