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16 Stunning Web Transitions Examples to Inspire Your Design

A collection of hand-picked scrolling and page transitions

Are you looking to create a website that not only looks great but also engages your audience? Look no further than web transitions. These dynamic animations have been a hot trend for years, constantly evolving to enhance the user experience. But beware, poorly executed transitions can lead to slow loading times, glitches, and lost viewership.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll show you how to implement web transitions effectively, with 16 stunning examples handpicked by our team. From basic micro-interactions to fully interactive animations, these examples will inspire you to create a website that not only wows but also keeps your audience engaged. Let’s dive in!

Here’s what you need to know about using web transitions:

👉 Page transitions: Implementing web transitions requires the proper communication between the following functions: changing the current URL; parsing the two pages involved in the transition; displaying the new elements; displaying the animated effect.

When these functions work together properly, the transition won’t affect the generation of the new page.

👉 Not every transition works for every website: Depending on the information you provide on your website, some effects work visually better than others. Creative agencies can experiment with complex and unique animations and effects to showcase their design and coding skills.

However, a law firm or a bank will opt for something more subtle and efficient not to distract users from the main purpose of the website.

👉 Scroll transitions are a safe option: Not only do they enhance the visual experience and make your website more dynamic and exciting, but they load gradually and asynchronously, not compromising the page speed. Here’s how. When users load the page, they see the content above the fold in the browser’s viewpoint fully loaded.

Everything else down to the bottom of the page won’t be loaded unless the user starts scrolling down. This gives extra time for the page to load section by section softly as the user scrolls.

Deciding on what type of web transitions or scrolling animation to apply to your website, how complex it should be, and how it will improve user experience, can be a tough choice. So why not start by getting some inspiration? The following examples by talented UI/UX designers all come from recent live websites you can check out and test the experience for yourself.

1. Eco Brade: Smooth JS Scroll Transition

Let’s start the epic web transitions with Eco Blade. This service delivers one-of-a-kind custom-made doctor blades all over the world with the vision of “only one doctor blade in the world”.  The website conveys the expanding possibility through motion graphics with infinite scroll, gesture interaction design, beautiful animations made in After Effects, and smooth JS transitions.


  • Infinite scroll full-screen website presentation. Users scroll through a small number of different screens, each serving as a portal to a different part of the website.
  • A smooth colorful transition between the introduction screens.
  • Scroll transition on each internal page.
  • Scroll to section options on each internal page.
  • A fast-loading website with clean code.
  • Perfectly optimized for mobile.
  • Gesture interaction on mobile.

In addition, this is a fully custom WordPress website coded from scratch, that loads fast and cuts with precision, just like the blades it advertises.


2. Yuga Labs: Diagonal Shape CSS Transition

Antinomy Labs designed and developed an entire story through a scrolling experience for Yuga Labs’ black-and-white website. Build with NuxtJS, the site showcases the company’s work and leadership in the Web3 space. So let’s enjoy some high-quality interaction design and smooth site transitions.


  • Interactive website with engaging animated elements for users to enjoy
  • Scroll transitions on the homepage and the internal pages
  • A beautiful CSS page transition for each page you choose from the menu.

In addition, the website uses oversized experimental typography that works amazingly with transitions.


3. Beyond the Fold: JS Shadow Page Transition

Enter Netflix’s Shadow and Bone official website. Fans of the series can enjoy an interactive virtual experience and explore key locations in 3D to uncover games, trivia, and quizzes related to the Grisha universe in one of the best transition sites out there. The interactive media website also has a JavaScript shadow page transition.


  • An immersive website with interactive maps, 3D locations to explore, and games
  • Fast-loading website, each loading screen ends with a shadow transition that unveils the new page. This is a smart way to combine design and functionality, as the loading feels like a part of the experience.

We definitely recommend you check out this website for inspiration, especially if you’re looking for ideas for your next interactive design.


4. Bennett Tea: Simple Block Color CSS Page Transition

Bennett is a modern brand offering users high-quality tea for different tastes. This interactive eCommerce website by Tubik is powered by Webflow and offers colorful CSS transitions between pages.


  • A fast website with a clean custom design and custom fonts.
  • The only animated part is the vertical CSS page transitions.

What we love about the transition effect is how incredibly simple, yet effective it is. For eCommerce websites that don’t need anything complex and flashy, a simple animation of block color transition does the trick and makes the website more dynamic.


5. Bot – Bottle on the Table: Bubble CSS Page Transition

Bot appeals to Millenials with quirky Internet language and a funny and engaging identity. The website is captivating in all aspects of the user experience, sprinkled with VanillaJS animations, CSS page transitions, and Locomotive scroll


  • A colorful dynamic website
  • Fun JS animations and a colorful bubble page transition effect.
  • Scrolling animations.
  • The animations are perfectly optimized for mobile.

You can also enjoy a colorful loading screen with funny messages.


6. Women Rise: Splash of Color JS Page Transition

Women Rise is an NFT website that celebrates all women from around the world, and the power of diversity and giving back. Powered by Weblof, the site sports smooth parallax effects, big background images, and JS page transitions that splash colors all over the screen.


  • A dynamic and colorful website with custom animations and brand illustrations
  • Scroll transitions
  • Fun page transitions that imitate splashing paint all over the screen
  • Fast and well-optimized for mobile.

Additionally, there’s an animated rainbow page transition when you enter the full-screen menu and when you click on the menu to go to any of the listed pages.


7. Paul & Henriette: Loading Modules Animation

Here we have the awesome portfolio of a Paris-based photographers duo. The page transition uses the new page’s content to its advantage. While waiting for the new content to load, users can enjoy a quirky animation of modules arranging themselves.


  • Simple minimalistic gallery website
  • Each thumbnail includes a hover effect, revealing the title of the photo
  • Seamless loading modules animation when you transition from one page to another.

The website also serves as a great portfolio design inspiration for those who wish to create a site of very few words. Besides the titles and contact info, the entire website consists only of images.


8. Dissidence: Zoom In/Out Transition

Dissidence is a creative production studio that partners with talents to create emotional and iconic visuals. Their promotional website is powered by WordPress and offers an interactive experience with unusual navigation.


  • Dynamic website with zoom-in and zoom-out project gallery transition.

This is not exactly a page transition since the page URL remains the same, however, the elements change their size and place within the layout.


9. Unleashing Your Best Version: Animated Slides Transition

This interactive promotional website promotes a course with insights into how users can achieve better results and goals without sacrificing any vital area of their lives.  Built with VueJS and NuxtJS, the application is heavy on animations and offers an amazing full-screen homepage slider with beautifully animated transitions.


  • Custom design and illustrations
  • The homepage slider has smooth transitions between the slides.

The same animations are well-optimized for mobile and users who slide through the different chapters will also enjoy these transitions.


10. Constantinos Haritos: Flood Effect Page Transition

Here we have the personal portfolio of the independent creative web designer, Constantinos Haritos built on WordPress, HighwayJS, and CurtainsJS. The website is minimalistic in its approach in terms of colors, images, and animations.


  • Minimalistic black-and-white website
  • Fast-loading website and animations
  • Simple but effective page transition with an SVG morph based on the contrast between black and white. It gives a flooding effect that uses the opposite color depending on whether the background of the current page is black or white.

The page transitions also look the same on mobile and load the page fast.


11. Lions Good News 2020: Page Flip Transition Effect

Cannes PR Lions celebrates its 10th anniversary with some creative good news from 2020.  This is an educational website built with ThreeJS with an interactive homepage with an infinite carousel that users can slide to see previews of all the news.


  • Interactive homepage with parallax effect and an infinite carousel.
  • Creative page flip transition.

Once you click on an article you like, the page will flip, directing you to the article page.


12. Zes Nullen Transition: Crystal Ball Image Slides Transition Effect

Zes Nullen is a sports apparel brand with an eCommerce website built on NextJS with complex animations and CSS transitions.

The product gallery slider on each individual product page uses a spiral image distortion effect to make the transition from one image to another.


13. Likha Aesthetic Clinic: Melting Effect Page Transition

A Dublin-based clinic providing non-surgical aesthetic treatments. The website is powered by WordPress and is rich in micro-interactions, parallaxes, and scrolling transitions.

It also offers transitions between the different pages with a colorful gradient dripping all over the screen.


14. Eumray Portfolio: Page Transition Dissolving Effect

Ray Eum’s UI/UX design portfolio is built with ThreeJS and React. It combines minimalistic design with oversized typography and uses a creative page transition with a dissolving effect.


15. Homunculus Inc. Page Distortion

Homunculus Inc. is a creative Japanese digital production studio. This is their brand new redesigned corporate website, built on ThreeJS and powered by WordPress.

It has a futuristic interactive design rich in micro-interactions and a pretty awesome page distortion effect when you transition between pages.


16. Magnetism Transition:

Magnetism is a creative agency based in Paris with an interactive website, powered by Prismic as a headless solution.

When clicked, links to inner pages give a full-width red line effect that passes through the screen, revealing the next destination.  This isn’t the only effect, however, as once you enter a new page, there’s a quick and smooth layout animation.


To Sum Up

So there you have it: that extra touch that distinguishes a website from the rest. We hope you enjoyed these wonderful web transitions, all the same in their fluidity, but also different in their design approach, from smooth and elegant, to colorful, bold, and flashy.

Page and scrolling transitions can be complicated or simple. It all depends on what look you wish to portray to your visitors.

In the meantime, check out some of these UI/UX-related articles for some more insights and inspiration:

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