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Top 14 Web Design Portfolio Examples That Set the Bar High

A collection of 14 excellent web design portfolios for inspiration

Get ready to dive into the best web design portfolio examples we could find. These dynamic showcases of creative prowess prove that crafting a top-notch portfolio is a necessity – it’s the professional identity of any web designer and the first glimpse potential clients get of their skills.

A well-crafted web design portfolio serves as a narrative, walking your audience through your creative process. Each project presentation should tell a story – from the initial concept to the final results. It’s a chance to showcase your problem-solving skills, creativity, and ability to turn ideas into visually captivating experiences.

This is why, in this inspirational article, we dive into 14 live web design portfolio examples. Together, we’ll dissect the overall design, explore portfolio pages, and unravel the magic behind individual project presentations. It’s a chance to glean insights, draw inspiration, and witness firsthand how other designers have crafted their digital identities.

Excited? Then, let’s go! 🤸🏻 🎨 ✨

1. Konstantin Kapustin Designer Portfolio

Let’s take a closer look at Konstantin Kapustin’s portfolio—an experienced multidisciplinary designer and art director with over 9 years of expertise in Visual Communications, UI/UX, Motion Design, and 3D.

Overall Design

His website exudes simplicity, featuring a clean and light design, with black typography and neon accents. The hero image takes center stage, introducing Konstantin and his expertise, accompanied by his diverse skill set.

On the bottom left corner, you’ll see a playful “Hire Me” sticker. The website, primarily visual, presents a module grid gallery of carefully crafted images, leading you directly to the corresponding Behance project.


Here’s the trick—Konstantin keeps it simple with a one-page website and anchor links to sections in the main navigation. All the in-depth project and case study pages? They find their home in his professional Behance portfolio.


Now, let’s zoom in on one of his web design projects. A hop over to the Behance page unfolds a comprehensive presentation of the website crafted for a creative agency with videos demonstrating animations, interactions, and navigation dynamics.

Key Highlights:
  • Fixed neon green “Hire Me” sticker in the bottom left corner with playful rotation animation
  • A visual one-page website with a module grid gallery leading to Behance project pages
  • Professional Behance portfolio hosting in-depth project and case study pages
  • Each project showcases a web design project with comprehensive videos, grid demonstrations, etc.
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2. Résonance Web Design Agency Portfolio

Résonance Communication, a lively web design agency from Carcassonne, catches the eye with a portfolio that blends creativity and practicality.

Overall Design

Their website rocks a cool dark look, featuring the brand typographic logo as a striking mask over a background video. Big, bold writing adds a punch to the main section, where you get a quick intro, a cool masked video, and social media links.

Plus, navigating is a breeze with handy stuff like the top menu, a light/dark switch, and the agency phone number.

The homepage continues with a lineup of cool projects, mixed in with shots of their office and interesting bits about the agency. Moving effects and small animations make the whole experience feel immersive. The copy uses a more relaxed and casual tone with lots of memes and gifs which makes the design feel more personal.

Portfolio Page

Jumping to the projects page, cheekily named “Cool sites,” you can check out different case studies neatly sorted into website, eCommerce, logo, and print design.

The layout is snazzy – a jumbled zig-zag of projects with image previews and details. And here’s a fun part: as you scroll, the details magically appear.

Project Page

There is a slick navigation system with sections on the customer, need, tools, and final result for each project, so you can easily check out what interests you most.

Each project comes with useful details – date, client, a link to the live site, what services they handled, and cool pics of the final results.

Key Highlights:
  • Dark-themed design with a logo mask overlay and background video
  • Expansive typography and top-notch navigation features
  • Parallax effects, scrolling animations, and micro-interactions for a captivating user experience
  • “Cool sites” project page with a broken zig-zag grid layout and lazy scrolling
  • Projects have a search functionality by type of service.
  • Each project has a dedicated navigation where users can read about the client, project purpose, tools used, and the final result.
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3. Discover Design Studio Portfolio

Discover Design Studio kicks off its website with a bang, featuring a cosmic hero section adorned with planets, stars, and a massive tagline. As you scroll down, the tagline smoothly continues, and new animations are catching your eye. The “our work” page (which you can see above) is packed with cool transitions and ideas that make you want to explore all their projects.

Overall Design

The site is a futuristic and interactive showcase, boasting top-notch visuals, unique illustrations, and engaging scrolling animations. Navigating the site is a breeze, thanks to a hamburger menu with a logo icon.


Portfolio Page

The “Our Work” portfolio page takes a different vibe than the overall design, embracing a clean, white, neo-brutalist design that puts typography front and center. Curated projects are listed as titles without thumbnails, offering a sleek and focused presentation, but visuals appear on hover.

Project Page

Diving into individual project pages is a treat, with a futuristic black design with interactive scrolling, parallax effects, and overlapping elements. Each page showcases the project’s title, preview images, and details about the type of work, used colors and typography, plus desktop & mobile screenshots.

Key Highlights:

  • Futuristic and interactive design with high-quality visuals and custom illustrations
  • Refreshing copywriting that ditches corporate jargon for an authentic touch
  • “Our Work” portfolio page embraces a clean, white, neo-brutalist design
  • The project preview features a futuristic design with parallax effects, and detailed project insights.
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4. Diegonciox Web Design Portfolio

Now, let’s move to Diegonciox, the online portfolio of UI/UX designer Diego Perez. Diego’s portfolio isn’t just a bunch of designs; it’s his way of making it easy and memorable for recruiters to check out his work. He believes that keeping things simple is the key to being remembered.

Overall Design

The website has a sleek black look with sharp light grey writing, some cool moving text, and big animated pictures of his projects that give a fancy 3D effect. And for those who prefer a lighter or darker screen, there’s a switch in the main menu.

Portfolio Page

When you dive into his portfolio page, it’s like an encore of the homepage.

Diego shines a spotlight on four chosen projects – they’re like his star players in web and app design. Animated pics grab your attention, showing off the projects inside fancy phone or computer screens.

Each project sneak peek has a small title saying what it is, a headline, and a quick description combined with a minimalist site preview on mobile device mockup.

Project Page

If you click on one project, the experience gets even cooler! As you scroll, each new section slides up in a fun way, making things overlap and keeping you hooked.

Beyond the project name & description, there’s a whole gallery of cool project pictures to explore. Diego isn’t big on words; he lets his designs do most of the talking.

And to keep the exploration going, after each project, there’s a handy list of other projects.

Key Highlights:
  • Light-to-dark-mode switch for those who like choices
  • Four standout projects in web and app design with fun animated pics
  • Engaging individual project pages with a cool scrolling effect
  • Concise project info, letting the designs steal the show
  • Preview list of other projects.
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5. The Wall Design Portfolio Redesign

The Wall Design portfolio site flaunts a futuristic design decked out with cool CGI graphics, animations, parallax scrolling, and interactive bits.

Overall Design

As you scroll down, there’s this eye-catching animation – a background image with two folks beside a pile of old TVs starts zooming and rotating until it zeroes in on the content playing on the TV screens.

Each TV gives you a sneak peek of their design projects, adding a splash of visual excitement. Despite this snazzy animation, the content on the homepage takes the spotlight, rocking a modern, minimalist style in typography, elements, and layout.

Portfolio Page

Now, let’s dive into the portfolio page – a goldmine of completed projects laid out in a dynamic grid.

Each project comes with a thumbnail, title, project type, and completion date. While most projects won’t take you anywhere with a click, the ones that do lead you to Behance pages with detailed case studies.

It’s like a backstage pass, giving you an in-depth look into the design process and the story behind each project. This touch adds a whole new layer to the portfolio experience.

Key Highlights:
  • Futuristic website design with CGI graphics, animations, parallax scrolling, and interactive elements
  • Homepage animation 
  • Portfolio page with a dynamic grid layout 
  • Select clickable projects leading to Behance pages with detailed case studies 
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6. Pudding Studio Art and Web Design Portfolio

Pudding is a creative hub cooked up by the dynamic duo of illustrators and web designers. They are all about breaking free from the typical minimalist design you see everywhere. Instead, they’re diving into a world of color, nostalgia, and a hint of cheesiness.

Overall Design

Imagine bubbly 3D characters, whimsical cartoon visuals, comic strips, and an all-around quirky vibe. Even their logo rocks a retro font in five different, adorable colors.

Portfolio Page

When it comes to projects, Pudding has gone all-in on crafting the brand and user experience for TextNow’s product. Most of their portfolio is a deep dive into this project, showcased right there on the homepage. You get the whole journey from sketching wireframes to polished screens, with screenshots, mockups, and illustrations.

And as if that’s not sweet enough, scroll down a bit, and you’ll catch Jelena and Nenad reminiscing about the good ol’ days working with awesome agencies and clients before they started Pudding. They’ve got preview cards showing off past projects, though, sadly, you can’t click on them. They’re more like sneak peeks, teasing you with a taste of what they’ve cooked up before.

Key Highlights:
  • Vibrant and nostalgic aesthetic, breaking away from typical minimalist design.
  • The homepage features a cute animated guide on making pudding.
  • Focus on developing TextNow’s product brand and user experience, showcased on the homepage.
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7. Theo Guinet Portfolio Website

Theo Guinet’s portfolio website is a breath of fresh air in the digital space, promising a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. His site rocks a sleek postcard theme that’s both crisp and unique.

Overall Design

The logo is a stamp featuring Theo’s face, and the overall vibe is clean with a white backdrop and bold black fonts. The hero image is like a postcard message, complete with printed lines and a charming stamp.

Portfolio Page

As you scroll down, projects unfold like a stack of postcards. Each with a preview image peeking through shapes, plus project details like the name, type, and year. The postcards elegantly overlap, giving you a subtle parallax treat as you scroll.

Project Page

Diving into individual project pages feels like flipping through a postcard collection.

Each one begins with a title written on lines, teasing something intriguing about the project.

Key Highlights:

  • Postcard theme, featuring a stamp logo and clean black-and-white aesthetics
  • Project previews are presented as overlapping postcards with stamps and seals, utilizing a subtle parallax effect
  • Individual project pages follow the postcard design, starting with intriguing titles and using visuals and concise paragraphs
  • The preview section under each project encourages users to explore the next project in line.
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8. Paix Design Portfolio and Random Stuff

Now, let’s dive into Maria Vargas’s world—a Freelance UI Designer & Art Director with a passion for crafting awesome digital experiences. Her Portfolio 2.0 is like a digital canvas, sporting a sleek neo-brutalist design in white, red, and black.

Overall Design

Think UI animations, parallax scrolling, overlapping elements, and cool motion typography adding that extra oomph.

Landing on homepage, you’re welcomed by a vibrant hero image, and there’s a background video flaunting mockups of her projects.

As you scroll down, you’ll find projects showcased in two neat columns. Each project comes with a big preview image, its name, and the type of project it is.

Maria does things a bit differently—no separate portfolio page. Instead, you can dive straight into curated case studies right on the homepage.

Also, there’s a “Random Stuff” link that takes you to a page full of Maria’s personal designs and past projects—no specific order, just pure fun.

Project Page

Click on one of her projects, and you’re you will find a scrolling gallery of screenshots.

These aren’t just any screenshots; they’re full-width and come to life with scrolling animations.

Key Highlights:
  • Neo-brutalist design with UI animations, parallax scrolling, overlapping elements, and motion typography
  • Featured projects on the homepage in two-column modules with large preview images, names, and project types
  • Curated case studies are easily accessible on the homepage
  • The “Random Stuff” link adds a touch of unpredictability, redirecting to a page filled with Maria’s personal designs and past projects
  • Individual project pages offer a scrolling gallery of full-width screenshots with minimal descriptions and animated scrolling effects.
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9. Félix Péault Art Director and Web Designer Portfolio

Alright, let’s dive into Félix Péault’s world—a Freelance Senior Digital Designer and Art Director who’s basically reshaping the digital design game with some seriously boundary-pushing concepts.

Overall Design

His website is like a visual feast, all packed into a single page. Imagine oversized typography and bold images playing hide-and-seek behind the titles. The logo? Picture 3D letters animated to float like playful balloons.

Now, as you scroll down, Félix throws the rulebook out the window. The grid layout is all over the place, with titles split in two, and descriptions cleverly sandwiched in between. It’s like visual poetry, seriously creative and interesting. The background color even switches from vibrant green to sleek grey, just for that extra aesthetic oomph.


Selected project previews are a whole new level – overlapping sections, drag functionality, and all. You can smoothly slide through project images while catching up on short info cards about each project.

No case study pages here, Félix keeps it simple.

Every project offers an external link, so you can experience the live glory of each project firsthand.

Key Highlights:
  • A one-page website with oversized typography and bold overlapped preview images
  • Broken grid layout with split titles and sandwiched descriptions for a seriously creative impact
  • Overlapping sections in project previews with drag functionality for smooth exploration
  • External links for each project, providing direct access to view live projects.
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10. Chris K. Multi-Disciplinary Designer Portfolio

Next, we have Chris Kalafatis’s portfolio—a Bay Area native rocking the world as a designer and art director. A snazzy white preloader screen kicks things off, throwing some cool motion typography of Chris’s name. Then, comes a stylish black website, decked out with oversized white text—talk about setting the stage for something cool.

Overall Design

Now, here comes the fun part—effects galore! Parallax jazz, hover tricks with image distortions, and playful string-pulling—it’s like a digital party. The layout is a mixed grid affair, playing with white spaces and a neat structure. The homepage doesn’t waste time—it’s a quick intro, a snapshot of Chris, and bam! You’re right into the good stuff—curated projects.

Imagine three giants standing tall, high-res images ready to blow your mind. Hover over them, and voila! The images do a little dance, revealing the project title and type.

Portfolio Page

There’s a dedicated Portfolio page too! – A carousel of 7 carefully picked projects, each with a massive title splashed over a preview image, and a little snippet about the project. Want more details? Dive into individual project pages.


Project Page

They’re all decked out in sleek black, keeping the vibes from the homepage. Each project spills the beans on the type of work, a catchy title, and a split-screen presentation.

The left side spills project details, while the right is a scrollable gallery showcasing the final product in all its glory.

Below each project, there’s a “Next Project” section with a cool preview image and a tempting “View Project” button.

Key Highlights:
  • High-res project images with hover effects revealing titles and types
  • Dedicated Portfolio page with a carousel of 7 selected projects, each with a massive title overlaying a preview image and short project info
  • Individual project pages follow the black design aesthetics, with split-screen presentations showcasing project details and a robust scrollable gallery
  • The “Next Project” section below each project, offers a preview image and a tempting “View Project” button for seamless exploration.
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11. Keerthi Design Portfolio Website

Step into the world of Keerthi Design’s portfolio—a showcase not just of web designs but a whole systematic design system. Starting with a quick preloader at the beginning, it gives off vibes from the good old days of operating systems.

Overall Design

The website rocks a sleek black-and-white look with oversized typography, almost like an art piece.

There are handy links scattered around, like ‘Work’ and ‘About’ at the top, plus links to Awwwards and social media. Oh, and there’s a neat trick—a pointer that gets even bigger when you hover over something clickable. It’s the little things, right?

As you scroll, the site comes alive with animations, guiding you through a dynamic experience where the background transforms from deep black to crisp white for different sections like a visual rollercoaster.

Portfolio Page

The homepage flaunts four awesome web design projects. Each one gives you a sneak peek with giant preview images begging you to click.

And when you hit ‘Work’ to check out the Portfolio, you’re instantly hooked by the first project with full presentation, solutions, and even real user reviews. If that’s not enough, keep scrolling to the next masterpiece.

Key Highlights:
  • Sleek black aesthetic with oversized text and a captivating hero image
  • Trendy pointer that grows on hover
  • Dynamic scrolling animations with changing background colors
  • Homepage featuring four web design projects with giant preview images
  • Portfolio page (‘Work’) diving into the first project
  • Explore the next project section below each project presentation
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12. Digitech Austin Web Design

Get ready to explore the revamped website of an award-winning Austin web design & SEO agency, and it’s nothing short of a cosmic adventure. With a sleek modern matrix theme, the web design is injecting a dose of futuristic flair with raining code and an outer space vibe.

Overall Design

The journey kicks off with a stellar preloader and touchdown lands you on a homepage straight out of a sci-fi movie, featuring binary patterns, subtle interactions, and bold typography.

Right from the get-go, the hero image invites you to dive into the design wonders with a simple yet effective “View Work” button. Scroll down to discover a showcase of recently featured projects, each getting its spotlight with a grand title and a sneak peek.

Portfolio Page

Venturing into the portfolio page reveals a treasure trove of projects, elegantly presented in modules within a dynamic broken grid layout.

Hover over each project, and watch the titles come to life with a touch of animation.

Project Page

Dive into individual project pages, and you’re treated to a visual feast with striking red accents highlighting the services provided for each project. Red lines and grids add a techy touch to each section.

The presentation within each project is a delight. You get a captivating introduction, an overview, objectives, and a gallery with scrolling animations. There’s also a solutions section that explains what the agency has done to improve the design and reach the goals of the project.

Key Highlights:
  • Sci-fi-inspired homepage with binary patterns and bold typography
  • “View Work” CTA for easy exploration
  • Dynamic banner with a fixed “All Work” button below the fold
  • Showcase of five recently featured projects with grand titles and preview thumbnails
  • Portfolio page featuring projects in a dynamic broken grid layout with animated titles
  • Individual project pages with red accents highlighting services, red lines, and grids
  • Comprehensive project presentation including introduction, overview, objectives, etc.
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13. Qream Web Design Agency Website

Step into the captivating world of Qream Design Agency’s website—it’s a wild mix of chaos, stunning visuals, and a reality-bending twist. As you navigate through the site, you’ll be greeted by a bold black backdrop, an interactive 3D character, and mind-blowing parallax effects, all showcasing the agency’s incredible creative flair.

Overall Design

A showcase of Qream’s unique approach to design, blending chaos and mind-bending elements to grab your attention and leave a lasting impression. It’s a virtual canvas inviting potential clients and collaborators to dive into the portfolio and witness their creative brilliance.

The website’s design keeps it sleek and minimal, with attention-grabbing typography and top-notch imagery. Dramatic black background, vibrant visuals, and a 3D character encourage visitors to explore further.

Portfolio Page

On the Portfolio page, innovation takes center stage. Nine service categories are neatly presented as toggle buttons, allowing users to effortlessly switch between them. Each service reveals projects through engaging videos, and a click on any project seamlessly takes you to the live website.

Key Highlights:
  • Sleek and minimal design with attention-grabbing typography and top-notch imagery
  • The 3D character adds a playful vibe and encourages further exploration
  • The portfolio page features nine service categories as toggle buttons with filtered projects presented through engaging videos
  • External live websites upon clicking on any project.
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14. Cattus Web and App Design Portfolio Website

Cattus with all cat puns intended, is all about purr-fecting web and app projects with a dash of fun. The name of the agency is a tribute to their love for cats as well as their independent spirit. They do, however, promise, that their love extends equally to all animals, so dog lovers with web design projects can feel welcome too.

Overall Design

The website design takes a techy turn, featuring a pale background adorned with geometric cat shapes and background titles. The navigation, adopting a fixed sidebar style, functions like a single-page application, ensuring smooth transitions to related content without loading the entire page.

Portfolio Page

Diving into the project screen reveals a sizable slider where users can peruse different projects. Interestingly, Cattus opts for a unique approach—there are no dedicated case study pages. Clicking on a project thumbnail redirects users straight to the live website or app, allowing them to see the result for themselves.

Key Highlights:

  • Feline-inspired agency name reflects their love for cats and independent spirit
  • Techy website design with geometric cat shapes and background titles
  • Fixed sidebar navigation with a single-page application feel
  • Links styled in a terminal font with curly braces, hinting at development services
  • The project screen features a slider for browsing, with direct links to live websites or apps.
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Alrighty, folks, that’s a wrap!

In a nutshell, our tour through these real web design portfolios has laid bare the essentials for crafting a stellar and effective online showcase.

At the heart of it all is simplicity – a design that’s not just eye-catching but guides visitors with ease. These portfolios drive home the importance of clarity, ensuring that anyone, no matter their background, can navigate through the showcased projects.

A standout feature we can’t ignore is the focus on detailed project presentations. Think of them as well-told stories, guiding visitors through the entire creative process. From understanding what the client needed to showcase the tools and strategies used, these presentations pull back the curtain on the designer’s skills.

Let’s not forget the little details like picking the right fonts and colors. These portfolios show that you can have a visually stunning design without sacrificing the substance of the content.

In all, these insights are like a guide for both budding designers and seasoned pros. By weaving together the principles of clean design, transparent project presentations, and a professional look, you can create a web design portfolio that not only catches the eye but also leaves a lasting impression on potential clients and collaborators.

In the meantime, let’s explore more insights and resources on web design and web development by checking out our other articles!

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