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20 Website Redesign Examples of the Perfect Brand Makeover

Before & After of live websites and redesign concepts for inspiration

A well-executed website redesign can breathe new life into a brand, enhancing its visual appeal, user experience, and overall perception. In this article, we delve into the realm of website redesigns and present 20 inspiring examples of brands that underwent the perfect makeover. From real-life website transformations to visionary concepts, these examples showcase the power of strategic redesign in revitalizing a brand’s online identity and leaving a lasting impact.

Redesigning your website can be a game-changer for any brand, offering a range of benefits that help elevate your online presence. Here are a few key advantages :

  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: A fresh design and modern aesthetics can captivate visitors, leaving a memorable impression and conveying professionalism.
  • Improved User Experience: An intuitive and user-friendly interface, streamlined navigation, and optimized content structure make it easier for visitors to find what they need and enjoy a seamless browsing experience.
  • Increased Engagement: Engaging visuals, compelling storytelling, and interactive elements can boost user engagement, encouraging visitors to spend more time on the site and explore its offerings.
  • Mobile-Friendly Experience: A responsive website design ensures compatibility across devices, enabling a seamless experience for users accessing the site from smartphones and tablets.
  • Improved Conversion Rates: Strategic design elements, persuasive call-to-action buttons, and optimized landing pages can help increase conversion rates, turning visitors into customers or leads.
  • Brand Consistency: A website redesign provides an opportunity to align the brand’s visual identity, messaging, and values, reinforcing a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

So let’s explore the following inspiring website redesign examples that achieve remarkable results.

Note: Please note that website designs may evolve over time, and it is recommended to review the websites directly for the most accurate analysis.


Mozom Creative Portfolio Redesign

Mozom Design, a creative studio based in Israel, embarked on a website redesign journey that focused primarily on cosmetic enhancements to align with the latest design trends. Previously, their website featured a single-page layout reminiscent of a magazine design, adorned with exquisite typography. However, it presented challenges in easily locating all the essential features. Let’s explore the remarkable transformation:


Before: Mozom Design’s website exuded a visually stunning aesthetic with its magazine-inspired design and captivating typography. However, while the design was impressive, there was room for improvement in terms of seamlessly discovering and accessing all the website’s features.


After: The redesigned Mozom Design website takes a significant leap forward by introducing a looping homepage that showcases their recent projects in macro design. With a focus on enhancing user experience, the revamped website now offers improved navigation, allowing visitors to effortlessly find important elements such as contact information, awards, and other key details. The result is a sleek and user-friendly website that aligns with the latest design trends while ensuring a seamless browsing experience for potential clients.


Reddit Platform Redesign: From Quirky to Functional

When it comes to online discussion platforms, Reddit has been a long-standing favorite. However, the old Reddit interface presented challenges, particularly for users unfamiliar with its nested structure. The redesigned version of Reddit revolutionizes the user experience, making it more accessible and user-friendly. Let’s delve into the transformation:


Before: The old Reddit interface featured a nested structure that, while beloved by seasoned users, proved daunting for newcomers. Navigating through various subreddits and threads required a learning curve and often resulted in confusion and frustration.


After: The redesigned Reddit interface introduces a game-changing user experience. The new design streamlines the navigation process, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. With improved organization, enhanced search capabilities, and simplified community discovery, the redesigned Reddit caters to both seasoned users and newcomers alike. The transformation marks a significant step forward, making Reddit a more inclusive and engaging platform for online discussions.


Mailchimp Website Redesign: Subtler Branding and Better Homepage

Mailchimp, a renowned email marketing platform, underwent a significant transformation in its website redesign. Previously, Mailchimp focused on building a brand identity through strong colors, such as their signature signal yellow, and custom fonts. The new design, however, adopts a cleaner and more professional aesthetic while improving the overall structure and user experience. Let’s explore the evolution:



Before: In earlier versions, Mailchimp’s website emphasized brand-building through vibrant colors and unique typography. The presentation of features often required users to scroll through extensive content before accessing important information, such as pricing. Although visually appealing, the previous design could benefit from a more streamlined approach.

After: The redesigned Mailchimp website presents a refreshing and professional look. The new design incorporates a cleaner aesthetic while maintaining the brand’s essence. Notably, the pricing information is now prominently displayed below the fold, allowing users to quickly access it without extensive scrolling. Additionally, the products are listed in a horizontal section with clear call-to-action buttons, enhancing the ease of navigation and providing users with direct access to their desired Mailchimp solutions. The redesign demonstrates a successful balance between aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a smoother user experience.


The Hermitage Museum Website Design Update Concept

The official website of The Hermitage Museum, while simple and classic in its design, could benefit from modern touches to enhance its overall aesthetics, navigation, and branding. Although the current website features important elements like events, news, and learning materials, it could benefit from a more contemporary approach. While the following example is not official, it showcases a creative concept by Olga Buravchikova that reimagines the Hermitage Museum’s website to incorporate modern best practices, stronger branding, improved navigation, better structure, and captivating images that highlight the museum’s grandeur:



Current Website: The Hermitage Museum’s current website follows a classic design with card modules on the homepage, featuring events, news, and other important sections. However, it lacks some modern elements that could elevate the user experience.

Redesigned Concept: Olga Buravchikova’s conceptual redesign of The Hermitage Museum’s website introduces a fresh and contemporary approach. The concept showcases a stronger brand presence, with refined typography and visual elements that capture the museum’s magnificence. The navigation and structure have been enhanced to provide a seamless browsing experience, while captivating images immerse visitors in the grandeur of the museum’s exhibits. This imaginative redesign demonstrates how modern best practices can be applied to elevate the user experience and bring The Hermitage Museum’s online presence to new heights.


Ignite Brand Website Redesign Concept

Ignite, a brand specializing in nicotine products, currently features a website with a short and sleek macro design. The website showcases a modern, functional, and simple aesthetic, characterized by a black background, bold fonts, a straightforward structure, and impactful images. However, a creative redesign concept by MindInventory UI/UX  takes Ignite Brand’s website to new heights, incorporating captivating visuals and recognizable aesthetics that strengthen the brand’s online presence:


Current Website: Ignite Brand’s current website embraces a modern and minimalist approach. Its black color scheme, bold typography, simple structure, and prominent product images create a strong visual impact while maintaining a sleek and functional design.


Redesigned Concept: MindInventory UI/UX presents a creative redesign concept for Ignite Brand’s website that pushes the boundaries with visually striking elements. The concept retains the black color scheme but introduces a glassy look with mixed color gradients to soften the contrast and aggressive feel. The addition of flow animations adds a touch of dynamism and interactivity to the browsing experience. Notably, the redesigned concept includes detailed information pages that showcase additional product photos, available colors, and detailed information when users explore specific products. This comprehensive redesign envisions an immersive and visually captivating website that elevates Ignite Brand’s online presence and enhances user engagement.


Jami Lin Redesign: From Authentic Retro to Modern

Jami Lin‘s current website boasts an authentic retro design straight out of the 90s, with a captivating mix of exciting clutter, flashy elements, and a variety of fonts and elements meticulously arranged on a single page. While it exudes its own unique charm and remains memorable, the question arises as to whether this website truly needs a redesign, given its perfect embodiment of a distinct aesthetic. However, a modern and visually appealing redesign concept by Aanu Akin-Taylor presents an entirely different approach, featuring soft light colors, ample white space, structured sections, and easy navigation. Let’s explore the contrasting perspectives:



Current Website: Jami Lin’s current website embraces an authentic retro design, capturing the essence of the 90s with its vibrant clutter, flashy elements, and eclectic mix of fonts and elements. It stands out as a memorable representation of its own unique aesthetic.

Redesigned Concept: Aanu Akin-Taylor’s modern redesign concept for Jami Lin’s website introduces a complete contrast. With soft light colors, generous white space, structured sections, and improved navigation, the concept offers a visually pleasing and user-friendly experience. The redesign demonstrates a keen understanding of contemporary web design practices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for visitors. However, is it memorable like the original one? What do you think?


Creative Leadership Subtle Landing Page Redesign

Future London Academy’s Creative Leadership landing page serves as a promotional tool for their online course aimed at motivated managers and leaders. The old design of the landing page followed a dark mode geometric aesthetic with art deco elements, establishing a recognizable brand identity. However, the new redesign introduces subtle yet impactful changes while maintaining the overall structure, colors, and fonts. Let’s delve into the transformation:


Before: The previous design of the landing page featured a dark mode geometric layout with art deco elements. This design choice contributed to the brand’s recognition and established a unique visual identity. However, there was room for improvement in terms of emphasizing key content and ensuring a seamless user experience.


Redesigned Concept: The new redesign of the Creative Leadership landing page retains the existing structure, colors, and fonts while incorporating new brand elements. Notable changes include the introduction of large full-page titles with blur effects and increased overall content size. This refresh enhances the visibility of important content, ensuring that users can easily locate and engage with the most relevant information. While the changes are subtle, they contribute to a visually captivating experience that is hard to miss.


MiiR Full Website Redesign

MiiR, an online store specializing in stainless steel cold brew filters and related products, currently features a design that prominently showcases popular items using a dynamic modular grid layout. While the current design offers easy navigation, it may lack a trendy appeal. In contrast, the redesigned MiiR website presents a more dynamic experience, incorporating changing layouts throughout various sections. The redesign continues to highlight products below the fold, but now features a hero section that promotes important news, such as the MiiR x Claima collaboration empowering Black and Brown creatives:



Before: MiiR’s current website emphasizes popular products with a dynamic modular grid layout, providing easy navigation and accessibility. However, the design may benefit from a more trendy and visually captivating approach.

After: The new MiiR redesign amplifies the dynamism by introducing changing layouts in each section, delivering a more engaging and interesting user experience. The redesigned website continues to highlight important products below the fold while incorporating a hero section that showcases significant news and updates. Currently, it promotes the MiiR x Claima collaboration, which empowers Black and Brown creatives to claim a seat at the table of their choosing. This redesigned concept ensures that important content is prominently featured, offering an enhanced browsing experience for MiiR’s customers.


MiniLuxe: Full Website Architecture and Navigation Redesign

MiniLuxe, an eCommerce website specializing in hand, body, and nail care products, underwent a design transformation from its previous version to the new version. The previous design featured a minimalistic aesthetic with a sticky navigation containing four tabs, ensuring organized and logical access to all options. The redesigned version introduced a refreshing design update with a more dynamic layout, increased white space, and larger product photos. However, the most significant improvements were made to the navigation, resulting in a modern and functional multi-layer mega menu design. Let’s explore the details:


Before: MiniLuxe’s previous website design embraced a minimalistic approach, featuring sticky navigation with four tabs. This arrangement provided a neat and logically organized structure for accessing various options related to the products offered.


After: The redesigned version of MiniLuxe’s website elevates the overall experience by incorporating more dynamic layouts, increased white space, and larger product photos. The most notable enhancement lies in the navigation system. Here we have a sticky navigation that reveals inner pages on hover, offering a seamless browsing experience. This new navigation structure includes more pages, improved organization, significantly expanded search options, and even product filtering by color. This revamped multi-layer mega menu design ensures that users can easily explore the website, find desired products, and engage with a broader range of options.


Kid’s Place Childcare Modern Redesign

A Kid’s Place Childcare is a charming website catering to children between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 years, offering early childhood education and care. While the original website served its purpose, a creative redesign concept by Nat Shostak explores the strengths, weaknesses, and potential solutions. Although the concept is a case study worth reading, let’s dive into the redesigned concept, which enhances the overall user experience and visual appeal:



Original Website: The original Kid’s Place Childcare website provided a pleasant online presence for the childcare facility, showcasing its commitment to early childhood education and care.

Redesigned Concept: The redesigned concept presents a refreshed and enhanced user experience. The main page now includes new blocks that emphasize the kindergarten’s values, allowing visitors to understand the core principles and mission. Additionally, a scroll feature has been added to provide access to reviews from real people, offering valuable insights. The inclusion of a “Return to Top” button enhances navigation convenience, while a contact form enables easy communication with the childcare center. Furthermore, the clickable logo improves website usability. Visually, the redesigned concept strengthens the branding elements and creates the perfect atmosphere, contributing to a more engaging and memorable experience for visitors.


Bugatti Smartwatch Collection Landing Page Redesign

Bugatti Smartwatch Collection‘s official landing page, which previously showcased UI animations, big images, and smooth transitions, underwent a redesign to enhance its overall performance and user experience. While the previous version exuded a futuristic aesthetic, the new website presents a cleaner, lightweight design that still maintains the macro design style. Let’s explore the changes:


Before: The previous Bugatti Smartwatch Collection landing page captured attention with its abundance of UI animations, big images, and seamless transitions. The design exuded a futuristic vibe, creating an immersive experience for visitors.


After: The redesigned landing page for Bugatti Smartwatch Collection embraces a cleaner and lightweight approach. The website has been optimized for improved loading speed while retaining the macro design style that characterizes the brand. By streamlining the visual elements and focusing on simplicity, the redesigned version ensures a more efficient and user-friendly browsing experience.


Non-Profit Website Redesign Concept

The current website of Riverside Art Center, a non-profit arts corporation dedicated to promoting fine art, features a simple concept with a good informational architecture for structuring content. However, it lacks optimization for wider screens and may require improvements in the visual layout. In response, Khadija Hashmi presents a personal redesign concept that addresses these concerns and enhances the overall aesthetic and professionalism of the website:



Current Design: The existing website for Riverside Art Center follows a simple concept with an adequate information architecture to organize the content effectively. However, it falls short in terms of screen optimization and visual layout, requiring attention to improve the user experience.

Redesigned Concept: Khadija Hashmi’s redesign concept presents a beautiful blend of artistic expression and professional design for Riverside Art Center. The soft pastel colors and abundant white space create a visually pleasing atmosphere that complements the fine art focus of the organization. The redesigned layout addresses the screen optimization issue, ensuring a seamless experience across various devices. With this fresh and visually appealing concept, Riverside Art Center can present itself in a more engaging and professional manner.


Ruska Landing Page Redesign

Ruska, an innovation company in the Pet segment, focuses on developing products to facilitate the inclusion of pets in everyday life through a 360º vision encompassing the Tutor, Pet, and Environment. The previous version of their website showcased pet bowls with engaging videos of dogs, a playful mascot, and impressive scroll animations. However, the redesigned version takes a different approach to enhance the brand’s presence and showcase its products more effectively:


Previous Version: The previous version of Ruska’s website utilized cute videos of dogs, a memorable mascot, and brilliant scroll animations to advertise their pet bowls. The design aimed to create an engaging and playful experience for visitors.


Redesigned Version: The redesigned version of Ruska’s website features a high-quality video hero section that immediately captures visitors’ attention. While the new design incorporates fewer animations, it emphasizes custom illustrations to strengthen the brand’s presence. The product pages now provide detailed descriptions of the benefits and high-quality videos that showcase the products effectively. Additionally, the navigation has undergone changes, moving from a hamburger menu to a top-level navigation structure for improved accessibility.


Teruhiro Yanagihara Portfolio Redesign

Teruhiro Yanagihara Portfolio website underwent a significant redesign that maintains its clean style with visible lines and borders while introducing notable changes to the layout:


Before: The previous version of the portfolio website employed a split-screen layout. The left screen contained the navigation elements, while the larger right screen displayed the content for each selected link. Artworks were organized in a scrolling modular grid format reminiscent of platforms like Pinterest.


After: The new version of Teruhiro Yanagihara’s portfolio website embraces a full-screen layout with a macro design approach. It incorporates even more white space, offering a clean and minimalist visual aesthetic. The redesigned website focuses on simplicity, emphasizing the showcased artworks and projects.


Notorious Nooch: Subtle Website Revamp

Notorious Nooch, an eCommerce store offering plant-based flavored products, underwent a refresh that aimed to enhance its overall design and user experience. Although the changes can be considered more of a refresh than a full redesign, they bring noticeable improvements to the website:


Before: The previous version of Notorious Nooch’s website captivated visitors with animated product photos in the hero section. The design had a cartoony feel with custom animations that contributed to the brand’s identity and provided a memorable browsing experience.


After: The refreshed version of Notorious Nooch’s website features a more professional hero section showcasing the latest product. The subsequent section maintains the brand’s distinctive cartoony style, incorporating animated elements with horizontal scroll functionality. The overall design is now cleaner, less cluttered, and better structured, ensuring an easier navigation experience. The fun and custom characters are still present, preserving the brand’s identity.

Through this refresh, Notorious Nooch has improved its website’s visual appeal and user-friendliness. The more professional hero section highlights the latest product, while the playful animated elements maintain the brand’s unique identity. The cleaner and well-structured layout enhances the overall browsing experience, allowing visitors to navigate the website with ease and enjoy the brand’s flavorful offerings.


Oncofocus Before and After Redesign Concept

Oncofocus, an oncology-focused consulting firm, currently has a professional and clean website that, while functional and educational, appears somewhat outdated. Although the existing design serves its purpose well for the target audience, a redesign concept by Shubhada Poojary offers an opportunity to enhance the structure and visuals.



Current Version: The current website of Oncofocus is a static HTML site that maintains a professional and clean appearance. While it may lack the latest design trends, it remains highly functional, easy to navigate, and provides valuable educational content. Considering the target audience’s preferences for efficiency and direct contact with consultants, a redesign may not be essential.

Redesigned Concept: Shubhada Poojary’s creative concept for the Oncofocus website aims to elevate the structure and visuals to a higher level. While respecting the target audience’s preferences for a straightforward and professional design, the concept offers subtle enhancements. These improvements could include refined typography, an updated color palette, and strategic use of whitespace to create a more contemporary and visually appealing experience.


Flowerdose Product Section Redesign

Flowerdose, an online store offering beautiful flower compositions, had a stylish and more passionate design in its previous version.


Before: The previous design of Flowerdose showcased the beauty and emotion behind their flower compositions through visually striking cards. It effectively used different style cards to convey the emotional influence of specific flowers and colors. These cards featured high-quality artistic images of products and utilized elements such as colors, contrast, lights, and shadows to create an emotional connection.


After: Now the layout has been transformed with a new homepage that features a slider of product cards beneath the hero section. The redesign takes a fresh approach by incorporating a slider for product cards and introducing a more harmonious color palette. With improved navigation and the addition of an FAQ section, the redesigned website offers enhanced functionality and an even more visually appealing experience.


Murchie’s Tea & Coffee Fresh Website Redesign Concept

Murchie’s Tea & Coffee, a delightful shop offering tea, coffee, gifts, and related products, currently has a simple website design featuring a card layout, drop-down menus, and small product thumbnails on the homepage. While functional, the website lacks strong branding and reflects an outdated interface that doesn’t enhance the overall experience. Anastasiia Rudenko presents a concept for a website redesign that aims to capture the essence of Murchie’s Tea & Coffee and resonate with the target audience’s aesthetic preferences.



Current Version: Murchie’s Tea & Coffee, a delightful shop offering tea, coffee, gifts, and related products, currently has a simple website design featuring a card layout, drop-down menus, and small product thumbnails on the homepage. While functional, the website lacks strong branding and reflects an outdated interface that doesn’t enhance the overall experience. It fails to capture the essence of the aesthetic shop and deliver a modern and visually appealing interface. The existing design does not fully represent the brand’s rich history or create a seamless connection between the online and physical shopping experience.

Redesign Concept: Anastasiia Rudenko presents a concept for a website redesign that aims to elevate Murchie’s Tea & Coffee’s online presence and align it with the brand’s aesthetics. The new design focuses on creating a sleeker and more simplified interface, enhancing user engagement through innovative features such as quizzes and customization options. Drawing inspiration from Murchie’s Tea & Coffee’s rich heritage, the redesign incorporates real vintage illustrations to evoke a sense of nostalgia and showcase the brand’s extensive experience in the industry. By bringing the UI closer to the atmosphere of Murchie’s physical stores, the concept establishes a cohesive and immersive online shopping experience that resonates with the target audience’s aesthetic preferences.


Minima: Subtle Product Pages Redesign

Next, we have Minima, an eCommerce business specializing in modern furniture and contemporary lighting. The previous version of the website embraced a trendy brutalist style, combining clean visuals with colorful moving text, and offering well-structured navigation. While the overall design was effective, it’s important to note that redesigning a website doesn’t always require drastic changes. In the case of Minima, the redesign focuses on subtle enhancements, particularly on the product page.


Before: Previously, the product page featured a product gallery slider on the left, accompanied by a short product description and buying options on the right. Below, there was a comprehensive product description that included details on materials, measurements, and additional information.


After: In the current version, the layout has been refined. All relevant information is now presented in a more concise format, positioned to the right of the gallery. Additionally, a new colorful “Pay with Link” button option has been introduced. Moreover, below the product details, users can now explore a “Get Inspired” section, showcasing recommended products that complement the selected item. These small yet impactful changes aim to improve conversion rates and enhance the overall user experience.


Code Story Modern Website Redesign Concept

The last website redesign example is for Code Story, the website for a podcast that features founders, tech leaders, CTOs, CEOs, and software architects sharing their human stories behind creating disruptive digital products.



Current Version: The current website has a simple design with a black background and video thumbnails of the latest podcast episodes as the main feature on the homepage. While minimalistic, the design lacks structure and additional information about the podcast.

Resedign Concept: Khadija Hashmi presents a redesign concept for Code Story that maintains the simplicity of the original design while improving the overall structure, layout, and navigation. The concept includes several new sections to enhance the user experience. Firstly, a hero section is added to provide a concise summary of the podcast’s concept and purpose, accompanied by a call-to-action (CTA). Secondly, a section featuring popular episodes is introduced to highlight engaging content. Additionally, a “where we’re featured” section is included to showcase the podcast’s recognition and collaborations.

The redesign also introduces a short section dedicated to the podcast’s founders, with a link to read more about their stories. Lastly, a team section is incorporated to give recognition to the individuals involved in producing the podcast. These additions provide users with a more informative and engaging experience, while still maintaining the simplicity of the original design.


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Let’s Wrap It Up!

We explored various examples of website redesigns across different industries, showcasing the transformations from their previous versions to their current iterations.

To sum up, these redesigns have an incredible impact on the websites’ overall look, functionality, and brand presence. Whether it was modernizing outdated interfaces, improving navigation, or incorporating innovative features, each redesign aimed to create a more compelling and user-friendly experience.

However, it’s important to remember that a successful redesign should always consider the specific needs and preferences of the target audience. It’s about finding the right balance between aesthetics, and usability, and aligning with the goals of the website and its users.

So, when the time comes to consider a redesign, it’s important to embrace the possibilities and seize the opportunity to enhance your online presence.

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