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14 Best Creative Agency Websites to Inspire You in 2022

Modern creative agency websites that practice what they preach with excellent UX

One of the biggest challenges before creative agencies is to communicate their expertise to potential clients. Creating a website for such agencies is much more than showcasing a gallery of preview pictures of finished products, as it also needs to tell the story of how the creators work. Sounds exciting, right? If this is the case, get ready because today we have selected the 14 best creative agency websites for your inspiration.

At the end of this post, we also answered the 3 most common questions about Creative Agencies.

All websites in the article are new and live, launched in the past couple of months. So let’s enjoy the creations of great web designers from all over the globe.

1. Digital Cover: Curated Content and High-End Visuals

Digital Cover is a creative digital agency based in Lyon, Paris, and Malta. Their website mixes minimalism with high-end futuristic 3D elements and smooth parallaxes. It’s very easy to navigate, well-structured, and easy to scan all the content thanks to the huge color contrast and curated content.

  • Attractive branding design in black and white.
  • Beautiful memorable logo.
  • Mixes minimalism with 3D.
  • Creative parallax and high-quality 3D animations.
  • Curated case studies with individual pages.
  • Social proof section with clients the agency has worked with.
  • Detailed contact section and physical addresses for 3 locations.
  • Easy navigation with overlay menu accessible at all times.

Live Website: Digital Cover / Designed by: Digital Cover (France)


2. AYOND: Purely Visual Experience

AYOND is a paper-based graphic design studio from Tokyo, so it’s fitting that the images on the site can be flipped through. The website has a clean design and capitalizes on visuals rather than written content. Each image represents a project that you can interact with and view in detail. All the written info such as expertise, clients, and contacts are located on the About Us page that you can easily access in the hamburger menu.

  • Purely visual homepage with an interactive gallery of the agency’s work.
  • Each case preview is designed as a sticker you can interact with and flip around.
  • Easy navigation with overlay menu accessible at all times.
  • The individual project pages are also purely visual with high-quality interactive photos.
  • Detailed About Us page with a huge list of clients, a physical address of the studio, Google map, and social media profiles of the team members.

Live Website: AYOND  / Designed by: Bouze (Japan)


3. Gloutir: Personal Design and Development Studio

Gloutir is a design and development studio for companies with ongoing design collateral needs from the web, and print to social media. Instead of billing per project and calculating estimates, the agency prefers to bill monthly based on the type of work done for the client studio. The website offers a simple but high-end design, creating the effect of depth with shadows.

  • Offers retainer options for design or design and development per month.
  • Uses maximum color contrast for easy readability.
  • Smooth interactions.
  • Uses shadows carefully to create a 3D effect.
  • A very clever Book a Call button with a provoking message.
  • Features clients and curated projects in a slider that you can easily look through and select which one you wish to review.
  • Sticky Let’s Talk option.
  • All services are listed in the beginning, so you don’t need to search for them.

Live Website: Gloutir  / Designed by: Gloutir (USA)


4. Elegant Seagulls: Minimum Content and Elegant Design

Elegant Seagulls is a creative agency with over 16 years of industry experience. The website offers a simple and clean design with an elegant font and memorable visuals that enforce the brand. It features only the essentials in terms of content. For example, the homepage has only a tagline, a gallery of curated projects, clients, capabilities, and vision, and a contact section with a CTA button.

  • Elegant clean design with custom font and brand visuals.
  • The minimum content allows users to get familiar with the agency quickly.
  • Sticky navigation menu button.
  • Interactive overlay menu navigation, arranged as files you can go through.
  • Detailed individual project pages, featuring the exact work done by the agency, testimonial by the client, and a gallery.

Live Website: Elegant Seagulls / Designed by: Elegant Seagulls (USA)


5. Basement Studio: Strong Brand Concept and Excellent Presentation

Basement is a boutique studio from Argentina working on selected projects for startups and companies. Fully embracing the meme that developers work in the darkest depths of the basements, the brand offers a fitting dark design with high-tech visuals and bold contrasting fonts.

  • A strong brand with memorable visuals.
  • Realistic parallax background, creating an ambiance.
  • Interactive projects preview slider.
  • Featured awards.
  • Huge overlay contact section on the bottom of each page.
  • Detailed individual project pages.
  • Overlay navigation menu with fun hover animations.

Live Website: Basement Studio / Designed by: Basement Studio (Argentina)


6. MailBakery: Baking Custom Emails

MailBakery specializes in designing and coding custom email templates. Their website uses a fun cartoon interface with an animated mascot that accompanies users throughout their exploration. It’s quite different from the trendy minimalistic clean websites as it offers a more carefree and welcoming friendly vibe. The homepage features the most popular services in the hero slider, followed by a list of clients, a full list of available services, a meet the team section, client testimonials, and testing. Since the website is content-heavy, all additional info is easily accessible from the hamburger menu.

  • Friendly cartoon interface and brand mascot.
  • The homepage features only the essential information to make it easier for users to scan.
  • All additional info is easily accessible from the hamburger menu.
  • Social proof and samples.
  • Blog.

Live Website: MailBakery / Designed and developed by: htmlBurger


7. Isaac Fayemi: Multidisciplinary Collaborative Visual Designer

The website belongs to Isaac Fayemi, a Visual Designer and Art Director from Studio Null who focuses on art direction, brand strategy, and visual identity. motion design, UI/UX design, and extended reality. Users can enjoy an attractive design with high contrast and cool animations engulfed in green flames.

  • Minimalistic design with contrast colors and attractive 3D animations.
  • A list of curated projects you can expand on the same page as well as the option to view live.
  • Short and simple homepage with the option to read about the creator or view their work.

Live Website: Isaac Fayemi / Designed by: Studio Null (Nigeria)


8. Bald: By the Power of Puns and Memes

Bald is a brand company that helps brands achieve their goals with sharp strategy. It’s a very cool contemporary website with a casual vibe and witty copy worth reading. The UI animations are smooth and top notch and their main focus is to bring users smiles.

  • The website explains the work process.
  • Excellent use of animations, offering a fun experience.
  • The copy is witty and memorable, instantly making the user’s stay enjoyable.
  • Minimum content.
  • Curated case studies with challenges, insights, and listed results.
  • Blog.

Live Website: Bald  / Designed by: Ira Ginzburg (Israel)


9. Digitalwerk: Modern and Professional

Digitalwerk is a creative agency of strategic consultants and solution-oriented creators. The agency website is modern, clean, and easy to navigate thanks to its simple card-based layout.

  • Video manifesto
  • Clean card-based layout
  • Curated case studies with individual pages that offer a full preview of the work done as well as the option to view the complete project live.
  • Get in touch redirects to your primary email client.
  • Updates button directing users to the latest projects, job openings and other blog posts.

Live Website: digitalwerk  / Designed by: digitalwerk (Austria)


10. Handmade Company: Letting the Work Do the Talking

Serbia-based creative agency Handmade Company designs and builds custom websites, and launches digital products. The homepage starts with the company’s rich portfolio where users can view some of the completed UI/UX and branding projects.

  • The website focuses on the portfolio.
  • Social proof and list of awards.
  • Get a Quote redirects to your primary email client.
  • Includes a phone number
  • Individual page for all services with in-house capabilities and related recent cases.

Live Website: Handmade Company / Designed by: Handmade Company (Serbia)


11. Pop Rocket: Don’t Press the Forbidden Red Button!

Pop Rocket is an experienced creative agency with a lovely website that engages and entertains with fresh 3D content. The homepage only serves to greet users with an interactive scrolling animation, while the actual content is packed in the hamburger menu button.

  • An entirely animated homepage that serves to showcase the animation design and coding skills of the agency.
  • Users can access all important content through the navigation menu.
  • A sticky small rocket button opens an overlay contact page with a phone number, email address, physical address, and Google Maps.
  • References page features hand-picked projects you can explore in detail.
  • Each case features a Task, a Solution, and a Services provided sections.

Live Website: Welcome to Planet Experience / Designed by: Pop Rocket (Germany)


12. BlackMotion: Next Generation Visuals

Blackmotion is a high-end creative agency whose entire gimmick is to bring brands from the past and send them to the future. Their website has incredible visuals and 3D animations and lots of options to explore.

  • A well-strictured content-heavy website. The navigation menu offers a lot of options to explore in individual pages, such as Manifesto, Values, Expertise, Projects, Virtual Reality, etc.
  • Very high-tech feel, suitable for the Next-gen gimmick.
  • A small globe icon opens an overlay contact page with a phone number, email address, physical address, and fill-in form for inquiries.

Live Website: BlackMotion / Designed by:  BlackMotion (France)


13. Agave Web Answers: Saving the World from the Wicked

This is the portfolio website of Agave Web Answers, a web design studio based in Italy. The website has a casual tone with witty statements and a fun lovely cartoon developer mascot.

  • Casual tone, clever copy, and a lovely animated mascot.
  • Hand-picked projects with individual case study pages.
  • Social proof section with clients the agency has worked with.
  • Detailed contact section and physical address.
  • Easy navigation with overlay menu accessible at all times.
  • Uses maximum color contrast for easy readability.
  • Smooth interactions.
  • All services are listed in the beginning, so you don’t need to search for them.

Live Website: Agave Web Answers / Designed by:  Agave Web Answers (Italy)


14. Lucky Beard Global: The Power of a Great Intro

Lucky Beard Global is an international design and advisory firm that helps businesses build their brands. The homepage offers a great intro with different slides, each offering stunning visuals and a strong company introduction.

  • Full page animated intro on scroll
  • Dedicated screens for services, clients, and the latest case study
  • The individual case study is presented in detail, following the entire work process, way of thinking, and solving of the presented problem.
  • Attractive overlay navigation menu
  • The Contact page includes a Chat option with 3 different options, depending on the inquiry: client project, job search, and unspecified.

Live Website: Lucky Beard Global / Designed by:  Lucky Beard Global (UK)


FAQ About Creative Agencies

👉 What is a Creative Agency and What Services Do They Provide?

Creative agencies specialize in services that encompass a lot between advertising, consulting, design, and development, in order to help brands achieve their goals. It’s an umbrella term that includes both digital and marketing agencies, meaning that a creative agency can provide in-depth digital services as well as handle advertising.

  • Advertising: Creative agencies can research the market in-depth, pinpoint the client’s target audience in detail, and execute successful advertising campaigns based on pure research and solid facts.
  • Consulting: This includes brainstorming new services, financial strategies, and finding new markets, as well as expanding the targeted audience.
  • Design: Creative agencies also offer design services such as branding, web design, graphic design, email design, ad design, and promo materials.
  • Development: Full-service creative agencies also offer development services for websites, apps and other outlets.

👉 What’s the Difference between Creative Agencies and Marketing Agencies?

Marketing agencies handle research, strategies, branding, and promoting the client’s services in order to achieve specific business goals.

Experienced creative agencies, on the other hand, offer a full stack of services, including the services of a marketing agency, in addition to advertising, and digital services.

👉 What makes a Good Creative Agency Website?

Creative agencies are specialists in marketing, design, and development, so it’s no surprise they practice what they preach with some pretty impressive websites. A good website that instantly lets users know that they’re engaging with a competent creative agency always has the following:

Excellent user experience: Easy to navigate website with well-structured content, smooth and sleek UI interactions, and creative and minimalistic design without unnecessary clutter.

Case studies: The best in the industry provide a hand-picked collection of examples, references, or case studies, showcasing their work, way of thinking, and solving problems.

Personality: One of the most important jobs of a creating agency is to make brands stand out. It’s only natural for the agency to demonstrate its own brand personality to inspire clients to take advantage of that impressive know-how.


The Best Creative Agency Websites Prove Their Expertise

And there you have it. All these 14 modern creative agency websites practice what they preach with excellent user experience, detailed case studies, social proof, and strong brand and personality. We hope the examples inspired you with some cool ideas for your next web project.

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