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33 Truly Minimal Design Website Examples

Get inspired by beautiful minimalist web designs that embrace the “Less is more” motto & learn what classifies a design as minimal.

Looking for really minimal design website examples to inspire your creative juices? In this selection, we’ve put together 33 beautiful website designs that embrace the minimalist ideology.

Before we indulge in inspiration, let’s quickly summarize what traits we are looking for here: limited use of colors, limited use of details, simplicity in typography, textures, and shapes, no or subtle effects and animations, and plenty of negative space.

Now, let’s see some great examples of minimal design website ideas, circulating on the web right now.

Ewa Thomas Studio – architecture portfolio minimalist website

  • a portfolio website displaying one photo at a time
  • an extremely minimalist burger menu
  • a gentle beige-pinkish pastel background

The Ewa Thomas Studio is a Polish architecture studio with a great minimal portfolio website design. We have a beige-pinkish pastel background and a really minimalist burger menu on the top right. The portfolio style shows one picture at a time, allowing the viewer to focus on what is essential. Isn’t this the main purpose of minimal design, after all?


Alon Peres website – oversize geometry in minimal design

  • oversize basic geometric shapes
  • surprising hover effects
  • a black-and-white color palette

The Alon Peres personal website demonstrates a minimal but bolder design style. We see simple oversize geometric shapes, scattered down the site. Built entirely around the black-and-white evergreen combination, this minimal site surprises the viewer with cool hover animations, as you scroll. The one rule that this site actually omits is the rule of abundant white space. Their choice of oversize geometry leaves little breathing room, as you reach the end of the design.

TDI Global – 3D minimal design website

  • floating 3D geometric shapes that play the role of navigation
  • a good balance between bright-colored elements with entirely-white background
  • the burger menu opens a minimal and clean navigation

You can have a minimal design website in a 3D dimension and TDI Global’s website is the living proof. Once again, we see exciting geometric shapes that play the role of navigation to other sections of the site. The choice of bright colors is well-balanced with the entirely-white 3D background. There is a subtle burger menu in the upper right corner that opens a simple and stylish horizontal navigation, as well.

ET Studio – minimalist website with a horizontal scroll

  • a large-sized heading with small-sized paragraphs
  • an engaging horizontal scroll with clickable images
  • a prevailing monochrome color palette

Oversize elements are quite a thing right now. This is why, it’s no wonder that web designers implement such in modern minimal website design, as well. The ET Studio is a creative agency whose website impresses with a monochrome color scheme, horizontal scrolling, and modern effects. All of these factors make the atmosphere of the site immersive and unique while keeping the overall design really minimal and simple. The oversize typography is wisely compensated with small-sized paragraphs to achieve balance and aesthetics.

Tacto agency website – extremely minimalist homepage with no images

  • a homepage built entirely on typography design
  • inner pages built on a straightforward-structured grid
  • a simple color palette

If you want to check out a fully minimal website design, see the Tacto design agency‘s website. The homepage is built entirely on typography design, creating balance and hierarchy by just using different font sizes. You won’t see any images here, so you will have to navigate to their portfolio section – also tastefully designed in a straightforward grid manner.

MissJourney – AI site with a minimalist approach

  • AI-generated graphics in the focus
  • plenty of empty space
  • a bolder color scheme of burgundy and yellow

Minimal design doesn’t mean eliminating any graphics, at all. Here, at MissJourney’s AI website, we see an AI-generated image of a woman with plenty of breathing room around, giving out vibes of minimalism. The whole homepage section is, in fact clickable, and leads you to the main purpose of the site – a search bar where you enter a random profession of a woman. Then, the AI renders corresponding images and shows you the results. No unnecessary clutter or details. The navigation in the top right corner is delicate enough, so you won’t even notice it unless you search for it.

Jonas Emmertsen website with a grid-shaped geometrical pattern

  • a grid-shaped geometrical pattern that adds order
  • plenty of white space between images
  • engaging hover effects

You can have patterns on minimal website design. Here is a good example by Jonas Emmertsen’s digital agency. While minimalism is meant to emphasize simplicity, the grid-shaped geometrical pattern on this site adds clarity and great organization. It leaves enough white space between images to keep the aesthetics of a minimal design style. Even the hover effects don’t bother the viewer. At the same time, the repeated grid pattern adds visual interest and makes the design look modern and attractive.

Ira June’s minimal website with a blur hover effect

  • thin and clear lines and shapes
  • subtle hover effects
  • simple, delicate typography with lower-case letters

By far, we’ve seen hovering and interaction animation effects on all minimal website design examples listed here. When used sparingly and purposefully, small animations help improve the user experience on the site. Ira June’s website here gives an example of a really subtle blur hover effect. It activates once you put your cursor over the two big transparent square buttons. It definitely draws the user’s attention but it isn’t overwhelming in any way. To keep the minimalist aesthetic, the web designer has used thin and clear lines, and simple, delicate typography. 

Studio Bobak – minimal portfolio gallery homepage

  • a gallery homepage in a minimal style
  • extremely minimalist inner pages with no images
  • typography with thin lower-case letters

This minimal design portfolio website belongs to the architectural visualization studio Bobak. We see a neatly arranged gallery homepage design and very minimalist About and Contact pages. As you might have noticed in other designs, as well, the minimalist style often presents a no-caps navigation font style. In Bobak studio’s case, their logotype is also written in lower-case letters. Besides giving out a more simplified look, the style looks more friendly and approachable.

ICV Templates website – a black-and-white minimalist duo

  • a modern and elegant site with a minimalist vibe
  • a classic black-and-white color palette
  • an attractive before-and-after slider

The never-dying black-and-white duo feels absolutely modern and elegant on ICV Templates’ website. The minimalist design is stylishly interpreted, presenting what looks like a timeline navigation. When scrolling down, the user sees various attractive CV template examples popping up. The cool before-and-after slider makes a convincing comparison between general templates and the brand’s templates. As a result, the website looks absolutely polished and the user experience is fantastic.

Troisieme Art – extremely minimalist and scarce in details

  • a modern and elegant site with a minimalist vibe
  • a classic black-and-white color palette
  • an attractive before-and-after slider

Troisieme Art studio is one of the portfolio websites that look the most minimalist. The homepage presents a gallery of projects, leaving out a generous amount of negative space between and around them. The dark blue delicate elements make a great contrast to the pastel beige background. Once you click on a project, it is presented in a simple and straightforward manner, keeping the minimal aesthetic of the site. The same goes for the About page.

Peter Arendt – a dark monochrome minimal website

  • creative typography design website
  • scroll-activated typography animations
  • a monochromatic image filter

A dark monochrome website that looks mysterious and minimalist. Peter Arendt’s portfolio website will surprise you with nice animations that activate, as you scroll. The monochrome gamma of images changes from beige to red, once you hover over a project. Clicking on a project brings out additional information about each, once again presented in the same minimalist manner. What may feel less minimalist and more flashy is the hover animation effect on the heading itself.

Todor Dimov – minimal website with oversize typography

  • oversize heading typography
  • a well-defined hierarchy of elements
  • image preview hover effects

We already mentioned oversize typography being an ultra hit in graphic design right now. Todor Dimov’s digital designer‘s website is a perfect example that big fonts can be effortlessly incorporated into minimal design, as long as they are well-balanced with the rest of it. The typography-based design here demonstrates a good order and hierarchy, thanks to different font sizing. The viewer will be pleasantly surprised to see image previews, appearing once they hover over the creative’s selected work.

Paul Furey – an engaging scroll interaction

  • a minimal site design in pastel green
  • a highly engaging scroll interaction that keeps revealing text
  • gives out vibes of story-telling

Paul Furey’s site reveals one of the minimal pastel website design examples that make the viewer keep on scrolling just to see what happens next. The ingenious scroll interaction is a great approach to engage the viewer on a deeper level. It feels like the site is telling a story in such a way that you can freely focus on each part of it. The green pastel color palette is a nice getaway from the standard black, white, and beige color choices for minimal design websites.

Hale’s minimal website with a full-width hero image

  • a full-width hero image with a really minimalist typography
  • a clean subtle pastel background
  • extremely clean and minimal call-to-action buttons

Minimalist websites can have full-width images and still be considered minimalist. Here is a great example by Hale. The architecture site is one of the minimal pastel website design examples that focuses on high-quality imagery in large sizes. To maintain the minimalist aesthetic, the designer has used really simple fonts in small sizes. 

Tim Dunk – minimal design photography website

  • a horizontal scrolling portfolio website
  • a straightforward and clean project gallery page
  • simple and thin sans-serif fonts

Many portfolio websites opt for the minimal design style, as it allows for their work to stand out. Here is another great example, this time by Tim Dunk’s photography website. The attractive portfolio’s look and feel are enhanced by using horizontal scrolling. If you feel more comfortable with standard vertical scrolling, you can head over to the “Work” tab. There, you will find all projects of the photographer, arranged in a neat and tidy manner, adding up to the simplicity of the site design.

Bequant’s dark minimal website with minimalist graphics

  • minimalist graphics with clean and thin lines
  • a classic combo of white text on a black background
  • becoming more elaborate as the design progresses

Bequant’s website design starts off with attractive minimalism to reveal simple geometry-based illustrations. The homepage style later evolves to a more elaborate look, bringing various decorations in the same geometric style, as well as more detailed information. The whole website looks and feels really high-end and professional, although not entirely minimalist.

Luke Greenaway – a minimal monochrome color palette

  • minimalist graphics with clean and thin lines
  • a classic combo of white text on a black background
  • becoming more elaborate as the design progresses

Luke Greenaway is a digital designer whose minimal dark website design engages the viewer with a monochrome color palette. The cute emojis situated by the call-to-action buttons are small enough to be considered minimalist, while attractive enough to direct the attention right where needed.

Jesper Dahlqvist – a minimal website with a richer color palette

  • a simple oversize sans-serif heading
  • a diversified color palette in sections
  • a truly minimalist header and footer style

Product designer Jesper Dahlqvist’s website welcomes the viewer with a simple oversize sans-serif heading. As you scroll, the pastel background gets quickly replaced with a plethora of colors, proving that minimalist sites can have a more diversified color palette. Of course, all designed with balance and taste, without using any unnecessary details. The footer of the homepage finishes once again with complete minimalism. It presents several social media links on a simple pastel background.

Axis Arbor’s website – extremely minimalist look and feel

  • fully minimalist with a light beige background
  • thin geometrical shapes and lines
  • thin and tall elegant sans-serif fonts

Axis Arbor’s website presents one of the best minimal website designs that are truly minimal. What can be considered decorations, are thin geometrical shapes and lines that create a nice pattern and enhance the overall aesthetics of the site. Just like the rules of minimalism say, the design shows simple typography choices and a limited color palette.

Andluca – minimal white website design

  • gives out vibes of serenity and calmness
  • simple geometric icons and thin lines
  • a prevailing white background with a surprising purple footer

Andluca is a minimal white website design that instantly gives out vibes of serenity and calmness. Designed in prevailing white, the footer of the site surprises with a purple filling. However, the overall look of the site is kept simple and minimalist thanks to the simple geometric icons, thin lines, and lack of unnecessary ornaments.

Select Card – a minimalist design approach with user interaction

  • a nice engaging interaction in the header
  • plenty of white space in the body
  • simple typography and color palette

Select Card‘s website design is on the edge of being minimalist since it includes rich imagery. However, it still classifies as such as it presents plenty of white space, simple and unobtrusive typography, and a limited color palette. Starting with a nice engaging interaction, the site gives out vibes of innovation and elegance that remain throughout the whole design.

Ferrum Pipe – minimalist industrial site with a 3D visualization

  • a modern industrial design
  • a minimalist approach in the choice of elements and colors
  • a 3D visualization of pipe options

Both clean and minimal website designs are often associated with the color white. Indeed, the white color makes the whole composition feel cleaned up of clutter. In the case of Ferrum Pipe, their website design successfully leverages the plain white background to put the focus on their products. The gallery of images transforms into a 3D visualization of a pipe in different colors. The design boosts the user experience by implementing an engaging scroll animation that makes the user keep scrolling in order to reveal more information.

Brave website – a minimalist design with a full-width video

  • a full-width video in the hero section
  • sections in solid backgrounds or gradients
  • clear of unnecessary details and elements

The non-profit web design agency Brave takes minimal design further, making it look more visually elaborate. We see a full-width video in the hero section, taking turns with solid backgrounds or gradient sections. Overall, the final design looks well-arranged and harmonious, leaving any unnecessary decorations or ornaments out.

Studio Up – minimal pastel website design

  • a blue pastel background
  • minimal geometric decorative elements
  • a nicely arranged grid and a simple typography

Studio Up’s website design presents a clean minimal design style in the pastel gamma. While there are certain decorative elements (the rounded-edge rectangles), we can say they are a part of the branding itself. The overall design presents a very nicely arranged grid and a simple typography.

Eivee – a minimal website with a multi-color blurred background

  • a blue pastel background
  • minimal geometric decorative elements
  • a nicely arranged grid and a simple typography

As seen, the minimal design website style can have some colors and still be considered to be minimal. Let’s take the case of Eivee here. To add a little bit more visual interest and personalization to the hero section’с white space, they used a multi-color blurred background. The result looks nice and pleasant, rather than overwhelming. Scrolling a little bit further down, we see that the designer has strayed from bright colors and used pastel brown and beige to keep the minimalist aesthetics.

Ministry Design – minimalist hero and footer areas

  • a minimalist hero section with a simple typography design
  • more elaborate body with animations and hover effects
  • a minimalist footer in the same style as the hero section

Ministry Design‘s website starts off really minimalist with a simple typography design over a dark background. Later on, the design takes a little bit different route with more immersive animations and an exciting image gallery to finish off with the same minimalist footer style.

Bayview Holiday – a minimal holiday and tourism website

  • large images balanced with small-sized paragraphs of text
  • a cute and engaging wave animation on the burger menu
  • a bright blue fixed sticky header

The Bayview Holiday Apartments presents a clean website design by following a minimalist approach. Large-size imagery is balanced with simple and small-sized paragraphs of text. The white background allows the images to stand out. The little wave animation on the burger menu makes it look really attractive and personalized.

Tala – a minimalist website design with exciting hover effects

  • a basic minimal dark website design
  • exciting colorful and fun hover effects
  • appealing and appetizing imagery

How do you make a snack brand site look minimalist? Easy, check out Tala’s website design. They use a minimalist approach for the basic design of their homepage. What is more interesting though is that they apply exciting hover effects here and there, because… Well, it’s a fruit snack! They have to awaken senses and whet the appetite.

Enecom power – a high-technology minimal design website

  • a heavy sans-serif typography
  • crisp images that convey high technology and innovation
  • a minimalist map style in the footer

Enecom power presents another minimal dark website design with a great typography hierarchy. The site incorporates an entirely black background and high-resolution imagery that radiates vibes of high technology and innovation. The footer of the site is also minimalist, showing a map in a minimal style. 

Saul Rhand – architecture design with a clean and minimalist feel

  • a clean and straightforward design
  • hover effects that visualize previews
  • minimalist inner page designs

Saul Rhand is an architecture design agency with a clean and straightforward website design that overall feels minimalist. You will see hover and scroll effects that make the design more elaborate and modern. In addition, the inner pages keep the aesthetics of minimalism, combining oversize headings with small-sized paragraphs.

Guiz – a great mixture of minimalism with trendy 3D elements

  • a clean modern site with 3D elements
  • white background with purple shadowing
  • a balanced combination between text and imagery

The digital agency Guiz presents a modern minimal pastel website design that feels a little bit more elaborate with 3D crystal balls. The idea behind these balls is probably to embrace the 360 ideology. Most certainly, we see a good combination of typography, images, and highly trendy 3D elements that make the design look ultra-modern.

Wrapping up the theory,

Modern minimal website designs manage to surprise the viewer with creative layouts, engaging animations and interactions, and even bolder design decisions here and there. While the style doesn’t allow for wild imagination to take over, it still manages to keep the interest by maintaining a tasteful aesthetic and incorporating visually attractive effects.

No let’s see what traits of a website design classify it as minimal.

What is a Minimal Website Design?

Minimal website design is a design approach that aims to simplify all elements and features of a website to the bare minimum needed to communicate its purpose. This typically involves a limited color palette, simple fonts, and a minimalist layout with plenty of white space between elements. Minimal website designs usually provide a great user experience. They are easy to use and navigate, and create a sense of elegance, sophistication, and cleanness.

Clean vs Minimal Design Website Styles

Speaking of cleanness, people often use the terms “clean” and “minimal” interchangeably to describe a website design. While minimal sites are usually clean, not all clean websites are necessarily minimal. However, both styles prioritize simplicity and clarity. What’s the difference then?

The minimal site design embraces the “less is more” motto. It is visually sparse and uses the bare essentials of elements to be functional. In contrast, the clean website design doesn’t focus on reducing elements. It rather focuses on presenting all elements in a neat and tidy way.

Fundamentals of Minimal Design Website:
Fundamentals of Clean Design Website:

  • Focus on the essentials: Minimal design is all about stripping away any unnecessary elements. It focuses on what is essential to convey the message or functionality of the design. This usually involves using a limited color palette, minimal graphics, simple typography, simple textures, clean lines, and basic geometric shapes.
  • Use of negative space: The minimal design style heavily relies on negative space (the empty space between elements) to create a sense of simplicity and purity.
  • Limited use of ornamentation: Minimal design avoids unnecessary decoration or ornamentation, opting instead for a more straightforward and pared-down aesthetic.
  • Clarity and simplicity: Similarly to minimal design, the clean design style values simplicity and clarity in terms of visual information or functionality. However, the clean design tends to be less focused on reduction and more on creating a sense of order with all present elements.
  • A structured layout: Clean design often uses grid systems to convey a sense of structure and hierarchy. As result, this style makes it easier for users to understand and navigate the design, even when there are many elements involved.
  • Attention to detail: Clean design pays close attention to each detail such as choice of typography, position, and weight of spacing, as well as alignment and precise positioning. The goal is to make the site look polished, professional, and elegant.


There’s no doubt that both styles share the same values to a certain extent. They both focus on clarity and a simple user experience by putting the importance of content first rather than pushing the design ahead.

We hope these 33 modern representations of the minimalist web design style felt inspiring and motivating. Some of these designs are pretty strict in the style, keeping everything to a minimum. Others have opted for a little more elaborate approach. Either way, you must agree that all of these websites feel incredibly roomy and easy to grasp.

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