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14 Best Portfolio Websites from Around the Web

Latest Modern Portfolio Websites in the Wild

One of the greatest challenges before creators is to present their work to potential clients. Creating a great portfolio is much more than a gallery of preview pictures of finished products, as it also needs to tell the story of how the creators work. And most importantly, does the creator practice what they preach? This is why today we are going to look at 14 impressive portfolio websites examples that manage to set themselves apart from the rest with exceptional design, visuals, and interactive experience.

All websites in the article are new and live, launched in the past couple of months. So let’s enjoy the creations of great web designers from all over the globe.


1. CECraft: Experimental Web Concepts Creator Portfolio Website

CECRAFT – Charaf Eddine is a designer and developer, who creates experimental concepts for the web. The website is a highly interactive futuristic experience with visuals and sounds. First, you meet SBOW7, the digital assistant who will be your guide for exploring the portfolio. When you navigate through the options like in a video game, the assistant will open high-tech screens which it narrates, or even gives you a hologram message from Charaf Eddine.
  • Industry: Freelance Experience Designer and Developer
  • Design Strengths: Original concept, futuristic game-like experience, Interactive digital assistant serving as a tutorial and narrator, personal holographic video by the creator
  • Portfolio Strengths: Original game-like design already promising great results, the website is so impressive you even forgot to look for case studies
  • Country: Morocco
  • Designed by: Charaf Eddine Ousslim, Morocco
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2. Sizzer: Independent Music Agency Portfolio Website

Sizzer is an independent music agency that helps brands tell powerful and authentic stories.

  • Industry: Music Agency
  • Design Strengths: High-quality loading animation, interactive UX, UI animations on scroll, hover animations, parallax, clean design
  • Portfolio Strengths: Curated Case Studies, well-structured website, related sample project by each available service, Social proof
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Designed by: Paper Tiger, USA
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3. MILL3: Digital Agency Portfolio Website

MILL3 is a digital agency based in Montreal, Canada.

  • Industry: Creative Agency, Digital Products
  • Design Strengths: Interactive UX, quick high-quality preloader, UI animations on scroll, hover animations, clean design, easy navigation, second language option
  • Portfolio Strengths: Curated Case Studies, well-structured website
  • Country: Canada
  • Designed by: MILL3, Canada
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4. ThoughtLab: Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio Website

Through research, high-end design, expert marketing, and more, ThoughtLab raises the level of brands across the world.

  • Industry: Digital Marketing Agency
  • Design Strengths: Interactive UX, 3D Interactive animation, UI animations on scroll, full-screen drop-down navigation
  • Portfolio Strengths: Curated Case Studies, well-structured website
  • Country: USA
  • Designed by: ThoughtLab, USA
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5. Robin Payot: Creative Developer Freelancer Portfolio Website

Portfolio of Robin Payot, Freelance Creative Developer based in Paris.

  • Industry: Freelance Developer
  • Design Strengths: Highly Interactive UX on scroll, 3D Interactive animation, Overview map option, List view option, clean code
  • Portfolio Strengths: The entire portfolio is Case Studies- oriented, well-structured website
  • Country: USA
  • Designed by: Robin Payot, USA
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6. Tom Garcy: Freelance Brand & Product & UX Designer Portfolio Website

Tom Garcy’s Brand Page – Brand & Product & UX designer. Consultant. Biohacker.

  • Industry: Freelance UX Designer
  • Design Strengths: Single Page website experience, well-structured and organized
  • Portfolio Strengths: Curated Case Studies, Unique “Hire me for a day” proposal
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Designed by: Tom Garcy, Czech Republic
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7. Unfauxgettable: Faux Flowers Designer Portfolio Website

Unfauxgettable Flowers is a UK startup supplying luxury faux flowers for weddings and homes. This project included a brand refresh and a new website.

  • Industry: Florist, Faux flowers for wedding and events designer and supplier
  • Design Strengths: Simple clean design, smooth micro animations, beautiful color scheme, and fonts
  • Portfolio Strengths: Tasteful design, social proof, testimonials, meet the owner/ florist section
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Designed by: Gordon Ross Dowling, United Kingdom
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8. Silvia Sguotti: Art Director Portfolio Website

Silvia Sguotti Portfolio. A creative journey 2012 – 2022.

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9. Revolver: Film and Photography Agency Portfolio Website

A creative studio with the purpose of creating ideas and producing them in different areas of communication: Film, Photography, Design, Digital, and brand building.

  • Industry: Art Direction, Film and Photography Agency
  • Design Strengths: Clean design with high contrast and modern brutalist vibes, seamless micro animations for interactive UX, well-structured
  • Portfolio Strengths: Curated case studies, an entire page dedicated to the agency’s clients
  • Country: Chile
  • Designed by: D85 Estudio, Chile
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10. Stanley Vaganov: Creative Designer Educator Portfolio Website

Personal portfolio website of Stanley Vaganov: award-winning creative designer, sprint facilitator, educator, speaker, and founder of a New York-based digital design agency.

  • Industry: Creative Agency, Design, and Education
  • Design Strengths: Clean design with high contrast and comfortable color scheme, highly interactive on scroll, smooth micro animations
  • Portfolio Strengths: Easy navigation, well-structured with work, lessons, events, workshop and a media kit, 6 curated projects
  • Country: USA
  • Designed by: Stanley Vaganov, USA
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11. Seungyun Shin Artificial Intelligence Developer Personal Portfolio Website

The portfolio website of AI developer Seungyun Shin, based in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Here we have a very rich portfolio with an impressive list of skills and projects to take a look at. It even features an interactive map with personal photos.

  • Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • Design Strengths: Futuristic design with impressive interactive visuals
  • Portfolio Strengths: Easy navigation, well-structured with work, an entire page with lists of skills and software, curated projects.
  • Country: South Korea
  • Designed by: Seungyun Shin, South Korea
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12. Garden Eights: Digital Design Studio Portfolio Website

Garden Eight is a digital design studio based in Tokyo and Copenhagen. The website’s gimmick is fun with cute interactive 3D animal characters representing the team members. On the about me page, you can even click on each animal and the website will redirect you to their Twitter account.

  • Industry: Digital Design Studio
  • Design Strengths: Cute creative 3D interactive design with custom animal characters you can interact with; micro animations and hover animations, parallaxes.
  • Portfolio Strengths: Easy navigation, well-structured, curated case studies.
  • Country: Japan
  • Designed by: Garden Eight, Japan
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13. Brady Patterson Designer and Entrepreneur Personal Portfolio Website

Brady Patterson is a Designer & Entrepreneur focused on creating innovative digital solutions that leave a positive impact on our future.

  • Industry: Digital Design Freelancer
  • Design Strengths: Catchy slogan “Design is the silent ambassador for your brand”, clean modern design with visible brand color scheme and typography, interactive scrolling, micro animations, parallaxes
  • Portfolio Strengths: Easy navigation, well-structured, curated case studies, dedicated brands page
  • Country: USA
  • Designed by: Brady Patterson, USA
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14. Artem Markovsky Digital Art Direction Portfolio Website

Independent art director and multidisciplinary designer, branding, and UX Artem Markovsky’s personal portfolio website with retro-futuristic nostalgic interactive macro design.

  • Industry: Art director, Branding, and UX design
  • Design Strengths: Clean modern minimalist design with brutalist vibe and interactive scrolling, micro animations, contrasting color scheme, nostalgic vibes, psychedelic elements, parallax, custom typography design
  • Portfolio Strengths: Easy navigation, well-structured, 14 curated case studies, three pages: Go, 14 projects, and contacts.
  • Country: Russia
  • Designed by: Artem Markovsky, Russia
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Final Words

We hope you enjoyed these 14 latest best portfolio websites and the different techniques they use to grab the attention of potential clients. There isn’t a blueprint for how you need to craft a winning portfolio, however, there are a few things we can take from the examples we just saw. So let’s list them here as a conclusion.

  • Introduction: No matter what approach you take, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself right away in a bold catchy title.
  • Design: It’s good to have a defined gimmick that suits you and presents who you are as a designer.
  • Experience: Make sure your portfolio is easy to navigate. It should be very clear what is the next step your viewers should take.
  • Selected Case Studies: The most professional and attractive for clients approach is to feature only the best of them.
  • Case Study Page: Since your case studies are curated and consist only of your best work, make sure to structure each case well and give in-depth information about the process. Your future clients would love to see how you think and work.
  • About Me: Go wild and show everybody the real you. Feature a cool fact, show them your accomplishments, give them something memorable.

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