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The 10 Best Landing Page Creation Tools

Get more sales and leads using these highly convertible landing page builders

A landing page is one of the most efficient ways to capture information about your visitors in order to convert them into clients. Needless to say, designing a well-structured landing page and having the right tools to personalize your audience’s experience, drive traffic, and generate leads is crucial for businesses. Luckily, all of this can be done easier with the use of landing page creation solutions.

In this article, we have chosen ten great landing page creation tools that are fairly easy to use and quick to get the hand of. Most of them pack marketing tools for analyzing, testing, and optimizing the performance of your pages.

Quick Overview

  1. HubSpot – Landing page builder by powerhouse developers
  2. Unbounce – Landing page platform that powers more than 15k brands
  3. Elementor – The Landing page builder for WordPress
  4. MailChimp – Landing page builder by marketing specialists
  5. Leadpages – High-tier landing page builder
  6. Instapage – AIO solution for landing pages
  7. GetResponse – Highly-convertible landing pages and email marketing
  8. Lander – Full pack powerful landing page tools
  9. Wishpond – Do it yourself or get it done for you
  10. Landingli – Easy end-to-end solution for landing pages

1. HubSpot

Landing page builder by powerhouse developers

HubSpot is a powerhouse developer and marketer of software products and services that provide tools for content management, web analytics, search engine optimization, lead generation, and more. Amongst their variety of tools, HubSpot also offers a solution for landing page creation.

The tool is available as a part of the Marketing Hub package that aims to help you launch professionally-looking pages in no time. The services allow you to choose from a built-in library of templates. All templates are optimized for mobile and proven to convert. Surely, there is also the option to build your own page from the ground up. The tool features a visual drag-and-drop editor to help you customize the content, sections, and branding.

Another advantage of this creation tool is the ability to personalize the landing page for individual visitors. Meaning, CTAs, and forms will appear differently based on the visitor’s device, location, source, or contact detail from your CRM storage. This will inevitably improve the visitor’s experience.

In addition, the landing page creation tool also includes a centralized dashboard for analyzing, testing, and optimizing the performance of your pages.

In terms of easiness, the software is beginner-friendly in a few minutes with onboarding videos and written content. The templates are also quite easy to handle and customize and there are additional plugins from creation to page design.

On the downside, the product lacks AMP mobile pages and can get pretty pricy on the higher-tier plans.

HubSpot Landing Pages

2. Unbounce

Landing page platform that powers more than 15k brands

Unbounce is a software company from Canada that hosts the annual Call to Action Conference for industry professionals and produces landing pages for their clients.

The company claims to offer the No. 1 landing page platform for more than 15K brands. It’s a fact that it’s the very first landing pages software, so it’s fair to say the company actually invented the category. Their software focuses on helping you design beautiful landing pages that convert more and turn traffic into revenue.

The Unbounce Builder offers an easy drag-and-drop editor and more than 100 landing page templates to choose from. These templates are customizable also with optional CSS and JS to make the design and functionality exactly the way you imagine.

In addition, the tool has an in-built AI conversion Smart Traffic as well as A/B testing for your pages.

Moreover, we can positively say that this is one of the easiest to use interface with friendly plugins, form creation, and page design. Surely, the builder allows you to edit your landing pages to make them responsive to mobile devices. You can add sticky headers and popups, maps and also insert dynamic keywords for SEM campaigns.

And last, the features of the software include landing pages and pop-ups integration for WordPress, MailChimp, AWeber, and other popular CRM and email tools.

On the downside, the redirects and integrations are available only for Premium and Enterprise.

If the platform got your attention, you could see more details by visiting the Unbounce Website.

Unbounce Landing Pages

3. Elementor

The Landing page builder for WordPress

Elementor Ltd is a software company that provides web development services, amongst which is the website builder for WordPress users. As WordPress takes 33% of the entire internet,  the company has quite the market to target. The tool has a Freemium version for creating and editing websites with a drag-and-drop editor, more than 40 widgets, and responsive editing. You can choose amongst more than 40 templates to work with.

The software offers premium plans as well that add more pro features, kits, and builders for templates, WooCommerce, and popups. Elementor does deliver pixel-perfect designs with clean code as the platform is extendable and developer-friendly.

On the downside, the platform relies on 3rd parties for many of the extensions.

Elementor Website

4. MailChimp

Landing page builder by marketing specialists

MailChimp is probably the most popular email marketing service platform in the industry. However, they also offer a landing page builder as a part of their software arsenal. It’s good for small business and as your business grows, you can always pay for additional features and more customization.

The builder has the mandatory drag-and-drop built-in editor and also allows you to auto-populate content from your website. In addition, this goes without saying, you can tie your landing pages to a MailChimp campaign.

On the downside, although the software is free to get started, it’s quite limited so it’s almost necessary to buy add-ons. For example, the only way to customize your URL is through such an extension.

You could check out the landing page builder feature directly on MailChimp’s Website.

MailChimp Landing Pages

5. Leadpages

High-tier landing page builder

Leadpages is a digital lead generation platform that helps marketers and entrepreneurs create and publish web pages and generate leads. You can build landing pages, entire websites, popups, and all you need to connect with your audience and convert customers. The Leadpages campaigns integrate across all popular tools from Facebook ads to eCommerce.

The landing page creation platform is fairly easy to use with its drag-and-drop editor to move your content around. It also offers plugins for everything you need and allows you to make your pages responsive for mobile. On the downside, the user interface is sorta outdated looking but intuitive enough.

Amongst the features are more than 150 templates to customize as you like, unlimited responsive pages, and more than 40 tools. It offers a form in an easy format, A/B testing, and WordPress integration. Unfortunately, however, the customer support is limited at the lower pricing pack. As with most high-tier landing page builder products, the good stuff, such as A/B testing, email triggers, and some integrations, are only available on the premium plans.

Leadpages Website

6. Instapage

AIO solution for landing pages

Instapage Inc is a software company with a landing page platform focus.  The tool was named amongst the “5 best Landing Page Builders 2017” by 99signals and “15 Powerful B2B Lead generation Tools 2018” by Business 2 Community.

The solution packs six products and numerous features that have been built specifically for increasing advertising conversion rates. Amongst those products is the Landing Page builder that allows you to create on-brand responsive landing pages with the option to choose to customize from more than 200 templates.

It’s really easy to use and suitable for businesses at all stages. Similar to Squarespace that has dominated the website builder category with modern-looking clean designs, Instapage’s power also comes from the top-notch design of their templates. Surely, the templates have a usage in a huge variety of cases so it’s pretty easy to find the right one.

On the downside, web personalization and AMP are available only on the custom enterprise plans which can be quite pricy.

You could give the platform a try and start a free trial by visiting the Instapage Website.

Instapage Website

7. GetResponse

Highly-convertible landing pages and email marketing

GetResponse is another full pack AIO marketing solution that offers multiple tools alongside the means to build landing pages. The platform allows you to build high-converting landing pages that are responsive for mobile and also to take advantage of the email marketing solution.

The landing page creation tool features integrations for WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce, and tons of others. It has a huge library of responsive templates, designed for high- conversion that you can customize even further the build-in image editor with high-quality Shutterstock photos. As it’s become a must, the builder has a visual drag-and-drop editor to move, resize, group, and change anything on your landing page. Once you’re satisfied with the desktop design, you can instantly switch to mobile view and optimize your landing page for mobile devices as well.

In addition, you can run A/B testing, track clicks, and conversions and get valuable insights into your visitors in general.

On the downside, the product has contact-based pricing and you will need to upgrade for a higher tier plan after you pass 1000 contacts.

GetResponse Landing Pages

8. Lander

Full pack powerful landing page tools

According to expert reviews, Lander provides its users with a full-pack powerful landing page building tool that grants you control and a huge set of wide-reaching analytics tools. The builder has a bit of a learning curve so beginners might consider investing some time in learning the software. Fortunately, there is a free trial that is suitable for new users to experiment and try out the features before making their mind.

This powerful tool offers a mobile version of the landing page creator, A/B testing, integrations with Mailchimp, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and others. It has an easy to use visual editor and a 4-step tool to create Facebook page tabs.

On the downside, the product is relatively pricy and doesn’t offer a free plan.

Lander Website

9. Wishpond

Do it yourself or get it done for you

Wishpons offer a rather interesting solution for building landing pages. It gives you two options: to do it yourself or to get it done for you. If you choose the second option, Wishpond will provide you with a team of designers, copywriters, and marketers to help you out.

Their landing page builder is part of a full suite of marketing services and it’s quite a beginner-friendly and easy software to learn. It features a drag-and-drop editor in order to create simple but powerful pages.

The platform includes pre-designed templates for most industries to choose from, A/B testing, and integrations with most platforms. It packs additional marketing tools for email automation, lead tools, popups, and more.

On the downside, the lowest tier plan is limited to 1000 tiers as well as the A/B testing and custom JS are not available in all plans.

Wishpond Landing Pages

10. Landingli

Easy end-to-end solution for landing pages

The last platform we will include in this list is also a high-tier end-to-end flexible solution that seeks to convert traffic from your campaign to actual customers and revenue. Landingi has great reviews in terms of its ease of use and true drag-and-drop editor for pixel-perfect results.

It offers over 200 templates to choose from for your landing page as well as unlimited landing pages, custom domains, visitors, leads, and users. The pages are embeddable for Facebook and responsive and are integratable on most platforms.

On the downside, Zapier integration, as well as popups and A/B testing aren’t included in all plans.

Landingly Website

In conclusion

It’s hard to point out which landing page creation tools are the best for your business as it all depends on what range of tools you’d like to have for your unique case. In all, all of these excellent solutions give you the ability to create your own landing pages with zero programming skills required. They all offer customizable templates to choose from and other necessary tools for design and conversion.

What Else?

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