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The 20 Best Elementor Websites That Set the Bar High

20 live websites from various industries created with Elementor

Elementor websites have become a cornerstone in the world of WordPress design, boasting a remarkable user base of over 5 million professionals. This dynamic page builder plugin offers a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface, making it a top choice for crafting visually stunning websites.

There are a lot of benefits of Elementor. For starters, it simplifies web design with a user-friendly interface, regardless of your experience. Elementor’s free version offers a wealth of features, allowing you to create stunning websites without straining your budget. For those seeking advanced design options and enhanced functionality, Elementor Pro stands out. While Elementor is fantastic for web design, Elementor Pro takes it up a notch with an array of added features and a competitive price.

With that being said, let’s dive into some fantastic Elementor websites we found in the wild. We’ve curated a list of the 20 best examples, showcasing the versatility of the builder and the practical applications Elementor offers across various industries. As a bonus, we’ve also listed the WordPress plugins used for each example, providing insights and inspiration for your website creation journey.


1. Mordilevi Branding Design Agency Elemetor Website

Mordilevi is a company well-known for its superb web design skills. It’s one of the top Elementor websites, using Parallax effects, scrolling animations, and hover boxes to create an eye-catching look.

To navigate the website easily, click on the three small white lines in the top right corner of the landing page and select where you want to go. The black background provides a strong contrast for the colorful floating objects. Mordilevi is your go-to solution for enhancing your website’s visual style.

  • Plugins: Elementor
  • Visit Live Website: Mordilevi


2. Do The North Tourism Elemetor Website

Do The North effectively utilize striking banner and services sections to provide visitors with a clear glimpse of what they can expect from the site? As soon as you arrive on the website, you’ll be enticed to embark on a journey of exploration.

The banners and services sections are designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it easy to grasp their offerings. The website also showcases high-quality images, greatly assisting visitors seeking information on various topics.

Additionally, the testimonials on Do The North’s site serve as compelling evidence of the excellence of their services, further enhancing the overall impression of quality that this website exudes.

  • Plugins: GeneratePress Theme/ Elementor Pro, WordPress Multilingual
  • Visit Live Website:  Do The North


3. Envy Pompano Beach Apartments Website

Envypompanobeach, renowned for its luxurious Pompano Beach studios, is expanding its offerings to include suits, and its commitment to customer satisfaction shines through. Their Elementor-powered website is a testament to sophistication, replete with top-quality finishing touches.

From the captivating pop-up title to the mesmerizing dissolving photo effect, this website boasts a wide array of features that enhance the appeal of their suits, leaving visitors in awe.

Not only does Envypompanobeach excel in high-quality graphics, but Elementor also empowers them to employ various SEO plugins, elevating their search engine ranking. This company has rapidly gained recognition for delivering stunning suits at competitive prices, achieved through its impressive use of custom functionality within WordPress.


4. The Mars Mission Interactive Elementor Website

The Mars Mission website boasts a sleek and modern design. Its striking black background instantly grabs your attention, while the straightforward animations add a captivating element to the page. Powered by Elementor and utilizing the Hello Elementor theme, this website incorporates parallax effects and is structured as a captivating storytelling platform.

  • Plugins: Hello Elementor Theme/ Elementor Website Builder; Image Map Pro for WordPress
  • Visit Live Website:  The Mars Mission


5. Science App Design House for Aerospace Systems

Science App stands out as a prime example of a WordPress website, showcasing an elegant design that effectively represents the company’s services and logo. The banner features a satellite in Near-Earth Orbit against a parallax background, leaving a lasting impression on visitors from their very first encounter with the website.

The Applications section is well-organized, featuring white text on a dark background, creating a pleasing contrast. Additionally, there’s an attention-grabbing segmented satellite technology on display.

The About Us section is concise and primarily visual, featuring a static Earth background image with five clickable images of satellites in Near-Earth Orbit, accompanied by visually appealing hover animations.

The Contact section is user-friendly and straightforward, making it easy for visitors to get in touch.

  • Plugins: Astra Theme/ Elementor Website Builder; Elementor Header & Footer Builder; Page Loading Effects, Contact Form by WPForms
  • Visit Live Website:  Science App


6. Aroz Jewelry eCommerce Elementor Website

Aroz Jewelry shines as a top-tier Elementor website, reflecting the exquisite beauty of the jewelry it offers.

The webpage boasts a well-structured design, complete with a convenient drop-down menu and an engaging product photo carousel. The visuals and icons are thoughtfully arranged and feature captivating animations.

This website leverages the Urban Clothing Shop Elementor template and Elementor Website Builder, alongside PrestaShop and MailChimp integrations, enhancing the overall user experience and functionality.

  • Plugins: Urban Clothing Shop Elemntor template/ Elementor Website Builder; PrestaShop, MailChimp.
  • Visit Live Website: Aroz Jewelry


7. Eiktyrne Whisky Promotional Elementor Website

Following a charming animated introduction, this website captivates with its exquisitely styled appearance, featuring a clean color palette, floating photos, and a marbled background.

Powered by the Hello Elementor Theme and Elementor Website Builder, this website is finely crafted for a seamless user experience. It also incorporates Analytify and the LazyLoad Plugin, enhancing its functionality and performance.

  • Plugins: Hello Elementor Theme/ Elementor Website Builder; Analytify; LazyLoad Plugin
  • Visit Live Website: Eiktyrne Whisky


8. Barrel Marketing Agency Website

Barrel Marketing immediately captivates visitors with its striking graphics, beginning with the impressive BARREL video header, which sets the tone for the entire website.

The “Our Work” section is thoughtfully arranged, offering cleverly organized category filters for easy navigation and exploration.

This website is constructed using the Hello Elementor Theme and Elementor Pro, with additional enhancements provided by the Jet Engine Plugin, Jet Elements Plugin, and OoohBoi Steroids for Elementor, ensuring a dynamic and visually appealing user experience.

  • Plugins: Hello Elementor Theme/ Elementor Pro; Jet Engine Plugin; Jet Elements Plugin; OoohBoi Steroids for Elementor
  • Visit Live Website: Barrel Marketing


9. Bersus Design Portfolio Website Built on Elemetor

Bersus Design serves as the portfolio website for Den Sabrov, who is not just a designer but also a versatile web developer, 3D artist, and photographer.

The website itself is a masterpiece of interactive design, featuring clean white aesthetics and captivating animations that engage visitors. Bersus Design is built using Elementor, enhanced by WP Fastest Cache and Theplus Elementor Addon, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience that showcases Den Sabrov’s diverse talents in a visually compelling manner.

  • Plugins: Elementor, WP Fastest Cache, Theplus Elementor Addon.
  • Visit Live Website: Bersus Design


10. Croing Creative Agency Business Website

Croing Creative Agency’s business website, constructed with Elementor, stands out for its sleek and minimalist design. The black and simple layout is elegantly complemented by animated elements that add a touch of dynamism to the page.

One of the standout features is the integration of a booking system that allows users to schedule Zoom calls seamlessly. The lazy scrolling feature ensures a smooth and user-friendly browsing experience, while scrolling animations provide an engaging and interactive touch, making the website truly captivating for visitors.


11. Steffie De Leeuw Portfolio Website

Steffie De Leeuw’s Portfolio Website, designed with Elementor, is a lush and imaginative showcase of magnificent artwork and fonts. The website is a visual treat, with well-organized portfolio sections as you scroll down, complete with eye-catching call-to-action buttons.

The website also features custom development, adding a unique touch to its functionality, along with custom illustrations and graphics that enhance the overall visual appeal and make Steffie De Leeuw’s portfolio truly stand out.


12. Agencia Mach Branding Agency Elementor Website

Agencia Mach’s website is a dynamic and captivating platform, featuring a vibrant animated hero slider that immediately grabs visitors’ attention. Parallax effects and scrolling animations add depth and interactivity to the user experience.

The website is enhanced with custom graphics that contribute to its unique and visually appealing design. Powered by the Agenciativos Final Theme and Elementor Pro, it also utilizes Slider Revolution, WP Social Chat, and the Full Screen Menu for Elementor, ensuring a seamless and feature-rich user journey.

  • Plugins: Agenciativos Final Theme/ Elementor Pro, Slider Revolution, WP Social Chat, Full Screen Menu for Elementor
  • Visit Live Website: Agencia Mach


13. Top Hat Classics Land Rover Simple Elementor Website

Top Hat Classics Land Rover offers a clean and crisp white website. It features a well-structured, multi-column grid layout, making navigation a breeze.

Built with the Bricks Child Theme and Elementor, the website provides a user-friendly and highly customizable interface. Additionally, SEOPress optimizes the site for search engines, thus improving its online visibility.

  • Plugins: Bricks Child Theme/ Elementor; SEOPress
  • Visit Live Website: Top Hat Classics


14. Team One Security OceanWP Elementor Website

Team One Security Agency, headquartered in Copenhagen, provides top-tier security services. The website boasts a sleek, modern design, making navigation easy. Each page follows a similar layout, so visitors can quickly find what they need.

The sophisticated color scheme includes pale saplings, white paper candles, and black ink pens. Powered by OceanWP Theme and Elementor Website Builder, the site offers a seamless experience with the help of Elements Plus!, Ocean Extra, Ocean Modal Window, and Ocean Sticky Header.

  • Plugins: OceanWP Theme/ Elementor Website Builder; Elements Plus!; Ocean Extra; Ocean Modal Window; Ocean Sticky Header
  • Visit Live Website: Team One Security


15. Wodo Digital Agency Business Website

The Wodo site showcases several unique features, such as an animated hero section, a full-screen menu overlay, a circular button in the bottom right corner, and sliding text in the footer. But that’s not all; there’s more to explore.

As you scroll past the initial section, the header disappears, but it conveniently reappears when you want to return to the top.

Wodo has mastered animations and effects, offering you the opportunity to incorporate them seamlessly. This is made possible through the use of Preloader Plus, Elementor Website Builder, PixelYourSite, and the Jet Engine Plugin, ensuring a dynamic and engaging user experience.

  • Plugins: Preloader Plus; Elementor Website Builder; PixelYourSite; Jet Engine Plugin
  • Visit Live Website:  Wodo Agency


16. Kingdom And Sparrow Global Digital Agency Website

Kingdom & Sparrow boasts a clean and captivating design with stunning product photos arranged in a relaxed grid layout. The website’s visual floating menus are particularly attention-grabbing.

It’s built using the Solve Theme and Elementor Pro, along with Exclusive Team for Elementor, Elementor Header & Footer Builder, and Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing user experience.

  • Plugins: Solve Theme/ Elementor Pro; Exclusive Team for Elementor; Elementor Header & Footer Builder; Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA
  • Visit Live Website: Kingdom & Sparrow


17. Neon Collective Digital Agency Elementor Website

The Neon Collective, a digital branding agency, showcases a website enriched with scrolling animations and parallax effects. Its design is clean and easily scannable, presenting a well-structured layout.

The website features a branding color scheme, combining dark purple and neon green, creating a visually striking appearance. It’s built with the Astra Theme and Elementor Pro, ensuring a user-friendly and visually engaging experience.

  • Plugins: Solve Theme/ Elementor Pro; Exclusive Team for Elementor; Elementor Header & Footer Builder; Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA
  • Visit Live Website: Neon Collective


18. Art Academy Brand Food Website

Art Academy displays its culinary expertise with a minimalistic approach, combining beautiful visuals with an effective “Find Out More” button. Moreover, the hover cocktail menu adds an intriguing touch for guests.

The website is powered by the Hello Elementor Theme and Elementor Pro, with enhancements from SG Optimizer and PowerPack, ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience.

  • Plugins: Hello Elementor Theme/ Elementor Pro, SG Optimizer, PowerPack
  • Visit Live Website: Art Academy Brand


19. Aviaja Dance Promotional Elementor Website

AVIAJA Dance, led by Sarah Aviaja Hammeken, is a contemporary dance company that excels in producing captivating performances. Their productions focus on visually stunning stage art with a strong moral and a clear message, addressing societal issues on both local and global scales.

Their website, powered by the Hello Elementor Theme and Elementor Pro, benefits from additional functionalities provided by Smush, Rank Math, iThemes Security, WP-Optimize, WPS Hide Login, and Complianz – GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent, ensuring a seamless online presence and user experience.

  • Plugins: Hello Elementor Theme/ Elementor Pro, Smush, Rank Math, Ithemes Security, Wp-Optimize, WPS Hide Login; Complianz – GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent
  • Visit Live Website: Aviaja Dance


20. Australian Cosmetic Institute Website

The Australian Cosmetic Institute website employs lead magnet strategies. Upon visiting, a pop-up window invites newsletter sign-ups. Another pop-up features a chatbot offering assistance. A full-page photo slider showcases cosmetic treatments.

In addition to these engaging features, the website offers pleasant visuals, subtle animations, and relatable copy. It’s built with the Astra Theme, utilizing the Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin and Autoptimize for a seamless user experience.


Let’s Wrap It Up!

To sum up, Elementor deserves its status as a powerhouse in the WordPress community. Its ever-growing popularity, intuitive interface, and the extensive array of possibilities it offers make Elementor a go-to choice for creative minds.

As we’ve explored these 20 Elementor websites and the WordPress plugins that fuel their functionality, we hope you’ve gained valuable insights and inspiration for your own web design projects. The examples showcased here illustrate the boundless potential of Elementor, bridging the gap between creativity and practicality.

In the meantime, explore more insights and resources on web design and web development by checking out our other articles!

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