How To Build Landing Pages That Convert

13 amazingly simple ideas on how to build the perfect landing pages

Your landing page has one main purpose and that is to serve your business. It’s structure, design, and experience should create new opportunities for your business by engaging your visitors and turning them into clients. In short- to build landing pages, it requires more than eye-catching graphics and effects to serve that purpose. 

So what can you do in order to design your landing page to engage and practically make your CTAs the only logical outcome of your viewers’ experience?

To benefit from successful online marketing via and effective landing page, there are a couple of conversion-proof tricks that we would love to share with you. So, let’s look at those 13 ideas that will help you build great and persuasive landing pages.

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Build Landing Pages: Quick Overview

  1. Separate features and benefits
  2. Address your visitors directly
  3. Clean the unnecessary clutter
  4. Make your CTAs stand out
  5. Use more visuals
  6. Use “negative space
  7. Incorporate videos
  8. Use a dedicated header for each section
  9. Structure your key information
  10. Be specific about your services
  11. Include feedback from real people
  12. Add confirmation messages
  13. Responsiveness is a must

📈 Separate features and benefits

The reason for your visitors to engage with your Landing page and decide to convert is what the service or event has in store for them in terms of benefits.

Usually, features and benefits overlay in most parts. Your services have both of them, but what will take the message across better is to separate them in two different lists.

This is a good tactic for one particular reason: while your features explain what your services include, the benefits are what really matters.

They are what will help your potential customers achieve their goals, what is really going to gain, what is going to make their life easier, and even something unpleasant that your services will help them avoid. 

👋 Address your visitors directly

This is another important step- make it personal. Your Landing page offers solutions for your visitor’s issues, so why not address your potential clients directly?

You already know who your target personas are. By having that information at your disposal, you can easily identify the key points of your potential client’s concerns and easily address them upfront.

When you also address them directly, you focus on their issues and concerns instead of focusing on your agency, which quickly engages your visitors and gives you the advantage to persuade them.

🧹 Clean the unnecessary clutter

Web design had improved drastically over the years thanks to a huge timeframe of testing, user feedback, and observing user behavior. In contrast to the very first websites and landing pages cluttered with unmatching elements, multiple fonts, colors, complex navigation, badly rendered gifs, and pointer sparkle effects, today we have reached simplicity, class, and intuitive design matching functionality.

Needless to say, the simpler the design is, the faster your viewers get the message you want to convey to them. They have a better experience and find their way around your website easy instead of getting lost in the middle of unnecessary clutter.

The effective landing page has an obvious flow and minimal to no distractions. All for the sake of providing the necessary information that will encourage your visitors to convert and nothing more. Keep that in mind when you build landing pages.

🔘 Make your CTA buttons stand out

To make your visitors click the CTA button and commit to the action you want them to (fill a form, purchase a free trial, watch a video, etc.). This is why it’s important to focus on their design and location on the page.

You can use the CTA buttons to make specific information easier to find. More importantly, your CTAs are what invites your visitors to make the deal decision or take the actions you want them to.

Their design needs to be done for them to stand out from the rest of the page content. In order for the CTA button to attract the focus, make them short, clear, and specific, while also using contrast accent colors and don’t forget the negative space around them. 

🖼️ Use more visuals

People are visual creatures. Unless they specifically seek to read something, they would rarely spend time reading whole paragraphs.

This is why your landing page will benefit more from visuals- for example, images with charts and short descriptions that could quickly educate them on what it might interest them.

Of course, to build landing pages only by images wouldn’t do it either, so find a good way to mix visuals with text-based content as long as the page is clutter-free.

💨 Use Negative space to let your page “breathe”

We already mentioned both the importance of colors and negative space in terms of bringing focus to a specific area on your landing page and for a good reason.

A landing page cluttered with content isn’t something your visitors will like. Most likely, they will get confused in all the chaos and leave. When you design your page, combine your elements in such a way that the page can breathe. In art, drawing air is called “negative space” and allows the viewer to focus on the areas you want them to focus on. 

While the negative space brings focus on specific elements, then colors are what convey emotions, attract viewers, and represent your brand. One one hand contrast colors attract attention, on the other strategically picked color palette that conveys your brand message will stay memorable.

📹 Incorporate videos

This is not a must but it’s quite useful when it comes to engaging viewers. Videos are interesting, they keep the viewers busy and reduce the bounce rate.

Just make sure not to overcrowd your page with videos. In all, one short video with a visual presentation about a topic or a service is enough, makes its impact, and doesn’t make the page heavy or slower.

👑 Use a dedicated header for each section

If you have a variety of content that you wish to build in different sections, it’s a good practice to crown each section with a dedicated header. It encourages the viewers to keep reading and also makes your content quite easier to scan through.

🔑 Structure your key information 

Amongst all, there are a few pieces of information that are imperative to get noticed the moment your visitors land on your homepage. This means you need to make the key information visible. Put the focus on it, and make it easy to digest. This is a key step when you build landing pages. The best way to do this is to structure it by using some of the following elements:

  • Bullet- points. Some visitors will initially scroll through your landing page without reading a paragraph in depth. The bullet points will help them focus on those pieces of information, ordered in an easy to scan list.
  • Subheadings: The visitors will definitely notice the bigger text and when they find a particular topic in a heading that will interest them, they will keep reading the paragraph that follows.
  • Negative Space: As you’re already familiar with the concept, the air around a certain element of the content instantly gives it focus.

🎯 Be specific about your services

Fast services, cheap prices, quality work simply won’t cut it.

Instead, you will benefit significantly if you’re upfront and specific. Give details about your agency, services, timeframes, pricing, and also offer samples of your work.

Everyone respects those who can instantly back up their words and can give specific details about their services when possible. “In the last 15 years, our WordPress developers have completed over 40K WordPress projects.”. This is more convincing than “We are experienced with WordPress and still continue providing quality WordPress work over the years.”

💬 Include feedback from real people

When you include real-life feedback from existing clients, feature their name and company. This will give you a new layer of proof about the quality of your services. It shows that you’ve definitely done this before, people are satisfied and want to continue working with you. The visitors will certainly keep that in mind.

Add confirmation messages

Again, not a must, but a nice little tweak to engage your potential clients. Just add some nice welcoming messages, confirmation messages or a simple thank you after they interact with some of your CTAs. 

It’s that warm personal touch that costs nothing but means a lot.

📲 Responsiveness is a must

The responsiveness eliminates all inconveniences that would bother mobile users, especially the need to zoom in order to read the text; struggling with inadequately small space to tap a CTA or horizontal scrolling.

Responsiveness also gives a great opportunity to refine the content of your website in such a way that your visitors will only see the key information. In addition, Google will always prioritize responsive websites and will put them above desktop-only websites. 

We also can’t overlook the fact that desktop landing pages load slower on mobile devices. This doesn’t check with the recommended standards. In fact, according to these standards, the content above the fold should load in under 1 second. As for the entire page- under 2 seconds, on mobile. Mobile users who have to wait longer for a page to load will usually leave that page.

…and also…

First off, your landing page being responsive automatically broadens its reach to potential clients on tablets and smartphones. Those by 2020 surpass the 3 billion mark worldwide. In fact, over 20% of Google searches are performed on mobile devices. In comparison, over 35% of all emails are opened on smartphones and tablets. Other statistics show that over 60% of people have a better opinion of brands that offer a mobile experience. 

It’s impossible to overlook the potential in these numbers. Second, responsiveness gives a consistent experience that organically increases sales and conversions. 

In conclusion

In this article, we included some important steps and musts. They will assist you with making your landing pages a platform that supports your position on the market. Therefore, execute the right content strategy, and delivers the right opportunity.

There are a few basic psychological principles you could implement into your web design. They will engage your viewers to the point they would convert as clients. 

What Else?

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