20 Amazing UI Interactions Examples to Inspire Your Next Design

Live Examples of Micro-Interactions for Web and Mobile

We encounter UI animations and UI interactions every day when we browse through apps and websites. In many cases, we don’t even notice they’re there, as they briefly and seamlessly direct us through our tasks. The importance of UI animations and interaction is huge as they make bring the data to life and make it digestible and enjoyable.

In short, animated micro-interactions are the perfect way to stimulate user engagement, in a world of short attention spans. This is why, for this article, we have gathered 20 UI interactions examples to inspire you and help you get awesome ideas for your own designs. We included live examples and project prototypes of animated menus, navigation interactions, gesture interactions, and many more. So let’s dive straight into it.


1. Overlay Menu UI Interaction

Full-screen menus are always fun, but why not go further with an interesting animated interaction. In this case, Hello Monday has implemented a cool overlay menu interaction with a liquid effect. The menu itself also offers seamless hover micro-interactions.

  • Website: Hello Monday, Branding Marketing Agency
  • UI Interactions: Liquid effect overlay menu, object-warping interactive hover animations
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2. Project Page Navigation UI Interaction

Igma is an independent digital design agency with a top-notch design portfolio. Their portfolio website offers a project page with a fully interactive experience with different UI interactions on hover and on scroll.

  • Website: Igma, Digital Design Agency
  • UI Interactions: Project page navigation hover interactions
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3. UI Gesture Interaction Scroll

This interactive experience is entirely based on user gestures. Feld Vision’s portfolio website offers a simple clean design with click-and-drag, move-to-draw, drag-and-drop gestures for the content, and other move gestures to trigger the parallax in the background.

  • Website: Feld Vision, Digital Agency
  • UI Interactions: Gesture interactions experience throughout the entire page
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4. Take Off Sticker UI Interaction

Another portfolio of a digital studio with very creative visuals. Although the entire website offers an awesome experience for the user, what we loved most was this sticker section where you can interact with the stickers and take them off.

  • Website: Studio Ouam, Digital Agency
  • UI Interactions: Hover interactions throughout the entire page, fun section to interact and take off stickers.
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5. Springy Line Micro Interaction

Sound design studio with a very attractive website full of micro-interactions. One of the best parts is the project section on the homepage. While you decide which project to check out, why not play around with the strings in the meantime.

  • Website: Chiara Luzzana, Sound Creator
  • UI Interactions: Interactive guitar strings in the project section.
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6. CTA Enter Button UI Interaction

Webby Awards fully embraces the glitch trend in their website design in the introduction to honor the best of the internet. The entire website is full of interactive animations, but the cherry on top is the glitching CTA enter button you can play around with.

  • Website: Webby Awards, Platform
  • UI Interactions: Glitching interactive enter button
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7. Drop-Down Navigation UI Interaction

Menus don’t have to be boring. Whether you choose a full-page overlay menu or a drop-down, you can always rock it with interactive animations. Here eMoney used exactly that with a simple hover animation that instantly improves their drop-down navigation.

  • Website: eMoney, cryptocurrencies platform
  • UI Interactions: Drop-down menu hover animation
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Good and effective navigation is key for a great user experience, especially on limited mobile screens. Check out these 45 great mobile menu design examples that follow the most popular approaches.


8. CTA Button Border Glow UI Interaction

If you decide to keep your design simple and not include too many parallaxes and scroll animations, animating only your CTA buttons to freshen things up can be very effective. Magical Reflections offer a great example of a glowing border hover animation on their entrance button.

  • Website: Magical Reflections, Virtual Museum
  • UI Interactions: CTA button glowing border hover animation
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9. Contact Page Interactive Hover Animation

French freelance developer Florent Biffi goes further with the contact page in their portfolio website by making it big bold and animated. This cool hover UI interaction looks very inviting.

  • Website: Florent Biffi, Freelance developer
  • UI Interactions: Contact CTA hover animation
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10. Navigation Menu Hover UI Interaction

The task manager platform is not just another dashboard with a list of what needs to be done. With this in mind, freelance UX designer Taras Migulko adapted the platform to be as functional on the desktop as on mobile devices. For this example, we chose the interactive navigation menu as inspiration, however, make sure you check out the entire project.

  • Website: Task manager platform project by Taras Migulko on Dribbble
  • UI Interactions: Navigation Menu hover animation
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11. Footer Interactive Object UI Animation

One of the main advantages of the website footer is that everyone knows where to look for it and they will. This gives you a great opportunity to present it efficiently and in an aesthetically pleasing way. Magnetism, for example, added an interactive object you can ping-pong in the background.

  • Website: Magnetism, Creative Agency
  • UI Interactions: Interactive object in the footer
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If you’re wondering how to make an effective footer for your website, you can check out the best practices for website footer design with many examples from live websites.


12. Hover UI Interactive Exprience


  • Website: Helene Blanck; Artist, choreographer, performer, author
  • UI Interactions: Interactive background warping on hover
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13. Interactive Bar UI Animation

Google offers an emblematic brand design to all its platforms and services, but if you hadn’t looked through Google Maps you might have missed some design details. For example, here’s a very simple but equally cool bar that levels up upon your interaction. Such small details can make a huge difference to your entire design.

  • Website: Google Maps
  • UI Interactions: Level up bar interaction
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14. Springy Lines Microinteraction On Contact Page

The contact section of your website can benefit from an interesting UI interaction that will interest the user and make them stay awhile.

  • Website: Kffein, Digital Agency
  • UI Interactions: Interactive contact section elements
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15. Interactive Fonts Hover Animations

Manrope is a free sans-serif variable font presented in a lovely modern landing page with lots of interactions. Its navigation menu offers a hover interaction that plays with the fonts sizes and transparency, which is a great idea to make your own menu more interesting.

  • Website: Manrope, Font
  • UI Interactions: Interactive fonts hover animation
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Your font has to look as equally appealing and readable at 10px as it’s at 72px. The good news is, there are tested and proven fonts equally safe for web and mobile. See these 8 UI fonts in use with some real-life examples.


16. Navigation Menu UI Interactions

Micro-interactions are so much crucial for making extra-level apps in today’s market. This is why Mr.alidoost has rolled up his sleeves to design an interactive Twitter navigation menu to inspire your creativity.

  • Website: Iconly animation for Twitter menu, project on Dribbble.
  • UI Interactions: Navigation menu micro-interactions
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17. Tab Bar UI Interaction

The next example is a creative tab bar animation on dark mode for Orizon’s Crypto exchange project. The interactions in dark mode with neon colors bring even more power to the high-tech design.

  • Website: Orizon’s Crypto Exchange project by Mohammad Reza Farahzad on Dribbble
  • UI Interactions: Interactive tab bar animations
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18. Main Menu Micro Interaction

The menu interaction design for Fluently reflects the process of 3 simple and consecutive steps with colorful animations.

  • Website: Fluently Menu Interaction project by Yaroslav Zubko on Dribbble
  • UI Interactions: Main menu micro-interaction
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19. Exercise Results UI Experience

This project offers an automatic workout generation based on user preference, data, and goals in a horizontal view for mobile. The space allows the designer to make the data visualization more attractive with complex UI interactions. You can viewthe entire case study on the creator’s project page.

  • Website: Workout iOS App by Den Klenkov for FireArt Studio on Dribbble
  • UI Interactions: Interactive data visualization
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20. Headlines and Gallery Micro Interactions

Editorial New offers a creative way for users to test the font through an interactive section with headlines and visuals. Users can generate designs when interacting with the buttons on the right side of the section.

  • Website: Editorial New, Font
  • UI Interactions: Interactive font and images testing section for editorial news
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Final Words

UI interaction can drastically improve your design and make it more intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and engaging. These interactive design examples for mobile apps and websites are good resources for designers and we hope you gathered ideas and inspiration from them.

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