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14 High-Converting Landing Page Examples To Learn From in 2022

Landing pages are an essential part of your digital marketing strategy

One thing you could do to drastically improve your ROI is to use landing pages to convert new leads. When done right, direct traffic to your landing page can help you convert way more leads than the traffic to your homepage. In this article, we will explain how this happens and, of course, break down 14 excellent live landing page examples proven to convert.

What is a Landing Page?

When we speak in terms of digital marketing, a landing page is a stand-alone web page specifically built for a marketing campaign. The user usually lands on that page after clicking on a link, received in an email, or via ads they see on social platforms and other places on the web that publish ads.

While typical web pages include many links to encourage further exploration, landing pages have a single focus on their campaign goal, known as CTA (call to action). This type of structure with a single focus and no distractions increases conversions as there are fewer to no options for users to click away from the CTA. Most landing pages usually hide the main menu, the footer, sidebar, and any other element, except the ones related to the campaign goal.

For example, let’s compare Shopify’s Free Trial landing page to Shopify’s homepage. The landing page is short and focuses entirely on the free trial option, listing the benefits, and a related FAQ section, while the only two clickable options lead to the campaign goal. On the other hand, Shopify’s homepage is long, content-heavy, and features different sections for a huge palette of services, options, stories, and everything that would encourage users to keep exploring. The cropped version in this screenshot alone shows 10 different links unrelated to each other.

Types of Landing Pages

We can categorize landing pages in terms of type and in terms of marketing goals. The first category basically depends on how they’re related to your website.

  • Standalone landing pages: These are standalone web pages distinct from your main website. Since they are usually designed with a specific goal in mind, they lack main menu links, footer, and any other element present in your other pages.
  • Internal pages: Some product detail pages can be considered landing pages. However, they usually contain main menus and footers.
  • Micro-websites: On rare occasions, some campaigns require the usage of multiple pages. When this happens, businesses usually create a mini-site with a different domain that serves as a supplement to the main site.

In terms of marketing objectives, landing pages also vary in type:

  • Lead-generating: They aim to convert target visitors into clients by collecting personal data such as name, email, occupation, etc.
  • Click-through: They inform about offers, discounts, and other promotions that seek to convince users to take action right away.
  • Explainers: The long well-structured landing pages that educate visitors. These usually feature a convincing copy of purposes, benefits, features, missions, etc.

This landing page by Zulke promotes a Data-driven Companies Survey you can download. It’s a lead-generating landing page in terms of objective, as it aims to collect visitors’ emails in exchange for valuable free content.

Why are Landing Pages Important?

Aside from increasing conversion rates, improving paid ad campaigns, and getting valuable insights from visitors, landing pages can also boost your credibility. If you plan your landing page to show your audience the benefits of your solution and social proof, they will see the value of what you’re offering.

Even if your visitors don’t convert right away, this doesn’t mean your landing page isn’t successful. If you have a strong brand identity with a clear consistent design and tone, and an interesting offer, your visitors will remember you in the future. Next time they land on your campaigns, your brand will be familiar to them and they will be more likely to respond.

Because they help convert leads into customers, landing pages are an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Now, let’s see some excellent landing page examples that make users take action.

Landing Page Examples

We’ll take a look at X inspirational landing page examples that follow the best practices, boost engagement and make visitors eager to hit the CTA button.


1. PrimeX Backpack Marketing Campaign

This landing page for PrimeX backpack’s launch promotes a high-end backpack with technically superior materials for performance in stealth mode. It offers a modern and engaging design with micro-animations, high-quality images, videos, and product comparisons.


  • The landing page has a modern interactive design, UI animations, high-quality detailed product images, and a demo video.
  • Short well-structured page without distractions.
  • Focused on the visuals to demonstrate the product from all angles.
  • Short but engaging experience.
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2. Apple iPods Max Landing Page

AirPods max is an inner detailed product landing page from Apple’s official website. As expected from a company such as Apple, the product presentation captures attention with modern high-tech design with huge fonts, micro-animations, and high-quality detailed product images.


  • Modern high-tech design, suitable for Apple.
  • High-quality product presentation images
  • Comparison table where the user can compare AirPods Max to other similar products.
  • Detailed product description, manual, test results, and features.
  • No distractions.
  • Impeccable code and smooth animations.
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3. Internet Made NFT Services Landing Page

The next landing page is dedicated to a movement that brings artists, creators, and fashion designers together to express themselves through technology.  Whether you’re into NFTs or not, you can still enjoy a well-made modern landing page.


  • Artistic, gimmicky brand design.
  • FAQ section.
  • Social proof (featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur.)
  • Interactive CTA button that leads straight to the NFT shop.
  • A specific idea behind the project.
  • Smooth animations thanks to a clean code.
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4. Kalso – Mega Scrolling Museum Style Fashion Collection Landing Page

Advertising fashion collections can be very hard with such great competition, so you need to be very creative.  This is exactly the case with Kalso whose landing page takes a different turn with a mega scrolling storytelling experience.


  • Promoting wellness shoe collection by telling their story.
  • Engaging museum-style interactive experience.
  • Ends by promoting 3 variants of the product.
  • Roadmap design that makes you want to scroll down and find out how it ends.
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5. Meadlight: Smooth Scroll-Animation Product Presentation

Visuals matter and Meadlight knows it! This landing page promotes a single fermented honey drink product by making it part of the design. In addition, the actual bottle gets cool animations and accompanies you all the way through your scrolling experience.


  • Promotes a single product, which allows the copy to be completely focused on one thing.
  • Short sections, that explain the benefits, ingredients, and recipes.
  • Animated product element that accompanies you while you scroll.
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6. Creative Leadership Courses Landing Page

Future London Academy creates design events and short courses in London. They often build standalone landing pages or microsites as a supplement to their main website to promote different events and courses. In this case, the academy launched the creative Leadership landing page to promote an online course for motivated managers and leaders.


  • Stand-alone landing page with unique URL.
  • Each landing page by Future London Academy that promotes courses follows a similar dark mode geometric design with art deco elements, which makes the brand recognizable.
  • Well-structured, with clean website design and high contrast.
  • FAQ section.
  • The CTA is present in almost every section.
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7. ION X1 Conceptual Product Futuristic Landing Page

Similar to the previous example, lusion creates unique landing pages for their concepts. In this case, we talk about a creative company that builds real-time graphics for agencies and studios. In order to showcase their skills, the company has built a real-time WebGL experience landing page for ION/X1.


  • Stand-alone landing page with unique URL.
  • A conceptual product that aims to showcase the company’s creativity and skills rather than the product itself. The page serves as a sample.
  • Impressive modern design.
  • Full-screen interactive experience; progress bar.
  • High-quality CGI.
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8. Online Brand Style Guide Kit Landing Page

This landing page with a few snazzy hover-sensitive elements serves to promote a Style Kit collab between Corebook and The Futur. Both brands already have popularity and recognition amongst web designers and web developers and their collaboration translate into bringing Futur’s best-selling branding template into Corebook to reimagine how branding teams use style guides.


  • A partnership between two brands.
  • Simple and clean design that manages to fit detailed product descriptions and demos.
  • Rich on visuals: high-quality images, animated screenshots, and videos.
  • Solid social proof: agencies that use the product as well as their clients.
  • Full description of the benefits.
  • No distractions.
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9. Wookmama Color Visualizer Mobile App Presentation

Here we have a landing page that promotes the Wookmama Color visualizer mobile app. Its main purpose is to convince users the product makes it easy for designers to select the right color palettes for logos, websites, packaging, textile, and interior.


  • A niche product, from designers for designers.
  • Clean, minimalistic design.
  • The landing page changes color schemes on the scroll.
  • Demo screenshots.
  • The “Free download on the App store” CTA button is sticky, and accessible at any time while you scroll.
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10. SAMINA Sound Light Sleepsystem Product Landing Page

Another great product presentation to inspire your eCommerce projects comes from SAMINA Sound Light System. It features real-time scrolling photographs, awesome user interactions, and clean design.


  • Promotes a single product which gives the landing page more focus.
  • Advanced JS animations and real-time scrolling product animations.
  • Read-more options for sections open a pop-up.
  • Screenshots, that demonstrate how the product works.
  • The CTA button is sticky and accessible at all times.
  • Google Play and App Sture buttons to download the app.
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11. GWENT Price of Power Expansion Pass Landing Page

CD Project Red is a popular game development company, famous for the Witcher, GWENT, and Cyberpunk 2077 with an equally strong design game when it comes to their websites and landing pages. Their newest GWENT card game expansion gets a beautiful inner landing page with high-quality artwork by famous digital artists, an interactive experience, and beautiful design.


  • Custom artwork by famous digital artists.
  • Full expansion description, well-structured.
  • CTA button is present in almost every section.
  • FAQ section.
  • Recognizable brand design, related to the company’s most popular game.
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12. Trendspotting Innovation Strategy Course Landing Page

Looks familiar, doesn’t it? Future London Academy gets another feature in this collection with another landing page promoting a course. As we mentioned in the Leadership course example, the company uses a specific design for all its landing pages to establish consistency and reinforce its brand. This example, although using a different accent color, shares the same style guide as the previous.


  • A consistent and recognizable style reinforces the brand: dark mode geometric design with art deco elements.
  • Stand-alone landing page with unique URL.
  • Well-structured, with clean design and high contrast.
  • FAQ section.
  • The CTA is present in almost every section.
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13. Airbnb Home Hosting Landing Page

Here we have a typical example of an explainer landing page. Airbnb uses a long well-structured page to educate visitors about their house hosting services.

  • Features a convincing copy of purposes, benefits, features, and the mission.
  • Already trusted company.
  • Service calculator.
  • Embedded Google maps.
  • The CTA button is sticky and accessible at all times.
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14. Native Poppy: Flower Subscription Service Landing Page

Our last landing page example features a flower-subscription service presentation with a fresh colorful design and beautiful illustrations. The CTA opens a full-screen popup with subscription options.


  • Memorable and consistent brand design.
  • Custom watercolor illustrations.
  • Clean design.
  • The CTA is present in almost every section and opens a full-screen popup with subscription options.
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In Conclusion

To sum it up, landing pages have high commercial intent and are aimed at the conversion of a predetermined action. Unlike homepages, they are strictly focused on one objective and limited in navigation options. This is why, the best way to plan your next landing page design, is to ask the following questions:

  • How will you drive visitors to your landing page?
  • What kind of audience will visit it?
  • What action do you want your visitors to take?
  • Does your landing page deliver on its promise?

We hope you feel inspired by these 14 high-converting landing page examples and feel ready to get those leads with your next project.

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