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25 Remarkable Free Fonts Designers Must Start Use Today! (Part 2)

Earlier we posted a collection of 25 incredible free fonts – cursive, serif and sans-serif. As we promised, here is Part two of the collection with 25 more free fonts. Each font has a friendly user experience and is hand-picked with love and cares the same high-quality as any premium one. We categorized all free fonts once again so you could easily find what you need for your upcoming design projects.

Quick Overview

Cursive and Script Free Fonts

It’s not so often to see designers using cursive fonts but when done right, these fonts instantly grab your attention. Cursive and script looks best for logos and emphasis on short texts in titles and are often preferable for branding, business cards and everything that requires a professional elegant look.

1. Grahamo

Grahamo is a luxurious cursive font that will bring class and modern look to any design. Its professional look makes it useful for magazines, books, logos, business cards, and any type of branding, especially related to hotels and events.

You can download Grahamo here.

2. Emily Smiles

Another suitable font for branding and printables, Emily Smiles packs three free fonts, swashes, and hand-drawn icons to make your designs unique.

You can download Emily smiles here.

3. Leafy

This font is more simplistic and casual, which makes it easier to use for almost everything. Leady includes 95 characters and all basic glyphs need.

You can download Leafy here.

4. Salute Riches

Salute Riches is another luxurious and formal looking font that offers a high class to your designs. Combined with Serif fonts, just like in the preview, it simply looks like it belongs to an expensive brand. The pack includes both upper and lower cases for the characters.

You can download Salute Riches here.

5. Hazard

Hazard looks very casual with its marker tagging look and would fit just right into flyers, posters, and even more catchy headings and titles.

You can download Hazard here.

Free Serif Fonts

You can never go wrong with the cult classic serif fonts for a more traditional look to your designs. Here are five new modern and elegant serif fonts suitable for blogs, advertising, headers, invitations, and posters.

6. North Avellion Font Duo

This font duo is a beautiful combination of serif and cursive typefaces made for one another. Since the job of finding two fonts that go well together is already done, you can easily use it for headlines, logos, apparel, packaging, and basically everything. The pack features upper and lower cases, numbers, alternatives, and swashes.

You can download North Avellion here.

7. Nevrada

Nevrada is a display typeface with sharp serifs with a contemporary feel. This font will be the ideal bold favor to your design and it fits headlines, logos, social media posts, posters, quotes and whatever you need.

You can download Nevrada here.

8. Giveny

This is a transitional serif font with low contrast strokes, squarish shapes of round characters and business look. This free font is suitable for logos, quotes, blogs, cards, branding and many more.

You can download Giveny here.

9. Darius

This serif is a combination of transitional and didone with wide skeleton and high contrast. It has quite the personality and arrives with 4 styles from light to black that allows you to try out different combinations of fonts within the same style.

You can download Darius here.

10. Botera

Botera is a typeface that consists of regular serif and stencil fonts created as a wine production typography project. The free version arrives with two fonts.

You can download Botera here.

Free Sans Serif Fonts

Nobody said sans-serif fonts should be boring just because they need to be simple and readable. That’s why we gathered five more custom sans-serifs for your collection.

11. Nimitz

This is an all caps retro sans serif font with 3 styles: clean, rough and textured. It will bring a classic vintage look to any project.

You can download Nimitz here.

12. Rousseau Deco

This luxurious sans serif is the perfect combo of modern styles and craftsmanship that makes it bold and easily recognizable.

You can download Rousseau Deco here.

13. Animosa

Animosa has been crafted by a professional calligrapher with high spirit and temperament in mind. It is a clean modern sans serif with a set of unique characters. The pack features 5 weights, 508 glyphs and 93 languages.

You can download Animosa here.

14. Morganite

This amazing font is great for logos, headlines, titles, branding, movie credits, posters, magazines, architecture packaging, (a John Wick movie cover),and everything that needs edge and means to convey strong messages. It comes with 9 different weights and styles.

You can download Morganite here.

15. Calama

This is a condensed geometric sans serif free font with round corners. It supports Latin, Cyrillic, and Armenian characters and it’s ideal for headlines, captions, and posters.

You can download Calama here.

Free Fonts For Designers

We will proceed with good-looking and practical easy to read versatile fonts, that are free and will come handy in any sort of design project.

16. Canterbury

In the style of famous newspapers, these fonts always have place in every fonts library. This old-English style typeface brings formality and class to the projects that need it.

You can download Canterbury here.

17. Angelic Bonques

Another free font duo for your collection. Angelic Bonques is a combination of an elegant handwritten cursive and classy sans serif. It’s suitable for e-commerce brands,  fashion, trendy blogs, and more.

You can download Angelic Bonques here.

18. Lourino

A hand-written cursive font that arrives with upper and lower case characters and symbols.

You can download Lourino here.

19. Choplin

This is a font family of 18 beautifully crafted serif fonts that offer two of them for free.

You can download Choplin here.

20. Metropolis

Metropolis is a modern, geometric free font that is open-sourced and designed for full readability at any point size.

You can download Metropolis here.

Free Fonts For Web

These fonts are specifically chosen for web projects as they all have high readability and look great at any point size.

21. Tikal Sans

Tikal Sans is a family of Mayan inspired free fonts in twenty different weights. This free font has curved terminating strokes that end in sharp edges look amazing on all display sizes.

You can download Tikal Sans here.

22. EB Garamond

This font is a community project to revive Clause Garamount’s famous typefaces from the mid 16th century. In fact, the source for the letterforms is a scan of the “Berner Specimen” composed in 1592. The typeface is a key moment in the history of typography, however, only a few fonts inspired by Garamond exist today.

You can download EB Garamond here.

23. Roboto Slab

With a mechanical skeleton and largely geometric forms, this typeface allows its letters to settle on their natural width. It follows a natural reading rhythm that is familiar from the humanist and serif typefaces.

You can download Roboto Slab here.

24. Static

Static sports geometric forms in monospaced style to aid your designs for web, prints, graphics, and more. It’s a free contemporary display typeface and features 4 Static fonts, all available for free.

You can download Static here.

25. Hattori Hanzo

This simple yet beautiful sans serif typeface is our last choice for free web fonts.

You can download Hattori Hanzo here.


In Conclusion

These were our choices for the second part dedicated to useful must-have free fonts for your library. We hope you enjoyed our picks and they will bring extra flavor for your upcoming projects.

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