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Design Resources – The Ultimate Collection

A set of 100+ websites with design resources (some free) grouped in categories – stock photos, designs, mockups, illustrations, patterns, icons, fonts, videos, and more.

Whether you’re working for a design agency or you’re freelancing, your projects always require a lot of resources to get the job done the way you desire. In short, a good collection of stock images, illustrations, fonts, and even inspirations can prove invaluable for any graphic designer. Therefore, I decided to patch my favorite design resources in one place and fill this article with a growing collection of useful websites that can provide everything for your creative needs. Some of these sources offer their assets for free.

To make things more organized, I separated the design resources into categories that you’ll find in the overview below. Depending on what type of assets do you search for, simply click on the chapter title and it will direct you to the respective section. So, let’s begin.

Design Resources: Overview

Stock Photos Design Resources

🖼️ 26 websites with stock images

Firstly, I will start with this collection that gathers 26 sources for stock photos, many of them free to use. Since we are visual creatures, visuals are practically the most essential part of a presentation. This is why the following websites offer professionally made images of high- quality in various categories of industries. There are suitable images for IT, marketing, tourism, abstract images, and basically anything you can use to modify and make it fit the topic of your project. In addition, there are even specific topics for some of the sources, for example one of the sources provides exclusively high- quality images of food.

Designs and Mockups

📱 17 websites with ready to customize mockups and kits

Next, I will continue with a vast collection of sources that include thousands of high-quality and hand-crafted freebies, as well as some premium paid ones. For instance, the files consist of ready to modify mockups, UI kits of literally anything and arrive in the desired layered formats (ai, psd, sketch). What I love about these websites is that you can find the perfect kits for really specific things, such as recipes app screens, Apple Watch Ui kit for Sketch, PlayStation 5 Mockup, plasteline icons and concepts for apps.


🎨 5 websites with high-quality modern-looking illustrations

There are type of projects and designs that require illustrations rather than photos. For such type of creative work, the following sources offer huge variety of illustrations in different styles. Some are more cartoony, others rather realistic, there are even abstract ones, all depends on the athmosphere of the website or your business in general. There are also character packages with different presentational poses and various expressions that suit commercial projects. The good news is, most of the sources do offer some freebies that look as good as the premium illustrations.


🐆 8 websites with patterns

For even more specific images, that most stock photo websites don’t have enough options, these sources gather wallpapers, backgrounds and beautiful patterns that are hard to find in general. In other words, the following websites have pretty great looking patterns for the types of projects that require such assets.


😊 20 websites with icon sets

Icons are cool and recognizable, period. No matter what sort of project you’re working on, there’s always a place for icons, so I couldn’t ignore them as valuable assets. Below are 20 sources with huge choice of high- quality icons of various art styles, many of them freebies.


🔤 14 websites with huge collections of fonts and typefaces

Although the same as me, you already probably have an enormous collection of fonts to choose from, there is always room for more. As someone wise once said, girls never have enough clothes to wear, gamers never have enough games to play, and designers never have enough fonts to use. Below are my top favorite sources for new fonts that I occasionally check before I start a new project.

After that, if you’re specifically looking for freebies, you could also check out our article with 50 handpicked free fonts. Here is part 1, and here is part 2.

Video Design Resources

📹 11 websites with stock videos

One of the best ways to engage your visitors with your content and make them stay on your page is to offer a nice short video that sums up your message. Moreover, you could also create a good ambience and athmosphere with a few-seconds looping video as a background. These databases are perfect for that. You could find the relevant resources for your project to either modify or use as they are.

Design resources with CSS3 animations and web effects

💨 8 websites with ready to use animations and transitions

Lastly, let us not forget the option to add animations, transitions and even CSS parallaxes to your page. These effects and animations can drastically improve the experience if done correctly and smoothly. The following resources offer CSS animations of HTML elements without the need to know how to use JS or Flash. You can find a huge collection of such assets to try out and experiment until you find the perfect effect that suits your design.


In Conclusion

To have as many design resources as possible is what makes a high-quality library for designers. It works for a faster and more efficient design process and just by browsing through it, you can get easily inspired. In conclusion, it’s always great to have a quick access to a personal collection so I really hope you’ve found new assets to add to yours.

While you’re at it, you could also check out what wireframe tools my team and I recommend for prototyping.

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