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14 Examples of Clean Website Design That Prove Less is More Exciting

Latest Modern Clean Design Websites in the Wild

If we can sum up a clean website design, it would be taking the functionality of minimalism and improving it effectively with style and visuals. In order for a website to be clean, this doesn’t mean keeping the content to a minimum. It’s all about keeping that content well-structured and optimized for an engaging user experience. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? If this is the case, get ready because today we have prepared 14 excellent clean website design examples for your inspiration.

All websites in the article are new and live, launched in the past couple of months. So let’s enjoy the creations of great web designers from all over the globe.


1. Pallas: Clean and Luxurious Experience in Marble

Fable&Co introduce a truly unique brand strategy, identity & website for the launch of Pallas Partners with minimal design and class.

  • Subject: Law Firm
  • Design Strengths: Professional, clean, luxurious, easy to navigate, good structure, seamless UI micro animations
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Designed by: Fable&Co
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2. Jacky Winter: Neatly Packed in Two Sections

The marketing approach at Jacky Winter has always been straightforward: to sell artists and services via ‘the transfer of enthusiasm’.

  • Subject: Business and corporate, eCommerce
  • Design Strengths: Minimalistic, clean, brutalist approach, well-structured, easy to navigate, the entire website is divided into two sections at the tip of your finger.
  • Country: Australia
  • Designed by: State Empire
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3. Casa Angelina: Clean and Slick Experience

The website for a luxurious boutique hotel with a clean and slick experience with smooth animations on scroll and beautiful color scheme and branded fonts.

  • Subject: Tourism, Travel, Boutique Hotel
  • Design Strengths: Slick animations on scroll, clean branded color scheme, and fonts, high-quality big images.
  • Country: Italy
  • Designed by: MediaSoul
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4. Vaayu Tech: Interactive UX in Grey and Neon Green

Vaayu is the world’s first automated carbon software for retailers to measure, monitor, and reduce their carbon footprint in real-time.

  • Subject: Carbon Software
  • Design Strengths: Contrast color scheme in relaxing grey with more urgent neon green, very interactive UX and UI animations on scroll
  • Country: Germany
  • Designed by: Samuel Day
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5. Favorit.: Interactive One Pager with a Twist

Creative single-page website UX design with interactive images and animations on scroll, allowing you to experience the entire portfolio in one go.

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6. Keita Yamada: Minimalistic and Compact

Portfolio website of Keita Yamada, Japanese web designer & developer with a compact view, clean design, and animated background.

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7. Neon Century: Corporate Websites Don’t Have To Be Boring!

Neon Century is a boardroom intelligence company that delivers informative and decisive information to assist its clients in major business decisions. Its website is anything but boring with a very interactive experience revealing the design upon scrolling and beautiful micro animations and transitions.

  • Subject: Business Intelligence, Corporate website
  • Design Strengths: Dynamic website, interactive experience, the design reveals upon scrolling, contrasting color scheme, smooth animations, huge high-quality images.
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Designed by: Form Digital
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8. Neutmeg & Ginger: Telling a Delicious Story

Nutmeg & Ginger presents a curation of indulgent and decadent desserts. This website is the bakery’s little corner of wonderland where desserts tell a story.

  • Subject: Bakery, Recipes
  • Design Strengths: Simple and effective, delicious color scheme and visuals, micro animations.
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Designed by: The Blackpepper Studio
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9. Argor Heraeus: Horizontal Scrolling Journey

Argor-Heraeus is the world’s largest provider of precious metals. The Golden Link for precious metals, all along the supply chain.

  • Subject: Project Website, Recycling, Ecology
  • Design Strengths: Advanced animations, dynamic experience on scroll, smooth animations, high-quality 3D animations, very clean and easy to scan
  • Country: Italy
  • Designed by: Adoratorio Studio
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10. Shyft Network: Clean in Dark Mode with Isometric Visuals

Shyft Network is a public protocol designed to deliver meaningful user information that institutions can utilize to secure cryptocurrency while maintaining privacy.

  • Subject: Cryptocurrencies, Technology, Business and corporate
  • Design Strengths: lorem ipsum
  • Country: USA
  • Designed by: Kalapa Design Studio
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11. The Shift: Brutalism in Black and White

The Shift was created for things and people desiring a shift – a movement, a change – in business, organization, space, product, or service.

  • Subject: Creative Agency, Business website
  • Design Strengths: Simplistic, Well-structured, animation on scroll
  • Country: Japan
  • Designed by: Garden Eight
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12. Deidre Driscoll Portfolio: Real Objects as Part of the Experience

Personal 2022 portfolio website of Deidre Driscoll who specializes in branding, art direction, and UI design. The website offers a lot of whitespace, making the scrolling experience smooth and seamless. It also uses renders of real-life object photos as elements and part of the experience.

  • Subject: Design agency, Portfolio website
  • Design Strengths: Lots of white space, simple and clean design, real objects as part of the experience, and previews for projects.
  • Country: Canada
  • Designed by: Deidre Driscoll
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13. Think in Color: Interactive Personality Test

Belgian news magazine Knack developed a tool that through a series of questions visualizes the way your mind works. You can see what your thoughts look like by answering each question. Your thoughts will pick up colors and shapes and will grow throughout the test.

  • Subject: Personality test
  • Design Strengths: Interactive experience, personal experience, realistic visuals
  • Country: Belgium
  • Designed by: Mutant
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14. Potion: Modern and Dynamic Experience

Potion provides a video prospecting tool designed for sales professionals. The website bets on smooth animations and transitions that make the simple design way more interactive and exciting.

  • Subject: Technology, Business website, App
  • Design Strengths: Modern, animated, dynamic, interactive
  • Country: USA
  • Designed by: Cuberto
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Final Words

Clean design focuses on the careful and precise positioning of the important elements throughout the site – a place for everything and everything in its place. It uses a lot of whitespace as part of the experience, but this doesn’t mean it has to be boring. In this article, we showcased 14 different takes on doing things clean and exciting, in different combinations with other trends, all interactive and fun to experience. We hope you enjoyed the web design creations and got inspired to try something new for your website as well.

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