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30 Inspiring Wix Website Examples You Should See

A powerful website is essential for small business owners. With many potential customers searching online, you want your brand to leave a lasting impression. That’s why we’ve compiled these amazing Wix website examples to inspire you.

Wix offers great flexibility with its unstructured editor. This allows you to customize themes or even create a custom design from scratch. Whether you prefer a ready-made template or a unique layout, Wix has got you covered.

In this collection, you’ll find 30 real-life Wix websites that showcase the platform’s capabilities. These examples feature beautiful themes, strong typography, and bold photography. Some sites use common Wix themes, while others are custom-designed, demonstrating the range and versatility of what you can achieve with Wix.

1. Studio Bagaz Wix Portfolio Website

Let’s start with a Tel Aviv-based graphic design studio that specializes in branding and production. They excel at creating visual identities that tell captivating stories, which adds a touch of magic to each project. The Wix website is well-organized, so visitors can easily navigate through its clean and elegant design. The side menu and clickable project images make it simple to jump from page to page.

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2. Studio Chocolate Wix eCommerce Website

Next, we have the Nottingham-based bakery Studio Chocolate which is a haven for sweet tooths with its hand-painted chocolates and delectable baked treats. The vibrant and fun Wix website showcases these treats through professional photography, making the products look irresistible. Besides having a physical store, the bakery also allows online orders and offers chocolate-making classes through Wix Bookings.

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3. Roee Ben Yehuda Interior and Graphic Design Portfolio

Wix is a platform that is most popular when it comes to building portfolio websites, so let’s look at some of those. Roee Ben Yehuda’s portfolio defies the saying “jack of all trades, master of none.” This talented designer displays a wide range of creative projects, from product design to branding. Roee’s use of full-width stripes and asymmetrical columns, combined with smooth scrolling effects, creates a harmonious and clear homepage.

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4. Daniel Aristizabal Wix Portfolio

Daniel Aristizabal’s graphic design website is another awesome Wix portfolio that immediately impresses with its interactive elements. The designer uses a variety of Wix tools, including VideoBox, Hover Box, and animations, to create an engaging visitor experience. There are also highlights of his latest projects, as well as a full-page layout that provides a comprehensive overview of his work, while buttons at the corners link to his contact page, Instagram, and Behance profiles.

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5. Dopple Press Risograph Printing Studio

Dopple Press stands out with a clean, spacious layout paired with a bright color scheme enhances readability and aesthetics. Designer Liv White collaborated with Velo to integrate creative animations, making the site highly interactive. Each page encourages visitors to engage with the content, demonstrating the power of interactive design.

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6. Fabi Acupuncture Wix Wellness Website

Next we have an example for a wellness website built with Wix: Fabi Acupuncture. It uses custom digital illustrations to depict the healing powers of Chinese medicine vividly. The site also features an online booking system, allowing users to easily schedule appointments. Not to mention, the Members Area enables users to manage their bookings seamlessly.

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7. Ryan Haskins Graphic Designer Portfolio

This next graphic design portfolio sports a bold, brutalist style with a lo-fi twist. The 90s-style website‘s loud, trashy elements reflect his confidence and cultural awareness. Using Wix’s Pro Gallery, Haskins showcases his New York Times clips with rotating and hover-stopping animations. The clashing colors and Powerpoint-esque animations, skillfully used, highlight his playful brand personality. This site demonstrates how unconventional design can effectively convey a designer’s unique style.

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8. Mananalu Purified Water Wix Online Store

Actor Jason Momoa founded Mananalu with the idea to reduce ocean plastic waste by selling water in recyclable aluminum bottles. The website showcases this eco-friendly mission clearly on every page, from the homepage to the about us section. Videos are integrated throughout, creating a dynamic and educational experience for shoppers.

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9. Andrew and Amanda Clark Wix Wedding Website

Wix also great for creating wedding websites, so here’s one that offers a charming glimpse into Andrew and Amanda’s love story and wedding plans. The site is a standout example of how couples can share their excitement and essential details with guests in a beautiful and user-friendly way. The brutalist design and funky vibe make it unique, with cool vector graphics and vintage-style typography. Navigation is intuitive, featuring a button-style menu fixed on the right side of the screen, ensuring guests can easily find information.

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10. Kunstrukt Art Studio Portfolio

Kunstrukt Art Studio’s website lets their work speak for itself with a large, centered image gallery showcasing their projects. The visual emphasis is enhanced by a simple monochromatic palette, with minimal text describing their purpose. The line work used to highlight menu items gives the site a brutalist feel, keeping the focus on the stunning visual content. This design approach effectively highlights the duo’s creative talent.

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11. Rum Shack Cottons Wix Restaurant Website

Cottons is a chain of Caribbean restaurants in London. This Wix restaurant website is infused with love, effort, and fun. Bright, tropical colors and enticing images of cocktails and happy customers create an inviting atmosphere. The site features information on locations, menus, events, and a blog, making it easy for visitors to explore what Cottons offers. With Sevenrooms integration, booking a table is also a breeze.

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12. Cuts and Bruises Barbershop and Parlout

The Cuts and Bruises barbershop (props for that name!) in London impresses with its stylish, vintage-inspired design. The website features a bold vintage-style logo against a black background, with videos and images showcasing the barbershop, its staff, and clients sporting trendy haircuts. Visitors can book appointments through the Resurva booking engine, view barber profiles, and purchase hair care products and merchandise.

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13. Lena Steinkuehler Digital Film Portfolio

Next, we have Lena Steinkuehler’s digital film portfolio with high-quality graphic designs. The site features a gallery that draws visitors into a mesmerizing world of vivid images, highlighting her work from concept to animation, VFX, and live action. The navigation bar is convenient, and the interface is straightforward, making it easy to explore her impressive projects. The high-resolution images make the viewing experience even better.

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14. The Grilled Cheese Factory Wix Website

All heil grilled cheese! For others who absolutely love grilled cheese the Grilled Cheese Factory in Paris is a specialty restaurant known for its fresh bread, quality ingredients, and unique … you guessed it…grilled cheese creations. The website is easy to use, making online ordering simple and convenient. It emphasizes the commitment to fresh ingredients, which is appealing to food lovers. The site effectively conveys the delicious and crafty nature of their offerings, making it a must-visit for grilled cheese enthusiasts.

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15. Izzy Wheels Wix eCommerce Website

This next vibrant Wix website reflects the Izzy Wheels brand’s mission of bringing fashion to wheelchairs with stylish wheel covers. The site embodies the spirit of their slogan, “If you can’t stand up, stand out!” Visitors can shop for wheel covers, learn about the brand’s story, and explore collaborations and the community of spokespeople. The colorful designs and inspiring stories create an engaging and user-friendly experience, making it easy to shop their wide range of creative covers.

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16. Sonja Van Dulmen Creative Art Director and Design

Sonja Van Dulmen’s website stands out with striking colors, bold typefaces, and an extraordinary portfolio. She showcases her best work across various disciplines, complemented by a blog sharing her passions for fashion, modern design, photography, and art. The one-page site features animations, galleries, multimedia, and playful typography, creating an engaging experience. Sonja’s clever use of Wix’s Strips and Columns tools adds dynamism and experimentation to the layout.

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17. Industrial Jewellery eCommerce Website

Hila Wawet Karni’s website highlights unique designs crafted from unexpected materials. The site empowers women to embrace individuality with stylish, statement pieces. Featuring parallax scrolling, high-quality product images, and gentle animations, the website effectively showcases the uniqueness of each piece. The easy navigation ensures visitors can quickly find their favorite jewelry.

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18. Trends Taipei Brand Website

Trends Taipei is a fashion organization offering urban styles from various brands for both men and women. Their website merges fashion with art, providing a fresh and engaging experience for shoppers. The layout showcases the latest trends, making it easy for visitors to explore and find their favorite styles.

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19. Ception AI Mapping System Website

Ception’s website mixes visual elements, including illustrations, icons, and photographs, effectively highlights their advanced localization solutions. The site’s clear hierarchy, achieved through variations in text size and weight, ensures that the most significant features are prominently displayed. This well-organized design makes it easy for visitors to understand Ception’s offerings and navigate the site.

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20. Objective Lifestyle Products Wix Website

Studio Adjective’s website Objective serves as both an interior design portfolio and an eCommerce platform. The minimalist design exudes high-quality lifestyle, with a split screen layout dividing the page vertically. The store’s logo, centrally located, remains fixed as visitors scroll, enhancing visual interest. Impeccable product photography and interactive hover effects create a dynamic shopping experience, making the products even more appealing.

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21. Rafael Varona Illustration Animation Portfolio

Here, we have a vibrant showcase of a great Wix portfolio website that does an excellent job showing off Rafael Varona’s illustrations, animations, and art direction. The artist’s unique style blends bright colors and storytelling, incorporating his Peruvian roots into modern art. The site features colorful and dynamic animations, maintaining visitor interest without overwhelming them. The clean layout makes it easy to explore his fantastic work, and smooth navigation ensures an enjoyable viewing experience.

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22. Chick Pea Vegan Restaurant Website

Chickpea was originally a Mediterranean food truck but later has grown into a modern, funky, and fun vegan restaurant. Their website reflects this vibrant vibe, emphasizing nutritious and fresh offerings. The design is engaging and easy to navigate, allowing visitors to explore the menu and learn more about the restaurant’s journey.

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23. Bonsie Skin to Skin Babywear Wix Online Shop

This cute babywear store focuses on making skin-to-skin contact between parents and newborns simple and comfortable. The website highlights the benefits of this bonding practice, supported by expert advice. It features a blog for sharing news and tips and a live chat for customer inquiries. The site also offers an affiliate program, allowing users to earn by recommending products. With advanced features like discount codes, user reviews, and an “Ask a Question” option, Bonsie ensures a seamless and informative shopping experience. Their 100% happiness guarantee reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction.

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24. Calvin Pausania Director Photographer Portfolio

Calvin Pausania’s portfolio showcases his creative identity and professional work in visual arts. The sleek design, featuring high-quality images, is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. A unique scrolling bar offers a 4D perspective, enhancing the visitor experience. This layout makes it easy for users to explore Calvin’s artistic journey, viewing his impressive work in a visually engaging manner.

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25. Red Bamboo NYC Vegan Comfort Food

Red Bamboo in NYC is a hotspot for vegan comfort food and offers everything from mouth-watering burgers to fresh salads. Their website entices visitors with a delectable menu, encouraging immediate orders. of course, the user-friendly navigation makes it easy to explore the menu and place orders online. The site also features glowing customer reviews,integrations with Yelp and Tripadvisor, and a video of Janet Jackson praising the restaurant which further adds a powerful endorsement. In terms of functionality, customers can order via Postmates, Uber Eats, and Grub Hub, and view an extensive image gallery of the dishes.

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26. Eterna Brand Watches Wix Website

Eterna’s website makes sure to match the brand’s luxury Swiss watches with a clean and stylish design. Using Wix’s image galleries, it displays various collections, each image clickable for detailed information. The site also features video backgrounds, a store locator map, and downloadable user manuals.

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27. Ivy Chen Fashion and Graphic Designer Website

Ivy Chen’s website captivates viewers with its sophisticated use of parallax scrolling, creating a three-dimensional experience that feels like uncovering hidden content. This unique effect illustrates her design process: starting with a sketch, layering the finished garment, and finally revealing a model photo underneath. Such an engaging design choice showcases Ivy’s talent as a fashion designer, illustrator, and graphic designer. Fancy sketches, graphic illustrations, a unique menu structure, and an impressive mouseover effect on the “Fashion” page make her site a perfect source of web inspiration.

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28. Anne Jensen Brand eCommerce Website

This next Wix eCommerce website has beautifully presented products and intricate design details that highlight revolutionary invention, beauty, and luxury. The interface is brilliant, designed for both desktop and mobile use. A scrolling bar offers a 3D view, enhancing the user experience. This thoughtful design makes exploring Anne’s luxurious offerings quite enjoyable.

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29. June Digan Designer and Illustrator Portfolio

With another brilliant portfolio built with Wix, here we have a charming blend of traditional and digital illustrations, perfect for storytelling. June Digan’s website feels like a nostalgic gift for children, taking visitors back to memory lane with its delicate characters, whimsical scenery, and heartfelt lettering. The interface is friendly and filled with love, making it an ideal destination for both children and adults. The scrolling bar’s stories and the heart-warming color scheme enhance the site’s beauty.

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30. I Am Eve Unnerving Musician Website

And last, I Am Eve is a musician with an excellent website that fascinates with compelling storytelling, particularly through Starman’s tales. Stories are presented uniquely and engagingly, highlighting their importance in communication. The homepage design is captivating, urging visitors to stay and explore. A convenient scrolling bar and a vibrant color scheme make the content pop.

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Alrighty, folks, that’s a wrap!

Each example shows how easily people and businesses can bring their unique ideas to life. From a portfolio to an online store, to a wedding page, to a real estate listing, to a photography gallery, to a restaurant menu, Wix makes it possible.

These websites highlight how flexible Wix is with its customizable templates and easy-to-use design tools, anyone can create a professional and engaging online presence.

Before you go, don’t forget to check out our other awesome UI/UX design articles! We’ve got loads of tips and inspiration to help you create stunning designs that will blow your mind.

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