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300+ Modern Free HTML Email Templates

Email marketing is essential for every business and crafting beautiful email templates is a pretty effective way to communicate a message to your visitors directly. It’s all about the presentation and it takes serious designing and coding skills to build such a successful presentation. Therefore, when exactly does one need to search for free HTML email templates?

When it comes to small businesses who are new in the market, however, starting from scratch is no walk in the park. Email templates might be easier to design and code than landing pages, but this is only on the surface level. Most importantly, coding for email has a lot of limitations that developers need to take into consideration, along with numerous sets of rules and best practices in order for a particular design to render on all email clients. In other words, not all designs are suitable for email templates due to these limitations and this could lead to many elements of the template to just break.

In conclusion, if you don’t have much experience in coding email templates, or you simply want to save time and money, it’s fair to just use ready-made templates and customize them to suit your brand.

This is why in today’s article, we will share with you the top websites with high-quality free email templates.

Overview: Top sources for high-quality free Email templates

BEE : 200+ free email templates

Standing for Best Email Editor, BEE is a drag-and-drop builder that serves the purpose of building responsive HTML email templates quickly and painlessly.

You can easily search for a pre-made template to start with by using the search filters. The search filters the templates by Pro and Free; by a designer; by usage and industry. For example, if you need a free HTML email template for product promotion in “pets and animal care”, or “abandoned cart” in “computers and internet”, the filter does just that.

You can check out BEE’s free templates collection here.

MailBakery: 57 free email templates

MailBakery is a dedicated service for designing and coding HTML email marketing newsletters and templates. The agency is trusted by companies of all sizes and shapes around the world for their beautiful custom template producing services.

In order to make things even better, MailBakery also offers high-quality free HTML email templates for newsletters and campaigns that are easy to customize and adapt to your industry and business.

Each template is fully responsive and tested and offers a free and premium version, as well as a live preview.

Above all, the gallery features free templates for businesses; e-commerce; food and restaurants; design and photography; and travel and lifestyle.

You can check out the whole collection of MailBakery and take your pick here.

Litmus: 36 free email templates

Litmus is a service that puts email marketing first and works to increase its effectiveness, collaboration between teams on campaigns, and more.

The community also offers a collection of free HTML email templates. The mailers are easy to use and you can open and edit them in the Litmus Builder. There templates for launching or selling a product, to manage accounts and marketing a product.

You can check out Litmus’ collection of free HTML email templates here.

Themezy: 16 free email templates

Themezy offers free website templates, WordPress themes, and email templates. Its collection currently has 16 editable responsive mailers with a simple and beautiful modern look that can easily fit any business with a little bit of customization.

You can check out the templates here.

Cakemail: 39 free email templates

Cakemail is an email marketing platform that offers free HTML email templates. They are easy to use with CakeMail or any other platform of your choosing.

The mailers spread across 6 different categories. These include templates for business, restaurants, seasonal offers, special events, transactional emails, and education.

You can browse Cakemail free templates collection here.

CampaignMonitor: 4 free email templates for direct download

Those 4 responsive mailers were created by CampaignMonitor. They dedicate the first 2 designs to Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are best suitable for online food blogs, magazines, restaurants, and hotels. The other two General Announcement templates serve multiple purposes events, news, announcements, and others.

You can directly download the source files for the 4 templates here.

In conclusion

We hope you have found the templates you’re looking for and feel inspired to build your marketing campaigns.

In the meantime, if you need to update your font database to go well will your designs, you could also check out these 25 spectacular free fonts.

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