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14 Effective About Us Page Examples (with Best Practices)

Users go to your About Us page to learn more about your business, history, solutions, and your team. This might put a lot of pressure on businesses to strike the right balance between selling their services to potential clients and driving them away with a self-focused approach. Fortunately, creating an effective About Us page that will keep users interested in exploring and ultimately hitting the contact section, is not as hard as it sounds. This is why today we’re going to look at 14 excellent About Us page examples that do it right and gain inspiration from them. In addition, we’ll also look at the 5 best practices your About Us page should perform.

What is an About Us Page?

Your About Us page serves to give your clients insight into your business, values, process, and the team behind it. It reflects your brand personality and purpose and informs the user about the company and its operations.

In addition, About Us pages are an essential part of SEO marketing to find potential clients through web searches.

Article Overview:


14 Effective About Us Page Examples

All websites in the article are new and live, launched in the past couple of months. So let’s enjoy the creations of great web designers from all over the globe and get more insight, inspiration, and ideas for crafting great About Us pages.

1. True Staging: About Us Page is About You

The first About Us page design example belongs to a construction company for live events sets. It focuses on the clients and the experiences they would get had they chosen the company’s services. The About Us page is short and simple in terms of copy, however, it offers interactive visuals such as parallaxes. As an important element, we need to mention the statistics section that explains the company’s ethics and results.

  • Subject: Construction, Building for Live events, Luxury Retail
  • Design Strengths: About the user; company ethics and impact statistics; well-organized, short copy, beautiful parallax effects.
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Designed by: Green Chameleon, UK
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2. Hagi’s Barber Shop: About Us Page with Subcultural Atmosphere and Strong Gimmick

While the barbershop aims to bring the gap between timeless interior design and traditional craftsmanship, the website follows this strong gimmick. With clean code and very atmospheric visuals, the About Us page allows you not only to meet the team behind the project but feel the retro Barbery culture in all its glory.

  • Subject: Barbery shop
  • Design Strengths: Strong brand gimmick and impression, big photographs and fonts, spread throughout the page for easy scan and reading. Matching gimmick photos of the project owners.
  • Country: Germany
  • Designed by: Numbered, the Netherlands
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3. Me Place: Interactive About Us Page Empowering Parents

This website represents a nursery with holistic childcare for the modern world. The About Us page tells a story and explains the concept of providing children with the tools to care for their own mental and physical health. You can also read about each member of the childcare, their experience, and credentials.

  • Subject: Modern childcare nursery
  • Design Strengths: Detailed information about each childcare specialist, background, experience, and credentials; clean interactive design
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Designed by: The First The Last, Ukraine
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4. Sssolitaire: Interactive History Museum Style About Us Page Design

Here we have a fun and playful experience all about a card game where you can choose your cards, shuffle and play or buy a physical deck. The About Us page offers a museum-style experience that explains the history of the game and the rules, with a fitting horizontal scrolling experience.

  • Subject: Solitaire card game decks
  • Design Strengths: Interactive history museum-style experience with horizontal scrolling; detailed information about the game’s history and rules.
  • Country: Italy
  • Designed by: Six Socks Studio, Italy
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5. Wildcatter: About Us Page in America’s Westward Expansion Style

Wildcatter is a hybrid Creative Studio and Production Company inspired by the imaginative frontiersmen who detonated terrain, and convention, during America’s westward expansion. The About Us page is simple in terms of copy: it gives you a peek at the team and the company’s values.

  • Subject: Creative studio and production company
  • Design Strengths: Short, self-explanatory, interactive experience and cool hover effects on the team member’s photos.
  • Country: USA
  • Designed by: Mubien, Spain
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6. Garden Eight: Meet the Team with Cute Interactive 3D Avatars

Garden Eight is a digital design studio based in Tokyo and Copenhagen and the About Us page has everything you might need to know: values, physical address, contacts, and team members. To follow the studio’s gimmick, the team is presented with personalized 3D animal characters, each redirecting to the respective creator’s Twitter account.

  • Subject: Digital design studio portfolio website
  • Design Strengths: Gimmicky team members 3D animal characters redirecting to personal Twitter accounts; includes addresses, awards, case studies link and contact form.
  • Country: Japan
  • Designed by: Garden Eight, Japan
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7. Supercontinent: Short and Sweet Hand-Written in Marker

The next About Us page is pretty simple but effective in a DIY style, fitting for a creative VFX production. It features the essentials such as a quick introduction, addresses, and redirection to your email client to drop a message.

  • Subject: VFX production company website
  • Design Strengths: Very short, simple, and gimmicky; includes physical addresses and email contact.
  • Country: Germany
  • Designed by: Justinas Kiaulekis, Lithuania
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8. Seoul Box: Cute About Us Page Inspired by Korean Culture

SeoulBox shares its love of Korean culture by bringing slices of Korea to people from all over the world. This lovely eCommerce website is all about like-minded people who want to appreciate mystery boxes with Korean goodies.

  • Subject: Korean Mystery Box (Korean Goodies, Snacks, Beauty Products) eCommerce Store
  • Design Strengths: cute fitting design with anime avatars and a love letter to Korean culture which is the ideal choice for the target audience.
  • Country: USA
  • Designed by: Half Helix, USA
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9. Chez Ly: Meet the Owner Page Design

Chez Ly is the leading Chinese restaurant in western Paris to meet with friends, and family, or go out for business meals. The About Us page is a short introduction of the owner and the history behind the famous restaurant.

  • Subject: Food and Restaurants, Gourmet Chinese Restaurant
  • Design Strengths: Short and simple Meet the Owner and Restaurant History sections in fitting brand style.
  • Country: France
  • Designed by: Adveris, France
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10. Shape Farm: Meet the Team with Interactive Hand-Drawn Portraits

Shapefarm is an independent game developer based in Tokyo, Japan. The About Us page has a small section for the company’s history and mission before presenting the entire team with hand-drawn interactive portraits.

  • Subject: Independent PC Games Developers
  • Design Strengths: Original team presentation with interactive pencil-drawn portraits.
  • Country: Japan
  • Designed by: Garden Eight, Japan
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11. Mentis Jewelry: Interactive Mixed Media About Us Museum Page

Established in 1920 the Mentis jewelry store has a reputation as one of the most important jewelry brand names. This is why the About Us page is fully dedicated to the brand’s history.

  • Subject: Jewelry eCommerce Store
  • Design Strengths: Attractive art-book style brand history page.
  • Country: Greece
  • Designed by: Eight, Greece
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12. Karak: Clean Macro Style About Us Page with Team Cards

ARAK is a creative tile manufactory from western Austria, that specializes in hand-crafted products, which combine chaos and order. The company’s About Us page focuses on the team and the exact thing they do in the creation of the final product.

  • Subject: Creative tile manufacturer company
  • Design Strengths: Meet the team section that focuses on each member’s role in the creation of the final product.
  • Country: Austria
  • Designed by: Huangart, Austria
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13. Frantoio Cavalli: Retro Photo Album Historic About Us Page Design

Frantoio Cavalli is one of the oldest oil mills in the world. Since 1781, passion and dedication to the cultivation and production of the finest varieties of Italian olives. The About Us page looks like a single-page museum website that follows the history of the mill from 1781 to this day.

  • Subject: Oil Mill, Olive Oil Manufacturer Company
  • Design Strengths: Interactive timeline of the mill’s history.
  • Country: Italy
  • Designed by: Studio Sentempo, Italy
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14. Woset: Short and Simple About Us Concept Page with Animated Kid Drawings

Visual identity and website, including custom character illustrations, animations, and interactive ‘play’ page.

  • Subject: Kids Wear, Clothes Manufacturer eCommerce Website
  • Design Strengths: Short About Us page that simply tells what makes Woset different than any other online store for kids’ wear and toys.
  • Country: USA
  • Designed by: MOUTHWASH, USA
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5 Best Practices for Creating an Effective About Us Page

There is no blueprint for the perfect About Us page. However, depending on your business, services, or goals, there are a few best practices that could help you out in creating an effective page that users would want to read.


1. Speak to Your Users

Although users will choose to click the About Us label from the navigation menu to learn more about your business and values, their motivation for doing so is learning how you can solve their problems. In short, this page is about the users. Make sure you start your copy with what they need to learn:

  • Motivation: Why do you want to solve their problem?
  • Creativity: How can you solve their problem?
  • Expertise: What makes your solution better?


2. Tell a Story

It’s all about who you are and what sets you apart from the rest. Don’t tell your bio. Instead, tell your story, emphasizing what makes you different, how you managed to build your brand, and what was your motivation. Your story will let users know what you stand for and why they should stick with you.

As we saw in some of the examples, many About Us pages solidify their stories with data and numbers. So don’t hesitate to present your achievements with some impressive charts.


3. Introduce the Team in an Engaging Way

Your strongest asset is your team. About Us pages often include a small Meet the team section just as an extension for the sake of some personal touch. However, this introduction holds significant importance. In fact, you introduce your future clients to your staff. These are the actual people who will solve problems, so make this section count.

  • Transparency: Your users will know who will they be working with.
  • Personality: Your brand isn’t just a casual impersonal business. You are proud of your business and you are proud of your team.
  • Design: This section gives you a nice opportunity to get creative with the design. Quality images, interesting hover effects, cartoon portraits, aesthetic photographs. Everything that does your brand justice.

While you showcase your amazing team and their skills, don’t forget to include the essentials:

  • Name
  • Position and specialty
  • Relevant experience in the industry, awards, and other accomplishments.


4. Gain Trust

Find the best ways to prove you’re trustworthy of your user’s time. Especially for online businesses, people always look for social proof.

  • Client testimonials: Unlike reviews, you can control, collect, and publish client testimonials. This section is essential since the statistics show that 9 out of 10 clients trust recommendations, referrals, and testimonials more than they trust your word.
  • Achievements: Include your awards, successful projects, customer-centric awards, etc.
  • Contact Info: People rarely trust websites with no contact info, or ones just featuring a generic Gmail address (this is typical for scams).  This is why, it is absolutely necessary to give a physical address, or at least your city, and a phone number. Bonus for a personalized email address and social handles.


5. Use Different Media Formats

The best way to make your About Us page attractive and interactive is to use different forms of visuals. For example, you can use high-quality photographs of your team and office environment; a gallery slider;  videos for the work process; explainer videos for your concept, or infographics for your achievements.


Final Words

Your About page is often what sets you apart from your competition, making it something worth investing time and effort into. We hope these 14 About Us pages inspired you with some great ideas for your own page.

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