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25 Spectacular Free Fonts Every Designer Should Start Use Today!

Time to update our font collections with fresh new additions, so we decided to help you out and select some of the best free fonts for your library.

It’s quite amazing, especially for designers, to see how many premium looking typefaces are available for free these days. In fact, despite being free, most of these fonts offer the same level of quality and professionalism as the premium ones.

In our selection, we categorized the fonts with a great user interface to match different types of design projects. Whether you need cursive, serif or sans-serif free fonts, simply click the category you need from the content overview below and hop to it.

Quick Overview

Free Cursive and Script Fonts

Not many people tend to use cursive fonts in their design and perhaps this is the reason they instantly grab attention. As they mimic formal writing style, they bring back the class, appeal, and personal touch to a design and with that build trust and sense of importance.

1. Shink

This lovely cursive font that bundles lowercase letters only. At the same time, however, it also brings a palette of alternative characters and shapes for you to choose from and add a personal touch to your design. The font is especially suitable for banners, headings, and logos.

You can download Shink here.

2. Flanella

Flanella is perfect for fashion brands and beauty blogs, this cursive offers a classy and extravagant look for your designs. It surely takes a lot of space, that’s why it’s best used for accents of a particular word in a short message or in logos and banners.

You can download Flanella here.

3. Christopher Hand

This is a scribbly looking cursive that packs both uppercase and lowercase letters. It’s not as lavish as the previous ones which makes it more diverse and easier to use.

You can download Christopher Hand here.

4. Briberra

Briberra is a 3D font, splendid for printable materials and branding projects. It comes with a lot of features, including alternative characters, swashes, and multilingual options.

You can download Briberra here.

5. Beautiful Bloom

This lovely typeface blooms with authentic hand letters of both upper and lower cases to personalize your designs. It works perfectly for logos, invitations, printables, and branding projects.

You can download Beautiful Bloom here.

Serif Free Fonts

You can never go wrong with the cult classic serif fonts for a more traditional look to your designs. In this category, we will share five amazing custom serif free fonts of different ranges and styles.

 6. Moustique

We’ll start with this modern elegant serif font crafted for logo designs, monograms, packaging designs, and everything that needs a sparkle of luxury. It features upper case characters only.

You can download Moustique here.

7. Saonara

SAONARA is inspired by fashion, most probably and specifically from ZARA. It’s a serif typeface preferable for blogs, advertising, headers, invitations, and posters.

You can download SAONARA here.

8. Loki

This is a handwritten brush font with a strong serif base inspired by the old Norsk god known as Loki, the Trickster. It’s suitable for big titles, however, the lower case characters and the multilingual support come with the extended version.

You can download Loki here.

9. Coldiac

Another luxury serif font that refers to the style of traditional serifs. Its low contrast strokes and round letters speak of business. The font looks great in large and big text.

You can download Coldiac here.

10. Bigilla

This display serif font is an award-winning typeface that arrives with 2 different font weights and many ligatures and alternatives.

You can download Bigilla here.

Sans Serif Free Fonts

Although serif fonts dominate the print world, the web is mostly sans serif territory. This is mostly because sans serif display way better on lower-resolution displays. We have selected 10 of such fonts with the potential to get trendy in 2020.

11. Config Condensed

We’ll start with this modern and structured condensed sans serif font that consists of 20 fonts and 10 different weights, including italic. It’s suitable for web projects and long text-based content as it looks good both in large and small sizes.

The typeface bundles a variety of Open-type features and symbols, as well as multiple stylistic alternatives, tabular figures, fractions, numerators/denominators and etc.

You can download Config Condensed here.

12. Nimbus Sans

The pack features Nimbus Roman No9 L, Nimbus Sans L, and Nimbus Mono that are fully metric compatible with Courier, Helvetica, and Times New Roman. The font is neutral and corporate yet not boring at all.

You can download Nimbus sans here.

13. Okta Neue

Okta Neue offers simplistic geometric shapes that look great across all weights in order to make sure it’s legible on all screens. The font is ideal for web design and apps and offers support for extended Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and Hebrew.

You can download Okta Neue here.

14. Gilbert

This amazing font was originally designed for banners for protest rallies, however, it’s evolved into an entire family of weights and styles. It packs a standard and a colourful version, both currently usable in Adobe products.

You can download Gilbert here.

15. Misto Font

Misto is inspired by the youngest city in Ukraine, Slavutych that has received its life after the Chernobyl explosion. The font holds a beautiful retro Eastern style and it looks amazing for both Cyrillic and Latin text content.

You can download Misto here.

Best Free Fonts For Designers

In this category, we will not divide the fonts by cursive, serif, and sans serif but rather we’ll share our picks for free fonts that could become true essentials for designers in 2020. We chose both good-looking and practical easy to read versatile fonts, that are free and will come handy in any sort of project.

16. Canvas

Canvas is a simple yet modern and professional high-contrast serif font with very thin hairlines. It arrives in 3 different weights: light, regular and black, and its uses are wide ranges from logos, invitations, and magazines, to headers and advertisements.

You can download Canvas here.

17. Agne Regular

Agne combines old-fashioned with modern and has a massive contrast between stems. This beautiful serif font will be a nice addition to any designer’s collection.

You can download Agne here.

18. Alcubierre

This geometric sans serif font is inspired by the original font Ikaros. It’s a minimal typeface with versatile uses, free for both personal and commercial uses.

You can download Alcubierre here.

19. Frontage Outline

Suitable for logos, Frontage is a layered type system that uses a different combination of fonts and colours. The free version is for Frontage Outline that you can download here.

20. Westmeath

Westmeath is a clean and simple sans serif with a vintage look and it’s available in Regular and Italic. Free for both personal and commercial use.

You can download Westmeath here.

Best Free Fonts For Web

And last, but not least, we gathered 5 free fonts that are good specifically for the web. With that being said, the fonts render perfectly at any point size and are easily readable for longer paragraphs.

21. Fjalla One

This is a medium-contrast sans serif Google font thoughtfully adjusted to screens restrictions. It’s suitable for long paragraphs and looks great at large and small font sizes.

You can download Fjalla One or add it to your Google fonts here.

22. Palanquin

This font is Unicode-compliant and features seven text weights from Thin and Extra Light to Dark Bold. The type-family is versatile and suitable for web uses.

You can download Palanquin here.

23. Ostrich Sans

Ostrich Sans is a lovely long neck modern sans-serif that bundles a number of styles and weights, which includes dashed, rounded, ultra-light, normal, bold, black, inline, and heavy.

You can download Ostrich Sans here.

24. Josefin Sans

Josefin Sans is a web font that shines with an elegant geometric vintage feeling and unusual proportion. It’s more suited for larger text sizes but still looking great in paragraphs.

You can download Josefin Sans here.

25. League Gothic

This font is inspired by Alternate gothic originally designed for the American Type Founders company in 1903.  You can revive the old classic into your designs.

Download League Gothic here.

In Conclusion

These were our picks for the most useful must-have free fonts for your library.

We expanded this collection with another 25 beautiful fonts in another article

Are there any other free yet high-quality typefaces you love to use and deserve more fame? Please, let us know in the comments below.

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