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Image for Custom WordPress Theme Development - Mana
  • HTML/CSS Conversion
  • Fully Responsive Website
  • Modern Browsers Support
  • Retina Displays Optimization
  • BEM Methodology Inheritance
  • CSS Sprites Generation Tool
  • WordPress integration
  • JavaScript / CSS Animations
  • WordPress Admin Using ACF
  • Production Website Setup


Our long-standing investment firm partner trusted us to build a captivating WordPress website for their newly-backed Mana beverage brand, which combines Kava and botanical spices. The design provided by our client was stunning, and we were able to optimize the site's simplicity by building it as a one-page website with easy navigation through a main menu. We were able to deliver a website that was not only visually appealing but also highly functional, effectively conveying the essence of the brand to its audience.

Mobile Previews

Final Result

We were all really happy with how the Mana WordPress website came about. Single-page websites can be fun and they cut a lot of unnecessary navigations and menus. All sections of the website are easily accessible with a few scrolls. Not just functions great, but it's rarely beautiful too.

  • Tailored WordPress CMS Build
  • CSS Sprites Generation Tool
  • WordPress Admin Using ACF
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