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14 Modern Contact Us Page Examples That Do It Right

Latest Contact Us Pages in the Wild

The Contact page is one of the most visited pages and as such should have a high priority. After all, this is the page that marks the beginning of your interactions with potential clients and partners, so it needs to be easy to find at all times, to be functional, and to include the right information. With this in mind, today we’re going to look at 14 modern real-life Contact Us page examples from around the web and see how they do it right.


1. Likely Story: Full Page Contact Us CTA

We’ll start the contact us page examples with a pretty modern fun website full of UI interactions, lovely 3D illustrations, and a highly visual interactive experience. You can easily locate the contact page in the navigation and enjoy a yellow full screen with a big CTA you can click. It will redirect you to the email client of your choice to drop a message.

  • Subject: Digital Studio Portfolio
  • Design Strengths: Scrolling text messages on the contact page; big CTA title; redirects to your primary email client.
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Designed by: Likely Story
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2. Wildcatter: Countdown Animation to Contact Information

Here we have a contact page that blows in your face. Wildcatter offers a fun little preloader animation that leads to the contact info.

  • Subject: Creative Studio and Production Company
  • Design Strengths: Fun countdown UI animation; memorable message; microcopy.
  • Country: Spain
  • Designed by: Mubien
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3. Keep Garding: Interactive Contact Us Page Design

Keep Gardening creates an interactive experience by designing the contact form as a live chat page with an insertion point. It gives more casual vibes and looks inviting and all set, all you need to do is type your message and hit send.

  • Subject: Color Grading Post Production Studio
  • Design Strengths: Imitates live chat; clean and interactive; it doesn’t look like a form which makes it seem quicker and more convenient.
  • Country: France
  • Designed by: François-Xavier Manceau
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4. Aquerone: Minimalistic Contact Page with Great Typography

Interestingly enough, this CBD lifestyle experimental website chooses a clean design approach instead of getting predictable with a psychedelic design. The contact page offers a lot of white space, beautiful typography, a pleasant color scheme, and a convenient structure. You can either send a message, visit the social profiles or go to the FAQ.

  • Subject: CBD and Cannabis Lifestyle Concept eCommerce Store
  • Design Strengths: Clean and easy to navigate; big CTA, beautiful typography.
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Designed by: Niccolò Miranda
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5. Lemkus: Clean Macro Contact Page

Macro design with boxes is one of the most convenient layouts in terms of structure. In this case, Lemkus put the CTA with huge bold letters and offers four contact boxes that allow you to locate the contact info you’re looking for at first glance.

  • Subject: South Africa Sneakers and Apparel Retailer eCommerce Website
  • Design Strengths: Convenient layout; well-structured and it’s easy to find the specific contact info instantly; big CTA; contrast.
  • Country: South Africa
  • Designed by: Dash Digital
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6. Fuente Real: Beautiful Clean Contact Form Page with Parallax

Reservation websites of boutique hotels usually rely on clean tasteful design with neutral colors and beautiful typography. This is also the case with Fuerte Real, however, they also added a cool parallax effect for the background artwork to accompany you while you’re filling out the contact form.

  • Subject: Boutique Apartments Rental
  • Design Strengths: big well-structured contact form; clean design; neutral colors with high contrast; nice parallax effect
  • Country: Spain
  • Designed by: Mubien
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7. Faker: Contact Page with Typography and Color Accents

As we already established, catchy titles work great for making a brand memorable. So, welcome to the Fakersphere. This contact-us page design includes a warm memorable welcome message, a microcopy of the contact info, a beautiful gradient CTA button, and nice decorative typography animation.

  • Subject: Digital Brand Marketing Agency
  • Design Strengths: Catchy title; decorative typography animation; microcopy; easy to notice colorful CTA button.
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Designed by: Faker
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8. K72: Looping Contact Page

Big CTA text is cool, but you know what’s cooler? Looping CTA text. In this case, k72 allows you to scroll the contact page endlessly, repeating the same section over and over again with small changes to the CTA text. It’s innovative and definitely memorable (once you notice what they’ve done).

  • Subject: Digital Agency
  • Design Strengths: Innovative looping section with small changes to the CTA text; microcopy.
  • Country: Canada
  • Designed by: Locomotive
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9. Kazuki Noda: Contact Email Animation and Contact Box Section

Moving to the next of the contact us page examples, this one features the contact info in two sections at the bottom of the homepage. The first section offers an animated moving email that redirects you to your primary email client, while the static contact info goes in a box below.

  • Subject: Designer Art Director Portfolio Website
  • Design Strengths: Box layout; UI animation; clean design
  • Country: Japan
  • Designed by: Kazuki Noda
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10. Lewa House: Overlay Slide Contact Forms Page

What’s great about this example is that you don’t get redirected to a contact page. The website allows you to access the contact forms at any time in the navigation with an overlay page that you can open and close without disrupting your browsing. It also has a beautiful torn-page style with a lovely color scheme.

  • Subject: Wildlife Conservation in Kenya
  • Design Strengths: gdfgfd
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Designed by: Green Chameleon
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11. Dennis Snellenberg: FAQ Style Message Form Contact Page

This contact page splits the content into two main sections. While it lists the main contact info on the right, the main focus on the page is the contact form that is structured like an FAQ section. In this case, the visitor is the one answering the questions before hitting send.

  • Subject: Freelance Designer & Developer Portfolio
  • Design Strengths: Short contact form with examples; well-structured
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Designed by: Dennis Snellenberg
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12. Sennep: Contact Page with a Literal Human Touch

What we love about this concept is bringing a pun to life with animation. Human touch isn’t exactly an original phrase when it comes to marketing, but a literal human finger touching the CTA button sure is.

  • Subject: Digital Product Studio Portfolio Website
  • Design Strengths: Creative concept; visualizing a pun; UI animation; microcopy
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Designed by: Sennep
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13. Goliath Entertainment: Interactive Contact Email Section

The new website for the French multi-purpose event engineering company with fun colorful cartoony design and a fitting animated contact page. There is enough contrast and white space so the vivid colors and moving texts won’t disrupt the readability of the contact info.

  • Subject: Multi-Purpose Party Event Engineering Company
  • Design Strengths: Fun but clean; microcopy
  • Country: France
  • Designed by: Ronin161
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14. The Badass Project: Alternative Macro Style Contact Form with UI Animations

Artistic people deserve a creative presentation. This website belongs to photographers specializing in filming weddings, events, and commercials, and definitely stands out with a memorable design. The last of today’s contact us page examples offers an alternative full-screen form and typography animation for the Send button. You will also notice a few micro animation details such as the eye following your mouse and blinking from time to time.

  • Subject: Event Photography Art Studio
  • Design Strengths: Creative design; contrast; micro animations.
  • Country: Spain
  • Designed by: Cuchillo
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In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed the 14 latest Contact Us page examples and got inspired to up your next design. Now let’s summarize what these contact pages do right:

  • Easy to find: You can instantly locate the contact page from the main navigation at any time or find it in the footer.
  • Clear and concise: Keep your copy short and include only the essential info that will help your users contact you. Anything off-topic could distract.
  • Personality: Make your contact page part of your design. Use your brand colors, identity, and graphics, and add some micro animations.
  • Things to include: Depending on your business, you will usually include phone numbers, working hours, response time, email address, social handles, and location.
  • Catchy title: depending on your brand’s tone and style, you can put something memorable and distinctive on your page.
  • Use the layout to guide users: If you include more than just your email address or phone, organize your contact info in sections, or columns, depending on your layout.

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