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23 Awesome Musician Websites to Spark Your Design Creativity

In the era of quick sharing and social media platforms, musician websites might seem outdated, but in reality, they are essential for the successful online presence of the performers. They serve as a hub where the fans can find news and information about tours, they can buy tickets or merchandise, and of course, take pleasure in listening to their favorite musicians. That’s why building a user-friendly website with the fans’ happiness in mind is really important. If you’re wondering where to start, take a look at our selection of 23 awesome musician websites!

1. Rammstein – Metal Band Website

The website of the Rammstein band immediately grabs the visitor’s attention as soon as they open it. The typography used and the hero section design strongly reminds of a magazine cover. The homepage loads with a video advertising their next tour and it manages to keep the attention so well, that they added a scroll-down reminder for the captivated users. While hovering over the video the mouse cursor acts as a “more” button linking to the list with tour dates. Other useful sections added to the homepage are the news section, the immersive interactive map of the globe, where one can see the exact location of a chosen show on it, and of course the subscription field. The menu is user-friendly listing everything important in a few tabs, consisting of details about the next shows and the band’s hits, shopping options, and a press portal. Overall Rammstein’s website manages to recreate the band’s intriguing presence really well.

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2. Tyler, the Creator – Hip-Hop Singer Website

This super vibrant website is full of fun and creativity! It features a handful of the performer’s photos and animated graphics and illustrations are scroll-triggered as the visitors are browsing the homepage. The website also shares a chronological history of the singer’s albums and a short bio of himself. The vivid colors and the bold decisions used while designing this website represent the artist’s personality and are doing it good. Options to learn news about future events, buy goods, and adding a way to subscribe and links to social media, would only add more to this engaging website experience.

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3. Mathilde Gomas – Classical Music Performer Website

The first thing that comes to mind as we visit Mathilde Gomas’s website is sophistication. From the opening video to the menu design, the typography, and the color scheme used, this website manages to recreate the performer’s love for the viola da gamba and the elegance of the music coming with its voice. The pages are equipped with everything that a fan, or a first-time visitor, might like to find. An absolute must-see is the way the different tabs are presented when opening the menu options – each tab is shown as an outlined piece of the viola da gamba, linking to the desired destination. In terms of design, this website is a total masterpiece.

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4. Kristina Barta – Pianist and Composer Website

The website of Kristina Barta – a pianist and a composer is beautifully structured, the same as her music. The header contains only one, but well-thought-out button which acts as a super short bio and a home button. The footer of the homepage makes room for the menu and social media links, though on every other page, the menu is moved to the top. There are no redundant details in the design of the website – everything is kept to a minimum, thus leaving the focus on the artist and all the information listed comprehensively.  Adding a little more color to the CTAs would be nice, for they are hardly noticeable.

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5. Adele – Pop Soul Singer Website

The focus on Adele’s dark-colored website is set on a slideshow of quickly changing pictures of her while the dates of her future open-air shows are listed right above them. For a world-renowned singer, like Adele, it isn’t necessary to include a bio-section or a lot of information altogether. The simplicity of the site is further increased by including only two call-to-action options which offer a choice between “listen now” and “shop now” buttons. Social media links are also integrated providing quick access to Adele’s channels on the platforms. This is a really good example among the musician websites on how to build one focused on an upcoming music tour or the release of a new album of a well-known artist.

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6. Cardi B – Hip-Hop Singer Website

Cardi B’s website loads with a hero section that introduces us to the latest of the singer’s projects – in this case her latest album. Featuring the album’s cover photo and three hard-to-miss call-to-action buttons it serves its purpose really well. In the header of the pages, an easy-to-navigate menu has been placed, while the footer consists of an effortlessly noticeable subscription box, along with social media and streaming platform links. The menu options offer the visitors to listen to the singer’s music, buy merch, or see tour dates, and last, but not least, a pretty convenient way to watch her videos with the help of embedded players, thus providing a smooth fan experience.

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7. Celine Dion – Pop Singer Website

Celine Dion’s website is beautifully made with a hero section showing a slideshow of spectacular pictures of the singer and her latest projects and editions, with only two elements added – her name, acting as a home button, and the contrasting menu tab. Scrolling the homepage reveals a few more of the singer’s images acting as links, mirroring some of the menu options. The menu itself contains more than enough information about the singer, news and updates, while also offering ways to listen to her music, watch embedded videos or shop in the boutique section. The added social media links help with keeping the fans further engaged. The website is a delight, managing to represent the singer’s sensitive personality and at the same time provide user-friendly navigation and a lot of ways to enjoy the performer’s music.

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8. Maroon 5 – Pop Rock Band Website

Maroon 5’s website loads with the band’s clickable picture promoting their upcoming tour. Just below the hero section a list with tour dates is added with convenient CTA buttons providing a quick way to buy tickets or enlist to receive notifications whenever there are events of the band nearby. Further on their homepage, the musicians’ Instagram is embedded, partly dictating with its grid the website’s layout design. A subscription form and a set of social media links complete nicely the whole picture.

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9. The Beatles – Rock’n’Roll Band Website

The website of The Beatles is as rich as their discography. The hero section consists of large highlights of the latest news with a subscription box added just below them. The rest of the homepage acts as a news feed showing news, features, stories, and memories about the band. In the header of the website, a static menu can be found. There, all options that might be of interest to any fan are listed. There are dedicated tabs for buying newly released editions of the band’s albums or shopping merch in the online store. The fans can also explore the full list of The Beatles’ songs, some of them complemented by an audio player, lyrics, and a brief history of the song. And, if they prefer, the visitors can view details about the band’s films and watch some of their music videos embedded directly on the site. Overall the site is user-friendly and extremely detailed, satisfying the interest of The Beatles’ massive fan base.

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10. Imagine Dragons – Rock Band Website

The official website of the rock band Imagine Dragons is masterfully centered around presenting the band and providing a delightful fan experience. The hero section contains a large image focused on the band’s latest project and just above it can be found an unobtrusive menu. Scrolling the homepage reveals embedded videos available for direct watching, music and store sections where the band’s albums and different merchandise items are available to purchase, and a list with tour dates when such are available. The most interesting feature however is the game section, located in the top menu, which adds for a better engagement and amazing user experience, making this musical website an example like no other.

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11. Andrew Huang – Musician Website

Andrew Huang’s website is focused on introducing the musician’s work and all of his talents, while also providing a trouble-free user experience. The homepage makes the right first impression with a hero section dedicated to the artist himself. The nice detail though is synchronizing the background colors of the image with the gradients and the bright colors used within the website’s design. The different tabs in the menus provide details and access to the artist’s versatile projects, not forgetting the subscription options, of course. A nice touch gives the contact section where fans and professionals can get in touch with Andrew, thus adding a more personal attitude.

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12. Lauren Conklin – Composer Website

The website of Lauren Conklin greets us with a hero section consisting only of an image of the composer. Its single-page design offers all the important features a musician’s website should contain – the artist’s bio, embedded videos for an easy watch on her site, and a music section with previews of her music. A dedicated contact section gives people ways to engage with the artist’s social media pages, subscribe for updates, and contact her via email. The whole concept of this site makes using it a breeze.

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13. Justin Ward – Musical Artist Website

If a website can be described as soulful then it must be Justin Ward’s. The homepage focuses our attention on the saxophonist’s image which successfully manages to recreate the sensuality of the musician’s performance. Also completing the homepage is the embedded Instagram page of the artist, shown in a 3-column grid, and, of course, a delicate menu centered in the header. The website comes with an About section telling the artist’s story, a schedule of upcoming events, contact information, and a section with embedded videos, where fans can enjoy Justin Ward’s music without looking any further for it.

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14. Harpdog Brown – Blues Musician Website

The website of Harpdog Brown slightly differs from the other musician website examples listed here. Its homepage is dedicated to the late artist with a slideshow of his images, a brief description, an audio player, and links to social media and to the full version of the website. There’s also a CTA button where people can join Harpdog Brown’s fan club. The full website of the artist contains all the essentials like a more detailed bio, embedded videos, an online store, and much more, available within the top menu drop-down options succeeding in its mission to act as an archive to honor the musician’s legacy.

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15. Mary Spender – Singer-Songwriter Website

This artist’s website works really well towards popularizing her image and work to the people. The homepage creates a calm atmosphere showing a few pictures of the musician on a white background along with a brief bio section and recent flattering publications from the press. The website comes with a header where the singer’s signature adds a personal feel and a menu with drop-down options that provide links to external audio and video platforms, subscription options, a schedule of upcoming events, and even a way to attend online courses. A set of social media icons offers a quick way to follow the performer’s channels. The footer is simpler listing only a contact e-mail, social media, and streaming platform links.

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16. Tina Guo – Cellist Website

Tina Guo is a multi-talented person and her official website is successfully showing the fans her multiple projects and passions. The hero section is impressive with the artist’s name written in huge black-on-white typography featuring her picture and right below them – a set of images embedded from the musician’s Instagram page. The homepage lists a detailed bio section and a lot of videos with her performances. The header of the website accommodates a full menu where all key options can be found – tour dates, news, her impressive projects, an online store and a way to take advantage of her career coaching services. Contact form and social media links are also added to finish the whole picture.

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17. Bruno Mars – Singer-Songwriter Website

The official website of Bruno Mars follows a really minimalistic design. The hero section centers on an image presenting the artist’s latest album and a call to action to get hold of it. The use of a simple dark background provides the necessary contrast for the featured graphics and text to pop out. The homepage also contains a store section, where fans can buy the artist’s merch, an embedded video of one of the artist’s songs, and a subscription box. The header of the website can be described as minimalistic as well, with only a few tabs offering insight on tour dates, news and updates, and a music and video section to enjoy the musician’s work.

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18. The Weeknd – Singer-Songwriter Website

The hero section of The Weeknd’s official website immediately attracts the visitor’s attention to the image advertising the singer’s next tour along with the conveniently added call-to-action, urging fans to find out more. The homepage accommodates videos of the artist’s latest songs as well as external links to them, leading to audio streaming platforms, and a huge CTA leading to the official online shop. The top menu is easy-to-navigate consisting of tabs providing information about tours and news, ways to listen and watch music and videos, etc. It also includes an icon where fans can fill a subscription form to stay informed about future updates, thus checking all the boxes with elements required for a musician’s website offering a satisfactory user experience.

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19. Khalid – R&B Singer Website

Singer and songwriter Khalid’s official website has one true mission – to present the artist’s latest song. The hero section shows the visitors of the website a sincere message from the artist presented as a handwritten text in white and an embedded video of his last released song with a super discreet call-to-action button just below it. Scrolling the page reveals nothing more than a set of social media icons and a little box where one can join the e-mail list for updates. The information on this musician website has been kept to a minimum leaving the focus on the desired object – the most recent product of the singer.

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20. Elvis – Rock’n’Roll Singer Website

The official website of Elvis is a total attention-grabber with its bright red background with the name written in gold and the picture of the rock’n’roll king on top of it. That, along with a subscription CTA and the menu of the site, is all the hero section contains. The menu offers the fans the latest news about the singer’s legacy and ways to listen to his music or explore his acting career. The header of the website contains sharing options and social media links, as well as CTAs, the menu tab, and the option to switch to a website’s version in other languages. The homepage lists a lot of details about Elvis and his work, accompanied by a lot of call-to-action options, and generally – the site is full of comprehensive information and catchy visuals trying to recreate the superstar’s iconic presence.

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21. Taylor Swift – Pop and Country Singer Website

The design of Taylor Swift’s official website has obviously been made while keeping in mind that she is a globally recognized superstar, as it revolves mostly around her most recent project and upcoming tour. The hero section contains the cover of her latest album with CTAs to take action towards getting it. The top menu buttons center the homepage on a different section containing information about tour dates, store items, the singer’s projects, and a subscription form. The website has a really elegant design, obviously referring to the artist’s personality. This is the perfect example of how sometimes simplicity can be the ultimate sophistication.

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22. Ariana Grande – Pop Singer Website

The official website of Ariana Grande follows the same recipe as the previous example. Focusing on the release of the singer’s latest album, the hero section shows only a picture of Ariana Grande’s back and signature ponytail with the album’s title, written on top of it, and a CTA button. The header consists of social media platform links and the only two options on the menu – to visit the online store and sign up for future updates. The homepage of the website contains three more sections showing merch items to shop, the album’s tracklist, and an embedded video with one of its songs. Thus, the musician’s website works successfully towards increasing the sales of the artist’s products.

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23. Harry Styles – Pop Singer Website

Harry Styles’ official musical website gives off a sense of lightness the moment you visit it. Based on a white background, the accent of the homepage falls on the elegant, slim, red-colored typography and the graphics of the page. The hero section shows the artist’s latest album cover with CTA buttons to shop or listen to it. The only other thing the homepage contains is a few videos from the album advertised. The header of the website gives options to view upcoming tour dates, shop items from the online store, or listen to the musician’s work on different streaming platforms. At the bottom of the page are placed social media links and a newsletter sign-up form, while the footer adds the finishing touches to the site with the addition of a pop of color in line with the singer’s colorful public image.

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What should you consider adding when crafting a musician website design:

  1. A hero section that immediately grabs the visitor’s attention.
  2. An about page with a bio introducing the artists to make them more recognizable.
  3. Embedded music and video players are always a treat to the website’s users.
  4. Schedule with upcoming events or tour dates.
  5. Social media links to further improve the engagement of users and fans.
  6. A dedicated store page where fans can buy merchandise from their favorite artist.
  7. CTAs calling for subscriptions for news and updates or the purchase of something from the online store.
  8. Contact form or dedicated page to facilitate communication between fans, potential collaborators, and the artist.

Final Words

Musician websites and the power of a thoughtfully crafted one mustn’t be underestimated when thinking of increasing the sales or popularity of a given artist. The loyal fan base regularly checks their favorite performer’s website, and if a person is visiting it for the first time the site should hold all the assets to convert this visitor into a regular, or even better – a fan. What makes a musician website special is the opportunity to share the artist’s personality through its design, while providing a smooth fan experience with opportunities to buy merchandise, tickets, and albums, find out news and updates, and enjoy their music directly on their website.

If this article has ignited the spark of your creativity, embrace it and let it shine online! And if you are still in search of it, try looking through these awesome articles here:

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