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15 Brilliant Artist Website Examples [2024]

A collection of hand-picked portfolios of digital, physical, and street artists, and photographers in the wild

An artist’s website is like an online canvas for their creative expression. Think of it as a gallery, where the focus should be on the artwork, not the walls. People visit an artist’s website to experience their creations, whether it’s paintings, sculptures, or photographs. Avoid the temptation to turn your website into a piece of art itself; simplicity and functionality go a long way in showcasing your talent.

Creative professionals use their websites to market themselves, connect with new audiences, build a loyal following, and even sell their work. This is why, the best artist websites combine compelling visuals, engaging written content, and effective promotional tools.

Here are the key elements of a successful artist website:
  • Showcase Your Art Front and Center: Your artwork is the star of the show. Use high-quality images and create a user-friendly gallery that allows visitors to easily browse and explore your creations.
  • Keep It Simple: Opt for a clean and minimalist design. Avoid clutter and distractions, as they can take the focus away from your artwork. Remember, less is often more in the world of artist websites.
  • Navigation and Organization: Ensure that your website is easy to navigate. Use clear menu items and logical categories to help visitors find their way around your portfolio. A well-organized site will keep users engaged.
  • About Page: Include an “About” page that tells your story as an artist. Share your background, inspiration, and artistic journey. It adds a personal touch and helps visitors connect with you.
  • Contact Information: Make it simple for visitors to get in touch with you. Include a contact page with an email address or contact form. Accessibility is key.
  • Artistic Blog: Engage your audience and add an extra dimension to your website with a blog. Share your artistic process, inspiration, and thoughts. A blog can create a deeper connection with your visitors and keep them coming back for more.

With this being said, we’ve gathered 15 real-world examples of beautiful artist websites that can inspire both artists and web designers working on artist websites.

1. Shantell Martin Multi-Talented Artist Website

Shantell Martin is a multi-talented creative force, wearing many hats as a public speaker, curator, philosopher, cultural facilitator, teacher, choreographer, songwriter, and performer, among others. Her diverse experiences include collaborations in fashion and with celebrities, roles at renowned institutions like MIT Media Lab, NYU Tisch ITP, and Columbia University’s Brown Institute, as well as choreographing a ballet for the Boston Ballet.

Shantell’s artistry is in a constant state of evolution, as she forges fresh connections between fine art, education, design, philosophy, and technology. Her work delves into themes like intersectionality, identity, and the essence of play.

Shantell Martin’s reputation as a prominent artist is well-deserved, and her website reflects her creative prowess. It stands as one of the most impressive artist websites available. The platform offers an interactive and engaging experience, making every visit a delightful journey. The doodles and designs are so captivating that you might find yourself lost in their intricacies for at least a few minutes each time you explore. The website is expertly crafted using the Django Framework, exemplifying Shantell’s commitment to innovation and creativity in the digital realm.

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2. Brad Albright 3D Artist Website

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Combined Media from Cornell University, Brad Albright combines traditional studio art with cartooning and animation. While working as a professional graphic designer, he pursued a Master of Fine Arts in Illustration at Hartford Art School. He developed his unique 3D technique during this time. In 2018, Albright retired from designing pop-culture merchandise, focusing on drawing. His art is featured in galleries like Kettle Art Gallery, Gallery 1988, and Hero Complex Gallery, alongside shows and festivals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

His art celebrates shared passions, merging live music, pinball, arcade gaming, and pop culture. It connects fine art with enjoyable experiences, utilizing interactivity, dimensionality, and nostalgia. Renowned as ‘the 3D guy,’ Brad Albright is known for innovative ‘old school 3D’ poster art. He also crafts 3D woodcut illustrations with kinetic elements and custom light displays. Blending pop illustration with traditional printmaking, Albright’s work invites viewers into familiar scenes with hidden layers of story and intrigue.

Brad Albright’s website immerses users in the realm of underground comics, drawing inspiration from pop culture, the Wild West, and live music crowds. The textured background seamlessly complements the atmosphere he crafts through his illustrations, designs, and 3D art.

His works take center stage, presented as a captivating series of posters. With a simple click, users can unveil intricate details. The website ensures easy access to the artist’s newsletter via a form, and it features links to his social networks, thoughtfully positioned at the bottom of each page.

Navigating the website is a user-friendly and well-designed experience. The “About” page is thoughtfully structured with conveniently arranged blocks, offering a clear and organized presentation of information.

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3. Banksy Street Artist Website

Banksy, the anonymous street artist, political activist, and filmmaker from England, has kept his real name a secret, leaving people guessing. He’s been creating art since the 1990s, and his unique style mixes humor and striking visuals using stencils.

His art often carries powerful messages about politics and society, and you can find his work on streets, walls, and bridges worldwide. His website is a great example of how artists can share their physical artwork in the digital world.

The site’s design matches his art style, and it’s easy to get around. Instead of loading it up with text, it focuses on showing off his art. This means you can explore his thought-provoking creations without any hassle.

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3. Miss Aniela Surreal Fashion Artist Website

Miss Aniela, whose real name is Natalie Dybisz, is a British artist known for her unique blend of art and fashion photography, creating a harmonious fusion of contemporary creativity. Her work is a captivating blend of traditional imagery and digitally enhanced elements, resulting in surreal compositions that push the boundaries of artistic expression.

In her series “Surreal Fashion,” Miss Aniela skillfully captures contemporary models while drawing inspiration from the Renaissance and Dutch masters. Her photos are set in majestic European and U.S. stately homes, where larger-than-life characters take center stage in dreamlike scenes featuring chandeliers, taxidermy, and four-poster beds. These motifs transport viewers to an alternate, utopian world inspired by the past, one that beckons us to step into its alluring embrace.

Miss Aniela’s website is a noteworthy example of simplicity and accessibility in the realm of artist websites. It employs a continuous scroll feature, allowing you to effortlessly explore all of her work on a single, uninterrupted page. The website is crafted using the Format website builder, demonstrating a user-friendly approach that lets visitors seamlessly engage with her captivating and surreal portfolio.

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4. Matt Dixon Conceptual Artist Portfolio Website

Matt Dixon is a freelance illustrator and concept artist. His creative journey has been one filled with colorful crayons, brushes, and pens, which have been his trusted companions for as long as he can remember. His fascination with digital art began in 1980, at the tender age of eight when he discovered the magic of assembling images using ASCII characters on his Commodore VIC-20. Since then, his creative journey has been firmly anchored in the digital realm.

Matt’s profound connection with the world of gaming dates back to 1988 when he made his first artistic contribution to a video game. For over a decade, he served as a senior artist at one of the UK’s largest independent game developers. During this tenure, he lent his artistic talents to various licensed products, including beloved titles such as Disney features, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, and Harry Potter.

In 2007, Matt embarked on his freelance journey, offering his expertise in illustration and concept design for both print and digital media. His website, built on Squarespace, reflects his approach to simplicity and clarity. It boasts a clean, well-structured layout with a modal grid design, ensuring easy navigation and immediate access to his contact information. It’s the digital canvas where Matt’s artistic journey comes to life, a place where you can witness his passion for robots and much more.

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5. Katie O’Sullivan Artist Website Example

Katie O’Sullivan, hailing from Ireland, has been a notable presence in the art world since 1981. She began her artistic journey at the Chelsea College of Art and has since made her mark on the global stage. Her art has graced the walls of prestigious galleries in London, New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. Notably, she has been associated with Quantum Contemporary Art since 2004 and is celebrated as the foremost equine artist in the United Kingdom today.

Her artwork adorns collections worldwide, including those of HRH Prince Philip, Prince Fahd Salman, Sheik Mohammed, Mr. JP McManus, Mr. John Magnier, Lord and Lady Lloyd Webber, and Mr. Roger Waters. The late Sir Peter O’Sullevan CBE hailed her as a talent that marries tradition and modernity.

What makes her online presence even more impressive is her meticulously crafted website, designed on Webflow. It exudes a unique blend of formality and warmth while maintaining a high level of professionalism. It’s a prime example of an outstanding artist website, showcasing her remarkable artistry.

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6. David Lanham Illustrator and Designer Portfolio Website

David Lanham is a celebrated illustrator and designer, known for his inimitable style and clever sense of humor infusing his artwork. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, he’s a multifaceted creative with a diverse portfolio. Besides his artistic pursuits, he co-founded the Impending software studio and actively contributed to the creative efforts of the Icon Factory. Notably, David is the creative force behind the popular game app, Hatch, featuring the endearing creatures known as “fugus.” He’s also the artistic mind responsible for Heads Up!, a game app designed specifically for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which has garnered widespread acclaim for his creativity.

Describing his artistic philosophy succinctly, David states, “I like to have fun with my drawings and keep them open-ended, inviting you to add your own story.” This guiding principle underscores his creative process, fostering engagement and interactivity with his audience. His mastery of color and composition is rooted in a solid foundation of traditional art, paint color mixing, and a deep understanding of artistic fundamentals. This expertise is a result of dedication, practice, and an acute awareness of the dynamics of color combinations.

The website website paints a vivid fantasy tale with vibrant hues and enchanting creatures. After a brief self-introduction labeled “drawings and other creations,” visitors can scroll down to explore his gallery—a playful array of differently sized plates.

Convenient links at the top direct visitors to the shop and an about page, which goes beyond a typical introduction. It features a concise personal story, blog articles, resource links, and interviews. The website’s design predominantly uses black and blue tones with a touch of red, providing the perfect backdrop to showcase the vibrant burst of colors in the artist’s works.

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8. JodeArt Acrylic Fluid Art Creator Website

JodeArt is an Australian-owned business, driven by the belief that pursuing your dreams has the power to transform your life. Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt’s wisdom, Jodie Lord embraces the notion that doing what feels right is more important than fearing criticism. The future, as Roosevelt eloquently put it, belongs to those who have faith in the beauty of their dreams.

While Jodie Lord ventures into various art forms, her current focal point is acrylic fluid art. Her artistic journey gracefully shifts between earthy, ethereal tones and striking, attention-grabbing expressions. Alongside fluid art, Jodie explores the realms of resin, alcohol inks, chalks, and charcoal, but the spontaneity, interplay of colors, composition, and movement in fluid art remain her enduring passion. In Jody’s eyes, art is a profoundly subjective experience. She believes that if a piece resonates with you, it might just be destined to become a part of your world. JodeArt serves as a conduit for personal connection and interpretation, seeking to kindle that connection with viewers.

The website’s color scheme dances harmoniously across every inch, creating a clean and sleek appearance with eye-catching shapes. It’s an inspiring design that teaches us the value of incredible images, a unique web design style, and an awesome color scheme.

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9. Alana Ciena Unique Artist Website

Hailing from Northern California, Alana Tillman is an artist with a truly unique story. Born without the use of her arms and hands, she defied limitations and learned to draw and paint using her mouth. Her artistic journey was nurtured by her family, where creativity was not just encouraged but celebrated. Alana’s love for painting ignited at the tender age of five, and her passion has continued to burn brightly ever since.

Alana regards her artistic talents as a gift to refine and share, drawing inspiration from the diverse landscape of Northern California. Her painting style, spanning from abstract to impressionist, reflects the variety of her surroundings. When collaborating with clients, Alana aims to craft artwork that evokes emotions, memories, and uplifts the ambiance of spaces. Despite her unique ability to paint with her mouth, she aspires to be known for the exceptional quality of her work.

Her website serves as a showcase of her remarkable artwork, created without the use of her hands. It elegantly portrays her pieces, designed to evoke emotions and enhance spaces. Simple yet elegant, the website displays a wonderful array of images, conveying a sense of love and admiration. This outstanding artist’s website design offers exceptional images, and personalized lettering, and shares an inspirational story.

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10. Lorraine Nam Book Illustrator Website

From Philadelphia to Brooklyn, Lorraine Nam’s artistry blossomed. Her childhood, spent in her parent’s jewelry store, fostered her love for drawing and origami, now at the heart of her illustrations.

One of the highlights of Lorraine’s career is her role as the illustrator for the picture book biography ‘Look Up With Me: Neil deGrasse Tyson: A Life Among the Stars,’ a collaboration with writer Jennifer Berne published by HarperCollins in 2019. Her artistic talent extends beyond the world of books, as she brought her distinctive visual storytelling to the iconic Rockefeller Center during the previous holiday season. Her joyful illustrations, showcased through vinyl murals and diorama-like vitrines, embody the holiday spirit. Children in cozy winter attire dance amid balloons, candy canes, and bursts of color, igniting the campus with the infectious energy of the season. Lorraine’s art transforms the Center into an interactive dance party, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the festivities and perhaps record their own moments of joy.

Lorraine Nam’s website employs a clean and straightforward design. The homepage prominently displays a gallery of images from her portfolio, with minimal content found only in the sidebar. The design’s simplicity, characterized by a white background, effectively accentuates the vibrant colors.

Notably, several images on the homepage, including the logo, incorporate motion and animation elements. The primary focus of this website, aside from the “about” page, revolves around the presentation of her exquisite artwork.

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11. Nedavius New York-Based Artist & Designer Website

Meet Nedavius, an artist and designer based in the vibrant city of New York. His creative journey is all about shaping imaginative projects through the art of visual world-building.

Nedavius has earned recognition for his work, previously being featured on platforms such as D&AD New Blood, Wix, Pigeons & Planes, and Complex. Currently, he’s deeply engaged in collaborations with fellow artists and teams. He lends his expertise as an art director and digital designer, with a specialized focus on the captivating realm of 3D design.

This website’s user-friendly aesthetics will certainly captivate your attention. The clever use of animations, particularly the animated cursor and menus, imparts a playful and artistic ambiance to the site. It’s remarkable how seamlessly the artist links to his projects and integrates an online store for effortless shopping by visitors.

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12. Amy T. Won Traditional Artist Website


Amy T. Won, an artist and storyteller, weaves symbolic tales of wonder-filled adventures. Her mission is to help others forge a deeper, spiritual bond with their physical world.

Her artistic journey began with The TreeSpace Studio six years ago, reigniting her creativity after a decade-long drought. Inspired by ‘The Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton, she envisioned her studio as a link to her imagination. A constant reminder to stay enchanted. The studio has evolved into a portal for collaborative visual dreams. It now signifies the importance of exploration, self-guided adventures, and pioneering creativity. Amy aims to inspire wonder-filled adventures that kindle the senses and rejuvenate the enchantment of life, sparking the magic that awaits in the overflow of creativity.

Amy T. Won’s website stands out by incorporating a sizable, dark header, setting it apart from many others in this showcase. Additionally, the site features watercolor effects as a backdrop for the navigation menu. The shop on this website is powered by Woocommerce, offering a range of items. Some are unique originals with only one available for purchase, while others are labeled as already sold.

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13. Grand Deluxe Digital Artist Website

Sami Viljanto is an illustrator with a unique story. Despite suffering from a distinct lack of dance moves, his journey in the world of art seems far from coincidental.

As a child, Sami received many compliments for his drawings, sparking a belief in his natural talent. This prompted him to pursue a career as a web and graphic designer. However, midway through his studies, he realized he couldn’t fully express himself in that field and lacked the bravery to become a full-time painter or artist.

With newfound determination, Sami ventured into the realm of illustration, a path that resonated with his creative spirit. It’s a decision born from a desire to truly communicate his thoughts and feelings. Perhaps one day, the standards for pursuing other creative outlets will shift, and Sami may explore those horizons.

Sami Viljanto’s artist website mirrors his style—a vibrant display with a simple, user-friendly structure and a modal grid. It invites you to explore his artistic world and stands as a testament to his journey of self-discovery and creative evolution.

The Grand Deluxe homepage serves as the showcase for Sami Viljanto’s illustration portfolio. The art website impresses visitors with its vibrant illustrations and bold color choices. Clicking on any illustration reveals a larger pop-up image accompanied by text about the modern design.

The website comprises only three sections, and users can seamlessly navigate between them via the navigation bar. The contact or follow page is dedicated to the illustrator’s social media accounts, while the About page offers concise information about Sami.

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14. Benjamin Hardman Photography Portfolio Website

Benjamin Hardman’s website is a visual journey through the stunning landscapes of Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard, and Antarctica. As a seasoned landscape photographer and natural history cinematographer with a decade of experience, including work for Netflix and the BBC, Benjamin’s deep connection to these lands is evident in his awe-inspiring portfolio.

The website itself mirrors the pristine beauty of his work. Its clean and minimalist design, created with Squarespace, complements the author’s photographic style.

While some websites may lose personality in their sterility, Benjamin’s website enhances the impact of his photography, allowing the natural wonders to take center stage. It’s a captivating showcase of his awe-inspiring work in the world’s most breathtaking locations.

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15. Michelle Carlos Whimsical Artist Website

Michelle Carlos, born and raised by mathematicians in the Philippines, had an early love for doodling. With a Fine Arts degree in hand, she embarked on a filmmaking career and later delved into a decade of post-production, earning an MA in media conservation.

However, life’s twists, including battling cancer and expat experiences in Singapore, Germany, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates, reignited her artistic passion. Michelle committed to daily practice and self-study to refine her skills and nurture her unique style. Her art draws from her travels, cherished memories, vivid dreams, and diverse cultures encountered along the way. Michelle translates these influences into the children’s books she both illustrates and writes. Her website mirrors her art—fun, whimsical, and quirky, inviting visitors into her magical world.

Michelle Carlos’s website boasts an impressive design, featuring a vibrant display of colorful art. Her distinctive and playful logo sets her site apart from those of other artists. The website is brimming with high-quality illustrations, featuring a range of sizes that enhance its fun and engaging appeal.

What’s particularly appealing is the strategic placement and nomenclature of the navigation menus, which facilitate seamless switching between sections. The footer is replete with clickable icons that directly link to Michelle Carlos’s social media accounts.

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Let’s Wrap It Up!

In wrapping up our journey through these 15 artist websites, it’s clear that these online spaces are more than just art displays. They are the artist’s digital studios, inviting you to step into their creative world.

From JodeArt’s captivating fluid art to Amy T. Won’s magical storytelling, these websites allow us to delve into the minds and hearts of artists. They’ve shown us that a well-crafted website can expand the boundaries of a traditional gallery and make art accessible to a global audience. Smooth navigation is key.

And there’s an added bonus—a blog. These aren’t just platforms for displaying finished pieces. They’re windows into the creative process, the stories behind the art, and the inspirations that drive it. These blogs remind us that art is a dynamic dialogue, not a static monologue.

Ultimately, these artist websites serve as more than digital spaces; they are gateways into the creative human spirit. With every click, we uncover fresh layers of inspiration, unique perspectives, and a shared connection through the universal language of art.

In the meantime, let’s explore more insights and resources on web design and web development by checking out our other articles!

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