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Landing Page Designs – 10 Examples That Drive Sales

Service pages designed to make you click the button

A landing page has one main purpose and that is to drive immediate action from visitors. It’s structure, design, and experience should create new opportunities for the business owners by engaging their visitors and turning them into clients. This means selling a product directly, convincing visitors to make a phone call, collect their email for campaigns, or gather feedback.  In short- the best landing page designs require more than eye-catching elements and effects to serve that purpose.

In this article, we will show you our picks for the 10 best landing page designs that engage and delight the visitors by offering something related to the product or reward them with great content. We hope these examples will inspire you to create your own landing page designs that will follow your business needs.

Quick Overview

  1. Amazon Prime – Subscribe page
  2. Netflix – Subscribe page
  3. Public – Landing page for stock investments
  4. Helo – Swiss-army-knife of email testing page
  5. Shopify – Free trial page
  6. Bye – Special email service page
  7. Slack- Service Page
  8. Voyager- Borderless living service page
  9. MasterClass – Classes Page
  10. BorderBuddy – Importing page

What makes a landing page design great?

I will list for you only a couple of basic but effective tactics that could make a difference for a landing page to convert.

🎯 Short and on point

In all landing page designs, you will notice a few things that sum up the blueprint. First of all, great landing pages are short and uncluttered. They offer only the main information that is necessary for the viewers. All without overwhelming it with additional content that will only keep the focus away from the main product, event, action, or announcement.

👑 High-quality content

The top-selling landing page designs always radiate confidence through high quality. They provide useful and rich content that inspires.

🔘 Clear CTAs

Speaking of focus, a landing page has clear CTAs. This way there are no two opinions about what should be the visitor’s next step. This is usually done through high-contrast buttons or big bold text.

📝 Headlines

Next thing that inspires visitors to stay on the landing page until the end is the catchy headlines. All of the examples in this article have that as well.

🏛️ Architecture

One of the most important things that make a landing page great is the well-planned design. If build right, there should be no question of what should the visitor do on the page. In other words, the design’s flow itself simply guides the viewer by the hand through all the necessary steps. This includes clear and easy navigation and conversion with only one click.

📹 Video

Short videos in landing pages that explain more complex concepts in a few seconds with good visuals are entertaining. If it’s appropriate, putting a video on your landing page can make your message more accessible and fun to digest.

And now, let’s hop to the main course.

Landing Page Designs That Convert – 10 Great Examples

1. Amazon Prime- Subscribe Page

We start with Prime Video, which is an elegant simple page that seeks to convert its viewers to become subscribers to its stream services. The great landing page designs use high-quality high-contrast images of its most popular movies and tv-shows. In short, these images contain all the important information the viewer needs: by subscribing to Prime, they will have access to all these popular shows.

The landing page includes only the basic text-based content in order to quickly let its viewers know the three pieces of information it needs to convey. First, the service offers a huge database of popular shows. Second, it offers a free trial. And third, it allows the potential subscribers to cancel at any time.

All CTA buttons logically lead to the sign-in/ create an account page that requires basic personal information such as name, email, and password.

What Amazon did right with their landing page is that is short and on point, easy to walk through and leads to the logical outcome that ends with the CTA.

2. Netflix- Subscribe Page

Netflix is another streaming service platform that offers access to numerous movies and shows for its subscribers. However, its landing page has a different approach compared to Prime. It starts right off with the CTA that invites visitors to start their 30-day trial and focuses on a big bold title “Unlimited movies, TV shows, and more. Watch anywhere. Cancel anytime”. So far, in the very first section, Netflix features everything the potential subscriber needs to know and do in order to enjoy the services.

The landing page design follows with a simplistic sequence of sections with short titles and high-quality images relevant to the services.

What I personally like best about this page, that wasn’t featured in Prime, is the small informative FAQ section at the bottom with expanding fields for quick access to the most essential information a viewer might need.

3. Public- Landing page for stock investments

Unlike the other examples in this article, the Public keeps it incredibly short. The page fits on a desktop screen without the need to scroll and it has two parts- the main message on the left and a looping video on the right.

The landing page successfully advertises an app for stock investment plain and simple with “A whole new way to invest”, a short description, and a “text me the app”button. Video on the right is a short presentation of the app and what it can do. In addition, the mentioning of Fortune, Variety and Forbes as seen in, only piques the interest.

What we love about this page is, that it took us only seconds to scan it and understand what it sells, we were intrigued and eager to click on the “Tell me everything” option to review the details. And surely, this is exactly how this landing page was meant to work.

4. Helo- Swiss-army-knife of email testing page

This landing page presents a desktop app for outgoing emails of local applications. It sports a very modern clean design that is suitable for advertising software. The tour video isn’t featured directly on the landing page, rather you can view it by clicking on the CTA button in the hero section. They really felt like keeping the page as simple as possible yet informative.

There are only six sections, divided by different background colors. The hero section has the heading of “Email testing and debugging has never been easier”, which pretty much sums the message that the page needs to convey to the visitor. It proceeds with a beautiful drop-down section for the separate features of the product. Each feature you click to read about changes the preview image accordingly.

By the end of the third section, we can’t fail to mention a pretty nice and smoothly made animation of the floating shapes that overlap the page content.

As a must, the next sections feature testimonials, pricing, and FAQ.

5. Shopify- Free trial page

This is the trial landing page design of Shopify that keeps it neat and simple. It starts with a user-oriented headline that explains the service shortly in a few words. The CTA is right after the headline and requires just an email address.

What I like about this landing page is that the information Shopify needs to convey to the visitor is structured in bullet points with icons rather than paragraphs. It’s much easier to scan and read and it takes less than a minute to get the basic idea of what the product is about.

Another good feature is the section with logos of successful and widely popular companies that use Shopify. This section is logically followed by testimonials and another CTA button.

6. Bye- Special email service page


This one is something different and falls into a category made all for itself. Bye is an email service that automatically responds with an insult and then deletes every email sent to you. Such a unique service is completely forbidden to have a boring strict design and, you guessed it, it doesn’t.

Every section contains information about the features of the product with incredibly witty and hilarious descriptions. The sections follow the sassy style of the text-based content by adding random scribbles between them in order to provoke the feeling of lack of effort.

Surely, after the testimonials of satisfied customers, such as “Email sucks and thinko is here to make it even worse. Say hello to bye”, the page politely greets you with “Have a day”. As a bonus, it will also make you look at a very special message at the bottom left corner and we won’t spoil the surprise.

7. Slack – Service Page

Slack has a history of using various landing pages to convey a message. In this case, the company’s offer is to “bring the team together whenever you are”. This is a great page example for the simple yet attractive headline and beautiful purple high-contrast CTA button.

The page also features a video that explains the service with beautiful presentation and short bullet points with the essential information. It’s easy and pleasant to scan through while scrolling down and also admiring the related gif images. The last sections include sliders for testimonials by successful companies, guide articles, and, once again, the CTA.

8. Voyager- Borderless living service page

Voyager is a service that gives workers access to short term co-working and co-living spaces globally. Its landing page is a classy high- contrast design with dark backgrounds and white fonts. The very first section strikes with a bold headline of the service’s tagline Borderless living, followed by its message “A whole new way to work remote” above the CTA.

Since you immediately understand the type of service Voyager offers, there is a quick scroll to section arrow that reveals the next seven sections that offer more details. The white text-based content over the black background is fast to grab attention and the features of the services are easy to scan and read. The whole landing page looks luxurious and makes great use of high- quality images and smooth animation of the moving galleries.

9. MasterClass- Classes page

MasterClass, as the name suggests, is a platform where famous experts in various fields teach online courses. We’re talking people like Gordon Ramsay in Culinary Arts, Dan Brown in Writing, Niel deGrasse Tyson in Science and Technology, and more. The landing page offers a very specific product and conveys the message in a minimalistic way. It has two different CTAs: gift and Get Started. This is a very clever tactic since the service is suitable not only for purchasing it yourself but also for a friend who has a passion or a hobby in some of the fields.

The landing page features videos that motivate the viewer with attractive messages, great editing, and all of this from the mouth of a great expert. In conclusion, this itself makes the offer very appealing and promising.

10. BorderBuddy- Importing services page

BorderBuddy’s landing page successfully evokes the common anxieties of the viewer and instantly offers the solution. In short, this is a simple well-planned page with a big and bold headline that instantly refers to an issue and promises to solve it. The message follows with two CTAs that depend on the viewer’s choice. Import a vehicle or import an item.

In the second section, the landing page design offers two quick paragraphs about the company and why does the visitor need a customs broker.

The landing page ends with a submit form that requires the necessary information.

In Conclusion

All 10 examples share similar qualities that make them effective. They offer quick statements right from the start that instantly help the visitor understand the purpose of the service. The structure of all ten landing pages is planned to lead the visitor by the hand with a logical sequence and easy to scan content. Some of them offer social proof and testimonials, while others: entertainment value. In all of the examples, the CTA stands out.

We hope you enjoyed these 10 picks that show the best landing page examples and they somehow inspired your next creation.

What Else?

What can you do in order to design your landing page to engage and practically make your CTAs the only logical outcome of your viewers’ experience? Let’s look at those 13 ideas that will help you build great and persuasive landing pages.

In the meantime, if you get inspired to create your own landing page but you lack coding experience, you could check out the best landing page creation tools.

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